• Published 12th Aug 2017
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Failed Confessions to an Oblivious Friend - FerociousCreation

With her love for Sky Stinger overwhelming the mare, Vapor Trail attempts to confess her feelings to him. However, every time she tries to, something goes ary. Will she be able to tell Sky her emotions? Or with divine intervention prevent her?

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On the Cheek (and Skull and Chin)

Deciding to pony up, Rainbow Dash stepped forward. “It was me.” With all eyes on her, the mare shrank a bit. But most of the others didn’t seem to care that she did.

“Well, for whatever reason made you think that it was a good idea, don’t do it again, okay?” Spitfire was surprisingly calm about the situation, probably because things didn’t get quickly out of hoof.

“Yes, mam,” Rainbow Dash nodded. With nothing else to be done, the Wonderbolt members began to disperse. Wind Waker gave Vapor Trail another apologetic message before walking off with Soarin.

Spitfire looked to Sky Stinger who stood close to his hurt friend. “I’m gonna’ get some ice for that eye of hers," she said.

“Thanks, captain. I would be grateful if you did.” The words sounded strange to Spitfire when Sky Stinger replied so sincerely. Normally he would say something boastful, regardless of what the situation. Perhaps when it came to Vapor Trail being involved, Sky would take whatever was at hoof very seriously. Knowing Sky Stinger will keep his friend company, Spitfire went to receive an ice pack.

“You don’t have to-” But Vapor Trail’s words were cut short by her caring friend.

“But we will anyways,” he winked. He reached his hoof toward her wound, to see how sensitive it was.

“I told you I am- ow!” The instant Sky Stinger touched her swollen cheek, Vapor Trail winced in pain and turned away.

“And I think we should make sure we reduce the swell.” The stallion took a seat on edge of a bench down the locker hallway and gestured Vapor Trail to sit beside him. However, the mare stood where she was, trying to be tough and endure the pain. Sky Stinger looked away and spoke low, “Sorry for getting so upset. I don’t mean to worry you, but I can’t stand seeing my friend hurt.”

The statement made Vapor Trail’s heart swell with happiness, glad Sky Stinger willing to be her shield. “I understand. You just want me to be safe is all.” She rubbed the back of her hoof, wondering what to say next. Vapor Trail saw in her friend’s eyes that he was a bit soft. By seeing that, she wanted to test something… “You know Sky…” The mare’s cheeks began to flush and her body began to shiver a bit. “...my mother always used to kiss my wounds whenever I hurt myself. And for some reason, it always felt better right away.”

To her surprise, Sky Stinger’s cheeks started to show a different color as well. “I don’t suppose you are implying what I think you are implying.” His ears twitched a bit as the stallion wielded a nervous grin.

“You said you wanted to help.” Her words made him look away. Aww, he is getting embarressed. Vapor Trail almost giggled aloud, but she kept her glee inside her breast.

“Just this once,” he muttered. Without being asked, the mare slowly walked toward her caring friend. Perhaps now would be a good time I tell him my feelings. The moment is right and our hearts are practically visible. Yes. I will tell him. Tell him that I lo-

Something caused the mare to slip, Vapor Trail’s forelimbs slid away from below. Her chin smacked against the end of the bench Sky Stinger was sitting on, pain shooting through her jaw. The momentum made her head bounce before her temple crashed against the edge of the wooden seat. Vapor Trail’s vision went blurry, and was unable to move, stunned by the blow. To finish her fall, Vapor Trail’s skull smacked hard on the tile floor before she laid still.

Sky Stinger’s voice echoed in Vapor Trail’s head. "Hang on, Vapor Trail," he said. She felt his arms pick her up, but was unable to see anything clearly. Her eyes still rattled in her head. Then, the world started to darken. “Hang on, Vapor Trail…” Sky’s voice echoed again before the mare blanked out.


Soft. Vapor Trail stirred a bit, her fur enjoying whatever it was touching. The mare her eyes and looked around, wondering where she was. White was the obvious theme of the room; very plain; except for several paintings featuring old Wonderbolt members. A nurse walked about the room, attending to whatever was occupying her time.

Vapor Trail tried to sit up, but a hoof gently refused her to move any further than a few inches. “Easy, Vapor Trail…” Glancing to her right, Sky Stinger smiled at her. “You had quite a fall in the locker room.” As the memory came to her, so did the pain, and it shot through her brain.

When Vapor Trail gently touched her head, she felt a bandage wrapped around her skull. “Did I hit my head that hard?”

“A bit,” the nurse commented, walking over to her patient. “I did want to be extra sure in case serious damage was done, so I did a precautionary bandage.” The pegasus looked at her clipboard with a smile. “Your friend Sky Stinger here wouldn’t let you out of sight. He was a bit of a pain to deal with while you were under.” Sky Stinger only rolled his eyes at the statement, but couldn’t deny that he wanted to keep an eye on his close friend. Vapor Trail giggled at the stallion’s commitment to her. “I will be stepping out now. You two can talk if you like. But I advise that Vapor Trail does not get up and move about.” The nurse looked at her patient, “Understand?” The white mare nodded. Without having to make a comment on her leave, the nurse left.

“So Vapor, could you do me a favor?” Sky Stinger asked as he adjusted himself in his seat.

“What is it?” the mare replied.

Sky grew half a smile, “Try not to get hurt anymore.”

“It’s not my fault I slipped and fell.” Vapor Trail stook her tongue out of her mouth. A yawn suddenly crept up on the pegasus, unaware of her drowsiness. Her muscles started to tense up a bit, sore from the day’s hard practice.

“But really, though…” Sky Stinger’s half smile left him and returned a serious stare at his friend, “...it does pain me to see you hurt.” A hoof touched Vapor Trail’s arm and a shiver ran down her spine. The mare had to look away to hide her blush. Then again, why hide it?

Turning back to face Sky Stinger, she smiled, “It is very sweet of you to want to see me well.”

“Oh! That reminds me.” In a quick motion, the stallion stood up and kissed Vapor Trail on her swollen cheek. “You… feeling better?” Sky Stinger glanced at the floor, hoping the mare didn’t see his flustered face.

Unable to contain herself, Vapor Trail giggled with glee and squirmed in her bed. Blush brightly lit up her cheeks, wishing he could kiss her again. “Oh Sky.” Another yawn escaped her. Goodness, why am I so sleepy…?

“A-anyways, I am going to tell the others you are okay.” Sky Stinger stood up and made for the door.

“Wait, Sky!” I can’t let him go just yet! The moment is just too perfect! Another yawn came out.

“Trust me, the others want to be sure you are okay.” Before she could react, he already left, the door slamming behind him.

“But I want to say love you!” Vapor Trail wailed loudly. But only silence replied back to the mare. She wanted to get up and pursue her lifelong friend. However, two things weighed her down: the nurse’s order and tiredness.

Suddenly, Vapor Trail grew very tired, and not just because of her drowsiness that began to consume her consciousness. She was exhausted with trying to confess her feelings to Sky Stinger for the day.

The first attempt was a fluke because her friend was oblivious to her confession. The second time, Sky Stinger helped Vapor trail confess her feelings to her secret crush; little did the stallion know that he was in her interest. Thirdly, Vapor Trail was going to tell Sky Stinger she loved him, but ended up slipping and knocking herself out. And finally, just moments ago, the mare literally screamed that she loved her friend just after he left. However, it seemed that Sky did not hear her.

Letting out a sigh, Vapor Trail pulled the blanket over herself, and closed her eyes. She wanted to think about how she was going to ask out Sky Stinger during tomorrow's lunch. However, her body begged the mare to not think about anything else but rest. And soon, her consciousness faded into slumber.