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[Archived] Scales and Carapaces - ProjectZerro

During Spike's travels throughout Equestria, he comes across a certain starving changling queen. Against his better judgement he decides to help her, this one act of kindness will put in motion a tale of loss and gain.

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Chapter 8: Just A Day

“Does this have to happen now?”

“Yes Spike, yes it does!”

“I just got back can’t have a moment of rest before I do this?”

“Oh stop whining, you’re a dragon, so act like one!”

“Come on Silk talk to her, tell Twi this can wait till later.”

“I’m sorry Sir Spike, but I’m siding with your sister here. This must happen right now.”

“Barely two days…”

“Like you need to rest, you slept like a log after the party.”

“Ugh fine, let’s just get this over with. So Silk, what are your sizes agi-, OW!!!”

“Don’t just blurt stuff like that out!”

“I don’t really mind as long as it’s Sir Spike.”

“…oh Spiiiiiiiike?”

“S-sorry but we gotta be on our way! See ya Twi!”

Spike ran out of the castle doors pushing Silk’s wheelchair as a loud voice followed after them, “GET BACK HERE YOU OVERGROWN LIZARD!!!”

“Is this normal?” Silk looked up at Spike as they came into view of the Boutique.

“Yeah, I love it here.” Spike smiled with a toothy grin. After a while they arrived at the Carousel Boutique’s door. Spike knocked on the door and smiled as he heard the sound of rushing hooves on the boutique’s floors.

The door swung open instead of Rarity there was a white unicorn with a uniquely styled purple and pink mane and tail. She was much shorter than Spike but still clearly an adult, or very early twenties. She wore a dark purple dress with a belt around her waist and blue jeans underneath. “Spike? Is that you?”

Spike blinked and a surprised smile crawled over his face, “Sweetie Belle? Oh Faust it’s been years!” Spike and Sweetie shared a small hug and he looked at Silk. “Silk this is Sweetie Belle, Rarity’s younger sister, she’s been all over Equestria on tour for the past three years, as far as I know anyway. When did you get back?”

Sweetie smiled and Silk and shook her hand, “Hello Silk, it’s wonderful to meet you.” She looked at Spike and sighed, “A few weeks after you had already left.”

Spike looked a little distressed, “Oh wow sorry Sweetie, if I had known I would’ve-.” A green glow shut Spike’s mouth before he could finish. He blinked at Sweetie as she glared at him.

“Stop saying sorry, what happens, happens. Okay?” She released her magical hold on Spike’s muzzle and he rubbed his snout lightly.

“Got it.”

“So what are you here for? Come to pick up a snack?” Sweetie giggled as Spike rolled his eyes.

“No, I’ve stocked up gems for the winter. I’m here because Silk here will be living with me and Twi, it’s a long story I’ll fill you in later. But the point is she doesn’t have any clothes other than what she’s wearing now.” Spike motioned towards her hooded dress. Sweetie thought it was unique but it was clearly dirty. “So I came to get her measured up for whole wardrobe.”

“Oh? So she’s a permanent resident?” Sweetie walked inside and let Spike and Silk inside.

“If I have something to say about it, then yes.” Silk spoke up and smiled and Sweetie Belle. “And it is very nice to meet you as well. I hope to get to know the residence here, one at a time if possible.”

“That’s understandable. Rarity! Your favorite dragon is here as a customer for once!” Sweetie Belle called out to Rarity who was lost in thought about a new design.

“What? Oh Spikey! Silk it’s so wonderful to see you! So I hear you’re here as customers?” Spike re-explained the situation to Rarity and her eyes took on that familiar gleam. She clapped her hands together, “Idea! I do hope you’ll rely on me for more than just a few outfits, I can do so much to highlight your figure!”

Silk blushed and blinked, almost in fear, “I-I was hoping that I could ask that of you yes, Sir Spike informed me that you make clothes for more than just business. So I hope to strike a deal, but that seems moot at this point.”

Rarity smiled thoughtfully,” I’ll need some funds for extra fabric, and it’ll take me a few days, but I’m always ready to help out a friend. So now I just need to get your measurements and I can get started.” She made her way over to Silk.

“I have some difficulty standing, so w-would it be able for Sir Spike to-,”

Rarity gasped dramatically, “Goodness no, Spikey will be outside waiting for us to finish.” Silk’s eyes visibly shrunk as Rarity stepped behind her and grabbed the wheelchair, “Don’t worry it will on take a moment.”

Silk turned to beg for Spike to stay but she saw him getting pulled by Sweetie Belle out the door, “You and me are gonna go catch up with the girls mister!”

“H-hey Sweetie hold on!” Silk watched Spike slowly move further and further away from him as Rarity pushed her forward. Her heartbeat sped up and she began to sweat.

The front door opened and Spike tried to pull himself back inside.

Silk’s hands began to shake violently. She heard a soft muffled noise, her own pounding heart drowned it out. Her breathe caught in her throat and she could feel her eyes begin to water.

Spike was leaving her. Though she knew it was irrational and foolish, she couldn’t help but think it. Spike was being taken away, and she would be left with somepony she didn’t know. Her heart raced faster as a suppressed fear forced its way up. “Spike!”

Silk jumped up out of the wheelchair and took two steps before her legs gave out. She could only reach out to Spike. In that moment, though it was small, she felt something. She would have braced for the fall to the hard floor, but she didn’t. Instead she simply waited, and just as she knew he would do, Spike caught her.

In a flash of motion that created a gust of wind that blew a few things of shelves and outfits off their hangers. Spike had raced over the Silk and caught her before she fell. Silk was now holding onto his shirt tightly, looking him deep in his eyes. She buried her face into his chest and sobbed quietly.

Spike caressed her mane softly and spoke into her ear, “It’s okay. I’m right here, I’m not gone.” He held himself in place a draped a wing over Silk as she sobbed.

Rarity finally found her breathe after watching Spike seemingly appear out of thin air, “Oh my…”

“I’ll be downstairs okay? Just rest here.” Spike said to Silk as he began to close the door to Rarity’s bedroom. Silk was laying on her rather dramatic bed with a glass of water next to her. She nodded at him and laid down quietly.

Spike closed the door and made his way downstairs. When he reached the bottom Rarity was upon him with a worried expression, “Is she okay?”

“Yes she’s fine, don’t worry.” Spike smiled wryly at her and look at Sweetie who was fidgeting with her dress. Spike walked over to her and patted her shoulder, bringing her to attention. “It wasn’t you’re fault, calm down.”

“Spikey?” Rarity walked up beside him, “What happened between you two? She was so desperate to keep you by her side. I’ve seen mares desperate to keep their loved ones, but that was…”

Spike sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, he flattened out the spines on the back of his neck as he thought. He needed to be careful, he knew if he slipped up because of an emotional outburst Silk, and by proxy Chrysalis, might be in trouble. So he decided on a half-truth. “When I met Silk a few months ago, she was traveling with a rather large group of people. They were like one big family, they all had been abandoned in one way or another and Silk had become something of a mother to them. But a few days after I met them they were attacked by a rather large group of bandits.”

“The thieves took Silk hostage and her friends…her loved ones gave their lives up to set her free, they fought tooth and nail to keep her alive. And after it was all done…the only ones left were on the verge of death with no hope…” Spike was kicking himself in his mind, it was painful to even think about what really happened, coming up with something that had to match it was difficult. “So with their last breathe they asked me to take Silk away, to keep her safe and to stay by her side...and here we are…”

Rarity had broken into silent tears at the thought of losing all of her loved ones at once. She placed a hand on Spike’s shoulder, “Oh Spikey…”

Spike shook his head, “She’d throw a fit if she found out you pitied her. But I get why she’s so desperate, I don’t want to part from her side either…I feel like that if I ever do…something bad will happen, something I can’t fix.” Spike shudder lightly.

Rarity hugged him lightly and smiled, “You have nothing to worry about. You are a strong, young drake. Besides, you’ve got the six of us, Sweetie Belle and her friends, those dragon buddies of yours, those friends you made during your journey, and the princesses on your side. What more can anypony ask for?”

“You got that right,” Spike laughed a bit. “I’ll go get her and we can try this whole thing again.”

Spike walked back upstairs and knocked on the door. “I’m coming in.” Spike opened the door after a moment and Silk was sitting up and looking at Spike.

“I’m sorry Spike…” Before she could say anything else, Spike was by her side and had his clawed hand on hers.

“I’m the one that should be sorry. I keep forgetting just how much you rely on me…” Spike held her hand and blushed a bit when a hand landed on his cheek softly.

“No Spike, no more ‘I’m sorry’s. We both know that Miss Rarity wouldn’t have done anything…but I couldn’t help but feel…that you were being taken away.” She made Spike look at her, “I’m a mess Spike…and you’re the one holding me together.”

Spike smiled and held her hand softly, “Let’s go back downstairs.”

Silk nodded and let Spike help her into her wheelchair, and with a little more help brought her downstairs. Silk looked up and saw Rarity and Sweetie Belle smiling at her, “Thank you both for being so patient after my…outburst…”

“Think nothing of it, I’ve already put it out of my mind. Now how should we go about getting your measurements if Spikey can’t leave?” She put on a thoughtful expression and Sweetie Belle smiled deviously behind her.

“I have an idea of what we can do.”

“Are you done yet!?” Spike called out to darkness, his voice trembled a bit.

“A-almost dear.” Rarity said between laughs and giggles as she worked.

“P-please hurry! I-I’d r-rather not be in this situation a-any longer!” Silk called out her face covered in bright red.

“Oh come on, it’s not like he can see you, he’s only holding up your arms.” Sweetie Belle said mockingly as she watched the display.

Sweetie’s idea was for Spike to hold Silk up as her measurements were being taken. Spike and Silk agreed that was a good idea, but forgot one crucial point. Rarity needed exact measurements. That meant Silk needed to undress…completely. Sweetie Belle had thought past that as well. Spike was hold up a naked Silk with his eyes covered by a blindfold.

Rarity and Sweetie were having their fill of fun as they watched how awkwardly adorable the pair were. Rarity poked jabs at Silk’s amazing figure, which caused Spike’s already redden face to get redder.

“Oh my. Silk you may be at war with Fluttershy with how large your chest is.” Rarity said with an overdramatic voice. Spike’s tail jerked and Silk glared at Rarity.

After a long, painful moment Rarity finally calmed down. “Alright I’m sorry. I’m done, Spike make sure to be very careful while we put her clothes back on. Her weight might shift a bit, thought I doubt it’ll be a problem.”

Spike would’ve agreed if their teasing hadn’t sapped his strength. He was doing his very best just to not drop Silk.

“P-please hurry. I-I c-can’t stand to be like this much longer…” Silk whimpered lightly as Rarity helped her put her underwear back on.

“Just a moment dear. Now wear is that…ah!” Rarity grabbed Silk’s dress, which she had left on the ground during a laughing fit. She pulled the dress up hard and heard a yell before looking up. Spike’s foot had been caught on the dress.

Saw this coming. Spike thought as he fell back. His instincts kicked and he used his tail to balance himself before he could fall and moved his hands to get a better hold of Silk.

“EEEP!” Spike heard Silk squeak out. He realized he had something large in his hand. Something large, soft and-

His hand moved faster than he thought it could and moved his hand down to her waist, which he lucky found on his first try. Spike had stood back up and could feel Silk breathe lightly as he carefully held her.

Silk’s face was a brand new shade of red. Nowhere near as bad as when Rarity and Sweetie had teased her. She wasn’t embarrassed. When Spike’s hand found her…she felt…something. But she had no idea what it was. “Miss Rarity…it’s beginning to get cold…”

Silk and Spike sat quietly at Sugarcube Corner. After Spike paid off Rarity they both realized they needed to eat when Spike’s stomach growled. Silk would look up at Spike as she played with her smoothie, which Spike recommended, and trace his face with her eyes. She realized how soft his features were for the first time, his scales felt like leather and his eyes weren’t feral, but kind. She let herself dive into her thoughts and realized Spike was looked at her.

She blushed and played with her mane, “I…I’m not mad Spike…it was an accident…” She never took her eyes off Spike. This was becoming normal for her to do.

“I-I know…you know Rarity wasn’t kidding, you could go to war with Flutters.” Silk smacked Spike’s shoulder and they shared a quick laugh. Silk smiled at Spike and was given one in return. “I’m glad you’re not angry, I already felt bad…”

“Its fine Spike…to be honest…it’s only okay, because it was you…” Silk said softly.

Spike blushed hard and looked away a bit, but looked back at her, “Well if it’s any consultation I’d gut any dude that thought to try that on you.”

“Oh Spike you are my knight in purple scales!” Silk said dramatically as she pretended to swoon, “I know not of what I would do without you.”

“Fear not my lady.” Spike puffed out his chest and put on an overplayed bravado, “I shalt keep you save from creeps of any size.” Spike and Silk laughed at each other, gaining the attention of a few passersby. Five of which were walk towards them.

“Spike? Is that you?” Spike looked up and smiled when he saw Sweetie Belle accompanied by four of young mares, all around Sweetie’s age. “Man it’s been forever how have you been?” Spike stood up carefully, getting around Silk, and bumped his fist against an orange fist.

Pink mane and tail, orange fur, and a clothes style similar to RD’s? Spike knew it was Scootaloo from a glance. She was dressed in a tank top and shorts, with her blue and yellow Wonderbolts jacket around her waist. “Dude!” She gasped aloud and her wings flapped, picking her up off the ground, “Did you get more ripped?”

“You know how it goes, fight some bandits here and there, you get these.” Spike flexed his arm a bit, causing his shirt to tighten around his muscle. Silk forced down a blush and chose to giggle instead.

“Welp it’s great to see ya, Applejack told me you were back in town. But I was sorta busy with work and couldn’t come see ya.” A yellow colored earthpony with a red mane tied back in a ponytail with a pink bow. She was wearing blue jean overalls and a green plaid buttoned up shirt and sported her own Stetson. “Hope the two of ya don’ mind us buttin in.”

“Yes we…don’t want to interrupt anything.” Spike looked over to the last two, years ago he couldn’t stand them, but now…they were two of his best friends. A pink mare wearing a tiara and a white dress walked over and gave Spike a shy smile. Her mane and tail are two tone, purple and white, her light blue eyes softly looking at Silk. “H-hello, my name is Diamond Tiara.”

The gray mare behind her smiled and waved at Spike. Her mane and tail are two different tones of lighter gray. Her mane tied in a braid, and her eyes are a brilliant purple. She’s wearing pants and a blue blouse and had a pair of blue glasses on. “Hiya Spike, welcome back, Sweetie told us she had a surprise for us. We all kinda heard you back though so..." Silver Spoon glanced at Sweetie as she shift her hoof uncomfortablely. "And you know what?" She turned back to Spike. "Diamond here just couldn’t wait to see you again.” Silver Spoon snickered behind her now blushing friend.

“You shush Spoon!” She turned back to Spike and blushed hard, “D-don’t pay her any mind Spike…th-though…I am happy to see you’re okay…” Diamond fiddled with her fingers before Spike suddenly hugged her.

“Everypony misses me, I know.” Spike let her go and smiled at her. Diamond was blushing furiously and managed to smile back eventually. “So what’s happened in town since I’ve been gone?” Spike sat back down and the five mares pulled up chairs and another table.

“Not much really.” Scootaloo started, “Things have been pretty quiet since you left, though that old dragon dude, what was his name?”

“Altos, Scoots.” Spike laughed and drank some of his remaining smoothie.

“Right that dude! He came by a bunch and hung out with Twilight, Garbs and Rumbby.” Scootaloo leaned back in her chair and fiddled with her mane. “I caught Garbs before he and Altos headed off for training. He’s really come around from his pop’s punishment. I still feel bad for him…”

Spike flexed his wings slightly, “Yeah me too, if I had any clue that the punishment was so sever I probably wouldn’t have said anything.” Spike saw that Silk was rather confused. “Garble is another dragon friend of mine. He was the basis for my…dislike, of other dragons. But during my training with Altos I went to Verathe, the dragon capital, to meet other dragons…” Spike sighed a bit, “And that’s where I met Garble for the second time…it turns out that the way he treated me and put me in danger was a sever crime, it didn’t help that I’m Celestia’s adopted son. So when I saw him again…his wings had been cut clean off…”

Silk gasped in horror, the simple thought of having one’s wings ripped from their bodies was terrifying. Especially if said person was a species that lived for the skies. “I had no idea a little bullying would be so harshly received…”

“Me either, least to say though, we got closure. He understood how much of an ass he had been, pardon my French.” Spike coughed out, “And made a near complete 180 in personality. The two of us spent a lot of time together after that. He became the first dragon my age that I befriended.” Spike smiled to himself as a wave of nostalgia hit him.

“Anyhow.” Applebloom spoke up, “Other than Altos comin by and a few festivals here and there, nothing really changed. Everythin just sorta came to ah stop after yah left.” She scratched her cheek a bit.

“I’m not that important you know.” Spike rolled his eyes as Applebloom and Sweetie Belle laughed a bit.

Spike yawned as he pushed Silk towards Twilight’s castle. “It was nice catching up but man am I tired.” Spike looked down at Silk who was looking at the sky.

“This place is so…wonderful.” Silk said in somewhat of a daze. “It’s like…”

“A little piece of heaven?” Spike cut in.

“And how.” Silk laughed a bit and looked at Spike. “Thank you for bringing me here. I…haven’t felt so happy in years…”

Spike smiled and leaned over, giving Silk a small hug, which she returned. The pair made their way back to the castle. After dinner and cleaning up Spike and Chrysalis, who was no longer disguised, were laying together in Spike’s bed.

“Such a strange tale…” Chrysalis spoke up and looked at Spike who had just told her about Discord. She had seen a picture of him with Twilight and the others and wondered how they knew him. “I wonder if he’d see past my spell…”

“Definitely.” Spike sighed at bit and looked at Chrysalis who had her head on his arm. She was lying down next to him wrapped in a cover just in case. “If my mom and Luna could, he definitely can. I’m just wondering why Twi can’t.”

“Your sister is proficient in magic yes. But seeing through a spell takes practice in another field. It’s not very high on the list of things a unicorn should learn. I’ll never understand why though…” She snuggled into Spike unconsciously, drawn in by his warmth.

He chuckled and looked at her, “Lets get some rest. I still want to show you around some more.”

“I can’t wait.” Chrysalis smiled but stopped to think for a moment. She leaned up and looked at Spike seriously. “Spike?”

Spike looked at Chrysalis, “Huh?” His eyes widened when he felt a brand new sensation on his cheek. It was smooth and soft. It felt faintly cold but carried a warming after effect. The world seemed to take a backseat to this new feeling and he looked at Chrysalis who was smiling brightly. He made a spare copy of this image in the back of his mind so he never forgot it.

“That was for…everything…from saving me to helping me meet new…ponies I should say…” She giggled to herself and laid back on Spike’s arm. “It’s not much, but I hope it’s enough for now.”

Chrysalis let the day cover her and fell asleep quickly. Spike continued to look at her peaceful face as she slept. “…Its more than enough Chrysalis…” He leaned over and gave her a tiny kiss on her forehead. She seemed to smile even more and Spike let sleep take himself as well.

To be continued.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the wait people. I'm done with classes and will be working on the story for the next few months. So get ready!

Also lots of characters coming in soon. Beware.