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You remember Canterlot. You remember the taste of victory. Across a thousand years and a hundred lives, it was the greatest joy you had ever felt.

And then, in a flash of heat and unbearable light, it ended.

Now you are alone. The rest of your kind are dead or scattered, and you cannot hear their thoughts.

There is a void inside you. A gnawing, endless hunger you cannot escape. It is killing you.

You need love to survive, but there is none of that here. Not for you. You can only steal it from them, these ponies for whom we are hungry.

[My entry in and winner of the "Most Dangerous Game" contest."]

Chapters (5)

After an injury at work sends you to the hospital, your loving mare Rainbow Dash decides to pay you a visit.

Please Note That This Story Is Cute For The Sake Of Cute.

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College sucks. At least, you think so.

You don't care what anyone says. College is basically an adult kindergarten, one where depressed teachers try to uphold some semblance of order in their classes full of drunk, disorderly, or just plain stupid students (and you use the term 'students' extremely loosely) that are only there because their rich parents want their brain-dead children to have some sort of higher education. Either that or sports scholarships. Goddamn sports scholarships.

When your best friend leaves for greener pastures over in Equestria, you start dreading who will take his place as your roommate. Naturally, it happens to be an Equestrian that takes his place—and you're put in charge of making sure she feels at home.

Second-person perspective. Contains anthropomorphic ponies.

A short story that I will add to when I'm not working on more important stories. Enjoy it for what it is, and try not to look to deep into it.

Chapters (4)

One morning, you find yourself with a horrible headache. As you look over to the woman next to you, expecting it to be someone you've never met before, as was what you're used to, you realize that this is someone you'd never expect. Who do you find?
2nd person humanized. There'll be no love triangles, cheating, or anything like that. That stuff is unnecessary and uncomfortable. Just a simple relationship that happened to have started in an... odd way. Picture by the very talented John Joseco.
Sorry for anyone who read this description before I changed it and gave it all away. I thought it was obvious and that it was entertaining seeing how it all panned out.
P.S. In the story, __ means a character is saying your name. It's a little trick I picked up from a friend.
If you favorite, please leave a comment!

EDIT: Changed the rating to teen. I figured a sex scene would kinda kill the mood the story's going in. So, if anyone favorite this for that, sorry!

Chapters (2)

Applebloom finally builds up the courage to ask our her long life crush. But things don't turn out as well. Hurt and broken, She falls into depression. You decide to cheer her up. but what happens when the filly starts to develop feelings for you?

AN: This does not have any connection to my other stories whatsoever.

Chapters (8)

After an embarrassing middle school incident you were left with no friends and a horrible case of stage fright for three years. Now that you're in high school you plan to turn all of that around. You soon find that the line between friend, enemy, and lover aren't as clear as you'd thought. Especially when it comes to this Vinyl Scratch character.

Chapters (1)

You've only lived in Equestria for a month now. You made a couple of friends, but mostly kept to yourself. That is, until you have a wild night of binge drinking at a party and wake up in bed with Lyra Heartstrings! Wacky hijinks ensue!

Chapters (1)

[2nd Person POV]
You have been successful in life, yes. A well-known pianist and living a fine life in the social world of Canterlot. Still, you feel as if you're missing something...Something more than just musical notes and melodies and the piano. It's a feeling you've wanted to feel in a very long time...

And this is where she comes in...

Chapters (1)

(2nd POV)
From an accident 3 years ago, a blind teenager was transferred to another school, in hopes that he can just be treated as a normal kid again, and won't have to deal with bullies. What he doesn't know about the school is about the many crazy things that goes on inside. Or about the town, for that matter.
Chances of surviving? I wouldn't really bet on it.
Although this one girl in this town might make it worth the pain.
{Experimental story #1. Let's see how many dislikes I will get for this.}
Note: Humanized Ponies. Takes place in Ponyville, Equestria. High School and stuff. Deal with it haters.

Chapters (7)

(I kinda setup my own rules on changelings logic. So if there are any other changeling stories that have different logic, I won't follow it.)
[2nd POV] A changeling is a mindless slave, and was only born to serve Queen Chrysalis. It does not have feelings, so it does not feel remorse. A changeling cannot think or choose for itself, as it is not sentient. It only moves without question, and only constantly feed off of the love of ponies. Since it is not sentient, it cannot be befriended, cannot learn to communicate, and cannot feel love. Its sole-purpose is to feed off love out of every pony alive.
But... that doesn't seem to apply to you.
The day you met that one unicorn, was the day you began asking, questioning your own existence.
Ever since the fall of Queen Chrysalis, she was nowhere to be found. Your siblings can't seem to do anything without her guidance, and slowly, each one of your siblings begin to die out. As an endangered changeling in hiding, you use your newly discovered free-will and wits to try to find out the answer to your question. Trying to solve it before you die. "Who am I now?"
(I guess now that i think about it, I just made changelings the equivalent to zombies. And you are a.... Sentient zombie?)
On hiatus for the moment. Until I get my shit together, this story is going to just linger there for some moments.

Chapters (9)