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Why did Steel Wool Studios have to make Roxanne Wolf (look up Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach) so freakin' hot?

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Long story short...

Love hurts.

Also, I have no idea why I wrote this!


Featured on 5/4/20, 5/5/20, 5/6/20, 5/7/20, 5/8/20 thank you for finding my bored ramblings as interesting.

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Night Flight was like any other bat pony: webbed wings, nice fangs, fluffy ears, and an extreme taste for mangoes.
Then the mango decides (as best as an inanimate object can) to retaliate somehow.
It would not go down without a fight.


Conceived at half-past 1 AM.
Hey, at least I finally wrote a bat pony story.

Cover art done by Snow Quill!

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Because she's not that good.

Like Really...

Really not that good at her job.

Sequel to Luna Saves Equestria In Her Sleep

Made Popular On 5/31/18

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Because she's that good.

Like Really...

Really that good at her job.

Lovely Art By Inuhoshi-to-darkpen

Made Popular On 12/30/17

Featured On 12/30/17

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Brave Soul, a warrior and musician with a heart of steel, has but one real fear:
So when a fly infiltrates his inner sanctum, will he triumph over the six-legged monster, or will he be too petrified to get his house back?

Who knows, really?

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Princess gets a letter from Twilight bringing up a slightly personal matter. Problems and hilarity occurs along with Spike being caught in the middle somehow. Discord recommends the letters as good pass time for reading.

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In the days proceeding their Canterlot Wedding, Shining Armor and Princess Cadance have been missing from the public scene. The royal couple being otherwise occupied on their romantic honeymoon in a secluded location. No guards, no servants, just the two of them.

The morning after a particular eventful night, Shining Armor's new wife decides to divulge a particular piece of information about herself to him.

Shining Armor is not going to like it...

Cover art by: Johnjoseco
Proofread by: The Great Derpsby

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Ponyville declares to Celestia that they are now their own sovereign nation. It goes about as well as you'd expect.

Written for Aragon, comedy master, for his birthday.

Edited by Majin Syeekoh

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Throughout her life, Vapor Trail has been in the shadow of Sky Stinger, in the best way she could. She didn't want all the attention to herself and wanted to give it to somepony she found special. As the years have gone by, the two have grown close to each other, helping one another accomplish their life long dream: becoming a Wonderbolt. And for once in her life, Vapor Trail didn't want to be in the shadow of Sky Stinger, but in the light beside him.

With both of their dreams accomplished, they can now live the dream... that is, until Vapor Trail had another dream in mind. Because of her closeness with Sky Stinger, the mare developed strong feelings for him and wants to confess her emotions to him.

However, Vapor Trail was unaware of how challenging such a task could be. Vapor Trail has many resources to her disposal, such as teammates and various plots to get the right words out. But will that be enough? Can Vapor Trail get the message across? Or will her chances of being Sky Stinger's special somepony vanish like a vapor of steam?

11/18/17 It happened! Failed Confessions made the featured page!

A special thanks to katseartist for the cover art!
Link to her website: http://www.spiritrappings.com/about/
Link to cover art image: http://katseartist.deviantart.com/art/Vapor-Trail-Commission-666221707

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Starlight’s life has had its ups and downs, mostly downs, though there has always been one particular thing she loved doing.

Flying a kite.

You might be asking yourself ‘why would one of the most powerful Unicorns in Equestria fly kites for a hobby?’ and... I couldn’t tell you, honestly. She just kinda does, alright? It’s her thing.

So what happens when, one day, she decides to take off and relax with her friends? What happens if those friends are Maud and Pinkie Pie? What happens when Pinkie Pie has to fly a kite?

Time to find out.

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