[Archived] Scales and Carapaces

by ProjectZerro

First published

During Spike's travels throughout Equestria, he comes across a certain starving changling queen. Against his better judgement he decides to help her, this one act of kindness will put in motion a tale of loss and gain.

Officially archived. There will be no more updates to this story.

Set after Season 4, and everyone is aged up for the sake of the story.

Its been nearly a year since Spike decided to travel Equestria for himself on a road of self discovery. During his travels he comes across a dying changling begging for his help, Spike is led to a dying Queen Chrysalis. Spike chooses to help Chrysalis however he can, but what he doesn't know is that he has just began a journey to love and discovery.

Warning: This is my first story/fanfiction so be patient with me.

Note: No clop but descriptive/suggestive softcore scenes.

Chapter 1: Dying Queen

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10 months, 18 days, 5 hours and 20 minutes, that’s how long he had been away from home. Oh how he missed home, but his journey was necessary. He needed to be sure of what he wanted and who he was, or else he would regret it for the rest of his life.

Spike, the name given to him, pet-like it is, but he loves it all the same, his sister Twilight Sparkle, though not related by blood, named him that. He had hatched some 25 years ago and now was nothing like how he was when they arrived at Ponyville for the first time; he was much taller, smarter, stronger and more capable than ever before.

Being raised in a library with a pony who loves reading books and teaching, will do that to you, not to mention all the work he had done on AJ’s farm and all the running around he’s had to do to follow Twilight and the his other friends.

His wings were a sudden feature that appeared on his 16th birthday, he could remember the pain pretty clearly, but the payoff was worth it. He still breathes green fire as he did before, his tail is longer and his spines a longer. His body is now muscular, nowhere near Big Mac’s level, but just enough to look dangerous if he unfurled his wings and bared his sharpened fangs. During his travels, looking ferocious came in handy a few times, more times than he liked but he didn’t really have a choice, Equestria had a lot of dangerous places.

It was nearly a ten years ago, a friend of Princess Celestia, a dragon by the name of Altos, asked to speak with Spike, he wanted to know what a dragon raised by ponies was like. To Spike’s surprise Altos was a very kind and knowledgeable dragon, he was rather old but had plenty of energy. He told Spike of his youth and about his journeys to lands beyond Equestria, and how he found that he loved to travel and learn about the world. Spike then began to question what he would find if he went on a world-wide journey, and after a very long discussion with Twilight and his other friends he decided to stay in Equestria. He realized a few months into his journey that begin away from his friends was more difficult than he thought it would be, the odd letter from Twilight, Rarity and Pinkie helped him though.

It was now that he felt a burst of fire in his stomach, he knew the feeling well, he opened his mouth and released a burst of green fire. A not appeared from the flame and dropped into Spike’s hand, he took a seat against an arbitrary tree and opened the letter, from the writing he immediately knew who sent it to him.

Dear Spike,

I hope you’re eating well, of course you are, what am I taking about, of course you’re eating well, I asked you about this last time. And the time before, and the time before that, I’m rambling aren’t I?

Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship and Queen of being worried.

Anyway Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash came by yesterday, they were worried about you and asked how you were doing after you said you ran into those thieves. Dash wants to know in detail how you kicked their um butts, she said something else but I’m not writing that down. AJ is working even harder than before, those seeds you sent really helped her, and Rarity loves the fabrics you bought from that merchant. And before you send me anything, all I need to know is that you’re okay. I know you chose to do this but you can’t blame me for always being worried.

Just tell me if anything happens, I’ll help you as much I can.

Your sister Twilight Sparkle.

Spike smiled and rolled up the letter and stood up, he put the letter in his pack and began making his wake down the road once more, he was a few days away from Ponyville but he wanted to surprise everyone, and he couldn’t wait to see the look on Twilight’s face. He snickered to himself but heard a commotion behind him. He turned and saw down another path that a group of what would look like travelers was being pestered by an odd looking pegasus. He had green eyes and black coat of fur, ripped clothes and he looked sick, very sick. The pegasus was begging the travelers to help him but they shoved him off and look like they were ready to hit the pegasus. Spike rushed in front of the strange colt and bared his fangs, scarring the travelers off, he stood up straight and look at the pegasus beneath him. Spike had come upon a strange ability to see past magic and another skill that let him sense certain things, and what he could tell was that this pegasus was a changeling, but that wasn’t important, what was important was that he was dying.

The changeling shook underneath Spike for a moment, but quickly regain his resolve and attempted to stand, only for his legs to give out and fall back down, Spike grabbed onto him before he fell however. “Don’t waste your energy, you don’t have to hide from me,” Spike said trying to get him to calm down. Dim green eyes met his and with a simple breathe of air, the changeling in his arms dropped his disguise, his eyes were slit and his skin now smooth and jet black, his wings now bug-like.

“P-please dragon…help her…” were the only words the steadily weakening changeling seemed to know as he repeated it over and over, Spike made his rise to his feet and nodded, “I’ll do what I can, lead me to her.” Spike said this but wondered what he might be getting himself into.

Spike followed close behind the changeling as he led him through a thick forest, every so often the changeling would lose his footing and topple over, Spike would catch him and they would continue. Spike regretted the sense that he had been gifted with, for every time he looked upon the bug-like creature in front of him, he saw nothing but a dying colt, changeling or not.

They finally reached a rock wall and the changeling leaned against it, Spike surveyed the wall and noticed a large portion of the wall the changeling was leaning next to would fade in and out every so often. A magic barrier was Spike conclusion but before his thoughts could wander the changeling put his hand on the barrier. He pounded it lightly and the barrier dissipated immediately showing another changeling, this one taller and in armor, a guard it seemed.

The moment he saw Spike a look of shock took over his face and he reached for his weapon but the changeling that led Spike to the cave called out, “This traveler…said he…has…come to help…there… are no lies in his voice….” The guard looked at the changeling and his shock was immediately replaced by a look of hope. Spike took a low breathe.

“I’m not sure what I can do, but I’ll help anyway I can.” Those words placed a large smile on the guard’s face. Spike could tell they were desperate, even if he wasn’t too threatening, he still registered as dragon to everyone, but to see the look of hope on the guard’s face told Spike he was the best chance they got.

The guard turned to the other changeling, most likely to sing praises at him, but that didn’t happen, instead the look of hope died and was replace by a more steeled and resolved look. The guard turned around simply said, “Follow me dragon.” But only just loud enough to hear.

Spike couldn’t hold his curiosity, the sudden shift in the guard’s face left him puzzled. He turned to his side, expecting to see the changeling, but he found nothing. With a deep dread building in his gullet he gazed down slowly to find the changeling that had led him here, sitting down leaned against the wall outside the cave, eyes closed and a peaceful smile across his face. It didn’t take any time for Spike to understand, he kneeled down and patted the shoulder of the eternally resting changeling, and quickly followed the guard inside the cave.

Further into the cave Spike was expecting to meet the gazed of hundreds of suspicious changelings, all ready to bite at him or try and claw him to death.

Instead he was greeted with nothing but bodies left and right. The bodies that did moved gave him a look that he had been given once already. They all looked upon him with hope, they had no clue what he would do, or if he could help, but finally someone had come to help. Spike’s doubt shattered to pieces, he would do something, he didn’t know what yet, but he had to do something.

“Dragon…” the guard’s voice pulled him from looking around the dimly lit cave and to the back of the guard, “I…no we thank you, we have tried for what seemed like millennia to ask for any kind of assistance, only to be met with fear and distain, I do not know who you are, but you have my eternal-“

“Spike.” The guard paused and looked at Spike.

“What did you…”

“My name is Spike.”

The guard took a long look at him, “…the hatchling dragon...from the assault?” Spike blinked but nodded and the changeling guard dropped onto his a knee in front of him in a moment, “…please, no matter what you feel, please help her.”

Spike raised the guard up and shook his head, “Now is not the time, take me to her, your queen that is.”

It wasn’t until now that Spike realized it, but the changelings he had seen were exactly like the ones from years ago, when he was much younger, the wedding that was halted, the changeling invasion the defeat of a certain queen. And he had put all the pieces into place, the ‘she’ or ‘her’ that they kept referring began to come into view as he followed the guard. Laying on the ground, tired and seemingly barely conscious, surrounded by changelings that were tending to her, was Queen Chrysalis, the same queen that nearly took over Equestria using Shining Armor’s love for his wife, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. But she looked absolutely weak now, her eyes had a glaze to them, he couldn’t tell if she was dying or if that was there natural hue. She was dress in a black and green dress, which was surprisingly clean. He stopped just in front of her and looked down at her tired form, she could only meet his eyes, and she seemed to not have the energy to move or even speak. The guard took his place next to his queen and took a deep breathe, prepared to lay everything bare.

“After our defeat to the Elements of Harmony and Princess Cadence we were forced to return to our hive empty handed and in smaller numbers. Upon our return the other hive queens looked down upon our queen.”

“There are other hive queens?” Spike asked, Twilight had come to a conclusion that Chrysalis was only one queen of many, but it was just a hunch.

“Yes and they are far crueler than our queen, if any one of the other queens had seen fit to take the charge on, Canterlot I believe.” After a nod of conformation from Spike he continued. “The battle would not have been so short and your friends would not have escaped with their lives…”

Spike shuddered to think what kind of pony could be worse than Chrysalis at that moment, before he would have been terrified but now was a different story.

“Regardless our queen failed to take control and thus, she and our hive were banished.”

Spike glanced at the guard in shock, “For one failed invasion?”

“Yes Sir Spike.” That was a new title. “The other queens are ruthless, they have no compassion within them.”

Though Spike thought this rude it needed to be said, “And she does?” He asked looked down and Chrysalis who shot her gaze elsewhere.

The guard grinded his fangs, “Our queen…indeed has had her moments of selfishness and cruelty but she cares for us, her hive, more than her own life. That being the reason for the state she is in now.” The guard removed his helmet and held it at his side, he looked into Spike’s eyes with the resolve from before, but stronger. “She gave all of her energy to ensure that we did not starve, we live off the emotions of other beings, and in drastic cases meat, but after being banished it became clear that without sacrificing ourselves we would not come into a steady food supply. The odd traveler we would take for their emotions could give us nothing, fear will not feed us and so we began to starve.”

Spike bit back a bit of rage that came up when he heard they had kidnapped travelers, but he knew that this was no time for rage. “So Chrysalis gave all of you any energy she could spare?”

The changeling guard shook his head, “She gave us all the energy and emotions she had built up over the years…”

Spike looked at Chrysalis and now understood the queen a bit better, “She didn’t want to be alone…no…she didn’t want her people, her hive to die…”

The guard nodded and looked at his queen with a tiny smile, “She gave herself up to keep us alive…but she can do so no longer.”

The guard looked at Spike and dropped his helmet, he walked over to him, stopping just in front of him and opened his mouth, “Please…do not let our queen die dragon.”

Spike thought of what he had to do, he knew he could help, but he knew he could only help Chrysalis. He had been paying close attention to all the changelings he passed by, all of them, the guard included were on the edge of death, Chrysalis being right on the tipping point. Even if his plan worked, it would only work as long as he had the energy and magic to spare, and he didn’t. Spike’s resolve took a hit when he thought of this. He clenched his fist, his claws digging into his hand. A smooth jet-black hand was placed on his shoulder, he looked up and the guard gave him a warm smile, one he did not think a changeling could give. “Take the queen…we will remain here, many of us have loved ones that cannot be moved further back in the cave and none of us will last much longer.” Spike opened his mouth to protest before he closed it shut, to say anything now, to say ‘There must be another way,’ would be too painful. He forced himself to walk past the guard and kneeled in front of Chrysalis, the changelings tending to her looked at Spike with sorrowful smiles, and he gave them a soft smile in return and turned to face Chrysalis. She was looking at him, her eyes were begging him to let her stay, he could feel it, he had no idea how, but he could, Spike closed his eyes and took a deep breathe.

“I’m sorry…but it is their final wish…” Chrysalis’s eyes began to water, a huge clump of tears built while Spike worked his arms under her dress, he gently put one arm under her legs and the other on her back, carefully considering her wings.

Spike stood up, and Chrysalis came with him, she was being held carefully in Spike’s toned arms, Chrysalis looked like she’d weigh something, he could tell that she was slightly taller than him but she weighed next to nothing. He took one last look at the guard that had led him into the cave, “Can I at least know your-”

A hand stopped Spike, the guard shook his head, “Please Sir Spike.” There it is again. “I am not long for this world…I want you to focus on the queen, you have the air of a noble dragon, I know you will do all you can to help our queen.” Spike wanted to speak again but instead nodded and began walking to the cave entrance, Chrysalis shivered in his arms as she cried into his chest, he could only think of one thing to say.

“I will never leave your side…I will do everything I can to help you, I swear.”

Spike finally was outside the cave, he put Chrysalis down for a moment and walked to the entrance, the changeling guard stood smiling at him at the entrance. Without any words between them the guard turned to the changeling that had brought Spike to the cave and brought his body back into the cave and walked deeper until out of sight. Spike then with a roar of might that sounded as if a dragon had lost its kin, punched the side of the cave wall, punch after punch forced rocks to fall down covering the entrance until the cave entrance was completely sealed.

Spike fell to his knees as tears began to fall, he felt the sadness coming from the covered entrance and it was tearing his heart to pieces. After a long moment of silence Spike stood up and walked over to Chrysalis and his bag, which he had left next her so that she could rest on it. He put his bag on and picked up Chrysalis, her eyes were red from crying and she could only look up at Spike, who now held her life in his hands. He began walking out of the forest and before he made it back to the road he set Chrysalis down, she gave a strange look with her eyes and he smiled, “Just setting up camp, it’s getting late.”

A few moments later Spike had laid out a mat that he used as his bedding and sat on it Chrysalis in his lap, curled up against him. It was time to see if his theory worked. He put a comforting arm around Chrysalis getting a light blush out of her, he closed his eyes and thought back to Ponyville, to all his friends. He pulled back up all the happiest moments in his life and he felt himself warm up just thinking about it.

Chrysalis had been silent ever since he had seen her, but a sudden jolt and gasp of air told Spike what he was doing, was working. He knew she fed off love, so he figured, that if he could bring all the love he had felt throughout his life forward, she could absorb something at the very least. Chrysalis’s body twitched every so often and just before Spike could think of something else a soft, smooth and shaking hand was placed on his cheek. His eyes shot open as he looked upon the once dying queen, who had once had a glaze to her eyes, but now they were much more vibrant and their green hue was mesmerizing. Then Chrysalis opened her mouth, she bit back her tears and cleared her throat, and looked Spike deep in his eyes.

“…thank you…thank you for helping me…I promise…to never blame you…just please…” She began to shake, “Do not leave me alone…”

Spike thought of something to say but then gave her a sweet and warm smile. “You’re stuck with me.”

To be continued…

Chapter 2: Starting Again/A Look At Home

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The early morning light slowly made their way up to Chrysalis’s face, causing her to stir away and raise a hand to cover her face. Then she opened her eye wide, and stared at her hand. She could move, after being unable to even sit up without assistance for nearly four months, she could finally move, but she soon learned, that this was the extent. The rest of her body was a little numb, but she felt much better.

Then she remembered what happened the day before, she covered her face with her hands and sob quietly, then she looked to her side. Spike had his eyes closed and was quietly asleep, she didn’t know why the dragon had helped her. He had no reason to. Maybe he wanted something from her? No that wasn’t it, she knew she was wrong, he helped her, and that’s what was important, but she still felt something was wrong. She felt a small pressure around her waist, she looked down and Spike’s tail was wrapped around her. The blush on her face could’ve been seen on the moon.

Frightened to wake Spike up and find out this was a dream turned nightmare, Chrysalis sheepishly shook Spike, “D-dragon? Hello?”

Spike twitched a bit and she squeaked, causing Spike to half wake up. “Huh? No I don’t want a time share…” Chrysalis’s fear burned away and she rolled her eyes. She shook him a bit and he opened his eyes, “Hmm? Is it morning already?”

Spike’s eyes led themselves to Chrysalis’s, then the memories from the day before flooded into his mind. He looked at Chrysalis who seemed to be doing much better and opened his mouth, he hesitated but he knew it had to be said.

“I’m sorry.”

This completely caught Chrysalis off guard, but she steeled herself, maybe she was worried that in her weakened state the dragon may be trying to get her to drop her guard. Though since the best she could do was move her arms, she realized she couldn’t do much to fight back.

“Why say this? What have you done?” She wondered if he had done something in her sleep and began wiggling a bit as her anxiousness took her.

“I…couldn’t help them, I just took you away, just like they asked…I could only save you…”

Then it hit her again, she bit her lip to fight back the river of tears that was building itself up but instead turned her tears into a suspicious glare, “Why did you help me? I attacked your friends, and I almost took over Canterlot, why…why would you help someone like me?”

The question had burned its way into her mind from the moment Spike had appeared in front of her, but she had been too weak to ask him yesterday, but now she could get an answer. Now there would be some sort of clarification, of understanding…of hope that she could trust him.

“…do you know how I was born? Or rather hatched?” Spike asked getting a puzzled look from Chrysalis as she shook her head. “My adoptive mother Princess Celestia-“ He chuckled a bit as the color faded from Chrysalis’s face, “Had found my egg one day, apparently I had been either abandoned or lost.”

“She told me she tried to hatch my egg and even waited quite a while for my egg to hatch, but nothing came of it, until my sister, Twilight, got ahold of it, she used her magic on the egg for a project and ended up hatching me, so I was born under some really strange circumstances.” Spike looked up to the sky, and covers his eyes from the sun with his free hand, “I was raised by Celestia and Twilight, along with her family of course. I guess that was the biggest factor in how I am now, and I learned that I was much different the hard way.”

“May I ask how?” Chrysalis interrupted, wonder what this had to do with her question. She could taste the happiness and love coming off Spike in waves as he recounted his past. Her cheeks got a little dark as she tried to ask Spike to feed if just a little, but Spike smiled at her as if he had read her mind and gave her the okay.

“As a hatchling I tried to find myself by joining other dragons, this didn’t go well. I found the dragons I met there were harsh and didn’t care much for the things I was raised around. Twilight came for me when I was rejected and I held onto a firm belief that all dragons were greedy and cruel creatures.” He snickered, “That changed after I met Altos, a friend of Celestia’s and another dragon. He wanted to meet me, a dragon raised by ponies, and honestly I was pretty scared. When I met him for the first time all I could think about was how the other dragons treated me.”

Spike sighed heavily, “I’m still bother by it to this day.”

“So what happened with the dragon?” Chrysalis seemed a little impatient, she was getting into his story little by little.

“Well I met him when he flew to Ponyville to see me, Twi and the others thought he was going to cause trouble but all he did was dash straight to me and ask me questions. It felt like my grandfather had come to see me.” He laughed a bit and continued when he saw Chrysalis glare at him. “He asked me what it was like living with them, ponies I mean, and he was so excited about everything I said, he seemed so old with how his voice sounded, but he jumped around almost as much as Pinkie Pie. He was really smart too, he’s travel all over Equis, at least he said he has, he knew stuff about the world that Twi only had theories on. So needless to say I got over my fear of other dragons when I met him, he even told me there were a lot more like him out there.”

“As much as it thrills me to hear your tale of getting over your fear of dragons, how does that answer my question?” Chrysalis asked.

“I was getting to that,” he moved his tail from around her waist and moved it to her back to support her. “I told Altos about my first experience with the other dragons, and he told me that I wasn’t wrong, some dragons were savage, but then he told me something that stuck with me to that day, no matter who you meet, or what they do to survive, everypony, dragon or otherwise, has their reasons, if they have someone close to them or even living on their own, they’re doing whatever they can to survive. It is true that some ponies, dragons, griffons and many others do bad things, terrible things sometimes, to survive, but there are plenty that have a good reason.” He looked at Chrysalis and smiled, “Your guard told me you put your life at risk to save your hive.”

Chrysalis looked away from Spike, she had tried her best to save her hive. The thought that she could only watch as her hive starved to death was painful, much too painful. But a purple claw found its way to her cheek and carefully made her look at the smiling dragon.

“Even if I have lingering feelings from when you attacked Canterlot, that was so long ago, and it would be cruel to hold what happened against you, you lost your home, and……your hive…what kind of honorable dragon would I be if I wouldn’t help someone who was begging me on their death bed?” Spike’s eyes began to tear up a bit.

The happiness that Chrysalis had been feeding off while Spike told his story slowly began to turn into a simmering sorrow. What happened to her hive hit Spike hard, she realized this, but she at least knew now why he had helped her and was still helping her. Chrysalis found herself on the verge of more tears, she closed her eyes to let the tears dry. She pulled herself off of Spike’s tail, she had just enough energy to begin trying to stand on her own, Spike rushed to help her up but she stopped him. Using the tree for support she stood up, albeit shaking, and turned to Spike who quickly stood up.

Spike look at Chrysalis as she struggled to stay standing, he then realized that she was just a little taller than him, he could look directly into the glistening green eyes of the fallen queen. She let go of the tree which made Spike jump a bit and stayed standing, then she bowed to Spike slowly, trying to keep her balance all the while.

“Thank you…Sir Spike.” Is everyone going to say that? “Thank you for what you’ve done…for everything you’ve done for my hive…I failed my hive, but instead of leaving me for dead, they took care of me and waited for someone they could put they’re trust in…”

She began to fall but Spike caught her quickly. “………thank that damned goddess Celestia it was you that found us…”

Spike slowly sat down with Chrysalis and smiled at her, “Never thought you’d say that.”

“Don’t get used to it.”

“That’s the kind of attitude I expect of you.” Spike laughed and watched as a smile built up on her face.

“Be careful what you wish for Sir Spike.” Again with the ‘Sir.’

Spike and Chrysalis chatted for a short while before moving on, Spike wanted to get to Ponyville quickly but since he now had to worry about Chrysalis he needed to be careful. He passed the idea to continue carrying her, but she shot it down immediately, the idea of being carried bridal-style by Spike made her face heat up. Instead she asked Spike to gather sticks and branches, and a lot of them. Then she had Spike think about something that would fill him with love and joy and fed off him, well fed may be a strong word, more like absorbed the waves coming off him. With a buildup of energy she used what little magic she had to turn the twigs and branches into a wheelchair.

Spike tested it out a bit before lifting her onto it, she felt a little helpless not being able to stand, but she had to bear it. The energy Spike gave off was filled with magic, which helped her heal, but it would be days before she could walk again.

“So Spike, where too now? Not many places will take a guest like myself.” Chrysalis asked with a noble but sad huff in her voice.

“Well we won’t enter any towns or anything unless necessary, so for now we’ll be camping every night.” Spike said as he put his things away, getting ready to move from their camp site. “I was trying to get somewhere…but I think you should recover enough energy to be able to shapeshift for prolonged periods of time.”

“Very well thought out plan you have there, I had no idea you could come up with such a thing, not to be rude mind you.” Chrysalis chimed a bit, hearing that her remark merely made him chuckle.

“Well I did grow up with the smartest pony in Equestria next to Celestia, you kind of pick this kind of stuff up along the way.” He pulled out a small package and closed up his bag. He unwrapped it and a delicious smell crossed Chrysalis’s snout.

“What is that?” She turned to see Spike eating a sandwich, it looked like it consisted of herbs, spices and a few other vegetation, “…oh my…of course you wouldn’t you grew up around ponies…”

Spike looked at Chrysalis with a raised eyebrow, “You assumed I was a carnivore?”

She looked away bashfully, making Spike laugh aloud.

“I don’t blame you, would you like some?” He passed her an untouched sandwich and smiled happily.

Chrysalis looked at the sandwich and took it warily, it smelled good, but looks can be deceiving, she knew this first hand. She brought the sandwich to her mouth and took a small bite, within moments she had eaten the rest of the sandwich and was staring at Spike in shock. “What was that!? It was delicious!”

“Thank you, I’ve been told I would make a wonderful chef, would you care for another?” Spike said as he waved another sandwich in the air, Chrysalis nodded excitedly and Spike handed it to her.

He put his bag on his back and wrapped a large cloth over Chrysalis as she ate, she looked at him and understood the meaning immediately. She used a small bit of magic to turn her horn into that of a normal mare’s and her eyes changed as well but kept their green brilliance.

“This is the best I can manage, if you continue to help me recover I should be able to walk in about a week.” Chrysalis said as she took another bite into her sandwich.

“A week huh? What makes your think that?” Spike said as he began pushing her in the wheelchair down the road at a slow pace.

“I lost my ability to stand a few months ago, a short while after I couldn’t move my arms, but I’ve recovered as you can see, so I’m merely being hopeful.” She waves her hand in the air a bit and Spike chuckled a bit. “I am shocked however.”

“At what?” Spike kept his eyes on the road as they walked down the opposite path he had meant to take, he wanted to see Twilight and the others, but Chrysalis would be with him, so he decided to buy a little time. He sighed inwards, just low enough not to hear, he had planned for an emotional return home, but this was okay too, he was hoping to understand some things about Chrysalis, though she would never know it.

“You have so much love in your heart, so much happiness and kindness, it’s a little unnatural.” She looked at him over her shoulder and finished her sandwich and placed her holey hands underneath the cloth, the cloth itself was covering her body well, but she was being extra careful.

“I guess it comes from living with the ‘Elements of Harmony’.” Spike said acting as a royal official, his voice posh and eccentric, getting a fit of giggles from Chrysalis before she cleared her throat and stared down the long road. Spike smiled and continued on their way.

Spike was not the only one that was going to be busy, a lavender colored alicorn princess quickly walked down a corridor of her huge crystal castle as she was begin pestered by officials and politicians who were turned away by Celestia and Luna. Twilight tried to ignore their complaints while paying attention to her temporary assistant, who while she was helpful, she was no Spike. Spike, just saying his name made her heart twist in pain, she missed him so much, she wondered how he was doing all the time. Even though he sent her letters she was still constantly concerned. He was the kind of pony, or rather drake, to lie to somepony so they wouldn’t worry about him. She took a deep breath and turned to the shouting ponies and raised a hand, she let out a sigh and smiled, “I will listen to all of your complaints and worries in due time, as soon as you pass them by Princess Cadence of course.” A group groan let Twilight they bought it, “Though it has been some time, I am still training as a Princess, and Cadence happens to be my senior as well, so she would be able to get a word in with Luna, and then you may get a chance with Celestia, so you do well to go see her.”

With that all of the attention that had been on her now on how to get to Cadence, Twilight let out a low sigh of relief and moved down the hall quickly, as to get away, “Sorry Cadence.” She got to her room and her temporary assistant, a very energetic male pegasus with black hair and a little grayish blue coat, cleared his throat a bit, he had been recommended by Celestia so she always gave him her full attention, seeing that he had gotten her attention he opened his mouth to speak.

“Madam I apologize for letting so many of them get through the front gates, this will not happen again.” He bowed lightly causing Twilight sputter about, she never got used to being treated like royalty.

“Oh no, I know it is not your fault, I’m just a little exhausted from all the attention.” She gave him a sweet smile as he raised his head, and as he looked up the smile on his face reminded her entirely of Spike’s goofy grin. She bit her lip a bit causing her temp to get worried.

“Miss Sparkle? Are you…ah you are thinking of that drake friend of yours, Spike was it?” He look upwards thoughtfully to remember his predecessor before he left.

Twilight smiled, “I’m sorry Blue Sky, even the smallest things remind me of him…”

The blue pegasus named Blue Sky chuckled, “Not so much as a sister but a mother, or maybe even a wife?” His eyebrows raised and a sly smile built on his face as Twilight choked on an invisible substance.

“W-W-W-WIFE!?” Twilight’s face was a bright red, her lavender color completely blocked out.

“Tis but an observation,” he watched the princess of friendship look this way and that and laughed a bit, “I was only joking your highness, your truly are fun to tease, but you shouldn’t be so concerned for your brother, he has done a perfect job taking care of you yes? It took me four months to become used to your habits, and he has been doing his for some time, I am sure nothing could harm him too greatly.”

Twilight looked at Blue Sky, he was right, Spike was much too strong for anything to harm him, and he had done a very good job helping her, she smiled brightly now, all worry vanishing.

“Besides nothing is more deadly than those experiments you call ‘food’.” He said as he quickly walked out of her study.

“What was that!?” Twilight ran after him with a blazing fury in her eyes.

To be continued...

Chapter 3: Vision/Getting To Know You

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The night was cold and quiet to her, it seemed like nothing was alive for a short while. There was no sound, not even the wind could be heard, and the only noise to be heard was the gasping and panting of a lavender princess.

Twilight had just shot up out her rather hectic sleep, she was gasping for air and was holding her covers close. Tear rolled down her face as she sobbed quietly. Before she could recover the doors to her room shot open, Blue Sky and a guard ran in and stopped at the foot of her bed.

“Your highness! What happened? What was that light?” Blue Sky asked clearly concerned.


“Yes princess, a light shined from your room, a bright purple light, I had thought you were up studying until I saw how sporadic the light was getting.”

“N-no nothing happened, I just…had a nightmare….”

Blue Sky and the guard simply stared for a moment before Sky looked at the guard and gave him to okay to return to bed. After he closed the doors to Twilight’s bedroom, her lit a candle and walk around the bed and sat close to where she was. “What happened in the nightmare?”

Twilight wanted to drop the subject but Sky had proven to be more than willing to press the issue well beyond her comfort zone. She inhaled and whispered something under her breathe.

“Yes?” Sky said listening closer.

“It was about Spike.” She muttered again, still not loud enough to hear.

“Princess you have to-“

“IT WAS ABOUT SPIKE!!!” She screamed at Sky making him almost drop the candle. He stood up quickly and stared at Twilight, he had seen her snap before, mostly from scheduling errors or forgotten promises, but this was new.

“THE DREAM WAS ABOUT SPIKE!!! .........he was alone…dying…reaching out…to anypony…to his friends…to Celestia……to me…” She was past the point where she could stop her tears and now she was letting loose. She put her hand to her face and cried, “He called out to me…but there was nothing I could do…”

“Madam Sparkle.” Sky said calmly, having regained himself, “It is only a nightmare…a bad dream that is all.”

“You don’t understand…” Twilight spoke with a raspy tone in her voice from crying. “It wasn’t just a nightmare.”

“But even you…”

“I know…maybe I was hiding it…but it wasn’t a nightmare…it was a premonition…a peak into the future.”

Sky had read many books on the subject so he knew its theory well, but there was always one fact, alicorns, or rather extremely powerful beings, would from time to time get very vivid or very blurred visions of the future. Twilight was smart, very smart, so he knew that she wouldn’t lie about this, and that she wasn’t just scared of a bad dream.

“What does this mean your highness?” Sky said place the candle on a nearby counter and sat back down on the bed.

“I…I don’t know…oh Spike…please let this just be nothing more than a bad omen…” She said holding onto herself quietly as Sky looked upon her, not sure what he could say.

After managing to calm Twilight down, Sky waited for her to sleep before leaving her room, he silently closed the curtains and windows, he left the room and canceled or pushed back and appointment Twilight had for the day. She needed to sleep, to rest, otherwise she would fall apart. Sky slept for the remaining hour of the night and was awoken by his alarm, he then decided he needed to help Twilight in some way.

He walked over to one of the higher ranked guards, “Captain, is there any way to get a letter to the princess’s assistant Spike?”

The guard thought for a moment, “No I am afraid not, his letter are sent and received by a magic link he has with the princess, that’s the only way I can think of sir.”

Sky cursed under his breathe and remembered something, he quickly took flight to Spike’s room. He had completely forgot something, while Spike was away he had gotten lots of help from ponies around Ponyville, but one ‘creature’ in particular was always lots of help.

“Owlowiscious!” Sky shouted slamming the doors open, frightening the knowledgeable owl out of his sleep. The owl seemed to glare at Sky hard, “Sorry about waking you, but I need your help, and so does Twilight.” Owlowiscious full attention was on Sky now.

“I need to you go find Spike, I have no way of getting to him, but you should be able to find him right?” Owlowiscious gave a hoot of intent and nodded quickly. Sky smiled and sat down at Spike’s desk, “Good now take this letter to him, I don’t mind how long it takes you, just find him,” he quickly began to write a letter, “And give him this.”

He rolled up the letter and handed it to the proud owl, he flapped his wings and flew off immediately, “Hope this turns out well…”

“You don’t say?” Spike said in honest astonishment. Chrysalis had been passing the time by recounting some of their more...unpleasant experiences during their travels.

“Oh yes, you have no idea how disgusting he made me feel, I thought I would lose my stomach. What man could possible smell so terrible!?” Chrysalis shivered at the thought of her last attempt to feed her hive before she had been unable to walk, “But as much as I hated it, I had to, I need to feed them…”

“And you did well, I think you all lasted so long because you helped each other…however it does not change that…their time was coming faster than yours…” Spike and Chrysalis had been taking about many sad things, not because they wanted to, but if they were going to completely trust each other, nothing could be hidden, well some things were never going to be said aloud. Chrysalis has always pulled up things about her time as a queen and how she and the other queens were always at odds. They weren’t exactly sisters, but they each ruled their hives collectively, well until recently.

“Your past makes mine look like a field of roses, remind me to never feel bad for myself again.” He made a faint attempt to make the conversation turn less depressing, luckily it did the job.

Chrysalis laughed a small bit, “I will do just that, I need you happy Sir Spike.” Now she’s just being a tease. “But honestly you are a fantastic listener, I have met many males who simply begin to doze off when I talked for great lengths.”

“Thanks for the compliment but I find your storied very interesting, besides I could get used to listening to you talk.” He decided to tease back a bit, causing Chrysalis to jump a bit.

“Keep that up and I’ll drive my hoof down your throat.” She said aggressively. Spike had come to realize that Chrysalis wasn’t very good at taking compliments, but he just couldn’t help but tease her, maybe Discord had rubbed off on him.

“Yeah sure, I’ll be scared when you can actually walk.”


Spike looked down the road and saw a small group of ponies walk toward them, they looked like travelers and had been the first ponies they had seen since Spike met up with Chrysalis, “Hopefully we can get by with any…Chrysalis?”

Spike had looked down to Chrysalis and she was silent but something seemed off, he rested a hand on her shoulder and she spun around to face him, her eyes filled with fear. Spike was completely taken aback but then he thought about it, he had helped Chrysalis see he wouldn’t hurt her, but she was still very skeptic. This was the first time she had run into anyone else, into ponies she didn’t know, for all she knew they could be assassins.

However Spike’s warm claws rested themselves on her shoulders, making her calm down a bit as he turned her forward, he grabbed the wheelchair and began pushing her forward.

What was he doing? Was he going to turn her in? Was she about to be tortured for her crimes? These were all Chrysalis could think as the strangers got closer. And they passed by, as if not ever noticing her, they had just moved on with incident. She felt incredibly stupid regardless of what may have happen, she had become frightened…of normal ponies.

Chrysalis bit into her lip and sighed heavily, she had nearly fainted from fear and now she felt weak, and she hated feeling weak. Ever since Spike found her she’s been terrified that this whole ordeal was just a sick way of making her pay for her crimes, she knew this wasn’t true but she could help but be wary. Miracles like meeting a kind dragon who is more than willing to help her recover from the loss of her hive, didn’t happen without some catch. A purple claw rested on her shoulder as Spike tried to calm her down a bit. She was thankful for the gesture but she decided to stay silent.

Spike took her silence hard but just accepted that she wouldn’t speak up, he shook off a sigh and continued walking down the path. He wanted to help her in some way, but she still didn’t completely trust him, that’s what he thought at least. And she definitely seemed the type to blow up if you revisit something touchy too many times.

A short time later Spike and Chrysalis decided to set up a camp for the night, Spike had been walking for most of the day and needed to take a break. Chrysalis watched as Spike laid out the mat as he had done the night before and pulled a few covers out of his bag. She assumed they would be sleeping apart this time, for some reason or another this bothered her.

Spike lift Chrysalis out of the wheelchair and sat her down against his bag, this was the first time she got a good look at it. His bag was rather big, not so big that it was a problem, but big nonetheless. Chrysalis turned to see Spike scouting about to check for anything dangerous. She shifted a bit and began rummaging through his bag, she found a different fabrics and bags with what looked like seeds in them. She saw a large bundle and touched it, hard but smooth, “Must be gems…” She dug some more and found what looked like a journal, she was tempted to look though it until she heard Spike coming back. She quickly put the journal back and tried to go back to how she was when Spike left.

“Nothing dangerous in sight, we should rest easily.” Spike turned and looked at Chrysalis and blinked, she looked nervous. He shrugged it off and sat next to her, he dug into his bag and pulled out his bundle of gems and popped a whole gem into his mouth and chewed it up in seconds. The crunching noises coming from Spike’s mouth just brought back up that he was a dragon, friendly or not. “I’ve been wondering about something…”

Spike’s voice shook her from her frightened daze and she looked at him, “Yes?”

“Your hive…were they your children? Or just subjects?” He wanted to word it differently but he knew saying it up front would be best.

“No, though I understand how you would come to that conclusion, however I was far too concerned with dealing with my so-called sisters…” Chrysalis sighed at the thought of the other hive queens, “The five of us have always been fighting for leadership, I was the middle child of my mother five children.”

“You all had different fathers correct?”

“Yes, and like the deadly mantis, she killed them as soon as she became pregnant. Something about not wanting to risk her throne, I just think she was crazy.” Chrysalis waved a dismissive hand in the air to cut any of Spike’s knight-like comments before they started. “Though I have thought about having children, I soon became too wrapped up in the conquest of power.”

“Now that think about it…just how-” Spike slapped a hand over his mouth. Rule #1 of Rarity’s Gentledrake Handbook: "NEVER ask a mare her age, under no circumstance, unless for a professional matter, must you ask a lady her age."

“Just over ninety years I suppose, though in terms of ponies I’m in my late thirties I think. [I am playing this by ear so just disregard this]” Chrysalis said as if reading Spike’s mind.


“Do not be bothered by such small matters, I am no weak mare and I have not asked you to treat me as one have I?” Spike shook his head and Chrysalis smiled, “Though I must ask how old you are so well, and in that case what of your friends?”

Spike looked at her with a smile, happiness and love pulsing off him as he remembered his friends, Chrysalis forewent asking and just started to feed, while fearing she may become overweight. “Well Twi was around six or seven when she hatched me, it has been nearly twenty-five years since then so I'm twenty-five.” He let his tail flick side to side a bit as he went on, “Twi is thirty-one, and Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie are all thirty-two, give or take a birthday, it’s been a while. Lastly Fluttershy and AJ are both thirty-three, again not sure, I’ve been busy.”

“When you think of them you certain are happy.” Chrysalis said feeling full all of a sudden.

“Why wouldn’t it make me happy? They practically raised me, each one of the girls are important to me.” Spike said with a proud smile.

Chrysalis saw this as a perfect chance to break that knightly mask of his, “Anyone of those girl more ‘important’ than the others?”

Spike sputtered a bit with a bright blush across his face, he hadn’t expected a question about romance, and Chrysalis was eating his nervousness up. “Well?”

“…well I just…two are truly dear to me…”

“Two!? Oh my, it seems you’re not hoarding gems but something, or rather somepony else…”

“What!? No no no no no that’s not what I meant!” Spike waved his claws up in the air, his brave knight-like face, now that of a preteen being asked on a date.

“Then what did you mean?”

“Well…Twilight and Rarity…they are the dearest to me by far, but for different reasons…”

At the mention of Rarity his happiness and nervousness turned to a sort of sorrow, Chrysalis had basically punched an emotional landmine. “I-if it is difficult to talk about…” She had shared her thoughts and rage with Spike as they walked down the road, and even pointed lots of it at him, but now she had to listen. More like wanted to, but she would never admit it.

“Rarity was a long time…infatuation might be the right word, a childish crush…one that I knew wouldn’t work out too well, I was always a child to her, and I never got the chance to tell her how I felt, instead I simply moved on, but she noticed the change in me and told me she knew all along how I felt. Throughout all of my service to her, carrying things, finding gems for her and even being a pin cushion…she knew.”

“Doesn’t sound like you were her friend to me, more like a servant.” Chrysalis said aloud without meaning to.

“Well she didn’t meant to, she didn’t know how to turn me down without hurting me, so she let me figure it out, I’m glad she did. Afterwards she even gave me lessons.” Spike laughed bit, “Lessons on how to woo mares. She called it ‘Rarity’s Gentledrake Handbook’, silly isn’t it?”

“It sounds…rather nice…to be able to come back from such pain with a closer relationship…you were bless with that chance.” Chrysalis said thoughtfully.

“I know, and now for the hard part…Twilight…she’s something that’s for sure.”

“Your sister? Are you sure you want to go into this? If it turns into incest…”

“Will you cut that out? …Twilight essentially gave me life…she raised me from the start…she’s always been there for me, whenever I made a mistake she was there to help me fix it or learn from it, she always told me I was needed, she help give my life purpose…” Spike smiled and put his claws together envisioning his sporadic sister freaking out for no reason in particular. “I owe everything to her…”

Chrysalis unknowingly began to clench the mat beneath her, she could feel Spike’s emotions, but hearing them made it so much clearer. And it began to sting, “So that’s why she the most important to you?”

“Yeah, strange reason huh?” Spike leaned back and laughed, he still hadn’t recovered his knight mask but his natural face took less effort. He had been trained by RD and Rarity to put up the face of a soldier so cover for his naiveté. He was still very young considering how dragons age. “But other than that I’ve never really been in a romantic relationship, never really got the chance.”

Chrysalis looked at Spike with a strange look, “Odd I would think with the way you carry yourself you’d at least…” She stopped speaking as she saw Spike’s purple scales turn red, “Forgive me I just…I’ll just be quiet now…”

The silence between them was uncomfortable to say the least, but Spike just started to laugh a bit, Chrysalis gave him yet another strange look. “What are you laughing at?”

“Oh, nothing, just ya know…I’m glad you are feeling better, you’re cracking jokes at me, teasing me and generally engage in conversation…”

Spike’s heart was in the right place but Chrysalis couldn’t hold it in, she curled up a bit and got very quiet. Spike shuffled over to her and reached a hand out to her, but before he could attempt to calm her down, Chrysalis’s cheek had been pressed against his hand. Spike blushed for second only for it to fade as he saw the look of sadness on her face, “……let’s go to sleep huh? You can tease me some more tomorrow.”

Chrysalis jumped out of Spike’s hand as she came to her senses, she looked at him, and before she could say anything, his child-like smile suddenly made her drowsy, “I’ve made a mistake…I should I have left your mask on…”

Spike laid a pillow underneath her and covered her up as she laid down, he sat up against a tree and smiled at her, “Sleep well.”

She nodded and closed her eyes, and much faster than she expected, sleep took hold of her. Spike breathed a sigh of relief and looked up and the dimming sky, “Well…better get some sleep.” He closed his eyes and began to breathe lightly. Night took hold of many across Equestria, all except one duty-bound owl.

To be continued...

Chapter 4: Conversations

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Dear Twily

Sorry for taking so long in answering your letter, I bet you freaked out huh? Anyway I’m doing fine, tell all the girls that I ‘m fine. Just fine.

I get a little homesick at times but what drake wouldn’t?

Anyway I’ll probably have something special for you in the days to come, look forward to it.

With lots of brotherly love and long distant hugs,

Spike the Traveling Drake.

“A letter to someone?” The sudden voice nearly scared the scales off of Spike’s back. He turned at saw Chrysalis sitting up and somewhat awake.

“Yeah I thought I’d let Twilight know I’m okay. And no I didn’t include you in the letter.” Spike stated preemptively before blowing fire at the note making it turn into a green ash and fly away.

Chrysalis huffed and fixed her mane, “What happens today Sir Spike?” Ugh.

“Well we could continue camping, I could back track about a week to the town just south of here. I’ll let you pick.” Spike dug into his pack and noticed he was running low on food, he had expected to be home by tomorrow after all.

“Camping sounds good, the last thing I need is general panic in my direction…speaking of panic, you’re very good about finding these places we can sleep without danger…” Chrysalis shot him a questioning glance.

“You noticed huh? Well I have a little help finding places to rest, he’s no were nearby though, he’s probably scouting in the opposite direction we headed yesterday.” Spike handed Chrysalis a sandwich and popped a gem or two in his mouth.

“I hope to meet this ‘helper’ someday.” Chrysalis ate the sandwich in delicious peace as Spike nodded and stood up.

“Well how about a different kind of snack to help your progress?” Spike walked over to her and kneeled down in front of her.

“More happiness and love? How could I say no? But are you certain you are doing fine? I refuse to allow you to die because you’re feeding me.” Chrysalis had an oddly attached tone to her voice.

“I’ve been told I have a very big heart.” He waited for her to finish her food and picked her up, she half expected him to sit down. Instead he began walking towards a clearing of sorts.

“What are you-,”

“I reek, unless you haven’t noticed.” Spike said matter-of-factly.

Chrysalis blinked and against her better judgment, took a quick sniff. She wished she hadn’t.

Now he wasn’t smelly, not in a disgusting sort of smell, but it was a muscular musk that could drive any female to insanity. Luckily Chrysalis had some years under her perverbal belt, so she could deal with it to some extent. But Faust was it hard not to swoon under the scent, it had everything to do with breeding and nothing to do with Spike. Okay maybe just a little. But now Chrysalis was painfully aware that Spike’s muscular arms held her close and tenderly, as if he was carrying precious cargo. His expected sharp claws were more smooth and kind than she expected. The fire in his chest heated her up even more than she already was.

If he’s doing this on purpose I’ll fry his spines and turn his tail inside out! Chrysalis shouted in her mind to no one in particular.

She looked towards where Spike was walking and saw a waterfall and lake that led to seemingly nowhere.

“This should do huh?” Spike put her down and looked around, he smiled and looked at her, “Just wait here.”

“Why do I have to-,” Before her sentence was complete Spike had walked over to a rather large rock and lifted it out of the ground with little difficulty and walked over to the lake. He dropped the rock some ways into the water and returned to Chrysalis, “I’ll bathe deeper in, and you can bathe here.”

Chrysalis just blinked at the young drake’s feat of strength, while not all too impressive, he did it with very little effort. “V-very well…”

Spike was swimming around near the water fall, the water wasn’t very cold so her figured he could work out a bit and clean up. Chrysalis wished she could be just as carefree, she had removed all of her clothes and was well hidden behind the rock. But she had caught sight of Spike’s clothes as she began to ring out her hair a moment ago. He had taken off everything. Now the water felt much hotter than before.

She shook herself out of her thoughts and washed her body once more for the sake of wasting time. She had washed three times by now, hoping Spike would finish fist so she wouldn’t run the chance of being seen naked. A kind and draconic voice then called out to her.

“How’s the water? Are you cleaned up?” Spike called from somewhere behind the rock.

“Y-yes, well somewhat I um… need to dry off, that’s all.” Chrysalis prayed the fates were in her favor. They were.

“Okay I’m going to swim around for a bit, the water feels too good to leave yet.” Spike shouted back before a splashing sound was made, Chrysalis assumed her jumped back into the water.

Chrysalis grabbed a towel Spike had lent her, she could tell it was his, and climbed out of the water slowly. Her legs only giving her enough support to waddle for a moment. She sat on a smooth rock and dried herself off, being sure to watch her surroundings. She looked at the ragged dress she had been wearing the whole time, it was torn, ripped, weathered and was the only thing she had been wearing. She looked at the rags that Spike had given her and her horn sparked a bit, causing a mix of the two and creating some undergarments from when was left, she made basic lingerie and a long sleeved hooded dress that would hover just over her hooves. “Perfect, seems I’m getting much better.” She slipped on her new clothes and grabbed her wheelchair, pulling herself onto it. She rolled herself to Spike’s pack, which he had gone and gotten before bathing, and just waited next to it.

After a short time the sound of splashing water told her that Spike was coming out of the lake. The drake returned a short while later, without his shirt.

The sunlight shimmered off his scaled, his muscles in clear view of Chrysalis’s line of sight. A sound of disappointment came when Spike put on a shirt, covering her heav-

Hold on one moment! I am not some tail chasing mare, I am…was a queen…I can’t seem to care anymore…

Chrysalis hung her head a bit and Spike took notice, “Chrysalis? Is something wrong?”

“N-no, I just…I really needed this Sir Spike.” I’ll let that one slide. “I really needed this, it’s been so long since I’ve moved so much…”

She made a sound similar to ‘Eep’ when Spike suddenly pulled her out of the wheelchair and sat down on next to his bag. Resuming an old position with Chrysalis sitting in his lap, an arm around her back, minding her wings, and a smile on his face. “Well then, better get to it huh?”

Chrysalis blinked, thought and then smiled, “I suppose your right.”

“Back to your room, now princess.” Blue said heavily as Twilight continued to come up with reason after reason why she should be working and not resting. Which Blue countered with, ‘We can handle that’ or ‘That’s not till next week’ and the odd ‘That’s not even possible.’ Twilight was restless after Sky had basically confined her to her own room, she tired talking to the guards but they said Blue had spoken to Celestia via magic mirror, she agreed with Blue.

She had however managed to leave her room when the guards weren’t looking, only to be caught by Blue. “I can’t just sit in my room! I have responsibilities.”

“So do I, if I let you tire yourself out I’ll be to blame, did you have another nightmare?”

“Not since the last one no, can I please do something? Paperwork? Research? Some cataclysm that I must prevent?” Blue sighed and rubbed the rim above his muzzle.

“Fine you want something to do?” Twilight’s eyes brightened, “You can leave the castle and get some fresh air, walk around, see your friends, I hear Ms. Rarity been asking you over for tea, I suggest you go.”

Twilight thought back to any conversation she had with Rarity, she had promised to have tea with her soon. “Fine, I’ll just go do that.”

“If I catch you researching something-,”

“I won’t, jeez you sound more like Spike every…day…” she suddenly quieted down. Blue placed a hand on her shoulder and smiled at her.

“Go, leave the work for today to us.” She nodded and took flight toward the Boutique in Ponyville.

The alabaster unicorn was looking over a few dress designs and walking aimlessly throughout her house. She was dressed in skinny jeans and a red blouse, her hair held its familiar bounce and her eyes still shone with beauty. A knock on her door escaped her ears, but after a moment the knocks and a voice broke her from her world. “Rarity? Are you there?” A soft and friendly voice called out, Rarity remembered it immediately and put away her work and answered her door.

“Hello darling! To what do I owe this…rather unexpected but still pleasant surprise?” Rarity stood to the side and gave Twilight a friendly smile as she walked in.

“I was kind of…kicked out of the castle, Blue is worried I’m over working myself…I’ll be honest, I think I need a break as well.” She sighed and sat on Rarity’s couch, messily sitting on her royal dress, not that she cared at the moment.

“Whatever could be wrong? Are you being hounded by money-blind nobles again?” Rarity took a seat next to Twilight and listened to her carefully.

“No I just…the other night I had a terrible nightmare, it was about Spike. He was hurt, bad, and there was no one there to help him. He called out for help, his voice kept getting quieter, and the last name he called out, was mine…” Twilight sighed and looked at Rarity with a subtle fear in her eyes. “It frightens me to think that Spike could be hurt somewhere and I…won’t be there to save him.”

“…I know how you feel darling…Fluttershy and I both experienced similar dreams…” Twilight’s fear turned into pure shock.


“Now, now, the dreams we had were much different, in mine Spike was…angry at me, yelling at me for forsaking him…Fluttershy’s was about Spike turning into a ferocious and terrible beast,” Rarity smiled and held Twilight’s hands, “While not all that similar I can understand why we’re having these nightmares…”

“…we miss Spike…” Twilight’s cheeks redden just a bit.

“He’s been with us for so long, it only makes sense that we’d feel this way.” Rarity stood up and walked towards her kitchen, “Now how about we stop this talk of nightmares and have a nice chat over tea?”

Twilight smiled peacefully, “I’d like, huh?”

A wisp of sparkling green ash flew through the boutique’s open window and turned into a letter before Twilight, she nearly pounced on the letter, opening it and proceeding to read it to herself.

Rarity quickly made her way over, “That is from Spikey isn’t it?”

“…I feel so silly…” Twilight giggled and handed the letter to Rarity, “He’s doing fine…just fine.”

Rarity read the letter and smiled, “See? Nightmares are just that nightmares.” She handed the letter back to Twilight and turned to go back to the kitchen. “Now for that tea!”

“Chrysalis? Hello?” Spike called to the slumbering beauty in his lap. “Jeez, you could have told me you were sleepy, you gotta wake up.”

Chrysalis shifted in his lap and lazily opened her eyes, she looked at Spike and a hue of red over took her face. In a single motion she jumped from his lap to the wheelchair, staring straight ahead. “I-I’m sorry I didn’t realize I was s-still tired…”

Spike laughed and stood up, “No harm done, we just need to get moving. So? How’s you magic doing?”

“I could probably change my skin to a colored fur now and cover the holes, I can change my eyes at will so that’s not an issue. My mane and tail will be the easiest parts, should I go ahead and give it a shot?”

Spike nodded and stood back a bit.

“Okay…” Chrysalis closed her eyes and her body began to shine brightly. The light blinded Spike for a moment but when it dimmed down Spike looked upon Chrysalis and a wide smile built on his face.

Chrysalis’s jet-black skin was now a vibrant dark purple coat, her jagged horn was much shorted and resembled a normal unicorn’s. Her fangs were missing and there were no holes in her arms. She was missing her wings from where Spike could see. She opened her eyes and flashed a playful smiled at Spike, her green mane and tail were now a bright teal, “What do you think?” The echo in her voice was gone now and her eyes flashed magenta as she spoke.

“I’m speechless, honestly I am.” Spike gave her a toothy grin and Chrysalis immediately pulled up her hood. “I kinda prefer your true form but this works too.” Spike continued to push her embarrassment as he chuckled to himself.

“I detest you…” Chrysalis growled from under the hood. She looked at her hands and played with the coat a bit. “I can keep this spell up as long as needed, it doesn’t take too much to maintain it, but it does take a bit to cast.”

Spike nodded and walked to his bag, he pulled it on his back and grabbed the wheelchair, “Well that’s a load off my back…now comes the tough part…”

“What do you mean?” Chrysalis let the hood slip and looked at Spike.

“I don’t want to force anything on you but…I have to head back home, to my home, to Ponyville.”

Chrysalis’s eyes showed a tingle of betrayal before her gaze turned sorrowful, “I see…well I suppose-,”

“I’m not giving up on you.”

She couldn’t have turned any faster if she tried. Chrysalis turned completely around on the wheelchair and looked Spike in the eyes. “But why would you…”

“I’m not turning you in…I want to keep helping you…I have to keep helping you.” Spike looked her in the eyes right back, “I’m the only one you have right?”

Chrysalis felt like she was much smaller than she really was, she blinked over and over trying to understand the drake’s reasoning. “……I have nothing left…”

Spike placed his clawed hand softly on her cheek and smiled, “Not anymore.” Chrysalis instinctively dug her cheek into his hand. She wanted to yell and shout that she didn’t need his pity, but she had lost so much…it was happening so quickly. She looked at him once more and opened her mouth to speak but only air came out.

She swallowed hard, “Take me there…”

To be continued…

Chapter 5: Nightmares/Spike's Strength

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Spike walked down the trail unable to look down. Whenever he did he was met with a lethal glare. “…so…do you want to know why I have to go back?” Spike coughed trying to find a way to ease into saying sorry.

“That would make sense would it not?” Chrysalis’s voice was sharp. Spike visibly flinched and sighed.

“W-well I was expecting to be back home in a few days…since its-“

“I’m sorry for holding you up then.” Chrysalis cut in making Spike shiver. “I should have asked you if you were busy first.”

“Come on Chrysalis that isn’t fair. I know you’re mad because you broke down again, but you can’t keep-“

“What’s it like?”

Spike blinked and looked down at Chrysalis meeting her eyes, “Ponyville?” She nodded, “Well…it’s a town. A little piece of living next to a dangerous forest that’s actually pretty tame in hindsight…”

“What is the forest called?” She turn back around as Spike began to speak.

“The Everfree, it’s full to the brim with really dangerous creatures and ruins. For all I know nopony has actually explored the entire forest, but I do know a friend who lives there though…” Spike started thinking about the ever rhyming Zecora. How her potions and such saved the day a few times and how kind and knowledgeable she always was. “She’s actually one of the ponies, or zebras in her case, which helped me figure out more about dragons before Altos.”

“What is in the town?” She teased her now teal mane, enjoying to feeling of Spike’s happiness pouring from his memories. She wasn’t feeding this time however, she thought it was a waste, but wanted to listen, also…it would be kind of rude.

“Oh there’s lots of stuff, Sugar Cube Corner, the Sweet Apple Acres, Carousel Boutique, Cherilie’s school. There’s even an orphanage pretty close by to the town. We have a really big marketplace, a hospital, a movie theater, a spa, a café…” Spike suddenly quieted down, a lump building in his throat, “We had a library…”

Chrysalis blinked when a sudden stream of sadness poured out from behind her, she quickly turned around and looked at Spike. “Sir Spike?”

“…the library…our library, our home…was destroyed years ago, I know it seems silly to be sad about it even though it happened so…so long ago…but…it was a home I loved…the home we shared, so many memories…gone with the blink of an eye…but…whenever I think about it…”

Chrysalis shivered as a powerful feeling of happiness over took the sadness. Spike was now bursting with love.

“We made new memories, we had a new home, and soon we met new ponies, the ones that were sent by Celestia to help us take care of the castle. It took months to figure out the layout and what each room would be, but we figured that out. It was hard figuring out how to feed everyone and pay them for their service, but we solved it together. Twilight and the others were always on top of every crisis, no matter how small.” Spike raised his head up and let his dragon wings flare out at his sides, showing off just how big they were. “It was a long time before I was able to be any use, but when I grew up, it stopped being Twilight and friends, and instead it became Twilight, her dragon assistant and the elements of harmony.”

A hot tear rolled off his cheek and a proud smile built on his face. “I helped…I was there to help them at last. I saved RD from a jagged edge by jumping after her and taking the blow, everyone freaked out by I wasn’t so much as scratched. Applejack and I teamed up to stop a tribe of Diamond Dogs from taking over a mining town while the others tried to settle things peacefully. When Pinkie and Fluttershy were chased by a rouge dragon, I put my dragon magic to the test and out grew it to keep them safe. I can’t even count the times I’ve help Twilight or Rarity…”

Chrysalis didn’t notice she was staring at Spike as he spoke, she was trapped by his powerful emotions for his friends, his town…his home. “And now I’m helping you.” Chrysalis snapped herself from her daze and saw Spike looking her in the eyes, a red haze built on her face, “So please…tell me if it gets too hard…”

Spike smiled and Chrysalis sighed, but returned his smile, “You are a very strange drake, unnatural to a fault.”

“I try.” Spike chuckled.

“…that is a good quality to have for one so young…” Chrysalis finished loud enough for Spike to hear.” She place a hand on his claw getting a blush out of the drake. “Keep that part of you…no matter what.”

Spike blinked and smiled, “Be careful what you wish for.”

The sun began to set over Everfree, and ponies everywhere were either chatting wrapping up their work day or heading home. Twilight was relaxing at Sugarcube Corner, she had finally put on some more casual clothes, a purple jacket and dark blue skirt. She never had a problem going out in public, besides the odd tourist, so she just went were she pleased at times without trouble. She would much rather be at the castle but Blue had told her to take a few days off.

“Yo Twi! Equestria to Sparkle!”

“Huh!? What?” Twilight looked up and saw the owner of the rather tomboyish shout. A cyan colored pegasus with a rainbow mane and tail to match had walked up next to her and was raising an eyebrow at her. She wore an open crop jacket with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, a dark blue sports bra and jean shorts. “Oh, hi Rainbow, sorry I kind of zoned out there for a bit.”

“I noticed, so what’s up? I heard from Rares that you got kicked out of the castle?” She took a seat across from Twilight and leaned on the table, “What up with that?”

“I kind had a really bad nightmare about Spike…and then I tried to keep myself busy so I couldn’t sleep…then Blue got mad…”

“Once an Egghead always an Egghead.” She sighed and leaned back in her chair, “So you too huh?”

Twilight’s ears twitched and her attention was drawn to Rainbow Dash, “You had a nightmare as well?”

“Well yeah.” RD said with a wave of her hand, “But it was nothing big, just some random dream about Spike learning how to fly from me…and then flying off without a word…” She began to sink into the chair she sat in, “It bummed me out for the whole day…”

A gust of wind fit Twilight and RD hard as a pink fluff ball of energy ran over, wearing a crop shirt over a long sleeve shirt and tight jeans. “OMGITOTALLYHADADREAMLIKETHATWITHSPIKETOO!”

Twilight tried to pick at the ringing in her ears, “Pinkie tone it down and slow it down please.”

Pinkie shook her head, “Oh you silly I said I had a dream like that about Spike too! I came over to the castle to ask him if he wanted to come partying with me but…” She suddenly got uncharacteristically quiet, “He started yelling at me, saying I was loud and didn’t take anypony seriously, and he said he was sick of me and wanted me to shut up forever…then he tried to attack me…”

Twilight and Rainbow looked at each other, “BUT!” Twilight picked at her ear again, “I know Spikey would NEVER do that to me, or any of us! And Spike loves my parties, he’d never say no.” She crossed her arms in pride and Rainbow laughed a bit.

“We really do miss Spike huh?” Twilight said with a smile and Rainbow and Pinkie nodded, “When he gets back all of this is will be something we can just laugh about…” And a sudden glaze took her eyes, “Right?”

Rainbow shot a hand out and grabbed Twilight’s, causing her to look up at her and Pinkie, “You bet you Twi.”

The gleam returned to her eyes and she smiled, “Thanks girls, it’s just been really hard…I’ve always had him with me…I’ll never get used to it.” Pinkie poked Twilight and motioned for her to scoot over, Twilight moved one chair over and Pinkie sat down and hugged her.

“We miss him too, he’s a big part of our merry band of freedom fighters!” Pinkie shout with a fist raised high.

“Freedom fighters? Of what exactly?” Rainbow asked even though she thought the idea was pretty cool.

“Duh, for cake and sweets! And for Spike’s special pancakes!” Rainbow and Twilight laughed aloud, getting a confused look from Pinkie.

“I can…get behind that movement.” Twilight said between laughs. Rainbow nodded in agreement as Pinkie just shrugged and giggled with her friends.

Spike and Chrysalis were continuing down the path that lead to Ponyville, they were a few days away but Spike said if they kept up their speed of travel they should arrive in about three days, which was perfect timing.

As to why was what Chrysalis had been pestering Spike about for the last hour. “Why won’t you tell me? You said it wasn’t anything dangerous so what’s so important that I can’t know!?”

“I’m telling you it’s nothing to worry about until the day arrives, you’ll know when we get there.” Spike continued to push the wheelchair, they had made some good time considering for how long they stood and talked.

“I wish to know now! Insolent reptile when I am back to full strength I will make you pay for having me in the dark like this!” Chrysalis spit out with faux anger, she didn’t mind secrets she was just curious.

“I’m so frightened I might just die right now.” Spike spat back with sarcasm already knowing what was coming next.

“I will hold off on your punishment so that you can take me to your home, I do need you around after all, so don’t die…ever.” Chrysalis joked back with a sliver of seriousness in her voice.

“Ma’am yes ma’am.” Spike saluted and continued pushing her. Spike came to a halt and looked around quickly.

“Sir Spike?” Was that the first? “What’s wrong? What’s going on?” Chrysalis watched him scan the trees.

A flash of red flew out from the trees and Chrysalis flinched as it went past her, and landed on Spike’s shoulder. She looked up and her eyes bulged, “A-a ph-phoe-phoenix…why is there a phoenix on your shoulder?” She was sure she was in shock.

“This is the little friend I told you about, his name is Peewee and he’s been my second eyes ever since I started my training, and it looks like somepony wants to steal from two unsuspecting travelers.” As if on command, once Spike stopped talking the phoenix Peewee screeched and four figures came out of the trees.

The four figures stepped into the sunlight and showed themselves to be four nicely sized diamond dogs, each with muscles sprouting around their bodies. “Give us your bag and the girl and you can go lizard.”

Chrysalis was about to whisper to Spike so that they could come up with a plan but behind her was only Spike’s bag and Peewee standing on it. She quickly tuned back around and two of the four dogs were on the ground out cold, and Spike was standing in a fighting stance she had never seen before.

“I haven’t had a work out in days. Thanks for this guys.” A happy and innocent smile on his face as he looked up at the two standing dogs. He had his claws up to about temple level, his feet slightly wider than his own shoulder width apart and back slightly hunched. His left foot was out forward a bit along with his left claw. Chrysalis was just as dumbfounded as the dogs, but she was stuck wondering what happened to the dogs on the ground.

“Well you gonna stand around or run?” Spike’s voice was fueled with a confidence you don’t pick up overnight. The large dog growled and rushed at Spike and threw its fist at him viciously. Spike moved a single step to the side and the dog missed completely, Spike changed his stance in a second and raised his arms up in front of his face creating a box-like shape. Then delivered several crushing punches into the dog’s chest and stomach, effectively lifting it off the ground. Spike jumped back a few steps just before the dog fell to the ground out cold and reformed the box in front of his face, but unlike before he was bouncing slightly back and forth.

The third dog stood in horror as Spike smiled at it with a pleasant look on its face, it growled lowly and pulled out a large jagged knife from belt and charged at Spike. Spike stopped bouncing and raised his claw to his muzzle and a blue light crackled from his mouth, he said something in a low voice and in a flash charged at the dog with such speed one could mistake it for magic. Everything calmed down when Spike took his hand from the dog’s chest, a burn mark appeared when Spike removed his clawed fist. He turned and walked back to Chrysalis, the dog falling on the ground with a thud soon after.

“How did-? What did you-? What was-!? My head’s beginning to hurt…” Chrysalis held her head and sunk into the wheelchair. She was happy that the fight was over but she was undeniably happy Spike was unharmed. That let her have the time to replay the scene again and again in her head. “What in Faust’s great world was that!?”

Spike was stretching his arms and back and bit, “Some martial arts I learned from Shining Armor.”

Chrysalis’s mood sunk at the mention of the one who defeated her with what she considers food.

“Calm down, anyway, I came to Shining one day and asked him to rain me as hard as he could so I could how to fight. He happily accepted.” Spike shivered at the memory of the painful training he went though, stepped up from what was normal because he was a dragon. “And even after completing the more advanced training he still wiped the floor with me…”

“What kind of martial arts? I’m familiar with a few, but the two you used have me baffled.”

“Oh I was using Muay Thai and some basic boxing, oh Muay Thai is kickboxing by the way.” Spike said as Peewee, noticing the lighter weight of the bag, lifted it up and flapped near Spike.

“And that last move?” Chrysalis looked at Spike’s clawed hand, she could still feel a trace of powerful magic coming from it.

“A technique I learned from Altos, dragon stuff, it’s complicated. Anyway we gotta get a move on, there more where they came from.” Spike picked Chrysalis off the wheelchair quickly and wrapped his tail around the arm rail. “Hold on!”

Chrysalis nodded and wrapped her arms around Spike’s neck quickly. He opened his wings wide and gave one powerful flap before he flew straight up in the sky. He picked up speed and corrected himself to fly with the extra weight. Chrysalis looked out over the trail they had been walking and past the trees as Spike flew over it with her in his arms.

“Despite the sudden company…at least the view is nice…” Chrysalis said loudly so Spike could hear. She looked at him and he gave a nod a flashed a big toothy grin, like he hadn’t just beaten four large dogs without taking a hit.

Spike flew for a good while until Chrysalis could no longer see the dogs even with magic enchanted sight. He flew down and came to a slow and tender stop at a crossroad. He put the wheelchair down and let Chrysalis sit down before he sat against a tree and relaxed his wings. “Sorry about this, you see I would’ve flown us there, but I’m not very good at carrying somepony with me. My wings are pretty much out for the day.”

“I figured something was up, you are still pretty young so it understandable.” Chrysalis sighed lightly and looked at Peewee, who was now looking at her, “Could you tell your little friend to not look at me like food?”

“Peewee, she’s a very dear friend, be nice.” Spike called out to Peewee. The phoenix flew to the wheelchair arm rail and nuzzled Chrysalis’s cheek happily, he chirped a bit and flew to Spike’s shoulder, “Yeah she does huh?”

“W-what did it, I mean, he say?” Chrysalis blushed a bit for some reason.

“He said you’re very pretty and that he wouldn’t attack you, you seem like a kind person.” Spike smiled and rubbed Peewee’s head lightly.

“I don’t think I can be considered kind…”Chrysalis blushed rightly and hid behind her hood.

“I think you are.” He heard an ‘eep’ and chuckled, “Let’s set up camp, we’ll be in Ponyville in no time if we wake up early.”

Spike sat up on his sleeping mat and looked over at Chrysalis, she was fast asleep, “Must be exhausted.” He dug into his bag and pulled out a gem and a letter written differently than Twilight’s.


I’m not sure if or how soon you’ll get this, but Twilight is starting to worry me. She had a nightmare about you, she claims is a vision of the future. I think she was scared but it’s always good to be cautious. I have no idea when you plan on returning but please return soon as possible.


P.S.: Don’t tell Twilight I sent you this, she’d have me hung.

Spike chewed on the gem quietly and looked up at a branch. On it was Owlowiscious and Peewee both asleep. Normally Owlowiscious would be awake but he trekked through a lot of distance in a short burst to bring him the letter he was holding.

“I’m coming home big sis, just wait, this’ll be the best surprise I can give you.” Spike smiled and ate the rest of his gem before laying back down to sleep.

To be continued…

Chapter 6: Welcome Home

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The streets of Ponyville were rather quiet in the middle of the day. There were barely any ponies about and any that were, are either relaxing or working. A figure with purple scales looked around from behind a building, his emerald eyes scanning the area.

“Why can’t we let them see us again?” The mare sitting in a wheelchair said rather coldly.

Chrysalis and Spike had entered the town the night before and stayed at the inn, after convincing the owner to keep the fact he was in town a secret. The night at the inn had been a good change of pace from laying on the ground, a soft bed was needed for both parties. They didn’t even mind the single bed. And now they were skulking around Ponyville trying to keep out of sight.

“I want to surprise Twilight and the girls, so I can’t be seen, by the way is the cover story we came up with still fresh in your head?” Spike looked at Chrysalis and smiled at her.

“Yes I do, my name is Amethyst Silk. I’ve been traveling for some time after living overseas. I bumped into you while traveling and after an incident with thieves I was hurt with a spell that made me unable to walk. I’m gathering my strength to walk again and thus the wheelchair. See? I told you I’ve been doing this for years.” Chrysalis, or rather Silk, played with her teal mane and smiled playfully at Spike.

“Well you know me worried to the point of stupidity, now all we have to do is get to the castle before-“

The sound of something wooden falling on the ground caused Spike to quickly shut up. He began praying it wasn’t who he thought it was.

Please mother, don’t let it be-

“S-Spike? Sugarcube…is that you?” The heavy country accent coming from behind him shot a bunch of memories through his head.

You have forsaken your only son mother! Spike’s mind cried out.

He slowly began to turn and looked at the source of the voice. He didn’t want to see her so soon, but he was undeniably happy she hadn’t changed a bit since he left. The same wide open plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a white shirt underneath with a bit of dirt on it. The same tightly fitting jeans with rips here and there with her blonde tail protruding out the back. Her Stetson still sat on top of her head, spilling out from under her tough but still beautiful blonde mane. Her orange coat bringing out her shining green eyes that now had a trace of tears around them. This brought Spike back to the world.

“Applejack? What’s-,” Before he could finish Applejack had already run into him and tackled him to the ground, her hat floating down beside them as she crying into his shirt. He could only look at her as she cried and repeated his name over and over. He reached up and rubbed her head lightly, she looked up at him and smiled. “I’m home AJ.”

“Welcome home ya silly dragon.”

“It’s mighty nice to meetcha Silk, I’m Applejack, I run Sweet Apple Arce farm with mah family. Thank you for watching over Spike for us and all, ya have no idea how worried we all were gettin.” Applejack, Spike and Silk were all sitting in the Ponyville Park after Applejack had calmed down a bit.

“From what happened earlier that much is clear…but Sir Spike has done nothing but help me. Without asking for so much as a thank you, he helped me through so much, after losing some very important people, I didn’t have the will to go on.” She looked at Spike who was now blushing a bit. “I owe him my life, I honestly do.”

Applejack placed her hands on Silk’s, getting a confused look from the mare. “I am so sorry for your loss, I know how it feels tah lose the ones ya love. You’re welcome to stay in Ponyville as long as you like, and if you need anythin’ don’t be afraid to ask.” She smiled warmly at Silk and blinked when she began to cry.

She had been terrified…unnaturally so. She want Spike to leave her in the inn so she wouldn’t have to face anyone. She was scared what might happen, if Spike couldn’t convince them she had changed, she could be killed. But now…she was so genuinely happy. She had someone, somepony to put an ounce of trust in. “I-I’m s-sorry…I just…thank you…”

A warm feeling rose in her and around her, Silk looked up and noticed Spike and Applejack were hugging her softly. From Spike’s inner furnace, to Applejack’s natural warmth, she felt so safe.

“No need for thanks Sugarcube, that’s what friends are for.” She let go of Silk and looked at Spike with a strong stare.

I saw this coming.

“Why didn’t you let us know you were coming back home!?” Applejack said sternly which caused Spike to recoil a bit. “We’ve been more worried than a momma goose that’s lost her eggs!”

“I was planning to give everyone a big happy surprise, you remember what today is right? I had to rush here to make it in time.” Spike had raised his hands in front of, acting as if AJ were going to hit him.

“Today? Why of course ah do, today is…oh mah gosh…you sneaky critter you.” Applejack smiled playfully at Spike and pulled him into a headlock and rubbed her knuckle into his head. Silk couldn’t help but notice Spike’s face squished up against Applejack’s ‘endowments’ and felt a ting of irritation, she decided to file it away for late though. “Ah outa give RD a stern talkin to, only she coulda put this kinda idea into your head.”

“You can give her a ‘stern talkin to’ later.” Applejack let him go and he rubbed his head a bit, “But since you know I’m here, we might as well gather up the girls now. Go fetch Rainbow and Pinkie, I’ll go see Fluttershy then we can meet up at Rarity’s. Sound good?”

“Dern tootin! I’ll see ya later Spike, nice meetin ya Silk.” With that Applejack ran off towards Rainbow Dash’s regular nap spot.

Spike beamed with happiness and grabbed Silk’s wheelchair, “Well this is going to be an interesting homecoming.”

Silk couldn’t help but smile, “Indeed.”

Spike and Silk came up to a cottage just on the outskirts of Ponyville, Silk looked around and saw lots of what looked like animal homes, “So your friend Fluttershy lives with animals?”

“Yeah its her passion, she loves animals, and while she’s scared of her own shadow, she has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen.” Spike smiled and chuckled a bit to an inside joke. A sudden sound of a door slamming open made him look up, just in time to get a face full of Fluttershy’s impressive breasts.

“SPIKE!” Fluttershy cried aloud and hugged his head and fell to the ground with him. Tears streamed down her face as she hugged Spike desperately, he managed to dig his face out of her chest and looked up at her with a red face and happy smile.

“That’s my name. Its good to see you again Shy. Can I stand up now?” Spike asked as Fluttershy looked down at and blushed furiously. She quickly stood up and folded her wings behind her. Her pink mane was hiding a part of her face, but her tail was moving side to side, her teal blue eyes glistening as she looked at Spike. She wore one of her green turtlenecks and long tan skirt, it was simple, but simple work best for Fluttershy. He smiled brightly and stood up, he dusted himself off and immediately hugged Fluttershy happily, “I missed you too Shy.”

Fluttershy’s wings flapped happily as she hugged him back when she heard a cough, she let go of Spike and turned to face Silk who had a brow raised and a rather unpleased look on her face. Fluttershy meeped bashfully and hid behind Spike in a single movement, she peeked from behind him at Silk and whimpered. Spike chuckled to himself, “See? Scared of everything.”

“I can see that, I can also see what you meant by ‘biggest heart’…” Fluttershy had walked out from behind Spike and Silk looked her up and down, most of her attention was on how beautiful she was, and how close she was with Spike, again filing that down for later.

“Fluttershy this is Amethyst Silk, she became my traveling friend a while ago and I’m taking care of her until her legs are better, she’ll be staying here in Ponyville.” Spike led Fluttershy over to Silk.

Fluttershy smiled at her and Silk’s previous angry envy vanished, the pure kindness coming off Fluttershy was incredible. She decided being mad was unfair and smiled back at her, “Its nice to meet you Fluttershy.” She held out her hand and Fluttershy nervously shook it.

But now it was time for that part of their meeting. The yellow-coated pegasus turned to Spike and pouted lightly, Spike couldn’t help but wonder how she kept getting cuter. “Spike how could you not tell us you were coming home? We’ve all been so worried!” She said as loudly as she could get.

“I was planning on surprising everypony, but I ran into AJ, so now she’s gathering RD, Pinkie and Rarity together, but I want to keep this from Twilight, you do know what today is huh?” Spike smiled and Silk began wondering what was so special about today.

“Today? Oh…oh my…that’s so sweet!” Fluttershy squeaked and began to float a little as her wings flapped happily. “I don’t think there could be anything better!”

“I know, now come on, we’re all meeting up at Rarity’s.” Spike walked over to Silk and pushed the wheelchair back into town. Fluttershy quickly flew back inside her cottage and after a moment flew after them happily, she landed next to Spike and wrapped her arms around one of his. This warranted a tired look from Silk but she understood he had been gone for a very long time. That didn’t mean she had to like it.

“Sky can you find the report on the fruit bat infestation for me? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.” Twilight called out to Blue Sky. He had let her begin working again, he could only get so much done without her signature on some of the more important papers. She was handed a pile of papers and flowed them to the table with her magic, “Thank you, I need to finish this up quick, I have a lot of backlog.”

“You said that yesterday Princess.” Sky sighed and walked out of her study. He made his way down the hallway and to his workroom. But he was stopped by the sound of flapping, he looked up and saw Owlowiscious fly down and landed on a table, Sky quickly walked over to the tired looking owl, “You found him?”

The owl gave a proud but tired hoot and handed him a small letter. Sky opened it up and chuckled to himself.

I’m back in town. Don’t let Twi find out, I’ll give her the biggest shock of her life. I bet she forgot again.

Spike Solaris

“Things are looking up. Get some rest Owlowiscious, you deserve it.” Sky patted the owl on his head and Owlowiscious gave an understanding nod and flew off to Spike’s room. “Maybe this will get her to stop looking so tired.” He stretched his wings and smiled, “And maybe I can head home soon, I wonder if Lulu and Celi miss me.” He chuckled and resumed his walk.

“Whats so important that we have to sit here and wait?” An impatient Rainbow Dash said to Applejack, she was still trying to understand why the farm pony had a big goofy grin on her face. She looked like she had just gotten laid.

“You’ll see shugah, ah promise, what we’re waitin fer will be well worth it!” Applejack was walking back and forth across Rarity’s living room. A noticeable bounce in her step and her tail was wagging like crazy.

“Come on AJ nothing in the world could be worth more than my special cupcake surprise cupcakes!” Pinkie said bouncing in place, she leaned over to Rarity and whispered, “The surprise is that its just a normal cupcake.” Pinkie returned to seated position and continued bouncing.

Rarity toyed with her mane and sighed, “Applejack darling, could you please just tell us what this is-“

“This place is pretty…pretty.” A voice said from outside Rarity’s front door.

“Yeah well Rarity is the ‘pretty’ type, this is sort of her thing.”

“Oh I hope we didn’t keep them waiting.”

The door opened with a click, Rarity’s eyes enlarged as she quickly stood up realizing something, there were two people that had keys to her front doors beside herself, Sweetie Belle…and….

The door opened and a unicorn in a wheelchair and yellow pegasus entered her door, and were followed by a purple and green dragon, who closed and locked the door behind them, he turned and smiled at the awestruck girls and Applejack.

“Hey girls, guess who’s home?” Unbelievably a blue blur came before the expected pink one. Spike fell over for the third time that day with a crying Rainbow Dash in his arms.

“Spike! You numbnuts! You manure-for-brains! You…you…,” She looked up and the smiling Spike and wailed some more, “You’re home!” Rainbow balled into his shirt and Spike sat up, only to see two more mares jumping at him with tears in their eyes.

“Oh boy…”

“It’s ever so wonderful to meet you Silk, its so nice to have you in our lovely town.” Rarity said with a bright smile, she was holding onto Spike’s left arm and sitting next to him on her couch. His right arm taken by Fluttershy, Pinkie was bouncing up and down all over the place. RD was sitting on the smaller couch with Applejack. Silk was pulled up to the larger couch so they could talk.

“Thank you very much, you have a very quaint little place. I hope to make the most of it.” Silk smiled and looked at Spike who was talking to Fluttershy, “Though…from what I heard…Spike told me he was still single…but…”

Rarity gasped loudly, “No, no, no. None of us are in that kind of relationship with Spikey-Wikey.” Spike groaned a bit getting a laugh out of Rainbow Dash.

“But you’re all so…close…” Silk said waving a hand at them.

“You would be too if ya had been with us on some of our adventures.” Applejack spoke up, “Spike’s been a big help in many ways, he’s a sorta support pillar that helps hold us together, matter o fact, if he hadn’t been there when we faced off with those Diamond Dogs, I’d be in a hospital right now.”

Spike blushed and looked at the floor, “I’m not all that great…”

Rainbow Dash laughed, “Not that great? If it weren’t for you, we’d be dead a few times over, but that’s not really the point.” RD looked at Silk, “We’re all kinda like this with each other, its sorta like…an unspoken rule thingy, we all act like ourselves around each other, no showboating and all that jazz.”

“Ya do that all the time.” Applejack cut in.

“Shut it farm girl.” She hissed at Applejack. “But no none of us are with Spike, though I can’t say none of us haven’t been ‘with’ him.” Rainbow flashed a look at Spike that sent him into a blushing fury, along with Fluttershy and Applejack.

“Am I missing…oh that makes a lot of sense actually, but not you three?” Silk eyed Rarity, Pinkie and Rainbow.

“Nah, I’m spoken for, never really been into stallions.” She said flatly and stretched a bit. “Not that I haven’t thought about it. Spike’s a pretty great guy, too bad he doesn’t have a pair of knockers instead of-,”

Rarity had let go of Spike and coughed to bring attention to her, “I have no interest in romance at the moment, and no, I haven’t done anything with Spike, save a kiss or two out of kindness.”

“I’d love to, but I’m kinda engaged, can’t do that kind of stuff and be engaged right?” Pinkie had stopped hopping and was now standing next to Silk.

Silk was rather taken aback by their forwardness. “Honestly I expected you all to outright skip the subject.” Silk said quietly and found herself pulling at her mane.

“What’s the point in hiding it, beside Flutter is dating some pony and Applejack got married three years ago.” Rainbow said matter-of-factly.

“I see…I can sort of understand though, Sir Spike is a very kind, and rather handsome drake.” Silk mulled over her words for a moment.

Sir Spike?” Rainbow said aloud and blinked.

“Yes what of it? I’ve been calling him that since we met.” Silk stated flatly.

“Oh ‘Sir Spike’ I had no idea you were a knight now. Well you do have the training.” Rainbow snickered as Spike eyed her angrily.

“Zip it lock-wings.” Spike spat out.

“Hey that only happened once when Spitfire asked me out!” Rainbow spat back blushing furiously.

“And when you saw her at you first date, and when she kissed your cheek, and when she winked at you before you parted on the first date, and when-,”

“ARGH! I GET IT!!!” Rainbow shot her arms up in the air and let them fall to her sides, everyone shared a good laugh before Fluttershy looked at Spike.

“So what will we do for today? Something just for us?” Spike smiled and nodded.

“What better way to spend my time at home, then with my six best friends in the world.” Spike looked at Silk, “Plus one if she wants.”

Silk blinked and blushed, “I still don’t know what you’re talk about though.”

Spike blinked and face palmed hard, “I knew I forgot something, you see, today is something more special than just me coming home.”

Spike looked at his five friends and they all said in unison, “It’s Twilight Sparkle’s birthday!”

To be continued…

Chapter 7: Birthday/Duty

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The setting sun in the distance looked rather beautiful today. This was the thought on most of Canterlot’s residence, for some reason today’s sun seemed to shine softly and wrap all under its rays in a comfortable warmth. Many figured that their princess of the sun was rather happy today, that was the only explanation.

Celestia and Luna were working through the last of their daily work, a warm smile plastered on Celestia’s smile the whole day.

“Sister you know we could finish this on our own right?” Luna spoke up to her elder sister.

“I know Luna, but I want us both to be there for Twilight’s birthday, since Cadence can’t go I’d like for us both to go instead. Besides I thought you’d be delighted to go back to Ponyville?” Celestia finished another pile of work.

“Of course I do! I was just thinking that you’d want to go first...” Luna bit her lip as Celestia looked up at her.

“And pray tell, why is that dear sister?” She raised her brow to Luna.

“W-well…nevermind, let us hurry and finish, we would like us to be there before nightfall.” Luna picked up her pace and worked through her last pile.

Celestia blinked and shrugged, picking up the pace as well.

“Good work your highness.” Blue Sky said looking through Twilight’s work, she had sped through all the paperwork she had missed. But now there was nothing left to do for the day.

“Thanks Sky but I feel like I haven’t done anything at all…” Sky had taken care of most of the work while she was on her forced break. It was no wonder he had to deal with Celestia’s workload as well.

“You’re fine princess, by tomorrow there will be a whole new set of things to do.” Sky laughed to himself and took all the paperwork off Twilight’s desk with the help of two assistants. “Oh, I almost forgot, your friends are in your private dining room, they said they had something for you.”

“Really? Who came?” Twilight stood up and dusked off her princess garb, she decided to change before going to see who it was.

“You’ll see. Have a good day Twilight.” Sky and the assistants all left Twilight in her study, she quickly changed out of the dress and into a light blue short-sleeved dress shirt, blue vest and purple skirt.

She quickly made her way down the hall to the private dining area, it was meant for friendly dinners and such. She opened the door and saw Applejack, Rarity, Flutttershy and Rainbow Dash sitting at the table. She smiled and waved at them, but her attention was drawn to a new face. Another unicorn, one with a teal mane and dark purple fur, she had on a wonderful hooded dress and seemed to be rather nervous. Twilight chalked it up to being new in Ponyville, since she hadn’t seen this mare before.

She walked over to the nervous mare and smiled, “Hello there I’m Princess Twilight Sparkle, it’s nice to meet you, not be rude, but I haven’t seen you in town before. Are you new in town?”

The dark purple unicorn nodded, “Y-yes, I came into town just last night, your friends have made me feel quite at home.” She reached out a nervous hand after a moment, “M-my name is Amethyst Silk, it’s wonderful to meet you.”

Twilight blinked and shook the mare’s hand, getting a sigh of relief from her, “It’s nice to meet you as well.”

She let go of Silk’s hand and turned to her friends, “What’s the occasion? It rare that you guys show up without letting me know ahead of time.”

Rainbow gawked at Twilight for a moment, “Wow, he wasn’t kidding, she did forget.”

Applejack eyed Rainbow, “Pay up.” And put out a waiting hand.

Rainbow Dash cursed under her breathe and pulled out ten bits and placed them in Applejack’s hand. “Last time I bet on this egghead…”

“I’m still not getting any answers here.” Twilight said crossing her arms, “What’s going on?”

“Well Sugarcube, it just so happens that today is a very special day, and we’ve got a very special surprise fer ya.” Applejack stood up and walk to the kitchen, “Okay bring it in.”

Twilight watched in awe as Pinkie Pie walked out of the kitchen with a decently sized cake with a big ‘32’ candle on top of it. Twilight’s eyes weld up for a second but she quickly wiped away tears as all her friends stood up and walked over to her.

“Happy birthday Twilight darling.” Rarity said smiling.

“Another year gone by and we’re all still together.” Fluttershy chimed in happily.

Twilight looked at the cake and all her friends, then the smile on her face faded a bit, “Not all of us…Spike still isn’t…”

“Then wish for him to be here.”

Twilight and her friends looked over to Silk who was now smiling at her. “If you want him to be here, then wish for it, it never hurts to try.”

Twilight blinked, looked at the cake, shrugged and smiled a bit, "Why not." She blew out the candle and said aloud, “I wish Spike were here.”

“Happy birthday Twilight.”

Twilight’s eyes shot open as she turned around quickly and to see the owner of the voice. Purple scales, green spines running along his back, two wings tucked behind him, a long tail that sat behind him and a big smile on his face. A green shirt with a flame decal taking up most of the shirt, loose but fitting purple pants, the same ones she watched him put away. The figure in front of her held out his arms and opened his mouth to talk, “I’m home Twilight.”

Unlike her friend’s reactions, Twilight’s was slow. She moved slowly to Spike and reached a hand out and touched his cheek, the scales felt soft to her touch. She remembered the smooth touch of the scales on her fur, it all came back to her. He was real. Tears built up and came streaming down her face as she quietly hugged Spike tightly, she clung to him as if he about to vanish. Spike wrapped his arms and wings around Twilight and tears ran down his face as well. “I missed you so much…”

Twilight blinked and looked at Spike, she began crying into his chest loudly with a big smile on her face, “I missed you so much Spike! Welcome home! Thank you so much! Thank you!”

The six mares watched the touching scene unfold in front of them, even Rainbow had to admit it was a kind of sweet. From behind the door to the room Sky and a few guards smiled and watched, “Happy birthday princess.”

Twilight stopped crying after a while and they cut the cake up in enough pieces for everyone, Spike and Twilight were sitting next to each other with Silk on the other side of Spike. Applejack and Rainbow Dash were sitting next to Silk, Fluttershy and Rarity both were sitting next to Twilight and Pinkie was sitting across from Spike. Each of them were listening to some of the stories Spike hadn’t been able to tell in his letters.

“I tried to talk to them but they wouldn’t listen to reason, I got by without fighting too much though, remind me to thank Shining when I see him again.” Spike laughed a bit when Twilight got a worried look on her face.

“I’m just glad you’re not hurt Spike, I was so worried I had a terrible nightmare about you getting hurt! I’m just glad it was all in my head.” Twilight leaned on Spike’s shoulder and smiled.

“Nightmare? Really? I’m sorry for making you worried.” Spike looked up, “Did any of you have nightmares like Twi’s?”

They all got saddened looks, “Well not exactly…” Applejack spoke up first, “Mah nightmare was about you…burning down Sweet Apple Acres…”

“What!? But I’d never do that!” Spike was taken aback and was bit hurt.

“I know that Spike! It was a terrible nightmare, I guess it was me wondering if you’re journey changed you at all…” Applejack sighed and Spike gave her a warm smile, which caused her to smile back as well.

Rainbow leaned back a bit, “I dreamt you came to me and asked me to help you learn how to fly, but when I taught you, you just up and flew off without a word.” She looked at Spike, “I guess I thought you wouldn’t ever come back…”

Fluttershy looked like she wanted to stay quiet but spoke up, “I dreamt that you got all big and scary and tried to hurt me…” Spike’s spines flattened a bit and Fluttershy shook her head quickly, “I know you better than that, you’d never hurt me, any of us! But I thought that maybe…you’d come back mean or something…” Applejack shot her a smile and Fluttershy smiled back.

“Oh! Oh! My turn for dream sharing!” Pinkie stood up and waved her hand in the air, Spike chuckle and nodded for her to go ahead, “I had dream that you got all grumpy and serious after I asked you to come party with me.” She crossed her arms and pouted, “Then you said I was annoying and didn’t take anything serious, but I was thinking that you’d come back after a life and death experience and become a super duper party pooper that all serious and grump faced all the time.” Spike scratched under his chin in thought, he had one, but it made him realize how much he miss partying with Pinkie and his friends.

Then he turned his eyes on Rarity who was trying no to look at him, “I suppose it’s my turn…my nightmare was…awful…you were mad…furious…blaming me for wasting years of your life on me…” Spike had gotten up and hugged Rarity softly, she looked at him and blushed a bit, “But I was only being selfish, I know you don’t hate me, I suppose I just wanted you to be angry with me. But you’re better than that, and I know it.”

Spike smiled and stood up, he looked around at each of them, “I’m sorry for making you all feel this way, no matter what kind of adventure I had, I’m still the same drake you grew up with.”

Twilight smiled and looked at Silk who had her eyes on Spike, she was smiling warmly and had a gleam in her eyes, “So Silk, how long do you think it’ll be until you can walk again?”

Silk looked at Twilight and then at her legs, “I believe I should be walking in a few days, Sir Spike has been taking very good care of me.” Spike took a seat between them again and rubbed the back of his neck, “You’ve all done such an amazing job in raising him.”

Spike blushed but felt a sudden shiver down his spine, he stood up and stared at the closed door to the dining room. The door began shining with a yellow coat of magic. “Oh no, I knew I forgot something…”

The door open wide as Celestia and Luna walked into the dining room, “Happy birthday Twilight…Spike?” She looked at her adopted son like he was a phantom.

He raised his hand and waved, “Hi mom.” And then the princess of the sun suddenly hugged him.

“My darling son has returned home! Oh Spikey how have you been!?” Celestia kissed his cheeks over and over, a furious blush built on his face.

“M-mom! I’m fine, p-please not in front of the girls!” Spike may have said this, but he wasn’t making an active effort to break free from her grasp.

“I refuse, I’ve been so worried about you! I trusted you to travel on your own but I couldn’t help but worry day in and day out!” Celestia hugged him tightly and Luna walked past them.

“Sister is telling the truth, she lost a few night’s sleep wondering if Spike had on clean underpants.” Luna and the girls laughed as Spike groan at his mother.

“So Luna is this what you were hiding from me?” Celestia had let Spike go and walked up to her sister.

“Yes it is, we thought that you would like to see him earlier, so that you could spend more time with him.” Luna smiled and teased her flowing mane.

“Thank you for the thought Luna, but I’d much rather we came together.” Celestia then noticed the silent unicorn sitting in a wheelchair, her smiled faded into an inquisitive stare. This did not get past Spike. Spike had seen his mother eyeing Silk and could hear her shaking.

Spike rushed in front of Celestia blocking her view of the shivering Silk, “That’s Silk mom, a mare I met on my travels, she had a bad fight with some thieves and is letting her legs recover.” Spike tried to put on the best smile he could, hoping he could convince his mother, the princess of the sun and the ruler of Equestria. They were doomed.

“…I see, I would like to speak with Silk sometime tonight…” Spike opened his mouth, “And you as well young man.”

Spike gulped but a sigh of relief hit him when Celestia turned and her smile returned, “I have something for you Twilight, it’s a book I thought you’d find interest.” She walked over to Twilight and Luna looked at Spike.

She grabbed Spike and pulled him to the side, “What in Faust’s name is ‘she’ doing here?” She wasn’t so much angry as she was worried. “Did you want to get her locked away?”

“How did you…you saw our dreams didn’t you?” Spike’s voice had a hint of rage he didn’t know he could hold for Luna.

She blinked in surprise and put a hand on Spike’s shoulder, “Yes we did Spike. We are the princess of dreams as after all. However we do think now that it would have been wise to speak to you beforehoof…”

“Ya think? Anyway you’ve seen her dreams right? You know she’s not the same, and that’s saying a lot anyway, she wasn’t really ever evil from the start. She was just trying to feed her hive…and now…they’re…because I couldn’t…”

“Stop it.” Spike turned to see Silk had rolled up to him and Luna, her eyes now green and slit like before. “I refuse to have you blame yourself Spike. You forget…we were already dead when you found us…you saved me…you healed me and then you protected me…you have done nothing wrong.” Chrysalis’s eyes forced Spike’s self-doubt to sink back into the abyss.

Luna couldn’t help but be shocked, “Chry-, I mean Ms. Silk. I know that I personally have not met you, I have only seen the aftermath of the attack years ago, but I have seen your dreams…your nightmares…and I can only say this much…you did all that you could. You were a great queen to your people and they rest in peace knowing you are safe.”

Chrysalis looked at Luna and closed her eyes to stop any tears, when she opened her eyes again, they were of Silk’s, “That…means more to me than anything you could ever give…”

Twilight was outside the castle saying goodbye to her friends as Celestia led Spike, Luna and Silk to balcony to talk. She looked over Ponyville for a moment and looked at Silk who had her hand held together to stop them from shaking, beside her was Spike. Celestia couldn’t help but feel a maternal pride at the expression on Spike’s face, he was resolute, standing tall and ready to protect the mare by his side, even from his own mother. But she had to a job to do that took precedence over being a mother. “Queen Chrysalis, why are with my son?”

This was the time she had been waiting for, Chrysalis realized she’d have to face this sooner or later, but for whatever insane reason. She wasn’t sacred of Celestia. She certainly stood no chance against her, her first victory was because Celestia had not wanted to harm her subjects in releasing her true power. But she was ready to look Celestia in the eyes and tell her the truth. “All those years ago when I was utterly defeated by Shining Armor and Princess Cadence, my life came to painful halt. I will tell you exactly what happened.”

Celestia blinked, half-expecting Chrysalis to beg forgiveness, but instead she seemed…strong, very strong. But she was stronger still, “Continue.”

“I went to Canterlot during the wedding prepared to take it from you, at the time I was in need of a way to feed my people. How you look at my actions amounts to nothing now however. I took my hive and brought them down on your castle, and then we lost. Nearly half my hive were injured or dead.” Spike put a hand on Chrysalis’s shoulder, she looked at him and realized she had begun to shake, she resettled herself and went on. “After our defeat we returned to our home across the sea. But we were not there long, the other hive queens, my sisters, if you can even call them so, banished me and my hive from our home.” Celestia visibly gasped and Luna just stood silent.

“We were tired, hungry and unready to be forced into banishment. I lost more of my hive just getting back to Equestria, the place of our banishment. We made our home in several places, trying to live off of the emotions of those around us. This held various results, but in the end, we could bare sustain ourselves for a few years. My hive began to starve.” A rebellious tear fell down her stone-like face as she recalled the faces of the dead. “So I used the only option I had left, I gave them the magic, love I had stored in my body for the ninety years I have been alive. For the remaining years to come I gave every ounce of energy I had to keep my hive alive. When my body became frailer, my subjects became desperate, snatching up any traveler they could find and using our magic to force positive emotion out of them. This only worked for so long.”

Celestia bit back anger and continued to listen, she despised the thought of her subject drained of their magic and happiness, but she needed to hear the rest. “Our magic became weaker, and weaker, until we could only use our innate ability to change our appearance. Once again we began to starve. I expected to die any day and could only hope I died first, I could not handle watching my entire hive falling before me…” She looked up at Spike, “But then he came…he save me and gave my people a place of rest, I hoped to find a way to save them…I was being selfish. I knew my people could not be saved…” Chrysalis’s disguise fell apart and held Spike’s hand softly, “I resigned myself to the grip of death, only for Spike to save me. I was emotionally unstable, I still feel that I am…but he helped me for no reward at all. Showing me kindness that I had thought lost to me.”

She let go of Spike’s hand and grabbed the hand rails of the wheelchair, Spike went to help her but a single look from Chrysalis made him pause. She shook hard and slowly stood up and made her way slowly to Celestia, standing before her. Celestia was reminded that she and Chrysalis were the exact same height, “Spike saved my life, and I will use every day of my existence making up for what he has done. I will repay him for the kindness he’s given, whether you want me to or not.” Her legs gave way and Celestia caught her before she fell, “I will not waste what he has given.”

Celestia looked at Chrysalis and a warm small smile and helped Chrysalis back to the wheelchair, “Spike?” Spike looked at his mother who was smiling at him now, “You are responsible for her, and every action she takes will be weighed on you, are you-“

“Yes!” Spike smiled and looked at Chrysalis who had once again become Silk, “I will protect her and stay by her side, long after she can walk, not only because it’s my duty, but…it’s because she is my friend.” Silk blinked at Spike and smiled back.

Celestia smiled and hugged Spike softly, “You’ve become such a strong drake. I’ve been blessed with such a son.”

“Thank you mother.” Spike hugged his mother back and Luna looked at Silk and released a sigh of relief.

“Thank you for coming Celestia, Luna, I’m so glad I could spend my birthday with you, even if it was only a few hours.” Twilight hugged both Celestia and Luna while Spike was saying goodbye to Blue Sky, he was returning to Canterlot with the princesses. “This has been the best birthday ever!”

“I hope that many more will come after, farewell Twilight.” Celestia waved Sky over, when he reached her Celestia gave Spike a knowing wink and the three of them vanished in a flash of light.

Spike stretched, “Today has been quite the day huh Twi?” Twilight smiled at Spike and hugged him.

“Yes it has.” Twilight let go of Spike and watched as he walked over to Silk and pushed her back inside the castle, this made Twilight blink, “Uh Spike what are you doing?”

“Oh I forgot to tell you, I’ll be watching over Silk until she’s on her hooves again. So she’ll be staying in my room for a while.” Spike said with a smile.

“What!? No, no, no! That is definitely not happening!” Twilight‘s wings outstretched as she crossed over her chest.

“Why not? It’s not like we’re gonna be doing anything, she’s just sleeping on my bed while I take the couch.” Silk coughed and Spike looked at her.

“I’d rather you slept with me again, I’m still not quite ready to sleep alone…” She shifted a bit in the wheelchair as Twilight’s jaw dropped.

It had only been a few hours and things were already back to normal, “SPIKE DRAGUL SOLARIS!!!”

To be continued…hopefully…

Chapter 8: Just A Day

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“Does this have to happen now?”

“Yes Spike, yes it does!”

“I just got back can’t have a moment of rest before I do this?”

“Oh stop whining, you’re a dragon, so act like one!”

“Come on Silk talk to her, tell Twi this can wait till later.”

“I’m sorry Sir Spike, but I’m siding with your sister here. This must happen right now.”

“Barely two days…”

“Like you need to rest, you slept like a log after the party.”

“Ugh fine, let’s just get this over with. So Silk, what are your sizes agi-, OW!!!”

“Don’t just blurt stuff like that out!”

“I don’t really mind as long as it’s Sir Spike.”

“…oh Spiiiiiiiike?”

“S-sorry but we gotta be on our way! See ya Twi!”

Spike ran out of the castle doors pushing Silk’s wheelchair as a loud voice followed after them, “GET BACK HERE YOU OVERGROWN LIZARD!!!”

“Is this normal?” Silk looked up at Spike as they came into view of the Boutique.

“Yeah, I love it here.” Spike smiled with a toothy grin. After a while they arrived at the Carousel Boutique’s door. Spike knocked on the door and smiled as he heard the sound of rushing hooves on the boutique’s floors.

The door swung open instead of Rarity there was a white unicorn with a uniquely styled purple and pink mane and tail. She was much shorter than Spike but still clearly an adult, or very early twenties. She wore a dark purple dress with a belt around her waist and blue jeans underneath. “Spike? Is that you?”

Spike blinked and a surprised smile crawled over his face, “Sweetie Belle? Oh Faust it’s been years!” Spike and Sweetie shared a small hug and he looked at Silk. “Silk this is Sweetie Belle, Rarity’s younger sister, she’s been all over Equestria on tour for the past three years, as far as I know anyway. When did you get back?”

Sweetie smiled and Silk and shook her hand, “Hello Silk, it’s wonderful to meet you.” She looked at Spike and sighed, “A few weeks after you had already left.”

Spike looked a little distressed, “Oh wow sorry Sweetie, if I had known I would’ve-.” A green glow shut Spike’s mouth before he could finish. He blinked at Sweetie as she glared at him.

“Stop saying sorry, what happens, happens. Okay?” She released her magical hold on Spike’s muzzle and he rubbed his snout lightly.

“Got it.”

“So what are you here for? Come to pick up a snack?” Sweetie giggled as Spike rolled his eyes.

“No, I’ve stocked up gems for the winter. I’m here because Silk here will be living with me and Twi, it’s a long story I’ll fill you in later. But the point is she doesn’t have any clothes other than what she’s wearing now.” Spike motioned towards her hooded dress. Sweetie thought it was unique but it was clearly dirty. “So I came to get her measured up for whole wardrobe.”

“Oh? So she’s a permanent resident?” Sweetie walked inside and let Spike and Silk inside.

“If I have something to say about it, then yes.” Silk spoke up and smiled and Sweetie Belle. “And it is very nice to meet you as well. I hope to get to know the residence here, one at a time if possible.”

“That’s understandable. Rarity! Your favorite dragon is here as a customer for once!” Sweetie Belle called out to Rarity who was lost in thought about a new design.

“What? Oh Spikey! Silk it’s so wonderful to see you! So I hear you’re here as customers?” Spike re-explained the situation to Rarity and her eyes took on that familiar gleam. She clapped her hands together, “Idea! I do hope you’ll rely on me for more than just a few outfits, I can do so much to highlight your figure!”

Silk blushed and blinked, almost in fear, “I-I was hoping that I could ask that of you yes, Sir Spike informed me that you make clothes for more than just business. So I hope to strike a deal, but that seems moot at this point.”

Rarity smiled thoughtfully,” I’ll need some funds for extra fabric, and it’ll take me a few days, but I’m always ready to help out a friend. So now I just need to get your measurements and I can get started.” She made her way over to Silk.

“I have some difficulty standing, so w-would it be able for Sir Spike to-,”

Rarity gasped dramatically, “Goodness no, Spikey will be outside waiting for us to finish.” Silk’s eyes visibly shrunk as Rarity stepped behind her and grabbed the wheelchair, “Don’t worry it will on take a moment.”

Silk turned to beg for Spike to stay but she saw him getting pulled by Sweetie Belle out the door, “You and me are gonna go catch up with the girls mister!”

“H-hey Sweetie hold on!” Silk watched Spike slowly move further and further away from him as Rarity pushed her forward. Her heartbeat sped up and she began to sweat.

The front door opened and Spike tried to pull himself back inside.

Silk’s hands began to shake violently. She heard a soft muffled noise, her own pounding heart drowned it out. Her breathe caught in her throat and she could feel her eyes begin to water.

Spike was leaving her. Though she knew it was irrational and foolish, she couldn’t help but think it. Spike was being taken away, and she would be left with somepony she didn’t know. Her heart raced faster as a suppressed fear forced its way up. “Spike!”

Silk jumped up out of the wheelchair and took two steps before her legs gave out. She could only reach out to Spike. In that moment, though it was small, she felt something. She would have braced for the fall to the hard floor, but she didn’t. Instead she simply waited, and just as she knew he would do, Spike caught her.

In a flash of motion that created a gust of wind that blew a few things of shelves and outfits off their hangers. Spike had raced over the Silk and caught her before she fell. Silk was now holding onto his shirt tightly, looking him deep in his eyes. She buried her face into his chest and sobbed quietly.

Spike caressed her mane softly and spoke into her ear, “It’s okay. I’m right here, I’m not gone.” He held himself in place a draped a wing over Silk as she sobbed.

Rarity finally found her breathe after watching Spike seemingly appear out of thin air, “Oh my…”

“I’ll be downstairs okay? Just rest here.” Spike said to Silk as he began to close the door to Rarity’s bedroom. Silk was laying on her rather dramatic bed with a glass of water next to her. She nodded at him and laid down quietly.

Spike closed the door and made his way downstairs. When he reached the bottom Rarity was upon him with a worried expression, “Is she okay?”

“Yes she’s fine, don’t worry.” Spike smiled wryly at her and look at Sweetie who was fidgeting with her dress. Spike walked over to her and patted her shoulder, bringing her to attention. “It wasn’t you’re fault, calm down.”

“Spikey?” Rarity walked up beside him, “What happened between you two? She was so desperate to keep you by her side. I’ve seen mares desperate to keep their loved ones, but that was…”

Spike sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, he flattened out the spines on the back of his neck as he thought. He needed to be careful, he knew if he slipped up because of an emotional outburst Silk, and by proxy Chrysalis, might be in trouble. So he decided on a half-truth. “When I met Silk a few months ago, she was traveling with a rather large group of people. They were like one big family, they all had been abandoned in one way or another and Silk had become something of a mother to them. But a few days after I met them they were attacked by a rather large group of bandits.”

“The thieves took Silk hostage and her friends…her loved ones gave their lives up to set her free, they fought tooth and nail to keep her alive. And after it was all done…the only ones left were on the verge of death with no hope…” Spike was kicking himself in his mind, it was painful to even think about what really happened, coming up with something that had to match it was difficult. “So with their last breathe they asked me to take Silk away, to keep her safe and to stay by her side...and here we are…”

Rarity had broken into silent tears at the thought of losing all of her loved ones at once. She placed a hand on Spike’s shoulder, “Oh Spikey…”

Spike shook his head, “She’d throw a fit if she found out you pitied her. But I get why she’s so desperate, I don’t want to part from her side either…I feel like that if I ever do…something bad will happen, something I can’t fix.” Spike shudder lightly.

Rarity hugged him lightly and smiled, “You have nothing to worry about. You are a strong, young drake. Besides, you’ve got the six of us, Sweetie Belle and her friends, those dragon buddies of yours, those friends you made during your journey, and the princesses on your side. What more can anypony ask for?”

“You got that right,” Spike laughed a bit. “I’ll go get her and we can try this whole thing again.”

Spike walked back upstairs and knocked on the door. “I’m coming in.” Spike opened the door after a moment and Silk was sitting up and looking at Spike.

“I’m sorry Spike…” Before she could say anything else, Spike was by her side and had his clawed hand on hers.

“I’m the one that should be sorry. I keep forgetting just how much you rely on me…” Spike held her hand and blushed a bit when a hand landed on his cheek softly.

“No Spike, no more ‘I’m sorry’s. We both know that Miss Rarity wouldn’t have done anything…but I couldn’t help but feel…that you were being taken away.” She made Spike look at her, “I’m a mess Spike…and you’re the one holding me together.”

Spike smiled and held her hand softly, “Let’s go back downstairs.”

Silk nodded and let Spike help her into her wheelchair, and with a little more help brought her downstairs. Silk looked up and saw Rarity and Sweetie Belle smiling at her, “Thank you both for being so patient after my…outburst…”

“Think nothing of it, I’ve already put it out of my mind. Now how should we go about getting your measurements if Spikey can’t leave?” She put on a thoughtful expression and Sweetie Belle smiled deviously behind her.

“I have an idea of what we can do.”

“Are you done yet!?” Spike called out to darkness, his voice trembled a bit.

“A-almost dear.” Rarity said between laughs and giggles as she worked.

“P-please hurry! I-I’d r-rather not be in this situation a-any longer!” Silk called out her face covered in bright red.

“Oh come on, it’s not like he can see you, he’s only holding up your arms.” Sweetie Belle said mockingly as she watched the display.

Sweetie’s idea was for Spike to hold Silk up as her measurements were being taken. Spike and Silk agreed that was a good idea, but forgot one crucial point. Rarity needed exact measurements. That meant Silk needed to undress…completely. Sweetie Belle had thought past that as well. Spike was hold up a naked Silk with his eyes covered by a blindfold.

Rarity and Sweetie were having their fill of fun as they watched how awkwardly adorable the pair were. Rarity poked jabs at Silk’s amazing figure, which caused Spike’s already redden face to get redder.

“Oh my. Silk you may be at war with Fluttershy with how large your chest is.” Rarity said with an overdramatic voice. Spike’s tail jerked and Silk glared at Rarity.

After a long, painful moment Rarity finally calmed down. “Alright I’m sorry. I’m done, Spike make sure to be very careful while we put her clothes back on. Her weight might shift a bit, thought I doubt it’ll be a problem.”

Spike would’ve agreed if their teasing hadn’t sapped his strength. He was doing his very best just to not drop Silk.

“P-please hurry. I-I c-can’t stand to be like this much longer…” Silk whimpered lightly as Rarity helped her put her underwear back on.

“Just a moment dear. Now wear is that…ah!” Rarity grabbed Silk’s dress, which she had left on the ground during a laughing fit. She pulled the dress up hard and heard a yell before looking up. Spike’s foot had been caught on the dress.

Saw this coming. Spike thought as he fell back. His instincts kicked and he used his tail to balance himself before he could fall and moved his hands to get a better hold of Silk.

“EEEP!” Spike heard Silk squeak out. He realized he had something large in his hand. Something large, soft and-

His hand moved faster than he thought it could and moved his hand down to her waist, which he lucky found on his first try. Spike had stood back up and could feel Silk breathe lightly as he carefully held her.

Silk’s face was a brand new shade of red. Nowhere near as bad as when Rarity and Sweetie had teased her. She wasn’t embarrassed. When Spike’s hand found her…she felt…something. But she had no idea what it was. “Miss Rarity…it’s beginning to get cold…”

Silk and Spike sat quietly at Sugarcube Corner. After Spike paid off Rarity they both realized they needed to eat when Spike’s stomach growled. Silk would look up at Spike as she played with her smoothie, which Spike recommended, and trace his face with her eyes. She realized how soft his features were for the first time, his scales felt like leather and his eyes weren’t feral, but kind. She let herself dive into her thoughts and realized Spike was looked at her.

She blushed and played with her mane, “I…I’m not mad Spike…it was an accident…” She never took her eyes off Spike. This was becoming normal for her to do.

“I-I know…you know Rarity wasn’t kidding, you could go to war with Flutters.” Silk smacked Spike’s shoulder and they shared a quick laugh. Silk smiled at Spike and was given one in return. “I’m glad you’re not angry, I already felt bad…”

“Its fine Spike…to be honest…it’s only okay, because it was you…” Silk said softly.

Spike blushed hard and looked away a bit, but looked back at her, “Well if it’s any consultation I’d gut any dude that thought to try that on you.”

“Oh Spike you are my knight in purple scales!” Silk said dramatically as she pretended to swoon, “I know not of what I would do without you.”

“Fear not my lady.” Spike puffed out his chest and put on an overplayed bravado, “I shalt keep you save from creeps of any size.” Spike and Silk laughed at each other, gaining the attention of a few passersby. Five of which were walk towards them.

“Spike? Is that you?” Spike looked up and smiled when he saw Sweetie Belle accompanied by four of young mares, all around Sweetie’s age. “Man it’s been forever how have you been?” Spike stood up carefully, getting around Silk, and bumped his fist against an orange fist.

Pink mane and tail, orange fur, and a clothes style similar to RD’s? Spike knew it was Scootaloo from a glance. She was dressed in a tank top and shorts, with her blue and yellow Wonderbolts jacket around her waist. “Dude!” She gasped aloud and her wings flapped, picking her up off the ground, “Did you get more ripped?”

“You know how it goes, fight some bandits here and there, you get these.” Spike flexed his arm a bit, causing his shirt to tighten around his muscle. Silk forced down a blush and chose to giggle instead.

“Welp it’s great to see ya, Applejack told me you were back in town. But I was sorta busy with work and couldn’t come see ya.” A yellow colored earthpony with a red mane tied back in a ponytail with a pink bow. She was wearing blue jean overalls and a green plaid buttoned up shirt and sported her own Stetson. “Hope the two of ya don’ mind us buttin in.”

“Yes we…don’t want to interrupt anything.” Spike looked over to the last two, years ago he couldn’t stand them, but now…they were two of his best friends. A pink mare wearing a tiara and a white dress walked over and gave Spike a shy smile. Her mane and tail are two tone, purple and white, her light blue eyes softly looking at Silk. “H-hello, my name is Diamond Tiara.”

The gray mare behind her smiled and waved at Spike. Her mane and tail are two different tones of lighter gray. Her mane tied in a braid, and her eyes are a brilliant purple. She’s wearing pants and a blue blouse and had a pair of blue glasses on. “Hiya Spike, welcome back, Sweetie told us she had a surprise for us. We all kinda heard you back though so..." Silver Spoon glanced at Sweetie as she shift her hoof uncomfortablely. "And you know what?" She turned back to Spike. "Diamond here just couldn’t wait to see you again.” Silver Spoon snickered behind her now blushing friend.

“You shush Spoon!” She turned back to Spike and blushed hard, “D-don’t pay her any mind Spike…th-though…I am happy to see you’re okay…” Diamond fiddled with her fingers before Spike suddenly hugged her.

“Everypony misses me, I know.” Spike let her go and smiled at her. Diamond was blushing furiously and managed to smile back eventually. “So what’s happened in town since I’ve been gone?” Spike sat back down and the five mares pulled up chairs and another table.

“Not much really.” Scootaloo started, “Things have been pretty quiet since you left, though that old dragon dude, what was his name?”

“Altos, Scoots.” Spike laughed and drank some of his remaining smoothie.

“Right that dude! He came by a bunch and hung out with Twilight, Garbs and Rumbby.” Scootaloo leaned back in her chair and fiddled with her mane. “I caught Garbs before he and Altos headed off for training. He’s really come around from his pop’s punishment. I still feel bad for him…”

Spike flexed his wings slightly, “Yeah me too, if I had any clue that the punishment was so sever I probably wouldn’t have said anything.” Spike saw that Silk was rather confused. “Garble is another dragon friend of mine. He was the basis for my…dislike, of other dragons. But during my training with Altos I went to Verathe, the dragon capital, to meet other dragons…” Spike sighed a bit, “And that’s where I met Garble for the second time…it turns out that the way he treated me and put me in danger was a sever crime, it didn’t help that I’m Celestia’s adopted son. So when I saw him again…his wings had been cut clean off…”

Silk gasped in horror, the simple thought of having one’s wings ripped from their bodies was terrifying. Especially if said person was a species that lived for the skies. “I had no idea a little bullying would be so harshly received…”

“Me either, least to say though, we got closure. He understood how much of an ass he had been, pardon my French.” Spike coughed out, “And made a near complete 180 in personality. The two of us spent a lot of time together after that. He became the first dragon my age that I befriended.” Spike smiled to himself as a wave of nostalgia hit him.

“Anyhow.” Applebloom spoke up, “Other than Altos comin by and a few festivals here and there, nothing really changed. Everythin just sorta came to ah stop after yah left.” She scratched her cheek a bit.

“I’m not that important you know.” Spike rolled his eyes as Applebloom and Sweetie Belle laughed a bit.

Spike yawned as he pushed Silk towards Twilight’s castle. “It was nice catching up but man am I tired.” Spike looked down at Silk who was looking at the sky.

“This place is so…wonderful.” Silk said in somewhat of a daze. “It’s like…”

“A little piece of heaven?” Spike cut in.

“And how.” Silk laughed a bit and looked at Spike. “Thank you for bringing me here. I…haven’t felt so happy in years…”

Spike smiled and leaned over, giving Silk a small hug, which she returned. The pair made their way back to the castle. After dinner and cleaning up Spike and Chrysalis, who was no longer disguised, were laying together in Spike’s bed.

“Such a strange tale…” Chrysalis spoke up and looked at Spike who had just told her about Discord. She had seen a picture of him with Twilight and the others and wondered how they knew him. “I wonder if he’d see past my spell…”

“Definitely.” Spike sighed at bit and looked at Chrysalis who had her head on his arm. She was lying down next to him wrapped in a cover just in case. “If my mom and Luna could, he definitely can. I’m just wondering why Twi can’t.”

“Your sister is proficient in magic yes. But seeing through a spell takes practice in another field. It’s not very high on the list of things a unicorn should learn. I’ll never understand why though…” She snuggled into Spike unconsciously, drawn in by his warmth.

He chuckled and looked at her, “Lets get some rest. I still want to show you around some more.”

“I can’t wait.” Chrysalis smiled but stopped to think for a moment. She leaned up and looked at Spike seriously. “Spike?”

Spike looked at Chrysalis, “Huh?” His eyes widened when he felt a brand new sensation on his cheek. It was smooth and soft. It felt faintly cold but carried a warming after effect. The world seemed to take a backseat to this new feeling and he looked at Chrysalis who was smiling brightly. He made a spare copy of this image in the back of his mind so he never forgot it.

“That was for…everything…from saving me to helping me meet new…ponies I should say…” She giggled to herself and laid back on Spike’s arm. “It’s not much, but I hope it’s enough for now.”

Chrysalis let the day cover her and fell asleep quickly. Spike continued to look at her peaceful face as she slept. “…Its more than enough Chrysalis…” He leaned over and gave her a tiny kiss on her forehead. She seemed to smile even more and Spike let sleep take himself as well.

To be continued.

Chapter 9: Friendships

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Spike, Twilight and Silk were all in Spike’s room with Twilight and Spike looking worriedly at Silk. There was a tension in the air that could have been cut with butter. It was so bad many of the staff had chosen to steer clear of the room altogether.

“Okay Silk. I’ll be right here if anything is wrong. So just try okay?” Spike said standing next to Twilight looking very worried.

“It’ll be okay Spike. It’s been a week, I think she’s ready.” Twilight patted Spike’s arm and looked over at Silk.

Silk was sitting in her wheelchair, which was a brand new one provided by Twilight, wearing a pair of light brown pants and a long sleeve white shirt. She looked at Spike and he nodded reassuringly. “Okay…”

It took a moment but Silk finally began to push herself out of the wheelchair. Her legs wobbled dangerously as she stood up straight. She straightened herself up on her hooves and began to slowly make her way to Spike. He looked ready to pop and when Silk’s leg gave out for a moment his heart nearly stopped. Silk caught herself before Spike moved and she smiled at him. “I’m okay. I’m okay.”

She stood back up straight and began slowly walking back and forth in front of Spike and Twilight. She stopped in front of them after a while and looked at Spike who was sweating beads and smiled mischievously. She kneeled down slowly and Spike watched her in terror. She bounced back up and jumped in the air landing on her hooves carefully. She looked at Spike and saw he was panting and Twilight was rubbing his back.

“Well…” Spike and Twilight looked at Silk. “I can walk again it seems.” Two strong but kind arms suddenly wrapped around her.

“Oh thank Celestia!” Spike breathed out loudly as Silk returned his hug. She looked at Twilight and she gave the princess a smile.

“I’m glad you’re back on your hooves Silk.” Twilight walked over as Spike let the mare go. “So to celebrate how about we go over to Pinkie’s for a bite to eat?”

“I don’t want to be a bother…” Silk said still adjusting to the height. “But I do want to get some exercise so let’s go!” She smiled as Twilight and Spike nodded.

Spike picked up Silk’s wheelchair and put it away in a closet as Twilight and Silk made their way to the castle’s front doors. “It feels so good to be walking again.” Silk let out a sigh of happiness.

“I bet.” Twilight had become acutely aware of just how tall Silk was. She was a least an entire half-foot taller than herself. She was clearly just a bit taller than Spike. “At least now you don’t need to be push around everywhere by Spike.”

“I must disagree Twilight. I quite enjoy having Spike wait hand and hoof on me.” She smiled deviously but then giggled a bit, “But I think being able to do things on my own feels much better. Besides now I can finally look everypony in the eyes.”

They stepped outside the castle doors and heard flapping. The girls looked up and saw Spike above them. He landed behind them and smiled, “Well then, let’s get ta chowin down!”

“So juvenile.” Twilight groaned.

“I think it’s quite charming.” Twilight looked at Silk like she was wearing another pony’s skin. “What?”

“Congradumalationsongettingyourlegsback! Welltheyweren’tgonetobeginwithbutcongratsanyway! Ihopeyouliketheparty! Ihadtothrowitlastminutesoitsonlyponiesyoualready-“

“PINKIE!” Her friends yelled at once. Pinkie then sheepishly took a drink of cider.

Upon seeing Silk walking around Pinkie gathered together the other elements, Sweetie Belle and her group, a few ponies Silk had met and a few faces she didn’t recognize at all for a party. Silk and Rarity were discussing a time she could come over for a chance to look at a few new dresses she made for her when a strong voice called out.

“Hello, you must be Silk.” She turned around to be greeted by a dragon, but not Spike. Unlike Spike, this dragon’s scales were a dark shade of red. He seemed a bit sharper than Spike as well. A few teeth stuck out over his bottom lip giving him a slight overbite. His spine was more like a long orange fin. He was just a bit taller than her and wore a peaceful smile. He had on a black sleeveless shirt and matching dress pants. He was remarkably well dressed for a dragon, or he would be if she didn't know Spike.

But what drew her attention was his back. This dragon was clearly an airborn, dragons born to have wings, seeing the spines on the back of his neck told her as much. She looked at him with pity and opened her mouth. “Garble I take it…”

The dragon smile and rolled his shoulders, “It’s a pretty big tell huh?” Silk was about to speak again but he smiled at her, “It’s fine. I made a mistake. A big one, and then I paid for it. I could have easily been killed for what I did. But this was my punishment instead.” Garble bowed slightly to her, “My name is Garble Enferall. It’s nice to meet you.”

Silk withdrew her pitying look and gave him a smile. She bowed as well, “I am Amethyst Silk, and the pleasure is mine.”

“Garble!” A voice called out behind the dragon. He looked up with a toothy grin on his face. He turned around and a pair of silver arms wrapped around him. “It’s been so long! I missed seeing you when you stopped by last time you big meanie!” Silver Spoon squealed as she hugged the red dragon.

“I’m sorry Silver. I only stopped by with Altos. I was in a rush to get back to training. I’ll make it up to you.” Garble laughed a bit and hugged Silver Spoon back.

“You mean ‘us’ don’t you?” Diamond Tiara huffed as she walked up to the embracing friends.

“Yes I do. I promise to make it up to both of you. Now can I have a hug?” Garble smiled and let go of Silver. Diamond raised a brow and a wide smile built on her face. She leaped onto Garble and hugged him tightly. “I’m gonna get addicted to these one day.” Garble laughed as he hugged Diamond tenderly.

“I can give you more than hug Garby.” Silver chirped causing Garble to turn a brighter shade of red. He let go of Diamond and looked away from Silver as she laughed at him.

“Silver! That’s not nice! And it’s just plain crude!” Diamond scolded her friend with a blush on her face as well.

“It’s just a harmless joke Diamy or are you worried I’ll take your big red pillow from you?” Diamond and Garble blushed furiously and began chasing after Silver Spoon.

“Well…they sure are energetic…” Silk blinked as Rarity tried her best to keep composed. Spike walked over with a shorter dragon. She looked quite young and had a similar color to her scales. “And you are?”

“I’m Rumble! I’m Grable’s little sister. It’s nice to meet you!” She called out happily. The little dragon had clearly just entered adolescence. The telling signs were her voice and the slight bump of a chest. She had a fin-like spine like her brother and even had an overbite like him. But unlike her brother she had tiny wings that seem to just have grown in.

Silk kneeled down and rubbed the young dragoness’s head. “Hello there Rumble I’m Silk. I hope we can be friends.”

Rumble nodded quickly and then ran off calling out to Pinkie Pie who was serving cupcakes. “She’s precious.” Silk said laughing a bit.

“You have no idea. But I feel like she’s absorbing some of Pinkie’s well…Pinkieness.”

“I can see how that would be worrisome…”

“Yeah.” Spike smiled and grabbed Silk’s hand. “Come on there’s someone I want you to meet.”

“Who would that be? And why are we headed outside?” Silk raised a brow as Spike led her out the door. “There are a lot more ponies for me…to…meet…”

Her words began to die as she looked up to meet a pair of calm icy blue eyes. “Hello there Miss. I take it you’re the one Spike saved?”

The voice belonged to yet another dragon. But this one was clearly much older. He was at least 10 hooves tall and was covered in toned muscles. His colors were much different from Spike. He seemed to have random splotches of black all over his gray body. Scars were etched into his face, arms and chest, which was covered with an open jacket and no shirt. The pants he wore were tight on his body and had rips here and there. His tail seemed to have been cut off near the halfway point a long time ago and was hanging down barely touching the ground. On his back were two powerful looking wings, even folded they looked huge. His claws looked very, very sharp. Looking at his teeth Silk felt a shiver she hadn't felt in a long time.

“I know I’m mighty intimidatin’ Spike’s friends all tol’ me as such.” The dragon before her gave a hearty laugh and rubbed the white beard hanging from his face. Silk finally snapped out her daze enough to notice something.

“You have…hair…” Silk blinked and the dragon laughed again. She had the sudden urge to hide under Spike’s wings.

“Yes ah do miss. I’m the type o’ dragon that as they grow they get hair in the strangest places. Care to take a look see?” He raised his eye brows comically making Silk choke on a laugh.

“Enough Teach. Silk this is Altos, my teacher, my friend and my grand uncle apparently.” Silk shot him a surprised look. “I did say he was like a friendly grandpa, it’s not far off.”

“HAHA s’alright Spike! Now little lady why don’ we go fin’ a place ta talk. A place more…private like?” Altos’ eyes suddenly became rather serious.

Silk was about to run for Spike when she felt his hand on her shoulder and smiled. “Come on…Chrysalis…”

She looked up and Altos and watched him smile kindly. “Okay…”

“…well…that’s a terrible tale if ah ever heard one…” Altos’ accent cracked as he took in Chrysalis’ tale. “No wonder you’re so attached to Spike…well I’m glad you wen’ on that trip boy. Wise I’d never gotten ta meet with this beautiful sight.”

Chrysalis, Spike and Altos were all sitting just a ways inside the Everfree and had been talk for some time. Chrysalis’ face lit up and she scooted a bit close to Spike, which was quite the feat since there seemed to be no more room between them. “I-I’m flattered, r-really I am…”

“Don’ mind this ol’ dragon’s spouts o’ randomness. But ah see that it makes fer a pretty embarrassin’ situation. Anyways do you truly plan on stayin’ in Ponyville wit Spike?” Altos leaned over a bit and gave her a question look. “If ya do, ya know you’re gonna have to come clean.”

“…I know…I-I’m just…not ready. I still shake at nigh t if Spike isn’t there with me. I can’t seem to hold a conversation with anypony because of how uncomfortable I get. I can’t even bear to talk to somepony I just met if I’m alone…” Chrysalis was drawn into Spike’s side more by a purple and green wing. “But I’ll make myself known one day…I have to.”

“That’s a mighty fine way o’ thinkin’. Bein’ afraid ain’ nothin’ ta be ashamed of. Spike member what I told ya?” Altos looked a Spike with a wide smiled.

“Yup. ‘You can only be brave if you’re afraid of something. Bravery isn't just standing up for what right but doing it even if you think you might fail.’ Something like that.” Spike smiled and looked at Chrysalis.

“I like it…” She smiled at him and closed her eyes. She changed back into Silk and stood up with a slight spring in her step. “It was wonderful speaking to you Altos but they are throwing a party for me so…”

“Say no more! Let’s get movin’ youngins, that means you too Garble.” Altos called to the forest.

Silk and Spike both turned to the sound of shuffling and saw Garble rubbing his head. “S-sorry master…I was just…”

“Easedroppin’? Better brake that habit.” Altos didn't sound very happy at all.

Garble visible froze but looked over at Silk. He walked over to her and smiled wryly, “I’m truly sorry…for everything you lost…”

Silk’s hand shiver slightly but she clasped them together defiantly, “You…you have nothing to feel sorry for…and I don’t mind…it feels…nice to have somepony, er…dragon know…” She shot him a blushing look and he smiled.

“I’m still sorry.” Garble felt a hard pat on his back and looked at Spike.

“No more sorrys. Right Silk?” Spike smiled brightly at her, this forced her shivering away quickly.

“That’s right.” Silk, Altos, Spike and Garble shared a smiled before heading back to Sugarcube Corner. “I feel bad for leaving like that.”

“It’s fine. I told Pinkie we were showing you the Everfree so you’d steer clear.” Garble smiled smugly.

“Smooth.” Spike lightly punched his arm and looked up to see Twilight running over to them.

“Spike! Where in the hay did you go with the guest of honor? Pinkie’s throwing a fit because she can’t tell Silk her newest-,” She paused and looked at Altos, “Altos? Oh…Oh! I’m so sorry for not greeting you when you came to town!”

“S’alright Miss Sparkle. I was just chatting with Silk here. She’s a mighty kind mare. But enough standin around I’m hankerin fer some o’ Pie’s sweets!” The old dragon laughed loudly and continued with e healthy stride to Pinkie’s place.

Twilight laughed and looked at Spike, “Come on. He’ll eat everything if we don’t hurry.” She quickly ran after Altos being followed by Garble, Spike and Silk.

Silk stirred lightly in her sleep. She and most everypony, and dragon, had all fallen asleep after hours of partying. Silk’s eyes batted open and she looked around. She quickly became a bright shade of red from ear to ear. Spike was holding onto her softly, a wing draped around her. She tried to get out, no really she did, but gave in to the feeling of Spike’s warmth. She looked around making sure nopony else was awake and snuggle into Spike’s chest happily. “Hmm…”

“Enjoying yourself dear?”

Silk slowly turned to meet Rarity’s eyes. And her still growing smirk. “…w-why yes I am…” Silk’s face was starting to catch fire. “I-is t-that wr-wrong?”

“Oh I see nothing wrong with it at all. Perish the thought. I am simply pondering something. Everypony is asleep so no one will hear us hmm?” Rarity scooted a bit closer to Silk.

“I-I suppose…” Silk looked at Spike and listened to him sleep silently. “What did you want to ask?”

“…what do you think of Spikey?” Rarity smiled at her peacefully. “He’s such a kind young drake isn't he?”

Silk looked at Spike and then at Rarity. “Yes…yes he is…he’s also brave, strong and selfless…”

“Not to mention loyal to a fault.” Rarity smiled. Silk nodded slowly, “Anything else you've noticed?”

“…he’s somewhat selfish about things…but in a good way. He wants to be the one that does the tough work, he wants to be everypony’s protector…he’s also unnecessarily stubborn.” Silk reached her arm up and poke at Spike chest a bit.

“That he is, and still quite childish. He gets into fights because they’re ‘fun’, as he puts it.” Rarity smiled at Spike sleepy expression.

“…you've noticed quite a bit about him…why is that?” Silk looked at Rarity calmly. She knew where this conversation was headed.

“I've…given him quite a bit of thought…at first it was easy…denying it. He was a child and it was a crush…but then he grew up…oh how he grew up.” Rarity’s look seem to be less of a mare looking at a stallion, or dragon in the case, and more like a child and their parent. “I watched Spike train…I watched him get hurt. I've seen him fight for his life and cry like a child should… He was always so brave. But I had to come to terms with myself…”

Silk looked at Spike and then at Rarity as a bit of moister found its way to her eyes. “He was everything I wanted…needed and more…but I wasn't that way for him.” Silk snaked her way carefully out of Spike grasp and sat next to Rarity as she spoke. Spike gave silent grunt and rolled to his side still in a deep sleep. “He was forward and ready to put up a fight. I was worried about business and caring for my craft. He loves to test his strength. I love to sit down for hours on end and chat about nonsense…”

“I don’t think he would care…” Silk said without realizing she had. Rarity gave her a known looking. Then it dawned on her. “You've already spoke to him about this…haven’t you?”

“It was easy really. He told me he had loved me for years. Not that I hadn't noticed. But he said that he wasn't being fair to me. That his affection was so forward and that he never gave me a chance to set my hooves into something. So he gave up on me, or let me go as I decided to put it.” Silk laid a hand on hers and she smiled at the gesture of kindness. “We talked for a bit and he left…then I realized how in love with him I had been…”

“Miss Rarity…” Silk’s eyes teased with tears. Rarity shook her head and smiled. “Okay…go on.”

“He came to me the next day realizing he’d never been a real date before. So I helped him, I came up with that silly little book.” Rarity laughed dryly at herself.

“Rarity’s Gentledrake Handbook?” Silk offered with a small smile.

“That’s the one. We stayed up for hours coming up with all kinds of silly rules…I just wanted to be near him. Then his first date came along, guess how utterly shocking it was for me when I saw him with Fluttershy of all ponies.” Rarity looked over to Fluttershy sleeping next to a rather bulky looking pegasus. “I watched him go on his first date…then I cried. Just a bit of course. A lady must control her emotions. But I couldn't help but feel proud of my little Spikey. He was growing up and no longer the cute little dragon that would worship the ground I walked on.”

Silk giggled with Rarity over a similar thought. “Then I saw the look on his face when they separated…” Silk’s giggles died in her throat. “He was a mess, but he didn't cry. He told me they decided it would be best to stay friends, oh the poor dear… But he never regretted his choice and the next day Fluttershy and Spike were actually closer than they were as a couple.” Rarity looked at Silk smiling. “I’ll never understand why.”

“I think I get it. It’s like…they found each other in different way and shared things with one another they haven’t shared with anypony else. So there’s no barriers between them. I imagine something similar happen with Miss Applejack?” Silk gave the snoring Applejack a sideways glace. She was curled up next to Rainbow Dash mumbling drunken slurs in her sleep.

“Yes, while it was not very happy how they became closer. It did its job swimmingly. I think it was after this that Spike told me he was going to leave Ponyville for a few months to train his fire with Sir Altos. And that’s when I told him how I felt.” Silk looked at Spike who was now on his back with his mouth hung open and tongue out the side. “I told this goofy ball of scales I had loved him longer than I realized.”

“W-what happened?” Silk looked back at Rarity and she sighed happily.

“He bounced off the wall in happiness. Then he shot me down.” Rarity chuckled happily as Silk looked at her with a wide open mouth. “I know darling it took me by surprise as well. He told me how happy he was to hear it…but that he couldn't ever think of me as anything but a close friend. Would you believe me if I told you I was so desperate that I invite him to bed?” Silk blushed furiously and shook her head ‘no’. “Well he wasn't very pleased with me. It was the first time Spike had ever truly gotten cross with me. He told me I was better than that, and that wasn't the Rarity he knew. It took weeks for me to get over him…I still don’t think I am…but…”

Rarity turned to Spike and touched the fin on the side of his head causing him to twitch a bit. “I felt so much better. Bottling up emotions like that was terrible on my skin mind you.” Rarity said with her usual haughtiness. “He truly does deserve the best I believe. But we know Spike and he would adamantly disagree.”

“He’s just that kind of dragon.” Silk added in. The two mares looked at each other and laughed together. Their laughter made Spike stir a bit and he opened his eyes groggily.

“Huh? What’s funny? Oh my head…” Spike held his head for a moment until everything cleared. He sat up and looked at Silk and Rarity who were looking at him with smiles. “What?”

The two mares began to giggle uncontrollably as Spike kept a confused look plastered on his face. “Mares are weird…”

To be continued…

Chapter 10: Emotions Blaze

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“Oh my!” Silk squeaked out delightfully, “This is wonderful! Remind me to never doubt your taste in tea ever again.” Silk smiled at Rarity who flicked her mane to the side with the back of her free hand.

“Think nothing of it darling. I am a mare of exquisite taste and refined class. So you know I will always find the best quality in whatever I indulge.” Rarity smiled smugly and the two mare began up another conversation about fashion and what not.

“It’s only been a day since the party and now they’re inseparable…” Twilight gawked at Rarity and Silk as they giggle and talked. “Silk must have been pretty high class to hold up with Rarity in a conversation though…”

Spike laughed dryly, “You could say that… So what did you need from Rarity again?” Twilight and Spike were sitting on the couch adjacent to Silk and Rarity.

“Oh right. Rarity?” Twilight cleared her throat and got Rarity’s and Silk attention. “How are the rest of Silk’s clothes coming? I’m setting up a room for her next to Spike’s and I need to know how big the closet should be now that you two are so close…”

“Whatever are you hinting at?” Rarity scoffed as Silk and Spike began talking about going to Garble and Rumble in a while.

“You know how you get Rarity. Silk is beautiful, tall, has a great figure, don’t get me started on her sizes.” She stated matter-of-factly completely missing her own point. “She perfect model material and you know that once you’ve start on a dress frenzy you won’t stop.”

Rarity blinked at Twilight, “I had no idea you held such a high opinion of Silk…” Twilight raised an eyebrow and looked at Silk to find her blushing and covering her body. She then looked at Spike who kept flicking his view from the ceiling to Silk and back again.

“Oh…I just meant…nevermind, just answer my question.” She cover her face with a wing to hide her own blush.

“I should be finished with the required sets by next week. All of my own projects will be later. Now Silk?” Spike and Silk looked up at her. “It was wonderful seeing you again. I’d love it if we could spend some ‘us’ time together. But I know how apprehensive you are about-,”

“Actually I can stay a while if you want…” Instead of the shocked look she expect Spike just smiled at her with a proud gleam in his eyes. “Just ‘us’ as you put it.” She smiled with a tint of red on her cheeks.

Rarity gasped happily and grabbed Silk’s hands. “Oh it will be wonderful. I do hope we can do this often!” Silk smiled and nodded and Rarity smiled back.

“Good job Silk.” Spike mouthed at her. She nodded and he stood up, “As much as I’d love to talk fashion. Twi and I are gonna go grab a bite to eat and see Garble for a bit. See you girls later.” Twilight gave him a questioning look until his tail wrapped around her waist and pulled her along with him out the door. He looked back and Silk and saw her and Rarity already talking about high class blabber. “Good for you Silk…keep up the good work.”

Once outside Spike let Twilight out of his tail-grip and was met with a cross glance which turned into a happy smile. “I’m glad for her Spike.” She gave him a warm hug and nuzzled his chest, “And I’m very proud of you.”

“All I did was bodyguard.” Spike hugged Twilight back and smiled. “But it’s good to see her shell crack a bit. Hey Twi?” She let go and look up at him, “How about after we get something to eat we go and spend the day lazing away? Just like we used to?”

Twilight’s eyes shone brighter than they had in the year he had been gone. “I’d love to Spike!” She hugged him tightly and smiled against his chest. She let go and grabbed his hand. “Come on I’m craving something sweet all of a sudden!”

“All that sugar is gonna go to your thighs Twi.” Spike laughed as she pulled him along. She stuck her tongue out at him and continued to pull him.

“You’ve got it Rumble. Just a few more.” Garble cheered on his little sister as she flapped her wings wildly.

Rumble and Garble were at Diamond’s house from the day before and Rumble was getting some pre-flight training from Garble. Diamond and Silver were both watching as well given Rumble silent cheers. Rumble beat her wings faster and faster but suddenly stopped as she tried to catch her breathe.

“You did good Rumble.” Garble rubbed her head and she beamed up at him. “Remember you gotta keep that up for the next few months. You’ll be flying before you know it so keep training your wings.”

“Okay big brother!” Rumble smiled and ran over to Diamond and bounced up and down in front of her. “Did you see? My brother says I’m doing great!” She smiled widely as Diamond patted her head softly.

“You’re doing fine Rumby.” Diamond looked up at Garble. “How much longer are you staying in town?”

“Tomorrow. Early too.” Garble said with a little less power in his voice than before.

“Oh. I see…” Diamond’s own voice seemed to dim a bit as well. Silver rolled her eyes and stood up. She gave Diamond a look and walked over to Garble.

“Hey Garble?” She stopped in front of him. “Since you’ll be leaving tomorrow want to go on a date with me today?” She smiled innocently.

“What!?” Diamond stood up quickly but quieted down the moment Silver and Garble looked at her. She shrunk back a bit and blushed.

“…what Diamond said, where did this come from?” Garble stifled a blush as he spoke. “I know we’re friends but…”

“Well I’ve always been thinking. It’s because of you that we’re friends with Sweetie Belle and the others. Remember?” Silver Spoon stepped closer to Garble and he forced himself not to retreat.

“Y-yeah I remember.” Silver put her hand on his chest and smiled wickedly.

“Well I want to pay you back for what you did. You kept us from being lonely for the rest of our lives ya know. Besides, it’s not every day a mare like me gets her chance at a big, strong dragon like you.” She seemed to continually get closer to him. “So? What do you think? Me. You. And a long day with just-“

“No!” Diamond shouted, getting both Silver and Garble’s attention. Rumble was sitting on Diamond’s bed hiding behind a pillow. “No! No! NO! Garble is not going on a date with you!”

Silver gave her a smug look, one that reminded Diamond of their terrible years. “And why not?”

“B-because…” She looked at the stunned Garble and swallowed the lump in her throat. She briskly walked over to them and put her arms around Garble’s and pulled him away from her. “Because he’s my dragon! Mine and mine alone!”

Silver blinked and burst out into a furious laughter. “What…what took you so long?” She held her sides as Diamond and Rumble looked at each other and then Diamond got it.

“Y-you…” She blushed hard and dug her face into Garble’s arm. “I hate you so much…”

“I love you too Diamy.” Silver walk over to Diamond and gave her a hug. Diamond let one arm free from Garble and hugged Silver back.

“Thanks…” Diamond smiled against Silver’s neck.

“No problem…no problem at all…” Silver smile up at Garble.

Unknown to Diamond, Garble was looking at Silver Spoon with a look of dreaded pity. His mouth opened and closed repeatedly as he tried to say something, anything. She smiled at him with a distant look in her eyes.

“Now.” Silver let Diamond go and walk to her bedroom door. “I’m gonna leave the lovebirds alone. Good luck Juliet.” She snickered at her own joke.

She opened and closed the door behind her quickly. She made her way out of Diamond’s house when she heard the stomp of clawsteps. “What are you doing Garby?”

“Why? Why did you do that!?” Garble walked up to her but was stopped by Silver’s hand.

“She has dreams about you ya know…ones where the two of you are sailing a cloud to Celestia-knows-where. You hold her close and she kisses you…then she gets really detailed about-“

“Silver!” Garble tried to growl but it came out as more of a whine. She turned to him and he froze.

“All she did was talk about you. Even before we became friends you were on her mind…I hated that. Do you have any idea how much I hated it?” Silver’s eyes looked dead almost. “I thought I wanted you for myself…but I was fooling myself…I’ve always been doing that yeah?” She took off her glasses and smiled at him. “She was beside herself when she heard you both were back into town…two ponies, or dragons big deal, that gave us the chance we needed…”

Garble looked into her eyes and began to tense up. “I don’t know anything about what she likes…”

“You’ll learn. When she’s not quiet she’s a loud mouth.”

“I won’t be back for months.”

“Spike has that mailing fire thing right? I’m sure he could help. That or Twilight could magic you two up something.”

“I’m a brute.”

“You’re a gentle, cautious idiot.”

“I’ll hurt her someday!”

“No you won’t. Because you promised you wouldn’t. Dragon honor and all.”

“I…I’m a dragon…”

“She digs the scales.”


“She loves you and you love her. Go with that.” Silver smiled at him with life in her eyes again. “Do what I can’t okay?”

“…she’d be okay with it…”

“No she wouldn’t. You know that, remembering is your best quality Garby.”

“…dammit Silver…is this what you want?” Garble stepped closer to her.

“No. But it’s what she wants. I’ll stay her best friend for as long as I can.” Two powerful red arms hugged her silently.

“Please…just tell her…it’ll fix everything…” Silver smiled and chuckled.

“Tell her what? You’re being weird.”

He looked at her and she looked back. He paused and let her go. “I…no…thank you Silver…I do care about her…so I want her to be happy. But…you better find happiness too!”

Silver saluted playfully. “Sir yes sir. Now go on, she gets nervous easily these days. She’ll think you’re two timing big boy.”

“You’re probably right…” Garble backed away from her and bowed slightly. “Thank you.” He turned and went back inside Diamond’s house.

“…those two are not worth all the trouble they give me! I swear can’t a mare just…h-help…a-a fr-friend…ahh...” Silver’s eyes weld up and she ran straight to her house.

“Silver…” Spike croaked out as he wiped a tear from his eye. “We should have kept moving…”

Twilight sniffed hard. “Yeah…hey Spike?”

“Yeah Twi?” Spike looked at Twilight.

“Let’s just make something at home…the two of us. I just realized how long you’ve been gone…” Twilight held his arm hopelessly.

“Okay Twi. Let’s go home.” Spike and Twilight bother slowly made their way home.

“Did you know? About Silver?”

“Not really, but I had an idea…she and Diamond are so close.”

“For a while they were all they had…”

“I swore to never look at another person’s heart with pity.” Twilight gave him a surprised looked. “I promised that no matter what sympathy and pity would never mix. Silver is my friend so when she’s ready I’ll be there to help her through this.”

“I understand. You can count on your best sister to help you out too.”

“You’re my only sister.”

“Majority rules then?”

“I love you ya egghead.”

“I know I’m great.” Twilight flicked her mane to the side only to get some of it in her eyes. “Ow!”

“Not all that great yeah?”

“Oh hush.”

“Twilight slow down! The sandwich isn’t going to run if you chew slowly!” Spike passed her a glass of water and she wolfed down her grain and rose sandwich.

“I can’t help it Spike! I missed your food sooo much!” She took a drink and then another big bite. “I’m in heaven.”

Spike sighed and shook his head. He finished up his gems and watched Twilight make her food vanish. “What did you eat while I was gone?”

She wiped her mouth clean with a napkin and finished her drink. “A lot of salads, as much as I’m thankful to all the help from the staff. I don’t like eating like well…a princess.” She stretched her back and puffed out her chest a bit, “I’ll never quite get used to it…”

“At least I know you weren’t eating badly.” Spike eyed Twilight’s figure for a moment and smiled. “I’d have been terrified if I came back you were two hundred pound bigger.” He laughed when Twilight started hitting his arm.

“I can’t believe I missed you!” Twilight laughed and hugged Spike with a big smile on her face. “I’m glad you’re back Spike I really missed this…”

“I missed it too Twi. I really did…hey have you had any nightmares since I came back?” Spike wrapped an arm around Twilight as they held each other’s warmth.

“N-no not really…” Spike squeezed her arm a bit and she sighed. “Okay I did have something like a bad dream…” Spike made Twilight look at him and he gave her a hard look. “I-I know I should have told you but…you were so worried with Silk…I didn’t want to take your time away from her…”

“Oh you egghead. I’d always make time for you, you know that.” Spike sighed again and let go of Twilight, “But I guess I’m just not trust worthy enough huh?” He began walking away when the sound of hoofsteps echoed in the crystal kitchen.

“I-I do trust you, I just didn’t want you to worry!” Twilight rushed up behind him and he slowly turned around and faced her with an even glare. “Okay, I’ll tell you about the dream…”

Spike smiled and pulled Twilight to their favorite place to talk, Twilight’s work place. It was less a workplace and more a library. More specifically her old library. Spike and Twilight sat down on the couch and he looked at her. “Well get explaining.”

“Okay…so…the dream starts out in a really black landscape. Something like the Tartarus limbo zone, you remember?” Spike thought for a moment and nodded. “Good I’m not the only one that can’t get that place out of my head. Anyway everything was black until I saw a green light, a blazing fire. I got closer to it and…it…burned me…”

Spike rubbed his throat for a moment. “Yeah…anyway the fire spread up my arms and engulfed me in moments…then I saw you…you were looking at me with fear in your eyes…like I had done something terrible to you…” Twilight fiddled her fingers. “Then I started walking towards you and I woke up…”

Spike swallowed a bit, “Does it mean anything?”

“I don’t think so…” Twilight leaned over and rested her head on Spike’s shoulder. “I honestly don’t know…” She smiled when she felt Spike wrap an arm around her and rub her shoulder. “But they’re dreams, bad dreams but dreams none the less.”

Spike smiled and kissed her forehead, “Even if it did mean something, it’s nothing we can’t handle. I doubt anything is worse than a god of chaos or a giant demon made of darkness.”

“Do not bring that back up. I am so happy to be done with that mess.” Twilight sat up and stretched a bit, she felt a shift on her legs and looked down at Spike. He had laid his head on her lap with his spines brushed to the side. “You know…that was another mess you got us out of.”

“I don’t even think that was a big deal. All we had to do was close the stupid door to Tartarus.” Spike smiled up at her. “Besides all I did was scare it.”

“You scared a demon that has been trying to get free of its prison for hundreds of years. That’s a big deal.” Twilight laughed and played with one of his spines.

“Eh, it’s just I do, I am kind of a big deal at times you know.” He smiled and they both broke into a fit of laughter. “Seriously though like you said dreams, bad or not, are just dreams.” He reached up and poke her cheek lightly, “So don’t let it bottle up in the crazy head of yours.”

Twilight’s cheeks reddened a bit and she flicked his snout. “Jeez thanks for the vote of confidence. But I suppose you’re right, we’ll be fine if we’re all together…we are all together right?” Twilight looked away from Spike to try and hide the sad look she knew she had.

“…yeah…we’re all here.” She quickly looked down at him, “As much as I loved traveling…I think I want to stay here in Ponyville with you, all of you.” Spike smiled and felt a tear drop on his face. “Twilight?”

“S-sorry…I was so lonely without you Spike…I missed you everyday and all of your letters made me miss you more…” She wiped her cheek and laughed, “I don’t get it, why am I feeling like this now?”

Spike sat up and hugged Twilight quietly as and she hugged him back, “Its like…everything bottled up is coming out…” She hugged him tighter and he smiled.

“Maybe I had a bigger effect on Ponyville than I thought.” He chuckled and draped a wing around Twilight’s shoulder, “I missed you too. I really did.”

Twilight closed her eyes and felt herself fall away from the world, soon after Spike followed but not without a single thought before falling to sleep.

“When did Twilight get so…cute…” He closed his eyes and fell asleep in a moment.

To be continued…

Chapter 11: Memories Part 1

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[Quick note. I have no idea how to write lesbian or gay characters finding out they are gay or whatever, but I tried my damn best.]

A simple bustle echoed throughout Ponyville, it was midday which meant lots of ponies were on the move. Walking around, carrying on conversations or doing chores and such. School had let out about an hour ago so children and teen could be seen running around playing as well. All this happiness just made Silver Spoon’s mod worse.

As usual Diamond Tiara got into it with the Crusaders, despite having gotten cutiemarks they all stayed the best of friends. But that didn’t put a stop to Diamond’s teasing. She just looked for new angles, and there were very little. Applebloom was way into potions and stuff now so she was looking forward to a great life in medical brewing. Sweetie found her voice and was a successful singer. When Scootaloo finally was able to fly, she quickly became the second best flier in Ponyville, always right behind Rainbow Dash.

Yet despite all these accomplishments Diamond still thought she had some way to bother them. They just started outright ignoring her in high school and when they went college to Silver and Diamond’s surprise they tried to put the past behind them. Too bad Diamond’s ego spoke for her.

Diamond was laying her face into the café table and Silver was sitting up slowly drink a smoothie through a bendy straw. Diamond cursed at herself every time she opened her mouth, she could never say something nice without sounding sarcastic. But Silver knew Diamond the best and always knew what she meant but kept quiet, mostly because translation isn’t fixing. Diamond had asked her why she stuck around, Silver just responded with ‘Because you can’t do anything without me.’

“I had no idea…” Silk said after swallowing her food.

“Yeah she was pretty bad…I was too but I got better over time.” Silver munched down on her sandwich and looked up at Spike and Silk. “But she was always trying.”

“I know that, the girls knew too but Diamond kept pushing them away.” Spike sighed and leaned back into the couch he and Silk occupied. Silver sat across from them on an equal sized couch.

“That was the day Garble and I came by after training and they got into a fight.” Silver chuckled.

“Who Garble and Diamond?” Silk questioned.

“Yup.” Silver just sighed as she recalled. “You see…”

Silver slurped away and looked up noticing their two scaled friends walking over, both looking somewhat tired. “Hi Spike, Hi Grable.”

Diamond turned her head and laid the side of it on the table and looked at them. “Hello Spike, Crimson-Pain-In-My-Arse.” She growled at Garble.

“Silver Spoon, Dull Tiara.” Garble shot back and smiled as Diamond raised her head and glared at him.

“Garble! Not helping!” Spike glared at Garble and the red drake raised his hands in surrender. “Hello Diamond, let me guess another fight?”

Silver had talked to Diamond while Spike spoke to Garble and calmed her down, she had a smiled on her face until Spike spoke to her. Her smiled was replaced with a scowl. “We actually made progress. They came over, said ‘Hello’ and ‘How are you doing’!” Silver said with fake excitement.

Spike groaned and rubbed the ridge between his eyes. “Diamond you are a brand new kind of species I swear…”

Diamond released an unladylike groan and flopped her face into the table again. “I’m so stupid…”

“I’d ask Twilight to just cast a spell on you to speak your mind but I’m scared you’ll actually force yourself to think evil thoughts instead!” Spike threw his hands up in the air and sat down in a free seat.

“I wouldn’t put it past her.” Silver sighed and listened to Diamond groan again.

“Neither would I.” Garble took a seat from an empty table and sat down.

“Why do you guys even keep trying? I’m a lot cause…” Diamond looked up and the three people that she could speak only to.

“Because we’re your friends Tiara.” Silver smiled and her and Spike and Garble nodded.

“I don’t deserve friends like you three…” Diamond sat up and smiled wryly.

“No you don’t.” Garble voiced, earning a glare from Spike and Silver. “Not yet anyway, but you’re willing to change so that’s a start.” Garble smiled when Diamond’s face flushed red.

Diamond’s face scrunched up and she leaned into Silver looking away from him. “I can’t stand you…”

“That’s Diamond for ‘Take me you strong chuck of dragon.’” Silver smiled as Diamond and Garble furiously blushed. Spike almost fell to the floor laughing.

“It was pretty clear they liked each other, too bad they couldn’t stand each other for a while.” Spike chuckled to himself. “After that we all spent the day together talking and stuff.”

Silk nodded and looked at Silver. “Was that the reason you were crying?” Spike had went to Silver’s place to talk to her and Silk tagged along. Silver let them in despite the fact that she was still crying. It had been a short while later when she felt okay enough to talk to them.

“Four years ago I would’ve thought so…but I slapped myself pretty hard when I found out. I mean…you’d think you’d know everything about yourself right?” Silver sighed.

Silk nodded. “We all assume we know ourselves best…but we soon find that we know even less than we thought.” Silk smiled at Spike and a slight blush built on his face.

“Still this was a big deal…” Silver put her food down on the table in front of them and pulled her legs up to her body. She wrapped her arms around her legs and sighed. “And I knew she would hate me for it…”

Spike immediately stood up and sat next to Silver and wrapped a wing around her. “That’s not true and you know it.”

Silk wanted to keep quiet but she knew her role here was to get her to say whatever she was hiding out loud. “Why did we find you crying Silver?”

Spike looked at her with a thankful smiled and Silver Spoon sighed. “It was when we came home that day that I realized it…”

Diamond and Silver were having yet another sleep over. As per their ritual, stay over each other’s house and talk about things that Diamond couldn’t say outside.

Diamond was still living with her father at this time even if he was gone for most days. But it was much better now, Spike and Garble convinced Diamond to be open with her father about how she feels. Filthy Rich took it all very well, in fact he already knew.

Silver was in Diamond’s room in her purple and blue pajama pant and a sleeveless white top. She had taken off her glassed and was laid out on the floor. She was re-reading one of her favorite novels that Diamond gave to her. Diamond smiled at the memory of receiving a book from Diamond during Christmas. She remembered laughing at how nervous Diamond was about it and something dawned on her that she always thought about but never drew attention to. All of her favorite things had come from Diamond. Sure she had been given plenty of things and experienced plenty with Spike and Garble alongside Diamond, but all of her best memories had Diamond right by her side.

Silver closed the book and sat up with her legs lean to the side. Why hadn’t this ever bothered her? She was Diamond’s very best friend and had been with her so long she could barely remember a time they weren’t with one another. Then she drew her thoughts to current events, Garble and Spike came into their lives and they had been hanging out slightly less than usual. Diamond would hang around Garble and argue up a storm, come over for a sleepover and tear Silver’s ears off with complaints about the red dragon. Silver would hang out with Spike and talk about Diamond’s slow moving progress into making more than three friends. They share a laugh, hang out and then part ways so she could head to Diamond’s place to cool her off from Garble’s unmoving poker face and smug grin.

She vaguely remembered feeling somewhat jealous, but of who? She thought it was of Diamond. She liked Garble a bit more than Spike, he was reserved somewhat but still cracked jokes and got nervous. She enjoyed teasing him. But she never really saw him as a love interest, sure he was cute when he was nervous but that wasn’t strange, she thought Diamond was adorable…when…

Silver’s eyes bulged open as she caught her breathe in her throat.

Oh gods…

She was always next to Diamond. She took time out of her day to spend time with her. Seeing Diamond happy made her feel so happy she could burst. She hated to see her sad and even got into fights with ponies that made her cry. She put her own social life at risk to make Diamond feel like she had worth.

There had to be another answer. There had to be! She knew herself, she knew that ‘this’ wasn’t how she thought. She didn’t-

“Silver Spoon? Are you okay? You look…pale.” The sweet voice echoed through her head and Silver begged herself not to look up. Almost against her will her eyes drew up. And she wished she had never come over.

Diamond had seemingly just come out of the shower. Her pink coat matted down slightly, still just a bit wet. She was drying her tail with a towel when she walked in and Silver became painfully aware of her attire. Light blue panties held firmly to Diamond’s waist as she stood before Silver. And that was all, not even her tiara was on.

Silver’s heart began to pound erratically as she gazed at what she could only call Diamond’s heavenly figure. The two of them valued their looks less over the years but always tried to keep appearances. Silver was somewhat lacking but Diamond had filled out quite well.

Silver tried to close the space between her legs more but found herself already squeezing them closed. She moved her book in front of her chest as she felt her body heat rising. Maybe she was just in heat! Yeah that was it!

“Silvy what’s wrong! Are you sick?” Diamond dropped the towel and kneeled down in front of Silver. Her voice and eyes carried a desperately worried aura.

Silver wasn’t in heat.

“I can go get daddy’s doctor if you want, just tell me and I’ll do anything I can!” Diamond held a hand on Silver’s cheek and was going frantic the longer Silver stayed quiet.

Diamond’s voice was beautiful.

“Silvy!?” Diamond eyes started to tear up. This got Silver Spoon’s attention.

“I-I’m fine! I-I guess I was in deeper thought than I realized…I’m sorry for scaring you Diamy. I’m fine promise.” Silver hadn’t realized that her voice had lowered slightly, making it simmer softly.

“O-oh…s-so-sorry…I just…I just got so worried…but if you’re okay. D-do you want something to eat? I can go get something for you, just let me put something on.” Diamond stood up and stopped when Silver’s hand grabbed her wrist.

“N-no! I-I me-mean…don’t worry, I’ll go, I had to go to the bathroom anyway.” She stood up before Diamond could speak. “Just go ahead and lay down without me, I’ll be back in a bit…”

Silver rushed out the door and closed it quickly behind her. She made her way to bathroom and closed and locked the door behind her. She slid down on her bottom and panted heavily. She had no idea why she was tired. She looked around the large bathroom and unconsciously smelled the air. “Diamond...”

She clamped her hands over her mouth and streams of tears ran down her face. She shivered and cried silently at herself and wished to disappear right then and there.

There was no way to forget what she knew now. She couldn’t ignore it anymore…but she had to.

A few moments passed and Silver walked into Diamond’s room with two plates with a sandwich on each. “You’re still up?”

Diamond looked up at Silver and sighed, she had put on a t-shirt and was sitting on her bed. “I just got worried…you know you really freaked me out…”

Silver giggled. “Sorry Diamy.” She walked over and put a plate with a sandwich on Diamond’s bed at her side. “I knew you’d stay up though, you haven’t had your rant about Garble yet.”

“I’ll have you know that I do not think about that dolt that often! He’s no one special, he’s just a big red brute! That stupid grin he always gives me just gets on my nerves!” Diamond crossed her arms and growled.

“I think there’s a word for ponies like you in Neighponese…” Silver sighed and laid down on her makeshift bed on the floor.

Diamond blushed and looked away. “I’m just giving my opinion…”

Silver looked up and Diamond and took a bite of her sandwich. She swallowed and put a neutral look on her face. “I love you Diamond Tiara.”

Diamond dropped her sandwich mid-bite and stare blankly at Silver blushing furiously.

“What’ll you do when Garble says that to you huh?” Silver adopted a sly smirk and a pillow hit her in the face.

“You’re terrible! Don’t freak me out like that!” Diamond continued to smack Silver with her pillow.

Silver laughed and put her sandwich away and grabbed her own pillow to block. “But you’re just so precious, how can I not tease you?”

Diamond blushed and grabbed another pillow. “I’ll make you remember who holds the Pillow Wars championship belt!” Diamond smiled and jumped at Silver pillows blazing.

“Oh no I’m so scared. En garde!” Silver dodged and the two entered into a friendly battle of pillows.

After sufficiently tiring themselves out. Silver and Diamond voted on sleeping back-to-back on the floor since it would take effort for Diamond to get back on her bed.

Diamond was blissfully asleep and completely missed Silver Spoon crying herself to sleep. She had curled into a ball after Diamond fell sleep and cried to herself softly. But even then a bitter sweet smile laid splayed across her face. “I'm so stupid...”

Silk was hugging Silver Spoon as if she had found her lost child. “I am so sorry…four years of knowing…and to watch her love another…”

Silver cried quietly into Silk’s chest as Spike rubbed her arm quietly. “She told Garble about this the very next day and Garble told me a few weeks later.”

“Look at me…” Silver blubbered out. “I’m in love with another mare…and instead of trying my hand at happiness…I gave her up. I was so scare of being rejected that I gave up…I am so weak.”

“You are the strongest pony I have ever had the pleasure of meeting Silver.” Silk kissed her forehead and looked into her eyes. “You are far too young to be this way…”

“I know right?” Silver let out a hollow laugh. “But Diamond’s more important than my weird feelings. So it’s only makes sense to be selfless right? …I just wish I could have been selfish…”

Spike and Silk held onto Silver as she let the tears fall down her face.

After a long quiet minute Silver brushed off Silk and made her sit down. “Okay enough of that. I’m done feeling sorry for myself. I want you to promise to never tell Diamond. I’ll find a way to tell her on my own.”

Silk nodded and looked at Spike. “Spike? I’ve been thinking…you and Garble were Diamond and Silver’s first other friends right?” Spike looked at her and nodded, his wings place back behind him. “Well…if you were the cause of Garble’s…punishment…then how are you two friends?”

Spike blinked at the sudden change of topic but he realized it would help Silver’s mood. “Well we didn’t become friends overnight I’ll tell you. As a matter of fact I could barely look him in the eye when we met again.”

Spike stood in awe as he looked up at the majestic city of Verathe before him. He had read stories about the dragon capital but man they didn’t do it justice. Despite his simple age of seventeen and his growth spurt the tall marble and stone buildings towered over him. Dragons of all shapes, size, colors and types walked and flew around the city. Spike was completely overwhelmed by the beauty of each structure he passed. They had bakeries and cafes, clothing shops and book stores, schools and playgrounds. Spike felt ashamed of himself for everything he thought about dragons before.

“What I tell you boy? Not all dragons rough house and horde up fer all their lives. We have a wonderful culture and a rich history. Nevah been a big fan o’ books though, but ah was there for a few major events.” Altos chuckled to himself as he and Spike walked down the marble street towards the large castle in the distance. “Ah reckon you might wanna git acquainted wit yer remainin relatives. But don hope for too much, we Devarins don have a big family tree.” Spike had come to know that Altos was his grand uncle, the brother of his grandfather. Altos told him his egg was found by Celestia soon after his mother passed away from an illness and his father had been missing ever since. Spike was sad to know he didn't have parents, but he knew he had two aunts, a grandfather and a grand uncle, this was more than enough. Spike also decided that the last name Devarin didn't roll off the tongue very well.

“Now we’re gonna go see yer grandfather and yer aunt, they’ll be mighty happy to see ye.” Altos smiled at Spike and continued to walk.

Spike continued to look around until they reached the castle. Spike had no idea why but he felt compelled to not stare at the huge castle, he felt that it was rude. He and Altos had been led inside by a dragon in armor and were led to a room were two dragons were talking.

“Madam Fawn, Altos Teric Devarin is here to see you.” The dragon guard saluted and the dragoness smiled at Spike.

“Thank you guard that will be all.” The guard nodded and left the room, closing the door behind Spike. The dragoness made her way over to Spike and smiled kindly at him. She was shorter than Altos but was still much taller than him. She had four small wings on her hand and all of her features were rounded and soft looking. She was a very light violet color and a very vibrant blue on her under scales and fins that resembled Spike’s. Her eyes however let Spike know, this was family. Her emerald eyes watered slightly as she kneeled down and placed a hand on Spike’s cheek. “You are such a strong young drake…your mother would be so proud…”

Spike smiled and fidgeted a bit. He had learned lots from Altos, mostly that dragons weren't inherently mean. He was just unlucky. Most dragons was kind, knowledge able or at least honor bound. He wondered if it was appropriate to hug his aunt.

She seemed to read his mind and hugged him softly. He returned the hug and she stood up after a moment. “I am Fawn Rose Enferall. When I married I took my husband’s last name you see. And this young drake is the son of my husband and his previous wife.” She turned to the drake who had a hood covering his face. He walked over and Spike felt a strange feeling and familiarity.

He suddenly felt his stomach drop off the face of the planet.

End of Part 1.

Chapter 12: Memories Part 2

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Spike felt his scales constrict on his body as he stared at the drake in front of him. Their hood was down and Spike could see all of his features. His dark red scales, fin-like spine and a big overbite. The piercing dot like purple eyes attached to the slightly taller figure before him.

He tried to breathe but Spike fell short and nearly fell backwards. He finally found his voice and stood up straight. “G-Garble?”

“…hello again Spike…” Garble lifted his hood and walked past him without looking at him again.

Altos looked at Spike and then at Garble as he walked through the doors. “What in blazes…you were the- But how was ah not…” Altos shook his head and looked at the bewildered Fawn.

She was just as shocked as to what happened. “I knew he had been punished but…I never read the record on who it was…it was a private hearing so he wouldn’t me made a public marker…by the God Wyrms…Spike I am so sorry!” Fawn reached out to Spike and he looked at her.

“Punishment? What punishment?”

“Was that when you found out?” Silver questioned Spike. She herself hadn’t heard the full story after all, just bits and pieces.

“Yeah…they told me what happened and man did I freak out.” Spike smiled peacefully.

“What did you do?” Silk asked while trying to imagine how shock Spike must have been.

“I’m getting there.” Spike smiled.

Garble walked down the halls of the great castle when echoing footsteps came from behind him. He sighed and turned, “Mother I’m…you…”

Spike was standing before Garble out of breathe and a look of fear in his eyes. Garble began to turn when he heard something hit the floor. He turned back and quickly jumped back as he looked down. Spike was on his hands and knees with his head firmly on the ground. His wings were open and his tail laid behind him. Garble knew full well what this posture meant. “Get up! Stop this! Do you have even the faintest idea-!”

“THAT’S WHY I’M DOING IT!” Spike shouted fiercely and cut Garble off. He held his head down still in his bowing position. “This posture is one of true shame, it means giving up who you are and becoming a meaningless being. A dragon’s honor and pride rule all, but I don’t give a damn about dragon pride or honor!” He looked up at Garble forcing Garble and the guards who were watched to gasp in horror.

To look at the one you bow to was a taboo. It meant challenging the one who had bested you in some way. Spike knew this and did not care.

“I never wanted you harmed! You teased me a bit and that was all! Sure I was a little scared of dragons after that but I was young and stupid! I didn’t know anything then. But now I do! And I refuse to bear any honor when your wings were stripped because of me!” His head slammed back into the ground and cracked the marble flooring a bit.

Garble shivered in fright. All these years he simmered in hatred of Spike. All this time he wanted to harm him the same way he was. His pride as a dragon was gone. But now? Spike had just given up his honor, dignity and pride as a dragon…to say he was sorry.

“Rise Spike Dragul Solaris.” A mighty voice boomed over them. Spike looked up slightly at the owner of the voice and quickly stood up. He put his hand over his heart and bowed in respect. The dragon before him was covered in golden and black scales. Four large powerful wings along his back. He was at least twice as large as Altos and easily towered over Spike and Garble. He was dressed in royal draconic attire which was all Spike needed to know the dragon before him was one of the high council.

“Why have you shamed your name?” A voice came from the large dragon and Spike dared not look up. This was an act of disrespect unless he was asked to do so.

“Garble was punished for what he did to me years ago. But I had no knowledge of this. Upon learning his wings were stripped from his body for what he had done to me I had to give my apologies, but words would not suffice. So I put my dignity, pride and honor forward and asked forgiveness.”

“Why do you do this? Do you not know you are twice royalty? Both as Celestia Solaris’s son and my grandson?” Spike wanted to look up in shock but stood still. He knew what to except if he broke tradition.

“I don’t care. It is unforgiveable what’s happened to him! He did not deserve this! If I had been in the know I was have asked a pardon! Striping an airborn of their wings is too much!” Spike shouted with confidence even as he felt like he about to wet him.

“What has been done cannot be undone.”

“…I know…”

“Stand Spike Dragul Solaris.” Spike stood up straight and looked in the kind emerald eyes that bore down on him. He truly was this dragon’s grandson. “You have given up all that a dragon stands for…to apologize. I could not be prouder and more worried.”

Spike wryly smiled a bit as the dragon before him looked to Garble. “Garble Enferall, stand.”

Garble stood straight up and looked at Spike. The two of their eyes met and Garble could only look at Spike with an unknown feeling of pride in being anyway related to him.

“Do you forgive Spike for what has happened to you? Or will you take his honor and force him under your service?” The older dragon spoke softly to both of them. Garble looked up and the large dragon and down at Spike. There was no fear, no wavering, and no second thoughts behind Spike’s gaze. He resolved to bear Garble’s decision.

“I…I…um…I…I…” Garble shuddered and shook uncontrollably. He knew what he should say, it was all there, Spike wasn’t at fault, and he even said he would’ve just let it all pass if he had known. But in the place where he had pent up all of the hatred and malice for Spike, he wanted to make Spike crawl before him for what happened. Then something clicked. “I want to give him a chance to win his honor back.”

“…interesting…so a bout is it?” Garble looked at Spike and nodded. “Spike he wishes to give you a chance to retain you honor and earn your forgiveness. Do you accept?”

Spike took a second and nodded. “I accept.”

“He wanted to fight you? Why? Because he still wanted to hurt you back?” Silver questioned. Spike and Garble talk about how they felt after a long time of knowing one another so Spike knew most of what was on Garble’s mind.

“Yeah.” Spike sighed. “Because in a bout, no matter how badly I was hurt it would be my own fault.”

Garble and Spike were placed in rooms away from one another until the next day came and their match began. Spike got a last minute prep talk from Altos and was led to their arena by his aunt. The place of their fight was in the guard barracks, a training area made of durable stone. It was clearly used well, scorch and claw marks were everywhere. Spike caught sight of Garble’s father before he was led to the room he would be waiting in. He looked exactly like Garble, expect instead of a thin build like his son, this dragon was bulky, not as bulky as Altos, but close. He also look incredibly angry.

Spike was given a pair of training pants and chest plate armor to protect him. He chose a pair of half arm gauntlets instead of an actual weapon. The dragon guard that was assigned to him looked at Spike with some sort of pity, as if he was destined to lose. Spike put it together in his head that Garble had some sort of training in battle. He hoped his 2 years of training with Altos and Shining would keep him safe.

He was soon led out of the room and to the large platform that had risen from the flat ground. Spike stepped up onto the platform and saw a magic barrier form a dome over the ‘ring’.

“It’s to keep the bystanders safe…I know you wouldn’t try and run…” Garble stood across from him on the opposite side of the large circle. He was wearing the same set of armor but had a sword attached to his side. He drew it and pointed it at Spike. “I’ll be honest…I want to forgive and forget…but I need to get this off my conscious first…I won’t hurt you much…just enough to satisfy me. So don’t hold back.”

Spike nodded and took a deep breath. He released it slowly and let his right foot come out a bit in front of him and put both his arms up in front of him. His hands were open and he created a box-like figure with his arms. Garble and all of the guards watching look confused. Altos, Fawn and Garble’s father just watched quietly. “I wasn’t planning on it. But I’ll be honest though…I’ve been wanting to pound your face in your years…”

Garble chuckled and put up a stance with the sword out in front of him in his right hand. He smiled and had a slight internal smirk. He had been trained harshly since he came back to the city. Mostly on his own request, he needed to learn how to live like a terran now anyway.

Everything got really quiet as the referee raised her hand. The dragoness looked at Spike and then at Garble. “Begin!”

Garble dashed forward and quickly began to come up with a battle plan. He’d come in and slash at Spike as feint and beat into him with his free hand. He didn’t know what kind of stance Spike had but it wasn’t anything to worry about. After all he was unarmed.

The world went white for a moment and Garble took a few steps back and blocked a kick that made him skid back. Garble’s eyes finally caught up with the world and saw that not only was his sword chipped but his nose was bleeding. He looked at Spike and he still had the same stance as before. But now he was bouncing slightly.

“You used that against those Diamond Dogs right? Boxing was it?” Silk tried to remember.

“Yeah, Shining scooped me up one day along with Altos. Took me back to the Crystal Empire and trained my tail off for a few months so I could watch Twilight’s back.” Spike shivered at the memories of his training.

“Well what happened next?” Silver seem impatient.

"Well if you let me I'll tell you..."

Garble tried to attack Spike but all that came of it was heavy and swift blows to his own body. Gifts from Spike. Spike was fast and strong, much stronger than he gave him credit. But he was no slacker either.

Garble had caught Spike’s exposed arms twice each but took four body shots per cut. His armor was a mass of dents now. He looked at Spike and panted heavily. Spike had barely broken a sweat. He’d never underestimate him again. Garble straightened up and slowly side stepped around Spike. Spike followed him with the bouncing motion he had kept doing.

Garble could see when Spike would be open for attacks, but Spike gave little mind to if he would be damaged or not. He went in risking his life. Garble wondered what kind of events could take place that Spike would be so ready to face death and beat it down.

His pondering would be left for later. He rushed in and used his weight to carry his momentum into Spike. He noticed that if Spike’s balance was disturbed he’d back away and readjust. He needed that window of time to attack.

He swung quickly at Spike and avoid four of his seven punches. He was starting to get used to Spike’s pattern of punches. Body, body, face, body, face, face repeat. That much was easy. He hit Spike in the arm with the sword and used his weight to push against Spike and disrupted his balance. Spike backed off and began to readjust. Garble took the window of opportunity. He lunged at Spike and swung down at him with a heavy force…

Garble shot up from the bed he occupied and blinked hard. He looked around and saw his mother and father, he saw a nurse and a guard. His mother watched as his father walked over and sat in a chair beside the infirmary bed. “…what happened?”

Garble’s father looked at his son and shook his head. “You did your best against his technique…but he had been baiting you the whole time. When you thought you dodged his punches you instead were exhausting yourself for nothing. He was throwing hits that would miss your head and used the wind pressure of his punches to dull your field of depth…you swung at air when you thought you had him off balance and he ended the match with a single upper cut…”

Garble gawked at his father. Not only had he been read…but he had been read by someone he underestimated. He thought that his training as soldier would trump Spike’s…namby pamby lifestyle… Even after his punishment, years after being scolded and begging for his father’s forgiveness, he still thought the same. Garble grabbed the blanket covering him and bore into it with his claws. “I thought…I was different. That I was a better dragon now, not some mindless brute…”

“You are different.” Spike’s voice suddenly echoed in his head. Garble looked over to see Spike leaned against the wall with both his arms covered in bandages. “You looked me straight in the eyes when we fought. You didn’t look down on me and the way I live. You have changed Garble.” Spike walked over and stuck out his much more bandaged right hand. “You also have one hard ass jaw…”

Garble looked at Spike’s right hand and put two and two together. Despite himself Garble chuckled and grabbed Spike’s hand. “And you throw a mean right apparently.”

Spike smiled but took on a serious face. “Neither of us are satisfied with how the fight ended…” Garble sighed and mirrored Spike’s expression. “So when you recover…lets fight again. I want to truly earn it, when you aren’t in shock and don’t know what I can do.”

Garble nodded. “I’ll look at you Spike. Not at the dragon that lives with ponies. But at Spike.” He smiled at Spike with a semi-toothy grin.

Spike returned the favor with his own smile. “And I’ll look at you Garble. Not at the bully who I was scared of. But at Garble.”

Spike’s aunt and Garble father smiled at each other. “Son? Nephew?” Garble’s father call out.

Spike and Garble looked at him and released each other’s hand. The older red dragon stood up and walked over to Spike and patted his shoulder. “My name is Tremor, Spike, and I could not be more proud to call you family. And I have never been so sorry Garble.” Tremor looked at his son. “I am sorry because I expected you to win against a younger foe, despite who trained him. I say that my expectations have been hard on you and I want you to know…I am proud of you my son.”

Garble blinked and smiled. “Its fine father…I still have a long way to go…but Spike, what technique was that? I’ve never seen it before.” He looked up at Spike.

Spike smiled and put his hands behind his head. “It’s a little something I picked up from my pony sister’s brother. He taught me lots of the basic stuff of what is called boxing and some other martial arts.” Spike leaned in to Garble and whispered. “And he’s way stronger than you’d think. I thought my scale were tough but it felt like he punched through them.”

Garble shuddered at the thought. “Sounds tough…think he’ll teach me?” He whispered back and the two shared a laugh.

“Aw that’s so sweet! Boyish but sweet.” Silver giggled as Spike scratched the side of his face.

“Yeah, anyway after a few days Garble and I fought again. Way different results. He almost won.”

“Almost?” Silk questioned as she finished the meal she had been ignoring.

“I won thanks to a little trick I showed him. Altos taught it to me really early in to me learning to fight.” Spike closed his mouth for a moment and opened it slowly. A blue light crackled in his mouth and was quickly put out. “Altos called it ‘Fist of Qo’, its basic building up magic in your mouth like we do for fire. But turning it into lightning instead. It’s damn hard though.”

“You punched Garble with lightning?” Silver looked about ready to strangle him.

“No! No! I didn't use it on him. I used it to break the sword he had. You see he didn't have to actually hit me to win, but if he got to sword to my neck it’d be a done fight. So I used it to break his sword and turn the tables. He’s really amazing at sword play but fighting claw-to-claw? Not so much.” Spike flexed his fist a bit.

“What happened after that fight?” Silk looked at Spike hand and remembered the powerful punch that he used to stop the bandit before they came to Ponyville.

“Well I won and was ‘returned’ my dignity and honor, not sure how you’d do that. We started trading letters back and forth, then one day he asks to come to Ponyville. I found out later my uncle, his dad, wanted him to train alongside me. Said Garble was adamant about seeing how I trained. He tried his hand though at it and chose the sword.” Spike chuckled remembering Garble curse to the skies as he tried to do a fifth of Spike’s normal training all in one go.

Silver Spoon stood up and stretched. “I feel soooo much better!” She spun on her hooves and faced Spike. “Thanks Spike, you too Silk. I probably would've stayed inside for a week crying to myself…” She smiled at them as they stood. “But now it’s late and I need to go to sleep. Go on git!” She shooed Spike and Silk out of her front door happily. “And when you see Garby, tell him to drop by so I can give him a big ol hug.”

“Will do!” Spike smiled and walked home with Silk. He looked down over at her and smiled. “So? You know how I met Garble now, any thoughts?”

“On what? You did what you thought you needed to and proved you could back your words up with actions. I knew you could do that a while ago.” She wrapped her arms around Spike’s arm and smiled at him.

Spike blushed and smiled. “Huh? Well I’m glad you understand me so much. So what do you wanna do? Head home or go catch a movie or something?”

“There’s this movie I heard was okay. I thinks it’s called Half-light or something.” Silk put a finger to her chin in a deliberate attempt to look cute.

Spike cringed, “But its chick flick. I don’t want to…stop looking at me.” Spike glared at Silk as she gave him her best puppy dog eyes. “No. I’m not going… I’m not…dammit.”

Silk smiled and pulled Spike in the directions of the movie theater. They ran past Twilight and Rainbow as they talk to a few weather ponies. She caught them in the corner of her eye and stared at them as they ran by smiling. Twilight gripped the notepad in her hands and put her attention back on Rainbow Dash.

To be continued...

Chapter 13: 'Bout Time

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A sweet smelling scent filled the many rooms of the castle and caused Silk to stir in her bed a bit. She sleepily wrestled with her covers and yawned aloud. She rolled softly to the side and let the covers fall from her body. “…hungry…”

She stood up from her bed and walked to the clothes wrack that substituted for a closet until Twilight could make the very small closet in her room much bigger. She pulled off a simple set of lingerie and pulled them on. She wanted to walk down to the kitchen as she was. She didn’t mind being seen, never had been, but she also felt somewhat nervous of being around anypony, especially Spike, and looking so…vulnerable.

She slipped on a pair pants and a sleeveless shirt, she had asked Rarity for a few of them so casual wear, and headed to the smell of food. She was about to open the door when she heard Spike’s voice.

“I know that but talking behind her back like this isn’t fair to her Twi.” Silk blinked and put an ear to the door.

“I know that but I had to bring it to your attention, would you have me simply keep her here and have you do everything for her?” Twilight’s voice had a slight bit of angry to it.

“Why are you bringing this up now? She just started walking not too long ago remember? Besides we don’t know if there’ll be any side effects of the spell that made her cripple in the first place.” Silk could feel Spike getting angry. Silk, or rather Chrysalis, could always feel the happiness and love that came from the pair of siblings, sure they fought but…this was different. Twilight was nervous, angry and desperate for some reason, Spike was angry and confused, she couldn’t blame him either, she didn’t get it herself.

“She has way to much free time, all I’m saying is that if she can walk she can work.” Silk straightened up. She had been living off the good graces of Twilight and Spike she did admit but she hadn’t thought much of it, this was how she always lived. “And you are no worse, your back and all you two have done is play around town!”

“Play around town? Oh I get it now, it’s not about her this is about me. You’re mad because I’m not helping you clean the castle and reshelf like before I left. Are you gonna call me lazy now?”

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“Twilight. Silk is still new. She lost everypony she knew and loved and I’m doing my best to make her feel welcome. The girls have been talking to her, she’s even confident enough to stay with Rarity on her own now. I’m helping her, a job can come later. Why can’t you see this is important?”

“All I see is you getting infatuated with some mare you met and-“

“STOP!” Spike’s voice echoed harshly through the halls and made Silk cover her ears.

“…I…I don’t…I didn’t mean to…” Silk heard Twilight’s voice trail off. “Spike?”

“I’m sorry…I just…I know you mean well, you want to help her like I do, you don’t need to tell me that. But I’m not playing around, I am working. And so is she…”

“Spike…” Silk felt a soft wave of regret pass her and she shivered.

“Why did you bring this up out of nowhere?” Spike’s voice sounded calm and concerned. “I know you freak out and things get bottled, but this is a little unnatural, time wise anyway.”

“I don’t know…I really don’t, I’m sorry Spike.”

“Already forgave you.”

Silk smiled and sensed it was probably a good time to knock on the door before her stomach gave away her position. She raised her fist and knocked on the crystal door softly.

Spike was the one to answer by opening the door for her. “Oh good morning Silk! We didn’t…wake you up did we?”

“I woke up because I smelled food.” Silk walked past him a heard him sigh in relief. She smiled at Twilight and sat next to her at the small table in the kitchen. “I do like the idea of getting a job though.”

Spike and Twilight froze and stared at Silk as she giggled. “You two are just so cute together, a pair of adorable interspecies siblings.”

Twilight covered her face with her hands and Spike walked over to the food sitting on the counter, both sharing a similar red tint on their faces.

“I do mean it though…I don’t think I can use much magic just yet but I do think I think I could try and look for something that doesn’t require me to use it.” Silk said thoughtfully as Spike brought over tow plates of food.

“I…look Silk I don’t want to make you think you have to pay us for living here. I was…just thinking too much…I’m sorry you don’t need to feel pressured to find a job you know?” Twilight warmly smiled at her.

Silk smiled and nodded. “Thank you, I do want to do something when I feel I’m closer to a hundred percent though, now let’s eat.”

“Silk?” Spike knocked on her door. He had a white jacket in one hand and wore dark purple jeans and a dark green shirt. “Did you wanna go anywhere special today?”

“Come in Spike, quickly and close the door.” Spike could a slight echo in her voice and knew she had dropped her spell. He quickly entered her room and closed the door behind him.

He looked up at her and smiled. “It’s nice to see the real you…” Chrysalis was sitting on her bed smiling at him.

“It’s nice to be able to relax…but that not important. Spike come here.” Spike followed her request quickly and sat next to her.

“What’s up?” Spike almost jumped out of his scales when Chrysalis raised her hand and touched his cheek softly. “C-Chrysalis?”

“Look at my hand…my arm…” Chrysalis said quietly and Spike looked over and the soft hand touching his cheek and his eyes grew in size. “What’s happening to me Spike?”

Spike recalled taking in Chrysalis’s form she had large hole in her arms and legs. She even had a few small holes through her hands but now…

Spike carefully grabbed Chrysalis’s hand and rubbed her palm and arm. “…the holes are gone…” He looked into Chrysalis’s eyes and nearly had a heart attack. She was on the verge of tears. “W-what’s wrong!?”

“I’m scared…I know they grew when we began to starve but…they’ve never vanished before…” She held onto Spike’s hand desperately. “What’s happening? I don’t understand at all…” She laid her head on his chest and Spike wrapped his free arm around her.

“I’m sure there’s an explanation…” He felt her shiver in his arms and fought back an urge to hold her close. She had been so strong this whole time, fighting the fear he knew she still had. “Everything will be fine…”

Chrysalis looked up and Spike and into his emerald eyes. Spike looked down and blinked. “Wha…”

Chrysalis blinked, “What? What’s wrong?”

“Your eyes…they look more colorful…like I can clearly make out the colors now…” Spike reached up and brushed a tear off her face. “Now that I look at you…your body color looks brighter too…”

Chrysalis sighed and wiped her eyes clear of tears. “What’s going on?”

“…I don’t know…but I think we can find out.”

Two royal guards walk forward in front of their princesses and saluted. “We have a report from the search party. No signs of life have been found.”

Celestia internally sighed and smiled. “Thank you for the report. You may return to your duties.” The guard nodded respectfully and went on their way. “Do you think this is all a wild goose chase?”

Luna smiled at her sister. “I couldn’t say sister. I think it’s possible that they survived but…it is doubtful.”

Celestia outwardly sighed this time when she felt a familiar sensation pass her. She looked up and a trail of smoke appeared before her. Without even a moment of lag Celestia jumped from her seat and grabbed the latter carried by the magic smoke. “Oh! It’s been so long since I received one of my son’s letters! I wonder what’s so urgent though…”

“I must be about…Silk.” Luna spoke with caution. She wanted to trust in Chrysalis but better safe than sorry.

“Maybe.” Celestia walked towards the doors of the audience room with Luna following behind. She and Luna walked back to her work room as she read the letter to herself. Sky was chatting with the two guards that had just left and looked up.

“Celi?” Celestia looked up at Sky as he walked over. “Who’s the letter from?”

“It’s from Spike…it seems ‘Silk’ is having a few problems…” Celestia had told Blue Sky about Chrysalis’s situation quite some time ago, mostly because he wasn’t around when it happened so he would have an untainted view point on the situation. “It looks like there is a problem with her body…Sky could you check to royal library for everything we have on ‘her kind’?”

Sky smiled and bowed slightly. “Consider it done.” He quickly walked down the hall towards the castle’s library.

In a few moments Sky entered Celestia’s work room and locked the door behind him. Celestia and Luna were sitting quietly awaiting him. “There weren’t many, I could only find some about their physiology, and it’s only what we know now.” Sky sighed and put two books on the table.

“It seems Chrysalis’s body is changing. The holes on her arms and hands are gone now. Her eyes and skin are much brighter as well. Spike tells us that she hasn’t been feeding all too often despite what’s need to get her through the day…”

“Looks like she’s worried she might hurt somepony.” Sky said absent mindedly and smiled at Luna, "It’s an unconscious choice on the part of the kindest of royalty to protect the small people.” Luna and Celestia blinked and smiled. “She must be scared though, poor thing.”

“Yes she is. Spike stated that quite clearly.”

“By the way, I think the two of you will be happy to know that we’ve turned up a positive note in our search.” Sky walked over to Celestia and handed her a letter. “What you do with the news is up to you, I’ll keep looking for information on changelings in my information web.” He bowed to them and left the room in a single motion.

Celestia opened the letter and skimmed over it, a bright smile built on her face and she looked at Luna with a serious look in her eyes. “No geese, but we did find something more important.”

Luna smiled and nodded. “We should keep this secret from Spike for now though…no need to get his hopes up just yet.” Luna conjured up a piece of paper and a pen. “What should I tell them?”

“There is nothing wrong with her. Unless she begins to feel sick please remain calm. My sister and I are looking into it. From Luna.” Spike read aloud as the two sat on Chrysalis’s bed.

“I don’t feel very confident with that answer Spike…” Chrysalis took her guise as Silk and sighed while rubbing her arm. “My kind isn’t exactly friendly enough to be examined…”

Spike pecked Silk on her forehead and smiled at her. “You’ll be fine. You don’t feel anything wrong right?”

Silk shook her head. “I feel fine…I guess I’ll just have to trust them…my life has been so weird this past month…” Silk smiled and leaned against Spike. “I blame it all on you by the way.”

“Well sorry.” Spike chuckled and wrapped his arms around Silk. “How can I make it up to you?”

Silk looked at Spike and thought for a moment. “Take me out for dinner and to another one of those stupid romance movies. I heard Half-Light has a sequel or two.”

Spike groaned aloud. “I know we laughed the whole way through the first one but do we have to torture ourselves again?”

“I find this movie stupid enough that I need to see how it ends. Besides that stallion didn’t look too bad. Except how pale he was.” Silk shivered and gagged.

“Well he is a vampony or I think he was, the way is sparkled reminded me of a pixie from some old fairytales.” Spike and Silk laughed together as they mulled over memories of the terrible movie.

Paper after paper piled up as Twilight worked through them quickly, most of it were simple financial reports and weather notices. She didn’t get any requests or anything and didn’t have to worry about somepony asking for an audience too often. She gave herself extra work by triple checking everything to keep herself busy.

“What’s next?” She looked over and noticed she had a few more papers to go through. She laid her head on the table before her and sighed. “I thought I’d fallen behind because of yesterday…” She sat up and stretched, “I wonder what Spike is up to…”

Twilight pushed the chair back and walked down the hall to Spike’s room. While mulling over what they could do since it’ll no doubt be raining for the next few days she caught Spike walking out of the private library. “Spike?”

He jumped and turned quickly, “Oh hey Twi. Jeez don’t scare me like that.” He walked over to her and smiled. “Done with work?”

“Y-yeah…listen um…I know this morning was a little…rough but…do you think we could…hang out?” Twilight blushed for a reason beyond her own comprehension, something in her chest was making her heat up a bit.

“Yeah sure when?”


“Uhh…I guess but…Silk and me were gonna go catch a crappy movie. I could let her know we can go later if you want.” Spike didn’t look like it bothered him to stay or go all that much.

“W-well…it’s just that you know…it’ll be raining and it gets pretty cold and quiet here even with the staff moving about so I was hoping…that we could just spend the night together reading or something…but if you already made plans…”

“Twilight don’t try to guilt trip me, do you want me to tell Silk we’ll go later or not?” Twilight clicked her tongue, he always could see through her.

She thought for a moment. “What movie is it?”

“Ever heard of Half-Light: New Dawn?”

“Isn’t that the movie that…good luck.” Twilight laughed to herself and walked into their private library leaving Spike speechless. She suddenly felt much better and the heat that was bothering her so much was completely forgotten.

An hour or two later Spike and Silk came out of their rooms and Spike knocked on the library door. “Yo Twi you up?”

Twilight opened the door and smiled at Spike. “Yes?” He had to admit, her reading glasses perfected the whole ‘bookworm’ vibe she always gave off.

“We’re about to head out, just thought I’d let you know we might be back a little late if the rain gets too bad.” Silk poked out from behind Spike and waved.

“You’re still welcome to join us you know.”

“I’ll pass thanks. I’ve read the books, neither of you know what you’re getting into…” Twilight adjusted her glasses a bit and looked at Spike and Silk. “You don’t look like two people going to dinner…”

“It’s just a quick meal someplace, not a restaurant or something. Besides if it was something like that Spike better pick a better movie then what we’ll be watching.” Silk snickered behind him.

“I’ll make sure to review all movie choices beforehand madam.” Spike sarcastically spat back.

“Okay enough flirting you two. Go on. Get.” Twilight shooed them away from the door. “I’ll be in here when you get back. Stay safe.”

“You got it mom.” Spike and Silk called behind them as they walked away.

Twilight rolled her eyes and closed the doors behind her. She sat on the couch in the private library and reopened her book. “At least I can wrap myself up in a good book until they get back.”

When it rains, it pours. That was the thought on everypony in Ponyville as the rain fell hard from the skies above. Stores left and right closed a little early. Ponies that would normally hang around at the park or café until way into the night headed home. And now a very unfortunate was stuck thinking of a way home. If either could stop laughing.

“D-did you see the way his ‘glistening abs’ were so clearly greased up?” Spike leaned against the theater’s outer wall while taking shelter from the rain and let out a hearty laugh.

“Don’t even get me started! Hahaha!” Silk laughed aloud and tried to steady her breathing. “But seriously what was up with her? Whatever her name was.”

“Wasn’t it Dream Dove?”

“Yeah her! Nothing against the actress but Dream has absolutely no personality at all. Why are these two chiseled, and I use that word loosely, stallions fawning over her?” Silk shook her head and looking to the sky. “It looks like we’ll be soaked if we try to walk or run the whole way back.”

“I thought we could make it back before it got too bad…” He looked over and smiled. “Silk come this way.” He grabbed Silk’s hand quickly led them to one of the few lit up buildings.

“Spike what are you…isn’t this…”

“That’s right.” They stepped inside the building and Spike said hello to a mare at the front desk. “The place we stayed when we came to Ponyville.”

Spike got them a single room and they relaxed as the rain sounded out around them. Silk had dropped the guise again and was laying on the bed faced down. Spike locked the door and took off his soaked jack.

“Stupid drizzle. I wish Rainbow and the others would set an actual time for these things. How are you doing Chrysalis?” Spike walked over and tried to air out his wet shirt.

“I managed to save my shirt and pants, but my jacket has given up life for a noble cause. Until I dry it that is.” She felt the bed shift and turned to see Spike laying on his back. “So we’re stuck here for the night aren’t we?”

“Yet, Twi’s gonna kill me…but I don’t really mind….” He looked over at Chrysalis and smiled at her. “As long as it’s you I’m fine with it.”

Chrysalis smiled and rolled herself over to be side by side with Spike and them both facing the ceiling. “I don’t mind either…but…is it okay? For us to be alone?”

“Why do you ask?” Spike raised his arm up and Chrysalis lifted her head, he laid his arm down and Chrysalis used it as a pillow.

“Don’t beat around the bush Spike. You are very smart, you know what I mean…that I…well…” Her cheek lit up in a red blaze.

“It’s not too soon?”


“I’ve had a few relationships. Each was a different experience, none of them were ever that bad but…something always happened…maybe it was moving too fast.”

“If you think this is me paying you back then-,”

“No nothing like that! I know you’d never do that, or at least I’d hope I know you well enough…”

“Spike…are you worried that I’m just playing you?”


“That I’m just trying to keep you by my side so that I feel safe?”


“Then what’s wrong?”

“…do I really know how to make you happy?”

“…I take back what I said, you are the dumbest dragon in the history of forever.”


Before Spike could form a full sentence Chrysalis rolled on top of him and straddled his waist. His mouth clamped shut as he took in Chrysalis sexy figure and cursed at himself for having thought that in the first place. Chrysalis leaned down and poked at his scaled chest.

“You don’t need to wonder if you make me happy, I am happy.”

“B-but what if-,”

“And as we go you’ll learn more about me, then you can pick out presents, plan dates and even wonder if we’ll spend our lives together. But worrying about steps ten through twelve before one through nine will only ending one way.” She poked his snout. “You. Will. Trip.”

“I’m happy you’re thinking ahead but how do you know if I even want to be with you that long? What if I fall for some other brave but silly knight? Then all that planning and worrying goes out the window, right?”

Spike thought for a moment and nodded. “See? I know you are a very passionate drake and want the best for me. But first you have to be with me to do those things. And I’ll let you know I don’t like dating if we’re not, well, dating.” Chrysalis smiled at Spike and a red tint built on her cheeks. “So can we take step one or three or whatever step we’re on before-”

Chrysalis suddenly felt the world go silent as a pair of scaly yet soft lips met hers, and as soon as it happened it stopped. Chrysalis blushed furiously and looked at Spike.

“Forget the steps…I think we know where we are…” Spike smiled with a blush matching Chrysalis’s.

She blinked and smiled happily. “Next time warn me before you set my world on fire.”

“I’ll do more than that for you.” Spike sat up and made Silk straddle his lap. He wrapped his arms around her tenderly and planted his lips on hers again. This time Chrysalis returned the kiss with a slight hunger that made Spike shiver. He broke the kiss and smile groggily. “W-wow…you are really good at this…practice?”

“You’re no pushover yourself. And yes…but don’t worry.” She wrapped her arms around his neck. “I’m going to mean every single second of this night.”

Spike blushed as Chrysalis horn glowed its bright green and he felt something unzip. “Not even gonna try to be subtle?”

Chrysalis smirked a bit. “What’s the point, you know what I want. What about you?” Spike blinked and smile hungrily. “Then come get it big boy.”

Chrysalis squeaked happily when Spike pulled her down onto the bed. The rain outside the window of their room fell hard against the house of every pony in Ponyville. Dulling and muting the sounds of the world around them. And for a princess who was expecting her brother home, all the sound of the rain did was slowly force her to regret her choices.

Chapter 14: Everything At Once

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She slowly rubbed the ridge between her eyes.

Its not like she hadn't seen this coming. They were way too close for them to not start a relationship. That she knew. What she didn’t know, was that if she left the two of them alone for a day this would happen.

Twilight continued to rub the ridge between her eyes.

The doors to the main audience room opened slowly revealing a slightly damp Spike and Silk, Twilight almost fainted in relief. Twilight had woken up, gotten worried and went to her duties to keep herself occupied, Spike was a grown drake after all. But now here they were standing perfectly fine…with somewhat ripped clothes…Silk’s hair a mess…and Spike looks like he got caught sneaking midnight snacks again.

“Oh sweet Celestia please don’t tell me…”

“…Um…Silk and I are a couple now…surprise?” Spike coughed out as Silk giggled and kept her arms wrapped around Spike’s arm.

She suddenly felt very, very tired.

She finally put down her hand and looked over to Spike and Silk as they were bombarded with questions about the night before. Silk seemed more than happy to tell everypony, Spike was less than willing.

“I am so happy for the both of you!” Fluttershy let her wings flap happily and she looked up to the muscular white stallion next to her. “Aren’t you sweetie?”

The buffed out Pegasus gave a hearty laugh and punched Spike in the shoulder roughly. “YEAH I am! Glad you found somepony dude!”

“Thanks Snow…ow.” Spike rolled his shoulder to ease the pain.

“I knew the two of you were perfect for each other the moment I saw you!” Rarity smiled happily as she held onto Silk’s hands. The two of them were slightly bouncing and giggling. “But honestly Spike!” She left go of Silk and poked Spike in the chest hard. “An inn? Surely we raised you better than that!”

“Hey I had nothing to do with it!” Spike raised his hands in defense.

Silk shuffled on her hooves. “It’s was kinda all my fault…I did sorta tease him into-,”

“I think they get the picture!” Spike blushed furiously as he cut her off.

“Still a gentledrake such as yourself should have been more prepared. You must always treat a lady higher than-,”

“Actually…” Everyone looked at Silk as she cut Rarity short. “I’m fine with how things turned out. Ever since I met Spike for the first time I feel like being myself is what’s right. If he started treating me like royalty I’d feel weird…”

Rarity blinked and took on a strange look of sorrow. “Oh…yes I am so sorry. You know how I can be at times…but I am truly happy for you two.” Rarity hugged Silk and Twilight could have sworn she saw her whisper something in Silk’s ear.

“Well don you two get too frisky now. The both o’ ya live with Twi after all.” Applejack shot Twilight a look and watched her raise a brow.

“Don’t worry I’m sure this bookworm wouldn’t even know what to make of all the noises. She’d probably mistake it for someone in pain.” Rainbow Dash laughed as Twilight pouted and blushed lightly.

“Ooooo I wish I could throw you two a super awesome extra special ‘Congrats On Doing It Party’-,”

“Pinkie!” Spike and Twilight shouted at the top of their lungs and Pinkie twisted a finger in her ear.

“Fiiiiiiiine. A ‘Yay You’re A Couple’ party, sticks-in-the-mud, but I’m going away with my hubby for a few days! I’ll make sure to throw you one when I get back though!” Pinkie hugged Silk and Spike and ran of towards the castle’s front doors.

Spike and Silk had broken the news to everypony, if Twilight and the other elements counted as everypony, after figuring out a good time to get everypony together. They were now in the castle private lounge room as they talked.

Rainbow patted Spike on the back. “Good on ya big guys! Just make sure you guys are happy or whatever, anyway I’ll see ya later Spitfire finally has a day off!” Rainbow rushed out he nearest window and Fluttershy and Snowflake soon followed.

“Spike? Silk? Would you like to stop by the boutique? As a gift of your bond I want to give you something that would fit you both wonderfully!” Rarity clapped her hands together.

“Sure Rares. Come on Silk.” Silk nodded and the three of them began to leave. “See you in a bit Twi, this time I promise.” Spike called back.

Twilight and Applejack waved and Twilight sighed. Seeing them together was sweet but…it was also somehow tiring.

“Hey Twi, if yer not too busy min stopin by and checkin out the harvest? Ya did say you’d need to head over soon.” Applejack called out and smiled.

Twilight shook the tiredness from her mind and nodded. “Lets go.”

Rarity closed and locked the door behind them as Spike, Silk and herself enter her boutique. “Now darlings…how are you going to tell Twilight?” Rarity turned and looked at Silk as her disguise fell. “I doubt she’ll take it as well as I did…sorry about your mane again…”

Chrysalis sighed and sat on the couch with a hard flop. She put her hands on her face and groaned. “It’s not your fault really. I honestly can’t blame you. I didn’t leave a very good impression…”

Spike sighed and crossed his arms. “Sorta wish you told me that you told her who you really were, Chrysalis…” Chrysalis waved to him and he sat next to her. She wrapped her arms around his and snuggled against him.

“I had to do this on my own. Besides all she did was singe my mane. I’ve been meaning to cut it anyway. But I know how much you like pulling on it so-,”

Spike flexed his claw and Chrysalis giggled happily. Rarity cleared her throat and walked over.

“But now that you two are even closer what will you do? I’ve told you hiding it will only make it harder.” Rarity kneeled in front of Chrysalis. “You can’t live a lie your whole life.”

“…I know Rarity…I really do but…” Chrysalis squeezed Spike’s arm harder. “I’m scared…honestly I’m truly scared. Will they forgive me as easily as you? Will I be killed? And will Spike be blamed?”

Spike kissed her forehead and made her look at him. “Don’t worry about me. I swore to help you no matter what and now I’ve got a few extra reasons.” Spike pointed at her nose. “One.” Then down to each of her features. “Two, three, four-,”

Chrysalis smiled and kissed Spike softly. “You’ll spoil me rotten. I want to tell them all, but I need more time…in case things do go south…I want something to be happy for.”

Rarity and Spike looked at each other and nodded.

Heavy breathing could be heard as the flapping of wings boomed down the halls off the Canterlot Castle. The doors to the audience chamber burst open and revealed an exhausted Blue Sky.

Luna quickly flew over and held him up before he collapsed. “Sky! What’s wrong?”

“I-It’s…the one we found…there’s a change in his condition!” Blue Sky shouted with the last of his energy and slid to the ground and sat down to rest.

“What!? Everypony please leave, this is a private matter!” Celestia ordered all the guards and complaining royals out immediately and rushed to Sky’s side. “Have you seen him? Is he okay?”

“He’s…better then okay…he’s surviving and…regaining his strength without eating emotions…” Sky pulled a letter out of his pocket. “This…is the report done by the…doctors we had checking him up…everything we knew about them is about...to change…”

Celestia looked over the papers inside the letter, with every page her eyes grew wider. “This…we need to know if he’ll be alright. Hold this information from my son until we know this one will stay alive!” Celestia stood up and smiled at Sky. “You’ve done very well Sky, thank you.”

“Heh…anything for you Celi.” Sky smiled tiredly and chuckled.

Luna put Sky’s arm around her and picked him up. “Come you must rest Sky. You deserve it.”

“I’ll…take you…up on that…” Sky and Luna walked out of the chamber doors as Celestia looked over the medical data once again. “Abnormal shape of stomach and intestines seem to be changing to match that of a normal pony’s biology… What can this mean?”

In an outpost far to the west of Ponyville.

A silver toned unicorn guard garnished in black armor and a sword strapped to his waist walks over to a tent that has been set up near a lake. “Doctor?”

A light brown stallion in a doctor’s attire opened the flap of the tent and stepped out. “Hello there Commander Mercury. Come to check in with my patient?”

“More like checking on you. Do you feel any different? Is there-,” The doctor sighed and shook his head.

“I am fine just like I was an hour ago. Now stop bothering me, I do have a very critical patient.” The doctor stepped back inside and the guard followed.

“I don’t trust these stinking bugs for one moment! For all we know this is a trap!” He looked over at the changeling lying in bed with its eyes closed. “Just waiting for a moment to attack.”

“You don’t have many friends do you? He’s far too weak for anything like that, and how can you say that? You saw that graveyard of a cave…I’ll never get the smell out of my mind for as long as I live. But imagine what he went through, to be the only one alive after all of his brothers and sisters died around him in agony from hunger.”

The guard clentched his teeth. “I know but…I just can’t look past their appearance…a bug is a bug…no matter how terrible their lives are.”

“And…that makes us…different how?” A voice came from the bed and the doctor and guard turned quickly to see the changeling sitting up with his eyes closed.

“I knew he was fooling us!” The guard went for his sword but was stopped by the doctor.

“You will not harm my patient!” He yelled at eh guard and made him back away. “Until Princess Celestia says otherwise he is under my protection. Touch him and I will gladly carve your head open to check if your brain is still working!”

The guard shook for a moment and hurried outside. The doctor cleared his throat. “Sorry about that. How are you feeling?”

“…very good considering…I was at Tartarus’ gates a month ago…” The changeling felt his face and slowly began to open his eyes.

The doctor watched and his eyes widened in shock. “M-my friend…you are a changeling correct?”

“As far as I remember, yes. Why do you ask?”

The doctor grabbed a mirror and showed the changeling his reflection. “…m-my eyes…” He reached up and rubbed the smooth skin around his eye socket. His eyes were no long the pale light blue like every drone he had ever known but they were golden and much like a regular pony’s. “T-this is…but how?”

“That is what I would like to know as well…” The doctor rubbed his chin and looked at the changeling as he sat in bed. After a moment he watch him put down the mirror. “Is something wrong?”

“There is someone I must speak to.” The changeling began to stand only to fall on the floor. The doctor ran over and lifted him up. “I…m-must find…Sir…Spike.” With the last of his energy spent on staying awake and trying to stand the changeling fainted without another word.

Back in Ponyville Twilight had returned to her castle in hope of seeing Spike home. She knocked on his door and got no answer.

She sighed and looked down the hall to Silk’s room and feared the worst.

“Twi?” Twilight jump and turned to see Spike carrying a few books. “Why are you in front of my door?”

“I was…I mean…what’s with the books?” Twilight pointed at the books he was carrying. “Wait are those-,”

“A couple of your favorite reads in the world? The Daring Do series? Yes. Why do I have them? Why I remember having a book date with a certain alicorn princess, but I can’t seem to remember who…” Spike used his tail to reach around and rub his chin.

“Hmph very funny. I would ask if they're heavy but you used to carry more when you were younger.” Twilight walked over to him and poked at his muscles. “I’ve completely forgotten what you look like without muscles like these.”

“Yeah well I didn’t really have a choice. It was fun getting stronger.” Spike walked past her and towards the private library. “Come on Twi, or I’ll start without you.”

Twilight smiled and ran after him. “Oh where’s Silk?” Twilight thought for a moment.

“She’s got some stuff to talk about with Rarity. It’ll be me and you all night.” Spike opened the door with his tail and set the books down on a table in front of the couch.

Twilight pulled off the jacket she had on and hopped on the couch with a bounce in her step. “You brought all of the first twenty do you really think we’ll finish them?”

“Not really though that’s not the point. The point is to read together with my favorite sister in the world.” Spike sat next to her and wrapped an arm around her and hugged her happily.

“You big oaf, I’m your only sister.” Twilight hugged him back and pulled the first book from the pile with magic. “And I’m so happy I am.”

“I agree.” Spike smiled and began to read with Twilight.

Twilight stretched and yawned a bit.

“Sleepy? We are on book five.” Spike looked at her with concern.

“No I’m fine. Just a random yawn really…hey Spike?” Twilight put the book down and turned to Spike so she was fully facing him. “Now that you and Silk are together…will we…do this anymore?”

“What do you mean?” Spike blinked.

“I know the seven of us agreed that after everything we’ve been through we’d be as close to each other as we could because we didn’t know what day would be the last but…now that you have somepony special…”

“…you are such a nerd.” Spike put a hand on her cheek and smiled. “I’ve been in relationships before you know, and still made time for you.”

“Yes but…she feels different…more…permeant. Like she’s done this before and wants to be with you for a long time or something…” Twilight grabbed Spike hand and nuzzled against it. “I don’t want to lose this Spike…”

“We won’t lose anything. I’ll still be me and you’ll still be Twilight.” He rubbed her cheek with a thumb. “The most important mare in my life.”

“You don’t mean that…” Twilight blushed and pulled herself closer to Spike.

“Of course I do. Do you understand how much I let you get away with?” Spike smiled and pulled her close. “I don’t care what you do or what happens in my life, I will always hold you the closest in my heart.”

“Spike…I…no…this…this isn’t right…”

“What isn’t right? You love me don’t you?” Spike’s hand grasped her fur and kept her in place.

“S-Spike! You’re hurting me!” He pulled her closer and a dark smile built on his face. “S-stop…please…”

“You have no right…you who love the one who calls you sister!” Spike’s face contorted into the terrible shape of a hideous monster. His hand wrapped around her neck and held her in place. Twilight tried to scream but nothing came out but air. “Fear not my lovely sister! I will take good care of you!” The false Spike opened its mouth unhinging it jaws ready to swallow Twilight whole.



……don’t you…



A burst of powerful green flames tore out of the fake Spike’s body and it roared in pain. The fire engulfed the creature and forced it to let Twilight go. She fell back on the couch and watched as the creature screamed in agony. She expected the fire to burn everything around her but instead of heat it felt…cool. Like a warm blanket on a cold night the fire gave her a feeling of warmth and safety. She gazed on as the screams of agony stopped, signaling the death of the terrible monster.

Suddenly the green flames took on a shape, almost familiar and reach out its arms. Without thinking Twilight jumped up into its embrace and held the cool fire close to her body.

“Twilight…” A voice called her and she blinked. Her vision blurred and refocused on something in front of her. “Twilight! Thank goodness you’re alright!”

Twilight’s eyes adjusted to see Spike holding her and her friends around her.

“Gosh darnit Twi! Don you ever scares us like that again!” Applejack whipped the sweat from her forehead.

Twilight looked at Spike and then at Rarity and Silk who seemed tired. “W-what happened?”

Silk panted a bit and looked at her. “H-have…you been feeling odd lately? Heating up for no reason?”


“Twilight darling somepony placed a curse on you!” Rarity held her hands and panted slightly. “It’s been eating away at you for days now.”

“W-what?” Twilight looked at Spike and he nodded. “What kind of curse?”

“Well…” Rarity began but faltered.

“It takes all of your regrets, doubts and repressed greed and turns it into a trigger.” Silk spoke quickly and sharply. “The trigger is different for everypony, sometimes it can be a word or an object. In your case…it’s Spike…”

Spike looked at Silk and then at Twilight. “…why is it me Twilight?”

Twilight blinked and looked at Silk, Rarity, Applejack and then at Spike. “I-I…I-I just…I honestly…don’t know…I don’t know…I don’t…” Tears built in her eyes and she buried he face in Spike’s chest.

Spike wrapped his arms around her and looked at eh three mares around him. “Give us some time…please…”

Silk nodded and pulled Rarity and Applejack out of the room. She closed the door quietly and left Spike alone with the sobbing Twilight.

“It’s okay Twi…no matter what you tell me…I’ll still be here for you.” He wrapped his wings around her and closed his eyes. “No matter what…”

Twilight clung to him for dear life and continued to cry. For herself? For the nightmare? For what she fear as the truth? She didn’t know.

To be continued…

Chapter 15: Movement

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Rarity, Applejack and Silk all sat together in Silk’s room and waited for…anything really. Applejack cleared her throat and spoke trying to get rid of some of the tension.

“So uh…what makes ya think Spike’s Twilight uh, trigger right?” Applejack looked at Silk who had been chewing away at her lip.

“Well since Spike was the only one that could reach her then…” Silk thought back to a few moments before when Spike flew through one of Rarity’s windows.

Spike panted heavily and quickly stood up and looked around as if he was lost. Rarity and Silk immediately ran over and looked him over.

“Spike what’s wrong?” A hard wave of anxiety hit her as Spike’s eyes met hers. Helplessness, desperation, it was like looking into the eyes of a lost child. “…Spike?”

“Tw-Twilight…black mist…screaming…me…” Spike breathed out words in no coherent fashion, as if those were the only words he knew. “Save Twilight…”

Rarity ran over and made Spike look at her. A look of clarity ran across his face and he relaxed. Silk blinked in wonder, just looking at one of his close friends was enough to calm him down. “Spike tell me what happened to Twilight.”

Spike nodded with purpose in his eyes. “Twilight and I had been reading for a while when I noticed she was asleep. But when I went to take her to her room a weird black mist poured out of her body and covered her body.” Spike looked away from Rarity, “I tried to reach for her but…the mist…it changed into…me.”

Silk and Rarity looked at each other and lifted Spike up. “Well then what are we waiting for?” Rarity looked focused and ready. “Let’s go save Twilight.”

Spike smiled at her and nodded. The three of them took off immediately, once outside Applejack caught up with them and joined them when they explained.

Once inside the private library Silk, Rarity, Spike and Applejack were met with a creepy looking version of Spike with black mist oozing out of its body holding Twilight up in the air.

The other Spike’s teeth and spine were jagged and sharp. Its scales were darker and its eyes glowed a distinct green. It smiled at them but did not move.

“What in tarnation!?” Applejack immediately went into a fighting pose but froze when Silk walked past her. “Silk?”

“It’s a curse…a strong one that takes days to manifest…but this is…” The illusionary Spike chuckled darkly and seemed to glare straight at Spike. “Spike did Twilight say anything when she was picked up by the mist?”

Spike thought back to when he was freaking out. “She did…she kept saying my name…” Spike walked over to Silk. “I-Is this my fault?”

“…indirectly yes it is…” Silk turned to Rarity. “Rarity I need your help. We need to open up Twilight’s mind and see if we can reach her. Applejack when I give you the signal charge into the fake Spike and you might be able to dispel the curse for now until we find a proper way.” Applejack nodded and Rarity stepped forward and the two unicorns charged their horns.

Spike stepped back and looked down, mulling over his own thoughts.

Rarity and Silk shot a line of magic to Twilight and the fake Spike looked at it and then at the girls. Silk and Rarity noticed an immediate feeling of being drained, as if something was sucking away at their life and magic. “Applejack now!”

Applejack nodded and ran straight at the fake Spike. And noticed the jagged smile on its face as Applejack slammed into it and was sent flying. She hit the wall of the library hard and landed on the ground wit ha thud, both Silk and Rarity were sent flying back a few feet as well but were caught by Spike.

“What happened?” Applejack said as she picked herself up no worse for wear.

“The curse…it’s more powerful than I thought. It seems on the creator can dispel it when it’s active…” Silk stood up and bit her lip.

“Then whatever do we do now?” Rarity panted as she staggered slightly.

“…there is one way…if the trigger of the curse came into contact with the manifestation of the curse then that could get dispel it instead…or it could make it stronger…” Silk bit her thumb and barely noticed Spike walked past her and to the false him.

He looked into the eyes of the dark version of himself. It smirked at him and an image of Twilight crying shot through Spike’s mind. Spike grabbed its throat and growled. “What are you doing to her!?” As soon as her touched the dark manifestation he got a clear view of a monstrous version of himself holding Twilight by her neck and watching her cry. A powerful rage exploded from deep inside Spike and he grabbed the dark manifestation’s head.

“Don’t you dare touch her!” The manifestation’s smug smirk turned into a look of fear as Spike blew a torrent of his green fire into its face, it roared in pain as Spike burned its face away. In an instant the mist burned away and Spike grabbed Twilight and held her close as the mist faded as it burned.

Silk, Rarity and Applejack watched in awe as Spike destroyed the manifestation and seemingly the curse along with it.

“Add on that Twilight was calling Spike and that he wasn’t blasted away like us. It makes sense…” Silk sighed and tried to remember where she had seen that type of curse before…

“Ah guess…but still Spike of all ponies, er dragons. Wha kind o’ curse gets stronger the more you’re aroun’ the one person ya trust the most?” Silk looked at Applejack.

“What do you mean?” Applejack and Rarity looked at each other and smiled lightly.

“Well Silk, out of all of us Spike and Twilight are probably the closest. They have been through quite a lot in the past few years. Ever since Spike started training with Altos and Shining the two of them were always back to back whenever we went to deal with some threat to Equestria.” Rarity fixed a bit of her mane, “They work very well together.”

“Well to answer your question Applejack, this curse grew because Twilight felt some sort of repressed feeling about Spike and that triggered the curse…but when was she cursed?” Silk rubbed the bridge above her nose in thought.

Spike and Twilight had been sitting together for a very long time. Spike held Twilight and Twilight laid against Spike’s chest. Their breathing was the only sound either of them made and even that was almost muted.

Twilight’s wings twitched as she nuzzled closer to Spike’s chest. The wing draped around her back kept the warmth the two gave off to themselves. She could hear the beating heart that was hidden behind Spike strong yet smooth scales. It was a sound she begun to love, and that began to scare her.

What did she feel? She knew full well what the curse was, after a incident year ago she had studied every type. It was the kind of curse that only grows the more the target denies the trigger, which meant she had been lying to herself. But about what exactly? How much she cared about Spike? Or was it because she was jealous that her brother came home and spent all his time with a mare she didn’t know? Was it simply a attraction based on familiarity because of how much time they had spent together? Or was the curse simply making her think like this?

While she mulled over the questions she felt Spike shift. Her gaze moved up and into Spike eyes. Spike had moved so he could arc his neck to look at her better, his eyes were filled with concern. Spike always seemed to be worrying about her, he made sure she ate and that she went to bed. The time without him was bland, tiring and over all uneventful, and that was after a month.

“Are you feeling better Twi?” Spike voice broke through her barrier of thought and confusion and became the only thing Twilight paid any mind to. “You aren’t hurt or anything right? I did sorta lose control for a moment…when I saw into the nightmare…”

Twilight’s mind reeled, had he seen what happened? What did he hear, what did he think, would he-

“When I saw you crying I wasn’t really thinking…I just wanted to tear that thing apart…” Spike rubbed her back lightly and sighed. “I never want to see you cry again.”

Twilight looked at Spike and finally took noticed of everything. Spike was laying on his back on the couch with Twilight laying on his chest. A wing and both his arm wrapped around her in a protective hold. While Spike was worrying if she was hurt or not she had been worried if Spike hated her. Spike’s eye were more gentle then she was used to, she missed his sarcasm and childish spirit. The glint that shown in his eyes whenever he was around his friends…around Altos and Garble…around the girls…around Silk…around Twilight…

“Spike?” Twilight’s voice squeaked a bit when she finally spoke. She wasn’t sure how this would go, but she knew the only way to figure this out…was to talk.

“What is it Twi!? Are you hurt any-,” a purple finger touched his lips softly and Spike’s words died.

“I’m going to say things…things that will sound weird…and ask you a lot of questions…I want you to promise me you’ll be completely honest with me.” Twilight’s eyes gave Spike a feeling she wasn’t hurt…she was focused.

Twilight moved her finger and Spike blinked. “I swear on my own scales…”

“Good…do you think I’m pretty?” Twilight blushed sharply and Spike almost choked on his own breathe.

He coughed and cleared his throat. “I um…well…” Sure she was! Twilight and all of the girls were at he peak of what Spike considered well…sexy! RD had her slim athletic and petite look, Flutters was cute and was well endowed, AJ sported her toned body and charm all day long! Rarity was a obvious case, Pinkie, while pudgy here and there, still looked amazing…but what about Twilight?

“W-well?” Twilight fidgeted on his chest waiting for an answer. She poked her two index fingers together and tried to best to meet his gaze, even if she was fighting with an enormous blush.

“…you are so much more than pretty Twi. You’re beautiful.” Spike smiled. It wasn’t hard for Spike to find his answer, Twilight kept her body in shape so she could be ready to protect whomever she needed to. Her body looked amazing. Who cared if her curves weren’t Rarity levels or if her bosom and rear weren’t Fluttershy and Pinkie-like? Her light frame and near perfect proportions gave were all she needed. “From you dorky bookworm traits to the way you smile early in the morning…all of it is beautiful. Heavenly even, and that is the truth.”

Twilight wanted to jump around like Pinkie. One of her worries had burst into a large pink flame and lied a pile of ashes. But she had more questions. “T-thank you…if vanished tomorrow…would you look for me?”

“Of course! I’d tear down every tree in the Everfree if it meant finding you!”

“If I became like I used to be before we came to Ponyville…would you stay?”

“Do you have to ask? Back then I stayed by your side, why would I leave now?”

“I’m jealous of Silk…” Twilight looked away from Spike’s gaze. “Ever since you came back I’ve barely had any time with you at all…”

“…sorry Twi…I’ll fix that…I promise.”

“I want to be spoiled like her…”

“I already do that. I do nearly everything for you. Cook, clean, put you to bed, carry things for you…the list goes on.”

“I want to feel special…” She pouted slightly and Spike laughed

“You are the Princess Of Friendship and the pony that gave me life. How much more important can you get?”

“Would you hate me if I tired to stay out of Silk’s way so you two could be together without you worrying about-,”

“Do that and I’ll shave you bald.” Spike said with a sharpness she wasn’t quite used to.

“Can we talk more? Not about work…just about things…meaningless things…anything at all?”

“Of course. You have a wonderful voice so I’d like it if I could hear more of it.” Spike chuckled as Twilight glared at him with a furious blush on her face.

“Don’t make fun of me!” Twilight sounded mad, but she was smiling against her glare.

“Request denied.” Spike sounded off and laughed.

“So you’re finally at your rebellious stage? I knew this day would come.” She pretended to wipe a tear away and stifled a giggle.

“That’s right. I’m gonna go against the man! I don’t listen to any dumb rules!” Spike was finding it hard to remember why he was worried earlier.

“Oh really? Rule one, no hugging the Princess of Friendship.” Twilight smiled and laughed at Spike held her closer without hurting her.

“I refuse.”

“Darn you. Rule number two, no nuzzling of the royal cheek.” Twilight giggled when Spike pulled her up to his face and began to nuzzle his cheek against hers.

“Take that stupid rules.” Spike and Twilight went into a fit of laughter and held each other happily.

As their laughing died out Twilight moved to sit in Spike lap, her legs on either side of his own. Spike blinked and felt his heart skip a beat. Twilight looked very…seductive with her hair slightly out of place and her shirt hanging off the side of her neck exposing one of her shoulders.

“I…have one more rule…and this one is one that mustn’t be broken…especially by a rule breaking dragon…” Twilight and Spike kept their eyes on one another and their hearts beat together.

“I…” Spike tried to talk but nothing came out. All her could do was look at Twilight…why hadn’t he ever noticed how much her eye shone.

“R-rule n-num-number t-th-three…never…I-I repeat never…” Twilight’s face flushed as Spike sat up to look at her. “N-ne-never…ever…” He placed a claw on her cheek and moved closer. “Ever…” Twilight’s voice vanished from the room altogether.

Twilight’s heart leapt from her chest and forced her into Spike’s lips. There was no delay or surprise reaction, Spike held her close and helped her melt into his lips. She had never felt so ready for something in her life before.

Spike didn’t need to think, he just did what came naturally and continued to kiss the adorable princess in his arms. His body felt like it was perfect for holding her and she was the perfect fit. He wanted to look keep looking at her, but there was wrong that needed to right.

Twilight nearly cried when Spike stopped kissing her. She looked at him and a strong blush built on her. She had kissed Spike…she just kissed her little brother and best friend…

“Twi…tell me with your own words…and I’ll know this isn’t just an impulse.” Spike looked concentrated, like he was holding back from something….

With all the emotions stirring in her mind Twilight wanted to fly away but she found her strength in Spike’s hands. She realized now that he was holding her hand in his own, and he was shaking.

“I love you Spike.” She stated rather bluntly. “As my brother…as my friend…and as Spike the dragon…” Twilight jumped on him and kissed him softly. She broke the kiss and smiled.

Spike was blushing as hard as he thought he could. “ You were right, you said some really strange things…” He chuckled. “I’m unnaturally lucky aren’t I?” Spike gave Twilight he best goofy smiled and she nodded.

“Yes you are…um Spike?” She looked away for a second and then back at him, she fidgeted and a light blush built on her face. “Do I kiss well?”

Twilight shrieked as Spike jumped on her making them fall to the floor.

Applejack and Rarity were more shocked than they expected. They heard Spike yell and ran for the door. They heard Twilight ask lots of questions, Spike gave lots of answers. And now there were sounds they never expected to hear from Spike and Twilight at the same time.

“Ah…think ah better go…” Applejack looked at Silk. “…ah gotta go see Caramel…” She ran off as fast as her legs could carry her.

Rarity waved to Applejack and looked at Silk who was holding in a laugh. Silk, or Chrysalis, had already explained that the only emotion strong enough to make a curse base on emotions grow so strong so fast…was desire and the repression of desire.

“Honesty…I expected you to be more…angry Chrysalis…” Rarity walked away from the muffled noise coming from the closed doors and over to Silk.

“I’m not at all.” Silk led Rarity back to her room. “It very common for dragons to have more than one mate. And isn’t the male to female ratio off anyway? What’s it to anypony if a stallion has two or three wives anymore?”

“I don’t know about you, but I personally would like for my ‘mate’ to be exclusive.” Rarity flicked her hair and looked back towards the door. “But…those two…how long have they been hiding those feelings?”

“Longer than any of us will ever know most likely.” Silk opened her door and they took their places back on her bed. “They still have a lot of think and talk about after tonight, but at least it’ll be easier.”

“You’re not worried about if Spike…” Rarity stopped and tried to think of a good way to say what was on her mind.

“Choose her over me? I doubt it. Spike is more than enough ‘dragon’ for the two of us.” A sly smiled crawled on Silk’s face.

“Oh…OH! Oh my…well then if you are certain…but um…for sake of conversation…” Rarity blushed and played with her mane.

“Two.” Silk said simply.

“Two? How does that…really?” Rarity put a hand over her mouth.

“Two and they are a delight. Be you wished you acted up earlier.” Silk said flashing a smirk at Rarity.

“Be quiet you! I think no such thing! …maybe a little…” She looked away as Silk laughed.

As the night continued on the world enjoyed another day of peace. But far off from the land of Equestria, in a land filled with deadly creatures a force that had been waiting for too long decided to move. After draining the life out of the land around her she decided to visit the land of the one who was banished and left for dead. Maybe she could laugh at her corpse.

Chapter 16: Confronting Affection

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At a port town far east to the Badlands called False Walkin’ a slight bustle could be heard in the normally quiet town. Griffins and ponies alike mingled here and barely ever saw travelers since they were far southeast of Canterlot. However today seemed to be a different story, a group of about twenty travelers came across the sea visiting from Saddle Arabia.

The reason for the bustle was because of the hypnotically beautiful mare that led the group. She was tall and had curves like the goddesses themselves. Her light red coat and deep scarlet man and tail drew all eyes to her. She wore a black crop top and a long black skirt that was slit so her legs were still in full view.

She strutted down the road of the port town and smiled as she saw a guard. After a quick step she stopped in front of him and smiled happily. “Excuse me sir, my friends and I are looking for my sister. Could you please help us find a place called Ponyville?”

The guard swallowed hard and dumbly nodded, losing all of his composure.

Back across Equestria it had been nearly three days since Spike and Twilight spent the night alone. They had done a lot of kissing…a lot of kissing, but stopped before things got too…far. Since then they were very shy towards each other, it seemed the change took its toll. But what was on Spike’s mind now was Silk, she hadn’t shown any visible reaction when he broke the news that he had somewhat went behind her back and realized he loved Twilight. In fact she seemed to not care at all. They had spoken briefly about getting her work but besides that Silk seemed to be acting as if everything was normal…

And it was killing him.

Spike was now sitting at a desk in his room doing some paperwork for Twilight, well Pinkie told him that Twilight wanted him to help do it. He was more than happy but still worried about how things would play out from that day on. “Tax form…complaint about Rainbow Dash… Request to purchase Sweet Apple Arce farmland for sake of new housing: Denied. Why would they do that? Just build outside of the town limits that whole area is designated for that stuff…”

A knock on his door made him look up from the piles of paper. “Yes what- BlueSky?”

The blue colored pegasus smiled at Spike and walked over. He was dressed in his usual long sleeve shirt and blue jeans, though today he had a note pinned to his chest that read ‘If found in Canterlot Castle arrest on site. Princess Luna.’

“What’s with the note?” Spike sat up in his chair and eyed the paper.

“Happens every two months or so, Nuna kicks me out of the castle for some down time since I usually work nonstop. What are you up to Spike?” Sky walked over and leaned against the wall next to Spike’s desk.

“Paperwork…” Spike instinctively sighed but tried to catch it, he paused and looked at Sky who had a brow raised.

“Something up? Normally you’re a lot more chipper. Let me guess trouble with the love bug?” Spike stood up and growled at Sky slightly, which he expected to scare him. Sky stared at him calmly, “So there is something wrong with Chrysalis. What’s going on?”

Spike blinked and face palmed, Sky could hear him mumble ‘Dang it mom’ under his breathe. “It’s not just her…its…look Sky…have you ever had…two marefriends at once? Or ever wanted to start a herd?”

“If you’re asking my feelings on it, do what you want so long no one is hurt and it’s legal. But if you’re asking if general experiences, twice.” Spike gawked at him and Sky shrugged. “The first was a young mistake, the second is well…I’ll tell you when you’re a bit older.” He smiled and Spike rolled his eyes.

“Anyway…how did you handle it? You know, did all three of you just agree or did you meet one mare and then the other? Did you talk about it for a while? Did-,” Spike’s question stopped as he saw Sky glaring at him. “W-what?”

Sky rubbed his temple and sighed. “I’m not a counselor Spike. I’m your friend, I’ll ask you to not treat me like a stranger.” Spike looked down and his wings drooped slightly. “If you’re asking about that, it means you messed up and slept with another mare before talking it over with Queeny right?” Spike nodded.

“I know you well enough that you wouldn’t do that with any mare. So she has to be someone you just realized you loved right?” Spike looked at Sky like he was psychic. “You’re not the only one who’s ever made a mistake kid. I’ve got thirty-six years under my belt and I’m not done yet.”

Spike chuckled and sighed. “Yeah…I…I didn’t mean for it all to happen so fast…but I guess we were putting it off…me and Twi.”

Sky blinked. “Twilight? You and Twilight…actually that’s not so weird with what I’ve seen…okay tell me exactly what happened.”

Spike, although reluctantly, gave Sky a full explanation of what happened three days ago. “And now I’m worried Chrysalis might be mad and that me and Twi won’t have a normal conversation ever again…”

Sky rubbed his chin and smiled. “Got it…you made out with your sister after realizing your love for each other and then after waking up realized ‘Oh right I have a marefriend’, now you’re stuck.” Spike huffed at the truth in an attempt to make it sound less bad. “I don’t see what so hard about it. Just talk to her.”


“I mean actually talk to her. Don’t just say sorry, don’t just walk up and ask her if everything is fine. Talk to her and Twilight. Things will work out if you really didn’t mean to hurt either of them.” Sky patted Spike on his shoulder and smiled.

“…thanks Sky…sometimes I wonder where you get your advice from.” Spike laughed a bit and stood up tall.

“It’s something you pick up when you have my job.” Sky smiled but suddenly looked serious. “Spike there was another reason that I came to see you, but I’ll wait till your business is done.” He waved at him, “Go on, wait any longer and you’ll go crazy. I’ll be here.”

“Alright…thanks Sky.” Spike raised his fist and Sky bumped his own against it. “I won’t mess up again.” Spike ran off and headed straight for Twilight’s room.

Sky smiled and sat in the chair Spike just left. “Yes you will…but you’ll only grow from them.”

Silk was in her room looking at a book she borrowed from the library. Her mind was somewhat blank as she skimmed the book’s words trying to find a reason to keep reading. A knock on her door made her pursuit pointless as she closed it without placing a bookmark. She cursed under her breathe and walked to the door quickly. “Coming!”

She opened the door and came face to face with Spike who looked somewhat serious. Behind him was a blushing and fidgeting Twilight, she could see how he had fallen for her.

“Can we talk Silk?” Spike’s voice sent a shiver down her spine. He was focused on something but Silk could feel the nervousness coming off of him.

“Come in.” Silk stepped to the side and waved at Twilight who did a swell Fluttershy imitation. After a moment all three of them were sitting at the table in Silk’s room. “So…”

Spike stood up, startling both Twilight and Silk, he looked at them and closed his eyes. “I’m sorry Silk. I know I told you but…I love Twilight, I love her so much it completely slipped my mind.”

Twilight blushed and was about to say something when Spike looked at her and then back to Silk. “And I…I love you too Silk. I love you both but I don’t want to give up either of you…but that’s not the point right now…I made a mistake Silk…”

Silk blinked, “Oh? What exactly did you do?”

“I went behind your back…we didn’t go far but I still kissed Twilight knowing that I was with you…I can’t say anything more than I’m sorry. But that I won’t take it back. I’m sorry that I didn’t think of your feelings but I needed to stop lying to myself…please forgive me…”

Silk looked at Twilight and smiled. “Isn’t he adorable?” Spike and Twilight gawked at her.

Silk stood up and walked over to Spike and put her hands on her hips. “Silk? W-what-,”


Spike blinked and rubbed his stinging cheek.

“That’s for cheating on me.” She walked over to Twilight and motioned for her to stand. Twilight stood up and Silk slapped her as well. “And that’s for kissing my drake.” Twilight looked down and was about to speak.

“You two are so innocent.” Spike and Twilight looked at Silk. She smiled and looked at Spike. “I wasn’t mad Spike. Or surprised, the two of you love each other and that’s fine. I was slightly miffed that you two didn’t bring it up with me first but I wasn’t bothered.”

Twilight shook her head. “B-but that’s not right! We went behind your back! Any mare would-“

“I’m not any mare am I? Is that my name?” Silk point to herself and Twilight stuttered before shaking her head ‘no’. “Exactly, I get that somepony else would be depressed, or outright mad. But I’m not, why? Because I trust Spike with my life.” She turned to Spike, strutted over to him and pulled him into a slow, meaningful kiss.

She pulled away and smiled at Spike’s embarrassed expression. “And I know that you wouldn’t do something if you thought it would hurt me. Thus coming to me in the first place.” She rubbed his cheek and kissed his snout. “You’ve been thinking about this for three days straight. And if that doesn’t say something to your character nothing will. You would never kiss any random mare on the street and go behind my back bedding some floozy.”

“B-but I still…” Spike’s word died when Silk put a finger on his lips. She simply smiled at him and kissed him again.

“You made a mistake. You tried to make up for it and I forgive you. Any other mare might not, but I’m not any other mare now am I?” She gave him a sultry smirk and Spike blushed and held her close.

“No…no you’re not…” Spike smiled as the two let go. “I’m sorry, it won’t ever happen again…”

“I know…now…” Silk turned to Twilight who was standing quietly and looking at the floor. “Twilight Sparkle?”

Twilight flinched and looked up at Silk. “Y-yes?”

“Do you love Spike? And do you regret kissing him even knowing he was with me at the time?” Spike bit back his words, he knew Chrysalis, she knew what she was doing.

“…I…I love Spike…and…no I don’t…I finally understand myself…the curse was just a punishment for always lying to myself about how I felt. I always loved Spike and I grew so bitter seeing you two together…but…I am sorry…I never meant…” Twilight started shaking as her eyes began to water.

“Spike loves me. Spike loves you. What do we do about this?” Silk walked over to Twilight and softly made Twilight look at her. “Do you want to steal him from me?”

“N-no! Never! He’s so happy with you and…you…you deserve him…but…I don’t want to…” Silk’s arms wrapped around Twilight and pulled her into a hug.

“Then its fine. We love Spike and he loves us. What comes next is easy.” Twilight looked at her and blushed at Silk’s mischievous smile. “Ever study about herding?”

Spike blinked and looked down at the table before him with a dry scowl. He was sitting between Twilight and Silk in front of the table. The two mares were looking over a sheet of paper that had many plans and dates.

“So I’ll have Spike to myself every two days.” Silk tapped the paper and looked at Twilight as she nodded. “Then you have him the next two days. One the weekend is couple time with all three of us. Any night ‘activities’ are discussed and planned between us.” Twilight blushed but nodded.

“Correct. Tomorrow we all go out to eat, Spike’s treat, to make up for what happened?” Twilight smiled at Silk and the two mares giggled at Spike’s less than pleased groan. “But…what will we do about a room? All of our beds fit at least three people so will we keep our room arrangement?”

Silk raised her brow at Twilight, “I didn’t know you want to sleep together so soon…I think I can squeeze in a little time on Tuesday for you.”

Twilight blushed and reached over Spike trying to grab at Silk. Spike smiled and wrapped his wings around both girls. “Calm down Twi, if you let her get you this time it’ll keep happening.”

Twilight pouted and looked away. She shifted when Spike stood up suddenly. “Spike?”

“Sorry I gotta go, Sky stopped by and he had something he wanted to talk about with me. I sort of left him in my room about an hour ago…”

Silk laughed and Twilight just sighed as Spike left the room leaving them alone. Twilight looked at the paper before her and then at Silk, “Are you really okay with this? I mean…the two of us haven’t really…”

Silk looked at Twilight and her ear drooped a bit. “I would be lying if I said this wasn’t… a little scary…but you and Spike grew up together. He trusts you so…I will too.” Silk scooted over to Twilight and smiled. “And besides I think now is a perfect time to talk. Don’t you?”

Twilight’s eyes seemed to shine for a moment and a big smiled grew on her face. “Yeah…yeah it is!”

Silk smirked. “Then start spilling on Spike already.”

Twilight returned the smirk. “It’d be my pleasure.”

Spike swore he felt a twitch when he finally got to his door. He ignored it and opened the door to his room. “Sky? You still here?”

Sky looked up from the book he was reading and smiled at Spike. “Took you long enough. So how did it go?”

Spike rubbed his neck and smiled a bit. “She slapped me. Slapped Twilight. Kissed me and now I have a herd.”

“See I told you everything would work out. Well since you seem to be in a good mood how about some good news?” Sky put the book down and walked over to Spike.

“What kind of good news?” Spike watched Sky walk past him and out his door.

“The kind that’ll make Queeny and you both rather happy. Also Tia wants to talk to you…personally.” Sky smiled and waved at him. “As for me I’m on vacation.”

“Didn’t you come here to tell me?” Spike scratched the back of his head.

“I did…an hour ago.” Sky gave him a cold look.

Spike cringed and rubbed his head. “Right…” Spike walked into his room and took out a piece of paper. “Well…it’s been a while since I’ve seen mom.”

She was a goddess. She was the envoy of the sun. She was one of the four leaders of Equestria. Yet here she was, listening to yet another noble flap his gums away. She wondered why this always happened when she wanted to be alone. She had barely been listening, only taking in every other word. Her eyes nearly shot open when a trail of familiar green smoke passed by her face. Instead of jumping for joy, grabbing the letter and flying off to read it, she plucked it out of the air with her magic.

The noble froze and blinked as she smiled at him. “Excuse me sir. I will be with you in a moment.” She unrolled the letter with a neutral smile on her face.

‘Dear mom,

Sky stopped by today and helped me figure some stuff out about…well…I think I better tell you face to face. It’s quite the story. Sky also said you had something to tell me? If you aren’t busy I’ll be waiting in my room at Twilight’s castle.

Your son,


P.S.: Tell Luna that I said hello.’

Celestia paused and reread the letter carefully, soaking in every word from her son. She rolled up the letter and stood up and smiled at the noble. “Pardon me esteemed sir. Something has come up that calls for my immediate attention. If you would like, you may speak to my sister with what ails you.”

The noble took a step back and shook his head, Luna carried a name for being a bit scary during the day. Mostly because she was losing out on sleep some days. “I will simply reschedule your highness.” With a quick bow and a turn on his heels, he left.

Celestia stood up from her throne and stepped to meet one of her two guards. “I have a message for my sister. Tell her something important has come up.” The guards looked at each other and gave a slight shrug before saluting. Celestia lit up her horn but paused. “Oh and tell Luna her nephew says hello.” And in a flash of light she was gone.

The guards looked at each other again and began on their way to Luna’s quarters when the princess of the night entered the room slightly miffed.

“How dare they think they can order us? I should have had that fool arrested!” Luna stormed into the throne room and looked up to see her sister missing. She looked at the guards standing at attention. “Where has my sister gone?”

“Her highness has gone to see to something important.” One of the guards said with their usual stoniness.

Luna rubbed the ridge of her nose. “Has she at least left us a message?”

“Yes. Spike said hello.” The other guard responded.

As though a new day had arisen Luna’s sour mood vanished and a pleased smile on her face made the tension hanging the air vanish. “Oh? It is good he remembers his aunt from time to time.” She giggled and walked to the throne resting next to her sister’s. “Very well, I can fill in for my sister for a few moments. Let the next matter be brought to me!”

To be continued.

Chapter 17: Forge

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Initially Spike was overjoyed to be able to see his mother again. She was always so busy and he’d need to make up an excuse to see her in the past when being her adopted son was still a secret. But even after it came to light there was still little to no time for them to be together as a mother and her son. So how could he not be excited? Well it came to him that he’d forgotten one very important thing.

She didn’t know that he was in a relationship with Chrysalis and, only just recently so that could be an excuse, Twilight. And he was already in a slight panic.

He moved from one side of his room to the other trying to think of a way to keep quiet in front of his mother. He knew Twilight and Chrysalis would definitely try to keep it hidden, but knowing their luck she’d find out anyway.

“Okay, calm down Spike. You’ll be fine. She’s the goddess of the sun after all, she’ll understand that not only did I forget to tell her, my mother, that I’m in a relationship with her past enemy but I also cheated on said mare with her precious ex-student and fellow princess and now I’m in a herd with both of them…” Spike slammed his hand into her face and groaned out loud. “Who am I kidding? I’m as good as cooked.”

He lifted his head when a wave of energy Spike knew rather intimately suddenly appeared just outside his door. He took a breath, coughed a bit and a bit of smoke escaped his throat, and walked to the door and opened them slowly.

A pair of pure white arms reached out and pulled him into the tightest, most warm and gentle hug. He inwardly groaned because he knew he’d be spilling his guts in moments but he couldn’t stay distressed when he looking into the face of his adoptive mother. Not with a smile like that.

“Oh! Spikey! I miss you so much!” Celestia called out and hugged her adopted son tightly. She let go of him and pushed him back into his room and closed the doors behind her. “I’m so happy you sent me your letter when you did. I needed to get as far away from the castle as I could.”

Spike could feel the guilt of his actions weighing him down as he gazed upon his very excited mother. How could she always do that to him without trying? It started with him sneaking gems late at night and ending up telling her himself and it spiraled from there onwards.

“Spike?” Spike shook his head a bit and refocused on his mother who was looking worried. “Are you okay?”

“Y-yeah…I um…look I’m just going to say what I have to before I feel any worse.” Spike breathed out as his mother let go of him and gave him a quizzing look. He knew that he should have said all this in the letter, it would have been so much easier to deal with.

And so he spilled his heart out. He told her that he'd officially gotten together with Chrysalis, to which his mother gave him a knowing smirk and a motherly wink. He then told her about him and Twilight, she didn't look too shocked but it caught her off guard, but then she put two and two together. Spike wished he could just find a nice cold cave to hide from his mother's judging eyes but he needed to finish. He let her know how it happened and about what happened just an hour ago, this is where he stopped and watched Celestia rub the ridge between her eyes and groan.

"You...I didn't think I'd ever deal with something like thia ever again." Celestia walked over to Spike's bed and sat down. She looked up at Spike and gave him a understanding smile. "Thank you for telling me all this Spike. Honestly I'm just glad you managed to handle all this without it going bad. But I suppose Chrysalis herself plays a big part."

Spike nodded and sat next to his mother. "Yeah, she shocked me a bit with how calm she was about it. I expected her to get mad at me to be honest. I sort of wanted her to get mad at me. No matter the reason I messed up after all."

"Even after all that's happened she is still a queen. She must have that much understanding to be an effective ruler. But don't beat yourself up about what happened, if she doesn't blame you or Twilight and accepts both of you in this herd of yours then so be it. I trust you to make the right choice, just make sure you treat them right. And if you need advice, talk to Sky." Celestia hugged Spike and kissed his cheek lightly.

"Thanks mom...by the way, what is up with Blue Sky? You and him talked about this in the same way." Spike raised a eyebrow at her.

Celestia thought for a moment before chuckling to herself. "I'll tell you when you're older." To which Spike groaned and flapped his wings lightly.

"Anyway, what did you want to tell me? Sky was supposed to but uh...stuff happened..." Spike rubbed the back of his neck and smiled still feeling a little guilty.

"Oh! I almost forgot." She turned to Spike and took on a air of seriousness. "As I told you before I decided to have the place you found Chrysalis searched, just in case. What we found is exactly what you told me, but after some time we did find something." She placed a hand on Spike's shoulder and smiled. "Spike, we found one alive."

It took a moment for Spike to give a reaction, Celestia thought he'did be more excited when she blinked at the tears that began to roll down his face. He blinked and stared at his mother before opening his mouth. "Alive?" He shook lightly and blinked a bit more before wiping his eyes and taking a short breathe. "I want to met them."

Doctor Birchwood and Captain Mercury were, as usual, at a disagreement. "What don't you understand Captain, he needs to be able to move around. Staying in bed won't help him and neither will walking in circles in a tent!"

"I don't care about that, he's not going to leave that bed!" Captain Mercury stood his ground against the doctor, though admittedly he understood, he just didn't feel comfortable with the changeling walking around openly.

Said changeling was reading a book on forging that he'd asked the doctor for. He couldn't help but hear what the two stallions were going on about, he did feel bad for the Captain's clear anxiousness but there was little he could do. He looked up to see the doctor entering the large tent and rub his forehead.

"That fool. I'm sorry, I did what I could." Birchwood sat in a chair near the changeling's bed. "How are you doing?"

"I am quite fine, I must admit I am shocked at my recovery, but I suppose that is thanks to you kind doctor." The changeling smiled as his gold eyes returned to the book in his hands.

"Do you like forging? You've been into that book for some time now." Birchwood asked as he checked on the changeling's vitals, he was worried that anything could happen at this point.

"I do. Before I became a soldier I was a blacksmith. I've always liked the process, the heat that I use to bend and mold the metal. It was always relaxing to me, it was also that only thing I was good at." The changeling chuckled to himself and looked over the book in his hands. "It's the only way I can keep myself from remembering them."

The doctor let out a sigh and gave him an understanding smile, but before he could say anything the rustling of the tent's opening made him pause and turn. "How can I-" Birchwood's shot open as he stared upon the royal form of one of his princesses. "P-princess Celestia!" He bowed to his princess and heard the odd sound of more footsteps. He looked up and saw a purple dragon standing at the side of Celestia and staring at the changeling in the bed. He knew the dragon as the princess's son however he could not recalled his name.

"Sir Spike." Birchwood stood up and turned to the changeling and watched he stare back at the dragon.

"You are..." Spike moved to the foot of the bed and continued to stare at the changeling. "That guard..."

For a long drawn out second neither said anything, Spike merely stared as tears began to fall. He'd cried a lot today. He moved over to the side of the bed, kneeled down and left his head down and his hands clasped on his knee. The only sound coming from him was him saying, "Thank you." over and over. The changeling continued to smile at him and allowed Spike to vent out what he was feeling.

After a while Spike had calm down and now he wanted a few answers. "What's with your eyes? They were like the other changelings before, why are your different now?" Spike, Celestia, Captain Mercury and Doctor Birchwood were all in attendance now to hear what the changeling had to say.

"As far as I've been able to understand it's because of my ability to survive on my own. I doubt you know this but we changelings feed off of love, happiness and other positive emotions for more than just food, we do so because of the magic attached to the emotions is something we lack biologically." Spike blinked at that and looked to his mother who was rubbing her chin in thought. "It is as you think your majesty, it is more than a simple lack of emotion, we cannot create our own magic through emotion. Changelings cannot produce the magic love and happiness give and therefore we lack a necessary part of ourselves."

"That doesn't quite explain how you have the eyes of a normal pony." Celestia asked inquisitively. "While it does explain why Chrysalis was so strong after absorbing Shining's love..."

"I was getting to that. I..." He let a low sigh and closed his eyes. "When I was with the last of the hive in our final moments...I was the last one tof begin feeling the affects of our starvation, but as I felt everything coming to an end I believe that I was saved by the rest of the hive."

"Dying wishes are quite potent." Celestia chimed in and looked up to the changeling. "It's no surprise you were able to absorb that and survive, but as to your change..."

He finally opened his eyes and looked to the princess. "I believe that was thanks to my individuality."

Captain Mercury finally spoke up. "Individuality? Aren't you a drone?"

"That is true Sir Mercury. However, as I told the good doctor, I was a blacksmith before I was a soldier, and no of the other drones shared my love for the forge. As drones we could act and think as one consensus, a single consciousness. And I was still able to but my love for he forge was not shared with the others. Thus my singularity. Allow me this thought, regardless of how fantastical it is, I believe that because of my singularity and absorbing the emotions from my late hive have given me the ability to make my own magic through emotions."

Celestia stepped forward before other words could be spoken. "Creating your own magic through your emotions, what are the effects?"

The changeling looked at his arms. "The holes in my body vanished some time ago. My skin has lightened significantly, my wings are also much cleaner and as you know my eyes are much different."

Celestia nodded. "And if these things can happen to you, what of your queen?"

The changeling looked up at the princess and stared at her as thoughts plagued his mind. "I am not sure. The hive queens are like us drone in our missing magic through emotions...but they are able to perfectly harness the magic they harvest. So in that case...I assume she may not ever consciously need to absorb magic through emotion as long as she stays by Sir Spike's side."

Celestia smiled at Spike and he suddenly felt a weight lifted from his shoulders. "So where will you go?" Celestia asked the changeling as he close his book.

"I would be grateful if I could stay near my Queen. I doubt she can feel my presence and I want her to know I am alive." The changeling looked at his hand and he slowly began to be engulfed in a green fire. When the fire died down a ashe gray pegasus with black and gold hair stood up from the bed and looked to Spike.

Spike smiled at the disguised changeling and put out his hand. "I hope we can be good friends." The two shook hands and the disguised changeling looked to the doctor and captain.

"Thank you for watching over me. Captain I do hope someday we can come to be friends. Doctor Birchwood, I will never forget your kindness, thank you." The changeling put a hand out to the doctor.

Birchwood would took the hand and gave him a smug smile. "I plan on making house calls until I'm sure you are okay. So expect to see me again Forge."

The changeling blinked. "Forge?"

The doctor nodded. "Makes sense doesn't it? Your love for forging saved you. It's your identity in a way. That's a great reason if any for that to be your name."

He stared at Birchwood and looked to Spike. Spike smiled and nodded to him. "I think it's a great name. But it's up to you to decide if it's for you."

The changeling blinked and slowly a large smile grew on his face. His eyes took on confidence and he let go of the doctor's hand and nodded to himself more than anyone else. "It is my choice and since it is, I shall make it. From today forward, I will be known as Forge."

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