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Why did Steel Wool Studios have to make Roxanne Wolf (look up Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach) so freakin' hot?


Brave Soul, a warrior and musician with a heart of steel, has but one real fear:
So when a fly infiltrates his inner sanctum, will he triumph over the six-legged monster, or will he be too petrified to get his house back?

Who knows, really?

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This was cute I enjoyed it.

For some reason reminded me of some cartoon I don't quite remember, the main character too hated fly's, though while he was doing a speeck about being brave and etc...the fly just flew in his mouth, he gagged and passed out before the fly just flew back out and darted away. Kind of thought that would happen.

Also got me thinking about Psycho's Fly scene at the end...gawd I'm a dork.

~Looks at her name.~

Oh right!

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