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Nightmare Moon visits Twilight in the night, and things get biblical.

Featured on Equestria Daily, 1 May 2012.

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Only Princess Twilight and Principal Celestia can save the world, but it's really not their top priority.

Edited by MrNumbers and Kitsunerisu.

The original draft of this story was written as an entry for the second Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Competition.

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Cheerilee dwells alone in sterile white rooms. The disembodied voice that calls itself the Chancellor tells her she has an important task - a duty to her students. Come what may, Cheerilee is a teacher. She will do what she must.

Second place winner in the Quills and Sofas 'Cheerilee' character contest.

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What if you could see guilt?

What if guilt looked like a dead lizard?

What if that dead lizard had your cutie mark?

This is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, as conceived by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

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Dream demons.

If they kill you in your nightmares, you die in real life. Thankfully, they only have one chance to get you before they can never enter your dreams again.

These days, they’re mostly a joke. Ponies figured out all the rules surrounding them ages ago. Young fillies even throw ‘nightmare night’ parties to mass inoculate themselves in relative safety.

And yet…

Every once in a long while…

More stories set in this AU can be found here.

Chapters (4)

Pinkie has one month to throw a party that's out of this world. Which is exactly where she'll receive the training she needs.

Can she brave the trials of artistic integrity, heavy rainfall, an actual literal gun, and thinking too hard about why she went to Equestria in the first place?

Written as an entry for Aragon's Comedy (is Serious Business) contest.

Prereading and editing were done very graciously by Oroboro and Pearple Prose. Cover art by Lia Aqila.

Story is complete and will be updated daily!

UPDATE: Placed fourth in the contest!

Featured by the Royal Canterlot Library!

Chapters (8)

There's a crime wave gripping the sleepy town of Apple-Morepone, and nopony on the City Watch seems to care. Corporal "Rainbow" M. Dash naps through her patrols, her partner Dobby is an infamous kleptomaniac, Captain Rhymes is a drunkard, and the entire Watch is a group of burnt-out misfits.

They're about to meet a batpony (adopted) by the name of Carrot, visiting town to return an overdue library book.

And none of their lives will ever be the same.

A crossover/homage to the "City Watch" books of Terry Pratchett's Discworld, written to be readable without any familiarity with the series (though they're excellent, and if you do read them you'll catch my Pratchett in-jokes).

Winner of Aragon's "Comedy Is Serious Business" Contest! "I was quoting this offline for days, forgetting where I was remembering the lines from. … This story made me legitimately jealous, both of its cleverness and of its funniness." –Contest judge MrNumbers

Rated ★★★★★ by Louder Yay! "The best comedy I've read in a long time."

"Highly Recommended" by Super Trampoline! (Video review here @ 09:17) "It's 13,000 words long, but it doesn't feel long, because so much fun stuff is happening."

Reviewed by Ghost Mike! "It features meticulously laboured-over prose, rhyming with actual metre for Zecora, perfectly-timed jokes and reveals that are often outrageous, a sneakily clever plot and character investment that works its magic throughout ... This is a phenomenally executed piece of work."

Other reviews: Present Perfect | City of Doors

Thank you to Themaskedferret and Caliaponia for prereading, and GaPJaxie for motivation/inspiration!

Chapters (5)

Scansion has a problem. The poems that flow from his pen at night are the most beautiful he's ever written, but he doesn't remember writing them. Drawn ever-deeper into an exchange of letters with a voice that speaks only through his work, he must discover the truth: Is the lonely, recently-returned goddess of the night reaching out to him in the only way she can, or is he chasing shadows?

* Now with a dramatic reading by Neighrator Pony! *
* Chinese translation: 女神 (Thou Goddess) by 卷耳 (estiMaDashie)! *

Holy crap you guys. What have I unleashed? Here's a sample of the word-of-mouth blogstorm that drove it to the feature box out of nowhere:
"This is the best thing I've read in a long time."Bad Horse (rated: sitewide Top 10)
"'Thou Goddess' is magical and transcendent all the way through."Skywriter
"[P]oetic beauty. There is scarcely a height of acclaim I would not believe it deserves."Causal Quill (rated: sitewide Top 10)
"[C]hock full of splendid poetry … a jaw-dropping piece of prose and one of the best fics I have ever had the privilege to read."Present Perfect (rated: sitewide Top 15)
"I shall keep this brief, because I must finish weeping before lunch is over. This is gorgeous, and has utterly deserved every accolade it has received."Blue_Paladin42 (rated: sitewide Top 5)

Winner of AugieDog's "Nocturnes" Luna story contest! | Featured on EqD!

Further reviews:
"This is a remarkable fic, beautifully written ... quite simply, dazzling."Louder Yay (rated: ★★★★)

If the title sounds grammatically incorrect, please read this.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Age of Wings and Steel

Tyria Metrel, an ensign assigned to the Equestrian embassy in the island city of Zyre, has her hooves full dealing with pirates and bad-tempered politicians. On top of that, a new ambassador named Rye Strudel has arrived on a mission from Princess Celestia, and he might well be the strangest pony she's ever met. Ambassador Strudel is a pegacorn, one of the rare crossbreeds unable to fly or do magic, but Tyria soon learns that his disabilities don't prevent the ambassador from getting himself into deep trouble.

Rye's cheerful curiosity and drive begin to stir up feelings Tyria thought she'd given up on—when he's not making her tear her mane out in frustration. After the two of them stumble upon a treasonous plot to seize control of Zyre, they'll have to work together to foil an old enemy, save the city, and maybe even find love along the way...

... provided they don't drive each other crazy, first.

Chapters (41)

You can't buy happiness, but, thankfully, you can buy a wife. Legally, it's an arranged marriage, but everypony knows what's really going on. Unfortunately for Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara, duty calls them to make the ultimate sacrifice and marry to keep their families out of the gnashing maws of loan sharks and auditors.

It might even work, if either family had two bits to rub together.

This is a story I've had on the back burner for a long time. I started it as a fragment years ago and got around to finishing it now. I must have started around season 4, since Starlight hadn't been introduced yet, so that tells you how long I had it sitting as a fragment on my hard drive!

Anyway, rated T for alcohol use, fade-to-black sex, and gambling.

Thanks to all my readers and supporters. I love you all in a totally platonic way. Does anyone else think Plato would be disappointed his name was synonymous with the friendzone? Anyway, enjoy!

Chapters (1)