• Published 12th Aug 2017
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Failed Confessions to an Oblivious Friend - FerociousCreation

With her love for Sky Stinger overwhelming the mare, Vapor Trail attempts to confess her feelings to him. However, every time she tries to, something goes ary. Will she be able to tell Sky her emotions? Or with divine intervention prevent her?

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Tears of Truth

All was hopeless for Vapor Trail. Everything she had tried, all either interrupted or not noticed. The only thing she could do was lie down on her bed to bask in her sadness. She moved her pillows from the bed and pulled the blanket down, revealing the cover underneath. Vapor Trail’s makeup had already begun to run from the tears she had already cried. Hooves clenched onto as much of the cover as they could and brought it to the mare’s face. Vapor Trail rubbed the sheet onto her face in an attempt to remove the applied makeup.

Will all the rubbing was done, Vapor Trail looked at the cover she had smothered her face in. A smear of black stained the thin blanket. A few tears from the mare’s still sobbing eyes accompanied the black, creating several pools of darkness.

Hoofsteps echoed off the walls, but Vapor Trail didn't bother to look. She didn't care who it was, even if it was Sky Stinger. The sound grew closer and closer to Vapor Trail before it stopped. But the white pegasus only looked to the black smudge.

“Hey, Vapor Trail,” said Rainbow Dash, “you uh… doin’ alright?”

“I followed every step and part of your plan,” Vapor Trail croaked over her crying tears. “You tell me.”

“Technically… you didn't follow one part in particular…” Vapor Trail’s ear twitched, curious as to what step was avoided. “You didn't check for possible interruptions that may intervene with your confession.”

A groan escaped Vapor Trail, “Ugh! I'm such an idiot!” The mare’s face flopped onto the mattress, her head bouncing a little from the bed springs. “Why does this keep happening!”

“What do you mean, Vapor Trail?” asked Rainbow Dash.

Vapor Trail rotated her head so her mouth was not on the mattress. “I've been trying to confess my feelings to Sky for a while now and things keep getting in the way. And after what had just happened, I wish to be alone.” The mare grabbed the blanket and hid under it, a shield that only made ponies more curious about who was under it and why. “I put in a lot of heart into that note for Sky, and it took a lot of courage to say what was said. All of that was literally thrown off a cliff.”

Rainbow Dash’s voice was much closer as she spoke, “There's always a next time.”

“No… There will not… I'm done trying and failing. And I want to be alone.”


“Please, Rainbow Dash. Leave me be.”

“Alright.” Hoof steps started at Vapor Trail’s bed and the sound began to move away. “If you need anypony to talk to, just ask me.” Vapor Trail didn't respond to the offer but made a mental note of it.

Sleep found Vapor Trail, her dreaming strange and confusing. Most of the dreams involved Sky Stinger, while the rest of it was about flying. The memories of him and Vapor Trail jumped around, from fillyhood to current day. Everything she dreamt was like reliving a long-loved memory. But every second Vapor Trail continued to sleep and ponder about Sky Stinger, the faster the memories came and went. She didn't have time to enjoy the past. Only the Hearts and Hooves moment started to play over and over. A loop to be repeated until the slumber was disturbed.

The mattress dipped, waking Vapor Trail from her dizzying sleep. Her body jolted unnecessarily and Vapor Trail didn't know where she was at first. It took a few moments for Vapor Trail to remember why she was under her blanket. But somepony was sitting on her bed and a hoof was on her covered shoulder.

“Hey, Vapor.” The voice was Sky Stinger's. “I've been looking for you.”

The mare didn't bother removing her shield. “How long has it been since I walked away from you?”

“Three hours,” he said. It didn't bother Vapor Trail that she was asleep for so long, but it did make sense why her body was so sluggish. “I wish to say something to you. Face to face. Pony to pony.” Vapor Trail made no movement, not sure she wanted to be around the stallion who threw her gift off a cliff. “There is something I must confess.” It was not something Vapor Trail was expecting to hear, but her dimly lit perspective got a lot brighter as she removed the blanket from her head. Sky Stinger looked down at her, a light smile on his face. “There she is.”

Vapor Trail stretched out her back before sitting up. “Here I am.” The word confession rang in the mare’s head. Was Sky Stinger about to confess a love he had had for Vapor Trail? It was difficult for her to keep her breath still.

Sky Stinger let out a sigh. “Vapor Trail, I want to first say how sorry I am for what happened to your gift. Trust me when I say I loved what you did for me today.” He stared at the floor, “Which brings me to what I must confess…” Vapor Trail’s eyes began to shimmer, expecting the words of romantic confession.

The stallion’s cheeks were flushed, a sign of true emotion. “I just… want to tell you…”

“Yes…?” Vapor Trail asked, leaning toward her friend, ready to kiss him upon his next few words.

“...that… I… think you are… an amazing flyer. Much better than I could ever be.” It was not the words Vapor Trail was hoping for, but it did take her by surprise.

“What do you mean?” Vapor Trail asked. She readjusted herself not to be too close to Sky Stinger’s face.

“Exactly what I just said, Vapor Trail.” Sky Stinger’s flush didn’t fade as he resumed, “And I have more to say about you.” He swallowed something in his throat, but Vapor Trail knew the stallion was nervous. “I am truly grateful for what you did today for me, and for everything you’ve done for me as well.”

“Well thank you, Sky,” Vapor Trail smiled.

“But I really mean it, Vapor Trail. Once again, you put me in the light, this time literally into a beam of light.”

Vapor Trail giggled, “I just love to see you shine.” I also happen to love you in general.

“All because of you.” Sky Stinger put his hoof on Vapor Trail’s shoulder. The mare began to shutter, eager for her friend to continue. “I know I have been saying this a lot, but I cannot stress how grateful I am for what you have done for me. For years, you kept a secret that helped me rise in popularity and ability. But it was your ability to push the right amount of wind in my wings and allow me to soar.” Sky Stinger’s shoulders sagged, “Also, something has been bothering me…”

“What is it?” Vapor Trail asked, scooting up against Sky Stinger’s flank.

“I have been wondering… what would have happened if you told me that you were helping me fly when we were younger…” Sky Stinger looked at Vapor Trail, worry clear on his expression. “I wonder if I would have behaved the way I did when you told me the truth the day we were trying out for the Wonderbolts.” Vapor Trail watched the whites of her friend’s eyes start to turn to a light red. Tears began to swell at the corner of Sky Stinger’s eyes. “And I worry that I would have acted like a jerk… and hated you like- like-” Sky Stinger clenched his eyelids and salty tears gushed forward.

“Sky!” Vapor Trail exclaimed, her voice cracking. At once, she held her best friend and began to sob alongside him.

Sky Stinger opened his eyes and noticed the mare crying. “Why are you crying, Vapor Trail? I’m the one who is upset here.”

“Because you are hurt,” Vapor Trail said. “And I hate to see you sad.”

A weak smile reached for Sky Stinger’s red eyes, “I am glad that you care.” The smile grew too heavy and Sky Stinger had to sag his cheeks. “I was a jerk that day you told me the truth. You knew if you told me what you were doing, my stupid ego would have brushed you aside.”

“But why are you worried about what will never be, Sky?” Vapor Trail asked, her body pressing against Sky Stinger. The stallion pulled his friend as close as he could, his heat warming and cooling in unison. Vapor Trail didn’t feel like crying anymore but was still concerned about Sky Stinger’s attitude.

“Because I worry about what if’s. I worry about losing my best friend. Like I have said years before we even came to the Wonderbolt’s academy, ‘I never fly without you.’ I’ve always wanted you beside me.” Sky Stinger rested his forehead on Vapor Trail’s brow. The mare flushed, wondering if he was trying to kiss her. “You were the first pony to truly see me. I was so transparent, and yet you saw me.” Sky Stinger retracted his head and gave a wide smile, “Your Hearts and Hooves gift was something I was not expecting. I actually thought you were setting me up with somepony.”

Vapor Trail giggled, “Maybe I still am.”

“Well, whoever they are, that mare can wait. Right now, I want to be with the with the mare I know well and love very much.”

The white mare gasped, blush brighter than any sunset, “You love me?” Vapor Trail was about to lunge forward and kiss the stallion to death but kept her unstable nature to jump on Sky Stinger still.

Sky Stinger winked, “As I said a while back, you are like a sister to me.” Vapor Trail groaned in her throat, the romantic mirage ruined. “Besides, you still have Soarin keep daydreaming about to ask out. I know I’m no candidate. You would have told me by now if I was.”

Vapor Trail was regretting telling Sky Stinger that she had a stallion on her mind. That roadblock was preventing Sky Stinger to see that he was the stallion in question. At least she was able to hold him close for the moment. “Regardless of your… level of affection toward me, I am glad you care about our friendship.”

“Thanks,” Sky Stinger nodded. “Again, your gift was something else, Vapor Trail. Even after I became a better flyer, you still wanted me in the spotlight. It shows how much of a loyal friend you really are.”

“Well, I am somehow Rainbow Dash’s apprentice,” said Vapor Trail. “I’ve taken a good helping from the Element of Loyalty’s tips and steps she has given me. I just wanted to show how much I love our friendship.” The word “love” was apparently very different to Sky Stinger. If Vapor Trail were to try and confess her love another time, a kiss on the lips might be the best option. Extreme? Yes. Would it get a message across? Most likely; unless the kiss ended up being an accident.

“And that’s why I was so moved by your compliments when you were giving me your gift,” said Sky Stinger. “It made me reflect on how much I care about our friendship. Me crying was in no way to make you feel sorry for me. I cried because I would never be in the position I am in today without you. Thank you, Vapor Trail.” The stallion then wiped the tears from his face and gave a hard sniff. He was done with shedding a few tears of truth.

Vapor Trail couldn’t contain herself and kissed Sky Stinger on the cheek, “And I wouldn’t be here without you.”

Sky Stinger flushed, “Save your lips for your Soarin. Wouldn’t want him to see you kiss me and then have you ask him out later. That might give him the wrong idea.”

“I’ll tell him it was a friendly gesture,” Vapor Trail winked.

Sky Stinger hopped off the bed, “Speaking of friendly gestures…” Vapor Trail watched her friend walk toward his bed, curious to what he was up to. “...I myself got you a Hearts and Hooves gift.”

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