• Published 12th Aug 2017
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Failed Confessions to an Oblivious Friend - FerociousCreation

With her love for Sky Stinger overwhelming the mare, Vapor Trail attempts to confess her feelings to him. However, every time she tries to, something goes ary. Will she be able to tell Sky her emotions? Or with divine intervention prevent her?

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Best Sneeze Awakens

Failed Confessions to an
Oblivious Friend

Early morning was normally most ponies’ least favorite time of day, especially when they had to wake up before sunrise. For Vapor Trail, it was a different story. The light-cream pegasus enjoyed the cool morning air and then feeling the rising sun warm herself before getting her day started.

She let out a soft yawn as she crawled out of her bunker bed, hoping she does not wake any of her Wonderbolt teammates. Because a show was on the approach, the Wonderbolts had to stay at the academy to make sure routines were in line.

As quietly as Vapor Trail could, the mare made her bed before trying to sneak outside. It was a bit difficult, however, having little light helping her. But the moment Vapor Trail tossed her pillow onto her small mattress, some dust was kicked into the air. The small particles managed to tickle the pegasus’ nose.

Vapor Trail wiggled her snout, and shook her head to get rid of the sneeze. But it clung to her and made her eyes water. With her fate sealed, Vapor Trail instinctively took a deep breath before squeaking out a “chew!”

“Bless you,” a voice mumbled. To the left of her bed was Sky Stinger, taking a peek at the mare with half closed eyes. “Good morning, best sneeze.”

“Thanks and good morning yourself,” Vapor Trail spoke lowly.

Rolling off his back, the stallion laid on his stomach, looking to his friend with a smile. “Ready for our first day in training?”

“A bit. I just want some fresh air is all. You should maybe rest some more.”

Letting out a loud yawn, Sky Stinger boasted, “Yeah, perhaps you are right.” Rotating to his side, he still faced Vapor Trail, smirking at her in full confidence. “I should let myself relax some more before I blow everypony away.”

“I bet you will,” Vapor Trail nodded, glad to see Sky in good spirits.

Out of nowhere, a pillow flew through the air and smacked Sky in the face. “Be quiet,” Spitfire grumbled from the other side of the room. “Only I am allowed… to shout… at others.” The captain stirred around in her bed before stilling herself. Whether Spitfire was woken up or her body’s sleep defences moved the pegasus, Vapor Trail’s ears fell back and she cursed at herself for being too loud. As the pillow slowly slid off of Sky Stinger’s face, Vapor Trail was greeted with an irritated look. The mare couldn’t help but giggle; quietly of course.

“Enjoy the rest of your sleep,” Vapor Trail spoke softly. Sky Stinger only nodded before closing his eyes again. Stepping outside, the mare fanned her wings out and gave them a good flap. A small cloud hovered right above the bunker, barely visible in the moonlight. Vapor Trail flew up to it and then flopped her body onto it. Several bits of bundled fluff puffed out of it, suppressed by her weight. With a happy sigh, the pegasus wiggled her body, part of her torso sinking into the cloud.

The atmosphere was starting to gain its blue color, the moon slowly descending into the horizon. After thirty minutes of silence, the sun finally peaked, sending rays of light cascading over Equestria. It was always a delight for Vapor Trail to see the sunrise. Every day she witnessed the spectacle of Princess Celestia raising the hot ball in the sky, Vapor Trail felt like it was the first time seeing light.

Looking to the world below, Vapor Trail pondered about her plans for the day. She had her practice with the Wonderbolts later on in the morning, and was going to have lunchtime with Sky Stinger. Nothing out of the ordinary according to her schedule. However, today, the pegasus had something special planned: during lunch, Vapor Trail was going to keep Sky Stinger alone to herself and confess her feelings to him.

A ray of hot sunlight heat warmed up her body, causing her to hum with delight. She closed her eyes, pretending the warmth was coming from Sky’s body as he sat next to her. Ever since Vapor Trail and Sky Stinger became Wonderbolts, the gate within the mare’s heart unlocked, it telling her that she cared more about him than just a friend.

She knew he had his flaws, like his cocky attitude, but Vapor Trail knew he had a caring heart. No matter what trouble she found herself in, Sky was never afraid to assist her. He was the wind in her wings, as was she in a more literal sense of the term. And now that she and him shared the same dream, Vapor Trail wanted to share another dream.

“ATTEEEENTION!” an obnoxious voice roared from behind the daydreaming mare. Vapor Trail screamed and leapt up high into the air, clinging to another cloud, shivering out of fear. Looking below, the mare saw Rainbow Dash holding a megaphone in her hooves. “Haha! Gotcha!” she laughed as she hovered in the air. Releasing herself from the cloud, Vapor Trail had to catch her breath before speaking.

“A- good morning would have been better,” she squeaked, her heart still racing.

Pressing a button on the megaphone, Rainbow Dash shouted, “GOOD MORNING!” The rainbow pegasus’ voice rang Vapor Trail’s eardrums.

“Hey, Crash…” Soarin spoke from below. Both Rainbow Dash and Vapor Trail looked down to see a very light-blue stallion staring upwards at them, squinting because of the sunlight. “Could you not be so loud?”

“Why not? Spitfire gets to wake everypony up by yelling!” Rainbow Dash folded her arms with a furrowed brow.

“Well, she is the captain after all.”

Looking at the amplifier, Vapor Trail pointed at it and asked, “Rainbow Dash, isn’t that Spitfire’s megaphone?”

“WHAT?!” a voice ripped through the air, much louder than Rainbow Dash’s voice through the amplifier. Vapor Trail didn’t know if she spoke loudly, but it was enough to catch somepony’s attention. Running out of the bunker, a yellow pegasus looked up with fire in her eyes. In a quick motion, Spitfire shot into the air, taking back her megaphone, giving Rainbow Dash no time to react. After doing a quick loop, the team captain stopped right in front of the cyan pegasus. Bringing her amplifier to her mouth, Spitfire yelled, “IF THERE IS ONE THING I LOVE MORE THAN ENTERTAINING FANS, IT IS MY MEGAPHONE! KEEP YOUR FLYING FEATHERS TO YOURSELF AND YOUR OWN POSSESSIONS! GOT IT?!”

With her hair blown back in a wild fashion, Rainbow Dash only nodded, not daring herself to speak. Taking in a deep breath, Spitfire seemed to be happy at what she had done. Vapor Trail managed to calm her startled heart and said to Spitfire, “Good morning captain."

Spitfire brought her megaphone to her mouth, causing Vapor Trail to cover her ears. “Good morning,” Spitfire smiled. “I assume you are wide awake.”

Realising she did not shout, the white pegasus removed her hooves from her ears. “I believe so,” Vapor Trail nodded with a small smile, but still intimidated by the captain. She looked to her left to see Rainbow Dash flick at her ear, attempting to get the ear working again.

“Good, because today is your first day training as an official Wonderbolt. Well, you and your friend Sky Stinger.”

“Did somepony say my name?” The pony just mentioned flew up into the air, hovering beside Spitfire. “You ready to get amazed captain?” Sky Stinger asked with a smug grin.

“I don’t know. Think you can keep up with experienced Wonderbolts?” Spitfire did not look amused with Sky Stinger’s boastful attitude.

“Just don’t be upset if I pass you,” he replied, smiling even wider. Vapor Trail shielded her face with her arms, afraid for her friend, but unable to help him.

Challenging his grin, Spitfire’s mouth turned into a wicked smile. “Jokes on you, because now you are going to be flying at the back of the pack.” Sky’s mouth dropped, no longer able to keep his prideful facade. A giggle escaped Rainbow Dash’s lips, letting out a ‘pfff.’ “You too Crash!” Spitfire barked. Neither Rainbow Dash, nor Sky Stinger dared to crack jokes at each other or the captain, least they were willing to be shouted at. “And you, Vapor Trail.”

“M-me?!” she flinched, now having the captain’s full attention upon her.

“You will be taking Crash’s place at the front. I want to see what you are made of.” A sincere smile came from Spitfire, “Think you got what it takes to lead a pack?” Looking to Rainbow Dash, Vapor Trail could tell she was not thrilled at being replaced and put to the back line. But something inside the mare wanted to try and impress Sky Stinger. Hopefully, he could see her from the back line.

“Yes,” she answered with a crack in her voice.

“Good answer,” Sky replied, patting his friend’s shoulder. Vapor blushed as Sky Stinger gave her friend gave her a boost of confidence.

Without warning, Spitfire yelled in her megaphone, “NOW LET’S GET A MOVE ON! WE GOT A LONG DAY AHEAD OF US!” With nopony willing to speak against her, Sky Stinger, Vapor Trail, and Rainbow Dash took off, leaving their captain to herself.

Petting her amplifier, she whispered to it, “Don’t worry, I won’t let any other mare take you away from me.”

Author's Note:

I'm not joking when I say I have been working on this story since November of last year D: Oh well. At least I have plenty of chapters ready and waiting. This was planned to be released on Valentine's Day, but life, school, and motivation played part in the delay of this fic. But hey, it's here. Enjoy the story.