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While on a skydiving trip they accidentally ended up in a active war zone and try to escape. That didn't go well.

( cringe warning )

Violence tag is on my story btw ( I added it just to be safe )

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Day 15.

This has gotten old quick. Me, my life, everything. I hate my self. I always ruin other’s days.

Who am I? I don’t even know at this rate.

Alone and empty.

If you find this, don’t read it. You’ll just get bored.

I would love to stick around, but I can’t.

Good night my self.


Things have been looking pretty dull for Surn, but how does he handle it? By writing it down of course! Surn's life has flipped after the friendship games, and that means a new Surn as well. Is he ever gonna recover?

I did my best not to merge this story with my life. Being 13 sucks, and loads of things have happened in my 13th year of living......

Edited by Sunnythesavvy. Thank you so much!

Cover by ZettaiDullahan. Thankies to you too!

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Based on the movie: Sonic the Hedgehog, but with some changes.

After fleeing to planet Earth, Sonic the Hedgehog has been secretly living in Canterlot City as his new home for the past decade along with his incredible power of super speed. Things went well for him, until he accidentally knocks out the power grid, getting the attention of the military organization, G.U.N., along with the evil genius, Dr. Robotnik.

Meanwhile, the Equestria Girls was preparing for their upcoming graduation, leaving Sunset Shimmer unsure of her future. When the power grid near their school was knocked down, CHS was in suspicion by G.U.N., sending in a special agent to investigate as a result.

When the two groups meet up due to circumstances, Sonic and The Equestria Girls must team up to retrieve Sonic's rings and stop Robotnik from using Sonic's power for world domination while fleeing from the government.

*This story is currently on Hiatus for Volume III.*

Special thanks to RS-Belle14 and MLPSolarDash1907 for proofreading and knigsonic as my editor.

Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Paramount Pictures and Sega.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls is owned by Hasbro.

Cover art designed by me.

FEATURED: 10/10/20 - Awesome! :pinkiehappy: Thank you all so much! :twilightsmile:

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Spike is forced to survive on an alien ocean planet with its own dark secrets

Suicide tag is for mentions of it.
Disclaimer: I don't own Subnautica, that belongs to Unknown Worlds Entertainment

A big thanks to MegaCartmanX and DerpTape for proofreading this for me and to ShirtMechanic for making the cover art.

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10 years ago, a television program called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic aired for the very first time. Little did anybody realise, it would become a global phenomenon, attracting not only thousands of adoring fans, but changing the lives of many young men who would subsequently called 'bronies'. I was one of them.

Today, to honour that special anniversary, I'll be marking it in the way I know best; transformation fiction.

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In the criminal justice system, Equestrian-magic-based offenses are considered especially heinous.

In Canterlot City, the dedicated young women who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Everfree Investigations Unit.

These are their stories.


Inspired by this blog post.

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Hello every pony!

My name is Twilight Sparkle, you probably know me as the Princess of Friendship. Formalities aside, I've decided to write a fanfiction about my world. All criticisms are welcome (though not too much please). Enjoy and leave a comment if you can!

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It’s now the year 2020 and Rainbow Dash and I were this close to graduating our senior year in high school. We could be able to get to college and maybe have great future together.

But that’s until COVID-19 decided to come in uninvited and put us in quarantine. But it doesn’t seem to be to serious on the other hand... so what could go wrong?

Rated T for some language and for the Green Day songs having be about the political views and serious problems within the USA. The drama tag in this mostly represents the election battle of Trump v. Biden. I put the death tag cause it’s mostly mentioning Coronavirus deaths around the world. Sex tag for some fluff and innuendo.


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After weeks of stares and odd reactions from everypony around her, Rainbow decided to find out the reason. As it turns out the reason is that everypony thinks that her and Fluttershy are dating, even though they totally aren't. As it turns out, everypony is dead set on that idea, and they can't convince any of them that it isn't true, so now what are they supposed to do?

Sex Tag for references, nothing explicit.

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Rarity has a blog now.

She is, after all, a passionate fashionista and a mare of many talents. She will share her thoughts on her work, express her candid opinions, and give advice and opinions if asked.

Includes lots of gushing over beautiful things, as well as reading some looks for filth, and tidbits into working in fashion. Also poring over friendships and life and things.

New coverpic by the extraordinarily talented imdrunkonTea! Their DeviantArt page: https://www.deviantart.com/imdrunkontea

(This fic is still in about ponies, although I might oscillate into human territory should the fashion demand it 😅)

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