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It was 16 Years when Twilight Sparkle was exiled from Equestria before the Changeling invasion. Equestria fell not long after, and ponies from all over the devastated nation are searching for places of refuge from the swarms of parasites patrolling the sky. Twilight's friends have searched for years trying to find a safe haven for their families as well, and they have finally found a single location not tainted by the Changelings. The only problem; it was founded by Twilight herself.

Chapters (14)

Many years ago Equestria was at war with sebra nation, the war lastet for a year and many life was lost on both sides. In the final days of the war Celestia and a pegasus by the name of Blaze Fury battle bravely against the army of the sebra nation. Then a zebra shaman managed to caputre Blaze in a time bubble for four hundre years, now his back and he realize that Equestria has change much over four hundre years. Can he adjust to this new Equestria?

Just and idea I had.

Chapters (15)

Officially archived. There will be no more updates to this story.

Set after Season 4, and everyone is aged up for the sake of the story.

Its been nearly a year since Spike decided to travel Equestria for himself on a road of self discovery. During his travels he comes across a dying changling begging for his help, Spike is led to a dying Queen Chrysalis. Spike chooses to help Chrysalis however he can, but what he doesn't know is that he has just began a journey to love and discovery.

Warning: This is my first story/fanfiction so be patient with me.

Note: No clop but descriptive/suggestive softcore scenes.

Chapters (18)

What if Twilight has been lying to her friends all along and her real mother is Princess Celestia herself?

I got the idea while writing Prism and Glimmer. This story is just to dive into what it would be like if Celestia was Twilight's biological mother. (Teen because pissed Celestia does not hold back on language. Romance tag for some Lunestia).

Original chapters can be found here.

Edited by: Knight of Cerebus

Currently being rewritten

Coverart by ZippySqrl

Chapters (4)

Twilight gets killed protecting Princess Celestia and wakes up to the words Game Over floating in front of her.

Chapters (21)
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