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100-500 word prompt-based minifics from the TwiLuna group. Contains copious amounts of adorkableness.

Individual authors linked at the top of each chapter.

If you'd like to contribute, check out the thread and follow the rules.

Rated Teen for sauciness.

Chapters (141)

When Celestia went on sabbatical into the west, she promised Twilight it would be only a couple of months. A year and a half later, the sun resists control, the country is in ruins, and her teacher is lost in the wilds. Twilight has become the apostate, her faith in her teacher and her teachings waning. In the wake of tragedy, her resentment blossoms into fury and she vows that something must be done. Shadows gather around Canterlot, and old things that should not have been awakened are on the move. The Student goes west, her hope restored by friendship and righteous fury.

The night, at long last, is passing.

Chapters (53)
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