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Can't believe I'm 21... So much has changed and almost nothing has stayed the same, I miss the old days... 6 years on this site... hot da#%

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In the far future of Equestria's history, ponies and the other species of their world have ventured out to live in all the wondrous corners of their sparkling galaxy. Now, the spiral arms hold both the borders of six great civilisations and vast unclaimed regions of glittering stars.

Starships of all shapes, designs, and sizes now carry their crews as they seek adventure, fame, fortune, curiosity, or for some...to discover the secrets of the galaxy's turbulent past. But to many others, it's simply their day-to-day job to haul cargo and make a life in the space between worlds. To be one of the thousands who keep the galaxy running.

To be one like the cargo ship Claudia.

The crew of the small vessel all came from different places, desiring different things. Whether it was their wish to do this to prove themselves, their need for the money to save a loved one, their ambition to make a name across the stars, or having to make do with a path in life they hadn't expected to find their dream. But no matter their mixed origins, no matter their unassuming nature, they have one truth of the galaxy to discover.

That the black leaves few without trials if they wish to find a home within its both beautiful and foreboding expanse.

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"Sometimes, it's more about the journey than the destination."

Turmoil struck Equestria! Tremors from deep within the earth cause the whole nation to be shook wide awake. Nopony knows where they come from, nopony is able to predict where the next one hits. Though in Canterlot Castle, there is only one soothsayer who has an eye for them. Only one soothsayer tries to make sense out of the mess. That soothsayer is nopony else then Twilight Sparkle.

The unicorn anthrony can't believe the quest that the goddesses of the sun and moon have given to her. That she has to travel to a place where nopony has ever been before in order to stop the terror of the ground. If she doesn't, the land can turn into nothing more but a barren wasteland, extinct from all life. Tasked with a impossible task, the desperate search begins.

A search that is not just about finding the origin of it all, as well as five other beings that should accompany her. Along the way is nothing certain and the anthronies will get to know one another. Perhaps even more than they would have liked. Different breeds and races mixed together for one quest only have to set their differences aside and work together. If not, the land's darkest forces just might get their hands on them. Dark Witches and those living on the other side of the ocean are always lurking for their next victim. Chances are that they all get more than they bargained for.

- Coverart equals anatomy
- Coverart created by Somnias (Simp)

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This story is a sequel to The Garden of Ideology

Nut, an unflappably polite young professional, is joined by Potato Blossom, his ward and pupil. Together, they have returned to Vanhoover, the place where Nut calls home. The city is a strange place for Potato Blossom, a filly shunned by her isolated, insular community.

Though he is an evolutionary biologist, or desires to be, Nut is charged by his professors to document Potato Blossom's integration into complex society. She becomes his project for university, a project that will have far-reaching influences upon his academic and scholarly future.

Plucked off of the farm, Potato Blossom must adapt, overcome, thrive, and survive in a city utterly hostile to her needs, wants, and desires. Vanhoover is cold, in both the literal and figurative sense, indifferent, and it seems as though the rains never cease.

Potato Blossom's survival means Nut's evolution into something greater... but what, exactly?

A tale sprouted in the Weedverse.

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Olfactography seemed like such a brilliant, world-changing idea. A nose-enabled camera that takes olfactographs. A little harmless science to wile away the day. Everything was fine, just fine, until there happened to be a malodorous development. Afterwards, things were most decidedly not fine.

Vinyl Scratch. Disc jockey. Musician. Wizard. Esteemed sound engineer.

Public menace.

Sumac Apple. Tinkerer. Curious colt. Apprentice. Co-conspirator. Accomplice.

Accessory to a crime.

A developing entry in the Weedverse.

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Boxcars and her little brother, Domino, cross the breadth of the world to reach the promised land, but did not expect Equestria to be guarded by strange, nightmarish bird creatures.

What else do you call a plague doctor when you've never seen one out in the open before?

An entry in the Weedverse.

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Okay, I'm gonna level with you here.

I have way more ideas with (and without) this character than is reasonable, so I'm just gonna shove em up here so I don't wind up writing a third goddamn full story. Think of it as therapy for the author. Most of these shorts will be set a number of years after the end of Make Love Not War. Knowledge of both prior Atom Smasher stories is not assumed, but will help (and it's also kind of spoilery).

Oh, and I guess you get more Atom Smasher. Lucky you.

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Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's precocious student, wants to know why it can't be teatime all the time. Princess Celestia's response comes in the form of a story, The Tale of the Dark Empress of Teatime.

In this tale, Sunny Sunshine goes to pay the Dark Empress of Teatime a visit, and comes home a different pony.

Technically an entry in the Weedverse, but stands alone and takes place in pre-history.

Chapters (9)

Nut, an unflappably polite young professional, goes to investigate the reports of strange creatures in the Widowwood, on the Solanum Family Farm. What he finds is remarkable; a controlling, conniving matriarch, carnivorous vegetables, and what might just be a new best friend.

The farm is infested with trolls, both literally and figuratively. The trolls keep Susan busy. Who is Susan, you might be asking. The answer is both crazy and mundane.

A short story assembled from scraps of a story that never got published for the Weedverse.

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This story is a sequel to The Masks We Wear

Flicker Nicker has joined the Rat Catcher's Guild of Canterlot, the unsung heroes that keep Equestria from the plague. Changes are upon the horizon as disease becomes an ever increasing threat, and new enemies lurk in the deep, dark places where the vermin hide.

But Flicker isn't too worried about creeping death, the appearance of new enemies, or the coming of new plagues, just so long as he can wear his maskā€”the mask makes the pony, after all.

An entry in the Weedverse.

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This story is a sequel to A Thief's Tale: The Road to Redemption

They say that dreams are connected to your memories, whether they be past present or future. When Twilight Sparkle begins dreaming of events that she hasn't lived through, she wonders if they're some of Luna's nightly flights of fancy or if they're prophetic, but nothing ever seems to come of them... Other than a mess to clean up in the morning. Months of familiar dreams pass until they stop. For weeks, Twilight dreams of other things that don't involve the handsome pinkish stallion until one fateful summer day.

How do you escape your fate when you're not sure of what it is in the first place? How do you deal with emotions that don't feel like yours? How do you handle memories that don't belong to you?

A Time-Warp of A Thief's Tale: The Road To Redemption from the perspective of Twilight.

*Happens after Chapter Nineteen of A Thief's Tale: The Path To Penance*

Edited by AficionadoAvacado

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