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Can't believe I'm 21... So much has changed and almost nothing has stayed the same, I miss the old days... 6 years on this site... hot da#%

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Princess Celestia watched all the seasons of Total Drama and when she saw it ended she was not happy, she brought Chris Mclean to Equestria to start a new season, Total Drama: Equestria.

I'm Chris Mcelan, and i'm going to be making twenty ponies spend time together on one island, some will love, some will hate, all will get hurt. All this and more on this season of TOTAL DRAMA EQUESTRIA!

Note: The confessionals will be written in orange

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[ Cancelled do to lack of inspiration...]

Amnesia. Nopony wants it. To lose their life in a flash. But they don't really get a say in it, do they? So when Written Sound wakes up from a coma to discover that he has it, it takes all of his remaining sanity to not freak out. And now stuck in a special therapy for weeks, Written Sound now has to cope will all the new memories emerging with each day...
So what happens when he stumbles upon one he doesn't want to remember?

[editors and collab assistant]
Just A Fabulous Cat collaborator.

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