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The School of Friendship has new Teacher Assistants!

The Cutie Mark Crusaders have been welcomed into staff on a probationary basis in order to assist their sisters (and Rainbow Dash) with their classes. Today just happens to be the day for the School Trip to Canterlot Castle for a certain group.

When things go wrong and our characters are flung into the Void and come out in one of many worlds at war, what kind of challenges will they have to face? And if they survive... what will they bring back with them to Equestria?

Many thanks to Petrichord and GapJaxie for their feedback and assistance.

Chapters (14)

All Scootaloo has ever really wanted is a family, and the closest she ever got to it growing up in a foster home was an older girl named Sunset Shimmer who became her big sister. But once Sunset started to go to Canterlot High School, she vanished for a couple of days before coming back, different than the younger girl remembered.

She later finds out that the Sunset that returned wasn't the same Sunset that she had become close to. She tried to ignore it and move on, but the same question kept nagging at her mind.

What happened to her big sister? And what will she do now?

Chapters (2)

Sweetie Belle has failed to get her cutie mark. Again! Deciding to go for a walk in order to try and forget about it, Sweetie finds that she has somehow stumbled into the Everfree Forest! While looking for a way out, Sweetie comes across a creature you never want to cross. A Timber wolf!

However, this one seems a bit...small. And scared. and trapped in a hole in the ground!

Having a change in heart, the young pony decides to help the poor pup. However, this pup doesn't seem to want to leave her alone now...things only go downhill from there.

I suck at description. I am so sorry.

Morgan: that's not the only thing you suck at...


Chapters (2)

When a huge and startling event unleashes something inside of Scootaloo that even she didn't know she had, an investigation is started by Princess Twilight, enlisting the help of the other princesses, the Equestria Girls, and another.......person.

Secrets and pasts wished to be forgotten are once again brought to the surface. Action follows along. And possibly romance.

*A year after the end of S7.
*One instance of death.
*Gets Dark In Later Chapters. You have been warned.

Chapters (20)

A solar storm is raging across Equestria, the weather is going wild and magic is going haywire everywhere...
...and three fillies are sneaking through the most recent addition to ponyville, Twilight's crystal castle, looking for cool artifacts.

Unluckily for them, they find what they're looking for.

This is my third story, and second halo crossover, on here and I'm going to attempt writing it in first person, criticism is appreciated since first person is hard.

The cover art is made by Johnjoseco, I colored it in.
Source: derpibooru

Hope you guys enjoy!:twilightsmile:

Chapters (15)

Summoned by the Cutie Map, the CMC find themselves on a journey to the Highlands, a land of Equestria home to a mysterious race of transforming creatures with a dark secret and a sinister past.

Artwork by Viwrastupr

Chapters (8)

Apple Bloom gets more and more impatient to get her cutiemark until the point that she would do anything to get it. When they get the idea to get animal rescue cutiemarks, they end up going on a bigger mission to save one of the members of the CMC before terrible things happens to them...

Chapters (3)

Six years have gone by after the Cutie Mark Crusaders went missing in the Everfree, and the town of Ponyville has changed. The Elements are all but spent trying to deal with the grief of losing the aggravating yet beloved CMC and the Princesses are tied up in a massive diplomatic battle between the Griffon Empire and the New Changeling Order.

When Applejack is going to visit Fluttershy, she runs across an unfamiliar group of young mares, three to be exact... and they're claiming to be the CMC, and they've got quite the story to tell...

Fallout/MLP:FIM crossover
Fallout belongs to Bethesda
MLP:FIM belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Story elements belong ta me.

Chapters (14)
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