• Published 20th Jun 2014
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Cuddling is the best remedy. - TheFimFicCritic

After an injury at work sends you to the hospital, your loving mare Rainbow Dash decides to pay you a visit.

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Cuddling Is The Best Remedy

The ping of a heart monitor fills your ears as you slowly wake. The only thing you remember from the injury that got you here is that… well okay you can’t remember. That worries you.

Your eyes are still closed and the door to your room opens. A silent gasp graces your ears. The light clip- clop of hooves is headed your direction. Feeling something weigh down the side of the bed, you can only guess who it is.

“I’m here my love” a soft scratchy voice says.

“Dashie?” you groan out opening an eye.

Her cyan face is graced with tear stains. It saddens you to see that. Her beautiful rose eyes are puffy and red and her rainbow mane is unkempt and down. You give her a smile and she returns it, albeit rather sadly.

Quietly you whisper to her “Get up here,” before giving a hand gesture.

Rainbow Dash gladly accepts, immediately jumping onto the bed and laying down on your chest. She gently nuzzles your neck before resting her head right over your heart. The beat relaxes her and she lets out a loving sigh. You wrap an arm around her, holding her tightly against you. Your free hand goes to her mane. Gently you run your fingers through her mane. Dash shivers and wraps her fore-hooves tightly around your chest as you continue to lovingly caress her mane. You savor the moment having her so close to you.

Rainbow suddenly begins to gently sob against you. She nuzzles her head where she hears your heart beating and sobs again. She moves her head to the center of your chest. She gently begins to burrow her muzzle into your chest still sobbing.

You move your hand to her chin and slowly raise her head to meet yours. Tears stream down her face as you look into her eyes. Your heart sinks at the sight. You have never seen her cry before. You take your hand from her mane and gently rest it on her left cheek. Dash leans in to your loving touch fondly. You lean in and gently kiss her forehead.

“I was scared.” She admits to you.

Never would you have thought you would hear that from her. So you ask her what she is afraid of.

Her eyes hold a fear of loneliness in them. You suddenly regret asking her.

“Afraid of losing you,” Dash is on the verge of tears again but she continues “you mean so much to me. I don’t want to be alone. Not again, not ever again. I need you.” You notice the pleading in her voice. She is pouring her soul out to you, so you let her continue. “You have made me the happiest I have ever been. I don’t know what I would do if I lost you. Please don’t ever leave me.” She cries.

Her tears make your heart ache. Gently you pull her from your chest and lay her beside you. Pulling the hospital blanket over the both of you, you both get comfortable. You wrap your arms around Rainbow pulling her close to your chest. Happy to be in your embrace, she rubs her face into your chest.

Moments like these you cherish most. When it is just you and her holding each other close. As you lay there enjoying the intimacy of the moment, your mind begins to wander.

It’s no surprise Dash is this concerned about you, and it warms your heart that she is, but it makes you wonder what kind of injury you have. You hope it’s nothing too serious or life threatening. Images of Dash Alone and crying at your tombstone fill your head. Your chest tightens at the image and your heart aches. Cringing at the thought you shake the image away, as you tighten your embrace around Rainbow.

She responds with a content sigh, raising her head to kiss you gently before resting her head on your pillow. She looks deep into your eyes and leans her forehead against yours. You raise one hand off her, while the other stays around her, to gently cup her soft furry cheek in your hand. She opens one eye as your thumb gently caresses her cheek. Her eye, twinkling with the depths of her love for you, as she leans her head into your touch.

She is always so passionate, so caring, and so loving. And you absolutely love that about her. She can’t sleep unless you’re with her, to hold her, to keep her safe, to be near her. You know that she NEEDS you to be beside her. You know Rainbow will take time off work so she could be with you for your recovery. And you’ll be damned if Rainbow is not allowed to stay after visiting hours. Now that you are thinking about it, Dash does have a history here. Maybe you cou--

Your thoughts are cut off by Rainbow murmuring your name. looking down you notice both of your arms are around her once more, her breathing soft and steady, eyes closed, and smile on her lips. The door to your room is open, but slowly closing thanks to an open window. Looking left there is a bedside table with a note.

Reluctantly you take one arm off Rainbow and slowly, as not to disturb her, reach for the note. Bringing the note in for a close inspection, you see it is from the lavender unicorn, Twilight Sparkle. The note reads:

Dear Mr.Anon

I have talked to the hospital staff about Rainbow staying. And after a longer than it should have been debate, the hospital staff has agreed to let rainbow stay. Oh, and before I forget, you have a broken leg and a minor concussion. You will be in the hospital for about 3 weeks. But look at it this way, at least you will be able to spend plenty of time with Rainbow Dash.

Your’s truly, Twilight Sparkle.

You place the note back on the table and look at the mare in your arms. Placing a hand on her head you gently begin stroking her mane, enjoying the soft and silky feeling of it. She sighs lovingly before whispering your name and nuzzling her head into the crook of your neck. Your heart melts and a smile dons your lips. You lean your head down and gently kiss Dash on the forehead. She sighs once more and whispers your name again. You rest your chin on her head and close your eyes for some sleep.

Through the night you two stayed embraced. Your grip around Dash is tight and never loosening. Your dreams are filled with happiness along the road to recovery and when you wake up in the morning you know you will always have her beside you, every step of the way. That fact alone fills your dreams with comfort and happiness.

Rainbow is smiling in her sleep and so are you. As the moon lowers to bring forth the morning the two of you remained embraced. Even as the sun rises and bathes you two in its warmth you remain sleeping. Dash constantly nuzzles herself closer to you and you subconsciously allow her to do so.

As you wake up you feel your lover nuzzle her head into your neck, sighing contentedly. You smile and rest your chin on her head. You feel content knowing that she seeks your comfort even as she sleeps. You’re not exactly sure why though. Then again Dash did tell you that you could not even begin to understand the depths of her love for you.

It is funny really. Back home every woman you met took your golden heart for granted, but here is a mare who loves you with every fiber of her being. As she lays here by your side you can’t help but feel loved and cared for. Your thoughts are cut short when a nurse comes in to take your blood pressure and temperature.

With her business done she walks out. You are completely baffled as to why she did not ask why Rainbow was in your hospital bed. Though you only shove that to the back of your head and refocus on your mare.

She is still asleep, you are not surprised. Dash will probably be asleep for the next hour or so if nothing wakes her up. She gently wiggles in her sleep, trying to press more of her fuzzy body against you. Her left wing is draped across your body, holding you in a sense. You manage to roll onto your side though the Pegasus snuggling against you is making it hard to do so. Dash groans in displeasure at your movement, she is probably afraid of you getting up to leave her, but once you place your arms around her, she wiggles closer to you and buries her head in your chest. It is almost too much for your heart to take.

The warmth spreading through your heart hurts. Why does Dash have to be so adorable when she sleeps? It might have something to do with the loyalty thing, but you are sure it is her romantic side trying to escape from sleep. All she wants to do when she is alone with you at the house is cuddle and sleep. Dash may not be much of a romantic with you in public, but when you two are alone she is the most loving mare ever. She stays close to you and gives you loving smiles, nuzzles, and gazes. It’s almost as if--

“Hey” you look down and see Rainbows beautiful eyes looking at you.

“What were you thinking about?” she asks tiredly.

“Nothing much, my love” You respond, kissing her forehead.

She yawns and closes her eyes again nestling closer to you. “I love you” she says softly, her head lying next to yours.

You smile and pull her closer to you. Her head nestles under your neck. “I love you, Rainbow” you respond softly.

She giggles and squirms a little in your arms, trying her best to get as close to you as possible. Rainbow wraps her fore-hooves around your neck, giving you a soft squeeze before drifting back to sleep. You may have a long recovery and you may be in pain, but as long as you have Rainbow beside you… you really do not care what life throws at you, just as long as your arms are around her at the end of each day.

Author's Note:

It is hard to believe I did this as an experiment to see if I could write something heartwarming and pull some heartstrings. I think I should stick to reviews, but if I get some positive feedback on this I might consider doing more. A quick shout out to JaydexTheShadowKnight. Thanks bud I never would have had the confidence to submit this without your support. Until next time!