• Published 12th Aug 2017
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Failed Confessions to an Oblivious Friend - FerociousCreation

With her love for Sky Stinger overwhelming the mare, Vapor Trail attempts to confess her feelings to him. However, every time she tries to, something goes ary. Will she be able to tell Sky her emotions? Or with divine intervention prevent her?

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Basic Proposal Package

Sunbeam swam through the air upside-down right under Vapor Trail’s chin trying to amuse his owner. He succeeded when the angle fish received a kiss on the belly. Vapor Trail wondered what her pet required for sustenance and was tempted to seek Sky Stinger out. But Soarin and Spitfire were Vapor Trail’s prime targets so Sky was for another time.

Then a thought came to the mare’s mind: what is she going to do when she finds Soarin? Vapor trail was obviously not in love with him in the slightest. He was a kind soul but lacked a strong friendship, which kept her from considering the possibility of becoming Soarin's special somepony. Perhaps she can try and mingle with Soarin for a little while and get to know the Wonderbolt. Vapor Trail also figured she might be able to fish out information about Spitfire.

Not expecting anypony to be in the bunker, Vapor Trail decided to race Sunbeam in a playful chase. Vapor Trail was the first to enter the door, winning the simple game with ease. But her momentum was carried into somepony and smashed into the body of a Wonderbolt member. The mare quickly removed herself from Soarin, embarrassed and felt like an idiot for hurting him. “Oh my gosh! I am so sorry!”

Soarin let out a painful chuckle as he took a stand, “It’s fine, Vapor Trail. Things happen.” Vapor Trail lent a hoof to help him up and the offer was taken. “Thanks.”

“Your welcome,” said Vapor Trail. Sunbeam swam to her side and gave her a look over with a worried expression. “Don’t worry, Sunbeam, I am alright.”

“Is that an angel fish?” Soarin pointed to Sunbeam. The stallion brows suppressed. “You sure Spitfire is cool with you having a pet on the academy grounds?”

Vapor Trail didn’t consider how Spitfire would react or behave with Sunbeam as a personal companion. “I don’t know.” Sunbeam frowned, a look of worry shimmered in his little eyes. “Sky got me him for Hearts and Hooves. And I am already loving my little Sunny.” The arm closest to Sunbeam snagged him close to Vapor Trail. The fish wiggled around to adjust to a more comfortable position before settling down.

“Just talk to the captain about him,” Soarin said. “Spitfire may come off as intimidating, but she is a really nice mare.”

“I am sure she is.” Vapor Trail figured she could use the time to talk about Spitfire while not asking about her hatred for Hearts and Hooves. “When did you two meet?”

“Flight school,” Soarin answered. “Even then, Spitfire was a feisty filly.” He started to stretch out his arms, a little sore from the collision with himself and Vapor Trail. “What about you and Sky Stinger? What’s your story?”

Vapor Trail’s hold on Sunbeam loosened and the fish swam over to Soarin with curiosity in his fins. As she walked over to her bed to receive Spitfire’s Hearts and Hooves gift, Vapor Trail answered, “We were neighbors. One day my parents were trying to suffocate me with attention so I hid from them in the clouds. Then I saw Sky Stinger trying to grab his parents’ attention by doing a loop. With my help, I gave him a gust of wind from my wings which helped him succeed in his stunt. And, well, that’s how we became to be.” After obtaining the card, Vapor Trail stood up and saw Soarin petting Sunbeam. “I think he likes you, Soarin.”

“Ya think so?” the stallion asked as he rubbed Sunbeam’s underside. “That’s nice…” Soarin’s normal smile slowly went away and stopped giving the fish attention.

“What’s wrong?” Vapor Trail asked and came to her teammate’s aid. Sunbeam moved aside for his owner and spectated the two from above.

“Do you mind keeping a secret, Vapor Trail?” Soarin asked.

“Of course!”

“Shh! Keep it down…” Soarin’s ears fell back and looked to the door in an attempt to not let his message known to somepony other than Vapor Trail.

“Sorry,” Vapor Trail whispered. “But what is it you need to tell me? I mean, I appreciate you want to trust me with something, but you don’t know me a whole lot.”

A streak of blush ran across Soarin’s white face. “Well, I just… think it would be best if I tell somepony who is not willing to harass me.”

“O...kay…” Vapor Trail was not sure what the stallion was getting at but could see Soarin wanted to get something embarrassing off his chest. Then she wondered if he was trying to ask her to be his special somepony! The thought alone made her flush.

“You see… I like somepony…” Soarin confessed, which only made Vapor Trail further convinced he was trying to ask her out. “I-it’s not you!” he blurted out.

“Oh.” It was slightly relieving for Vapor Trail, and yet, the mare felt a little insulted Soarin was so quick to tell her she wasn’t the one for him.

“Not to say you aren’t a swell looking mare!” Soaring sucked in his lips and slapped his hoof on his forehead. “I’m sorry, Vapor Trail… I am just… nervous.”

It was apparent to the mare that Soarin was probably having a more difficult time with getting out what he wants to say. And Vapor Trail could immediately relate to him. “Don’t worry. I understand how you feel. I’ve been having some trouble with saying the right words to somepony myself, so no need to feel ashamed.”

Soarin rubbed the back of his head. “Thanks.” He walked over to a bed and sat down on it. “If you don’t mind me asking, are you trying to ask somepony to be your special somepony as well?”

“You could say that,” Vapor Trail smiled and walked over to Soarin. The mare wanted to be a little devious and out of character. She reached her neck up toward the stallion who turned bright red. “But I want to ask you a question.”

“S-sure…” Soarin stuttered.

“Even though I am nowhere near the mare you like, I was wondering if you would ever consider me.” Instead of hearing a coherent answer, Vapor Trail giggled as she watched Soarin mutter indistinguishable words. Suddenly, something from behind Vapor Trail head pushed her forward. Unable to react in time, the mare’s lips smacked right onto Soarin’s and fell on top of him. When she realized what had just happened, Vapor Trail looked back to see Sunbeam floating right behind her. “S-Sunbeam!”

“Umm… Vapor Trail…” Soarin chimed in. “You’re still…”

Red with anger and embarrassment, Vapor Trail lept off of Soarin and began to scold her angel fish. “No! That was not okay!” Sunbeam grabbed his tail and hid as much of his face behind it.

Soarin propped himself up and smiled. “Looks to me your pet wants us to hook up.” Sunbeam nodded in agreement.

“Sunbeam,” Vapor Trail began, “you know I like Sky.” But Sunbeam gave a disapproving shake of the head. “You don’t like me liking Sky?” The pet nodded. “Why not?” the mare pouted. “I love him!” Realizing what she had just said, Vapor Trail crammed her hoof on her lips and looked back at Soarin. “Can you… not tell anypony what I just said…?”

“If you don't tell anypony I really like Spitfire,” Soarin answered, rubbing the back of his head.

Vapor Trail gasped and all embarrassment was thrown out the window. “Aww, that's so cute!”

“Shh!” Soarin hissed again. “Please… keep it down… If the guys here you, they will easily tell Spitfire.”

“Oop!” Once more, Vapor Trail clamped her hoof on her mouth. “Sorry, but it is really cute. I can see that your megaphone you got Spitfire was the first of your gifts for the day.”

There was nothing for Soarin to hide behind so he simply smiled, though his flushed face became more obvious. “You can say that.” The stallion looked at the angel fish and smirked at him. “So you better not attempt to get us together when we have other ponies in mind.” Sunbeam folded his fins to pout but got no sympathy from the two pegasi.

“But before I go about asking you how you plan to propose to Spitfire-”

“Don’t say it like I hope to make her my wife,” Soarin laughed.

Vapor Trail stuck out her tongue in protest, “But I know you would like to be her husband.”

Soarin let out a sigh, “I mean, I wouldn’t mind that happening.” He blinked and became more serious. “But I want to be realistic with what is at hoof and not get ahead of myself.”

Vapor Trail bit her lip and admitted, “Can’t say the same for my non-realistic daydreams.” The stallion laughed a lot louder than Vapor Trail would have liked. So much for being quiet. “Anyways, what I wanted to ask you is even though Spitfire is the mare you love-”

“I wouldn’t say 'love,'” Soarin blushed.

“Can you let me finish, Clipper?” the mare smirked and gave Soarin a push. “Anyways, even though you interested in Spitfire… would you ever consider me as a date?”

Because Vapor Trail chose to not be mischievous toward Soarin, she found herself to be very flustered by her own question and felt her ears hide in her mane. Soarin didn’t hesitate to answer, “I wouldn’t mind taking you somewhere, whether or not we are dating.”

“That’s very sweet of you, Soarin,” Vapor Trail smiled. Being the interrupter of conversations, Sunbeam nuzzled his owner and brought the mare’s attention to him. “And you are sweet too, even though you hate Sky Stinger.” The accusation made the angel fish wince and gave Vapor Trail a firm stare. “What’s with that look?”

Soarin pointed his hoof at Sunbeam. “I don’t think he necessarily hates Sky but doesn’t want you and him to be special someponies.” Sunbeam nodded in absolute agreement. “See?”

Vapor Trail claimed her pet with one arm and rubbed his belly. “Well, that at least makes me feel better.” The mare tapped Sunbeam on the nose and he lightly nibbled on her hoof. After finishing her mini-playtime with Sunbeam, Vapor Trail looked back to Soarin. “So…” Before she continued any further, Vapor Trail lowered her tone so the stallion doesn’t get upset with her “loud voice.” “...how do you plan on asking Spitfire out?”

The not-so-composed-when-it-comes-to-romantic-interests Soarin shuffled on the bed, uncomfortable with the simple question. “Honestly, I plan on pulling her aside and telling Spitfire that I really like her. You know, the basic stuff.” Vapor Trail rose a brow, not sure what the “basic stuff” meant. “You know, things like being my long-time friend, always being there for me, the fun times we have had, and finish it all off, by telling Spitfire she is the most lovely and fiery spirited mare in all of Equestria.”

Vapor Trail gave thought to Soarin’s “basic” proposal package. “You know… now that I think about it, stallions tend to go in that particular order when it comes to confessing their love.”

“I think of it more as a guideline,” Soarin said. “Listing off everything a mare is good at and then topping it off with the ‘most beautiful mare’ bit helps drive the point home. It wouldn’t be too flattering if a stallion came to ask you out and only said you were beautiful. You would wonder if there is something else he might find in you other than physical attraction.”

Even though Vapor Trail had only discussed very few times with Soarin, she was impressed with his gentlestallion behavior. “You are absolutely right.” Vapor Trail began to fan herself with a wing, worried she might fall for Soarin’s caring charm. “So what are you waiting for?” she asked. “Go on and tell Spitfire your-” Realizing her voice was giving Soarin visible discomfort, Vapor Trail cleared her throat and spoke softly, “-your Clipper has come to clip away all the bad so you can give her the good.”

“Hey, I like that,” Soarin laughed slightly. “‘Clip away all the bad…’ I might use that.”

Vapor Trail stepped forward and pulled Soarin’s hoof, yanking him off the bed. “Then let’s go!”

“W-wait!” Soarin flushed, his ears signaling distress. She didn’t want to stop herself from fulfilling the stallion’s destiny but Vapor Trail let go of Soarin. “I’m just… not sure how to deliver the right message to Spitfire.”

“Are you afraid of her not saying yes?” Vapor Trail asked.

“Of course I am and I know that is your biggest worry with Sky Stinger as well. However, it’s how I say the right words.” Soarin tapped his temple, “I know everything to tell her. But it is the how, Vapor. How do I tell her?”

The mare knew exactly how difficult Soarin’s situation was. Of course, she knew how much she loves Sky Stinger but it was the how that was the most vital part of the delivery. But then Vapor Trail remembered a technique that the big-nosed Sky Stinger used to simulate a confession. “Why don’t you practice on me, Soarin?”


“Pretend I am Spitfire and tell me how much you feel.” Vapor Trail was amused with how she was using Sky Stinger’s method of practice with another stallion. At least she knew Soarin had another mare in mind, so Vapor Trail knew she was not the mare in question. And if she was, Vapor Trail would be less likely to be oblivious than Sky.

“I could try…” said Soarin, rubbing the back of his foreleg. His gaze fell to the ground, the most incorrect thing to do when trying to talk to somepony.

Vapor Trail hesitated but then remembered it was only a simulation. She placed her hoof on Soarin’s chin and lightly redirected it to face her way. “The key to getting the message across is eye contact. It shows confidence.” The advice quickly settled into Soarin and he not only looked Vapor Trail in the eyes, he straightened his entire posture. “Good,” the mare smiled with a nod.

“Now what?” Soarin asked as if what he was doing was something he had never seen or done before. Maybe he hasn’t ever asked a mare out before. Regardless of assuming what he has and has not done, Vapor Trail knew what to do next.

“Daydream,” she answered.

The strong composure Soarin bore cracked and the stallion laughed into his hoof. “Of course you would say that!”

“Hey, I am the one trying to help you,” Vapor Trail grinned. “You wouldn’t want me to… RAISE MY VOICE!” Angry hissing slithered through Soarin’s teeth and Vapor Trail rose her hooves to defend herself from a glare. “Sorry, sorry.” She placed on the best soft smile in her arsenal before continuing. “But really, daydream. Pretend that I am Spitfire and pretend we are somewhere else, like on top of the clouds or… under a tree where the sun is beaming a bright light down on you and her.”

Soarin let go of his angry brows and laughed again. “That is oddly specific.”

“If you could, would you want to put Spitfire in a romantic situation to help set the mood?” Vapor Trail asked. She brought a hoof to her chest and proclaimed, “You are talking to the one and only Daydreamer here. And I know you of all stallions would want to create a lovely seen for Spitfire.”

Soarin relaxed his shoulders and sat down on the tile floor. “I would." He gestured Vapor Trail over to his spot. “Sit beside me. I think I know how I would want to tell Spitfire what is on my mind.”

“O-okay,” the mare nodded. Remember, it is only a simulation. Don’t get flustered by his words. Vapor Trail sat close to Soarin and made sure not to touch his side. Sunbeam, being the official captain of their ship, swam in between the pegasi in an attempt to get smothered by their affection. It worked and both Clipper and Daydreamer assaulted the fish with a soft petting. “Don’t distract us from what we are trying to do.” Vapor Trail's words, however, did not bother Sunbeam and only made him settle in the mare’s mane, lying in wait for whatever he may want to bounce at.

“I think I am set with my daydream,” Soarin said as he scooted against Vapor Trail. Both ponies flushed, the simulation starting to feel a little too real for Vapor Trail. It’s a simulation, Vapor. No need to get nervous.

“Okay,” Vapor Trail nodded. She had a hard time getting herself to look Soarin in the eyes but remembered Sky’s words of wisdom: “Confidence is key.” Repeating the words out loud to Soarin, Vapor Trail said, “Remember: Confidence is key. Keep eye contact with me.” She reached for Soarin’s shoulder and gave it a pat. “If it makes it any easier on you, you can say my name instead of Spitfire. It might prove to be an effective tool before saying it to her.”

“I can do that.” The mare saw the flustered stallion swallow something in his throat. “Let’s give it a whirl.”

Vapor Trail tried to come up with a scenario with what Soarin was trying to imagine. She closed her eyes and saw herself standing behind a cherry blossom tree. The pedals were cascading down onto Soarin and Spitfire as they sat on a bench. The hot heat of sunset warmed the atmosphere, perfectly capturing a romantic setting. Ready herself, Vapor Trail opened her eyes and returned to the bunker but still had the scene running in her mind. “Thanks for getting me away from everypony,” Vapor Trail said, hoping she wasn’t affecting Soarin’s daydream by adding to the scenario unnecessarily.

“You looked like you needed a break from everypony’s ridiculous behavior. I mean, didn’t you see how Vapor Trail kept daydreaming today? I bet that was driving you crazy!”

The immersion was broken when the mare let out a “humph” and looked away from Soarin, while he only chuckled. Despite not liking herself being made an example in their simulation, Vapor Trail tried to behave more like the captain and continued to play along. “At least her talent is still showing. She might surpass a veteran like yourself.”

The mare hoped her small insult might get a large reaction but was disappointed when Soarin only rolled his eyes. He nudged into Vapor Trail and said, “Good attempt, but you could never top the actual Spitfire.”

“Hey, I’m trying to help you here, mister!” Vapor Trail’s growing volume got Soarin to settle down. “Now, where was I…” Clearing her throat, she continued her role as Spitfire. “I sometimes wonder what I would do without you, Soarin. I am glad you are there for me during these times of careless ponies.” Vapor Trail figured it was time to cut to the chase and force Soarin into an uncomfortable position.

“And I am glad to have you as a friend, Sp- Sp- Vapor Trail…” Soarin broke eye contact with Vapor Trail’s. He was still staring at her, but not directly at her pupils.

“Eye contact,” Vapor Trail corrected. Her words brought the stallion’s attention toward herself but didn’t receive a reply. “Now Soarin, in order for you to tell Spitfire the truth, you should begin by saying something like, ‘Spitfire, I need to tell you something.’ No doubt she will ask you 'what.' Once she does, count from three to one in your head. When you reach one, let it all out.”

“That’s…” Soarin once again broke eye contact but not because he was nervous. “...a very clever way of getting the right thing to say out.”

“I have somepony to thank for this method,” Vapor Trail said. The mare made sure she had another sentence at the ready in case Soarin were to ask her who designed the countdown approach. “Now let’s go back to the near confession scene.”

The stallion nodded and held a firm grasp on being confident. Vapor Trail could see it in his eyes and couldn’t help but admire his hazel eyes. “Vapor Trail, there is something I need to tell you.”

It was beginning to feel real and Vapor Trail’s heart rate began to quicken. “What is it, Soarin?” She watched her teammate’s lips move, reading the words, “...three… two… one…”

“Vapor Trail, you- I-” Soarin’s entire face became red as he said, “I really like you!” The words alone almost knocked Vapor Trail over. Simulation, Vapor! Sim-u-la-tion! “I like… a lot of things about you. Your attitude, our companionship, your beauty! All of it. And I like all of you!” Soarin pulled Vapor Trail close and the mare felt Sunbeam exit her thick mane. “I know you may not like Hearts and Hooves,” he said into her ear. “But I really do like you. This isn’t a joke. This isn’t a prank. This is my genuine attitude for you. Please… Please be my special somepony…”

It was too much for Vapor Trail and she squealed, “Yes!” She stood up and said, “Absolutely, yes!” She began to use both of her wings to cool herself.

“Was I that good?” Soarin asked.

“Like I said, ‘absolutely.’” Vapor Trail winked. She helped Soarin up and quickly pounced him. “I think you are ready for the real deal. Go tell Spitfire your feelings.” Soarin’s hoofing was staggered by the sudden mare crashing into him. But he managed to not fall over.

“Uh, Vapor Trail…” Soarin said, his tone uncomfortable.

“What is it? Did I hurt you?” Vapor Trail easily removed herself from the stallion and looked at him. Soarin was looking at the entrance of the bunker. When Vapor Trail turned to where her teammate was facing, she saw Sky Stinger leaning on the wall with a wide smile on his face.

“It looks like the best sneeze got what she wanted,” Sky Stinger said.

Author's Note:

Alright, so I have been thinking about how long I have dragged this story out for. And something told me (and another reader) that it has been going on for a little too long with very little results. I do believe that I have expressed how close Vapor Trail and Sky Stinger are and have successfully done so.

But now it is time to speed things along. I hope these two chapters I released today (10/19/17) helped accelerated the story.