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[Archived] Scales and Carapaces - ProjectZerro

During Spike's travels throughout Equestria, he comes across a certain starving changling queen. Against his better judgement he decides to help her, this one act of kindness will put in motion a tale of loss and gain.

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Chapter 15: Movement

Rarity, Applejack and Silk all sat together in Silk’s room and waited for…anything really. Applejack cleared her throat and spoke trying to get rid of some of the tension.

“So uh…what makes ya think Spike’s Twilight uh, trigger right?” Applejack looked at Silk who had been chewing away at her lip.

“Well since Spike was the only one that could reach her then…” Silk thought back to a few moments before when Spike flew through one of Rarity’s windows.

Spike panted heavily and quickly stood up and looked around as if he was lost. Rarity and Silk immediately ran over and looked him over.

“Spike what’s wrong?” A hard wave of anxiety hit her as Spike’s eyes met hers. Helplessness, desperation, it was like looking into the eyes of a lost child. “…Spike?”

“Tw-Twilight…black mist…screaming…me…” Spike breathed out words in no coherent fashion, as if those were the only words he knew. “Save Twilight…”

Rarity ran over and made Spike look at her. A look of clarity ran across his face and he relaxed. Silk blinked in wonder, just looking at one of his close friends was enough to calm him down. “Spike tell me what happened to Twilight.”

Spike nodded with purpose in his eyes. “Twilight and I had been reading for a while when I noticed she was asleep. But when I went to take her to her room a weird black mist poured out of her body and covered her body.” Spike looked away from Rarity, “I tried to reach for her but…the mist…it changed into…me.”

Silk and Rarity looked at each other and lifted Spike up. “Well then what are we waiting for?” Rarity looked focused and ready. “Let’s go save Twilight.”

Spike smiled at her and nodded. The three of them took off immediately, once outside Applejack caught up with them and joined them when they explained.

Once inside the private library Silk, Rarity, Spike and Applejack were met with a creepy looking version of Spike with black mist oozing out of its body holding Twilight up in the air.

The other Spike’s teeth and spine were jagged and sharp. Its scales were darker and its eyes glowed a distinct green. It smiled at them but did not move.

“What in tarnation!?” Applejack immediately went into a fighting pose but froze when Silk walked past her. “Silk?”

“It’s a curse…a strong one that takes days to manifest…but this is…” The illusionary Spike chuckled darkly and seemed to glare straight at Spike. “Spike did Twilight say anything when she was picked up by the mist?”

Spike thought back to when he was freaking out. “She did…she kept saying my name…” Spike walked over to Silk. “I-Is this my fault?”

“…indirectly yes it is…” Silk turned to Rarity. “Rarity I need your help. We need to open up Twilight’s mind and see if we can reach her. Applejack when I give you the signal charge into the fake Spike and you might be able to dispel the curse for now until we find a proper way.” Applejack nodded and Rarity stepped forward and the two unicorns charged their horns.

Spike stepped back and looked down, mulling over his own thoughts.

Rarity and Silk shot a line of magic to Twilight and the fake Spike looked at it and then at the girls. Silk and Rarity noticed an immediate feeling of being drained, as if something was sucking away at their life and magic. “Applejack now!”

Applejack nodded and ran straight at the fake Spike. And noticed the jagged smile on its face as Applejack slammed into it and was sent flying. She hit the wall of the library hard and landed on the ground wit ha thud, both Silk and Rarity were sent flying back a few feet as well but were caught by Spike.

“What happened?” Applejack said as she picked herself up no worse for wear.

“The curse…it’s more powerful than I thought. It seems on the creator can dispel it when it’s active…” Silk stood up and bit her lip.

“Then whatever do we do now?” Rarity panted as she staggered slightly.

“…there is one way…if the trigger of the curse came into contact with the manifestation of the curse then that could get dispel it instead…or it could make it stronger…” Silk bit her thumb and barely noticed Spike walked past her and to the false him.

He looked into the eyes of the dark version of himself. It smirked at him and an image of Twilight crying shot through Spike’s mind. Spike grabbed its throat and growled. “What are you doing to her!?” As soon as her touched the dark manifestation he got a clear view of a monstrous version of himself holding Twilight by her neck and watching her cry. A powerful rage exploded from deep inside Spike and he grabbed the dark manifestation’s head.

“Don’t you dare touch her!” The manifestation’s smug smirk turned into a look of fear as Spike blew a torrent of his green fire into its face, it roared in pain as Spike burned its face away. In an instant the mist burned away and Spike grabbed Twilight and held her close as the mist faded as it burned.

Silk, Rarity and Applejack watched in awe as Spike destroyed the manifestation and seemingly the curse along with it.

“Add on that Twilight was calling Spike and that he wasn’t blasted away like us. It makes sense…” Silk sighed and tried to remember where she had seen that type of curse before…

“Ah guess…but still Spike of all ponies, er dragons. Wha kind o’ curse gets stronger the more you’re aroun’ the one person ya trust the most?” Silk looked at Applejack.

“What do you mean?” Applejack and Rarity looked at each other and smiled lightly.

“Well Silk, out of all of us Spike and Twilight are probably the closest. They have been through quite a lot in the past few years. Ever since Spike started training with Altos and Shining the two of them were always back to back whenever we went to deal with some threat to Equestria.” Rarity fixed a bit of her mane, “They work very well together.”

“Well to answer your question Applejack, this curse grew because Twilight felt some sort of repressed feeling about Spike and that triggered the curse…but when was she cursed?” Silk rubbed the bridge above her nose in thought.

Spike and Twilight had been sitting together for a very long time. Spike held Twilight and Twilight laid against Spike’s chest. Their breathing was the only sound either of them made and even that was almost muted.

Twilight’s wings twitched as she nuzzled closer to Spike’s chest. The wing draped around her back kept the warmth the two gave off to themselves. She could hear the beating heart that was hidden behind Spike strong yet smooth scales. It was a sound she begun to love, and that began to scare her.

What did she feel? She knew full well what the curse was, after a incident year ago she had studied every type. It was the kind of curse that only grows the more the target denies the trigger, which meant she had been lying to herself. But about what exactly? How much she cared about Spike? Or was it because she was jealous that her brother came home and spent all his time with a mare she didn’t know? Was it simply a attraction based on familiarity because of how much time they had spent together? Or was the curse simply making her think like this?

While she mulled over the questions she felt Spike shift. Her gaze moved up and into Spike eyes. Spike had moved so he could arc his neck to look at her better, his eyes were filled with concern. Spike always seemed to be worrying about her, he made sure she ate and that she went to bed. The time without him was bland, tiring and over all uneventful, and that was after a month.

“Are you feeling better Twi?” Spike voice broke through her barrier of thought and confusion and became the only thing Twilight paid any mind to. “You aren’t hurt or anything right? I did sorta lose control for a moment…when I saw into the nightmare…”

Twilight’s mind reeled, had he seen what happened? What did he hear, what did he think, would he-

“When I saw you crying I wasn’t really thinking…I just wanted to tear that thing apart…” Spike rubbed her back lightly and sighed. “I never want to see you cry again.”

Twilight looked at Spike and finally took noticed of everything. Spike was laying on his back on the couch with Twilight laying on his chest. A wing and both his arm wrapped around her in a protective hold. While Spike was worrying if she was hurt or not she had been worried if Spike hated her. Spike’s eye were more gentle then she was used to, she missed his sarcasm and childish spirit. The glint that shown in his eyes whenever he was around his friends…around Altos and Garble…around the girls…around Silk…around Twilight…

“Spike?” Twilight’s voice squeaked a bit when she finally spoke. She wasn’t sure how this would go, but she knew the only way to figure this out…was to talk.

“What is it Twi!? Are you hurt any-,” a purple finger touched his lips softly and Spike’s words died.

“I’m going to say things…things that will sound weird…and ask you a lot of questions…I want you to promise me you’ll be completely honest with me.” Twilight’s eyes gave Spike a feeling she wasn’t hurt…she was focused.

Twilight moved her finger and Spike blinked. “I swear on my own scales…”

“Good…do you think I’m pretty?” Twilight blushed sharply and Spike almost choked on his own breathe.

He coughed and cleared his throat. “I um…well…” Sure she was! Twilight and all of the girls were at he peak of what Spike considered well…sexy! RD had her slim athletic and petite look, Flutters was cute and was well endowed, AJ sported her toned body and charm all day long! Rarity was a obvious case, Pinkie, while pudgy here and there, still looked amazing…but what about Twilight?

“W-well?” Twilight fidgeted on his chest waiting for an answer. She poked her two index fingers together and tried to best to meet his gaze, even if she was fighting with an enormous blush.

“…you are so much more than pretty Twi. You’re beautiful.” Spike smiled. It wasn’t hard for Spike to find his answer, Twilight kept her body in shape so she could be ready to protect whomever she needed to. Her body looked amazing. Who cared if her curves weren’t Rarity levels or if her bosom and rear weren’t Fluttershy and Pinkie-like? Her light frame and near perfect proportions gave were all she needed. “From you dorky bookworm traits to the way you smile early in the morning…all of it is beautiful. Heavenly even, and that is the truth.”

Twilight wanted to jump around like Pinkie. One of her worries had burst into a large pink flame and lied a pile of ashes. But she had more questions. “T-thank you…if vanished tomorrow…would you look for me?”

“Of course! I’d tear down every tree in the Everfree if it meant finding you!”

“If I became like I used to be before we came to Ponyville…would you stay?”

“Do you have to ask? Back then I stayed by your side, why would I leave now?”

“I’m jealous of Silk…” Twilight looked away from Spike’s gaze. “Ever since you came back I’ve barely had any time with you at all…”

“…sorry Twi…I’ll fix that…I promise.”

“I want to be spoiled like her…”

“I already do that. I do nearly everything for you. Cook, clean, put you to bed, carry things for you…the list goes on.”

“I want to feel special…” She pouted slightly and Spike laughed

“You are the Princess Of Friendship and the pony that gave me life. How much more important can you get?”

“Would you hate me if I tired to stay out of Silk’s way so you two could be together without you worrying about-,”

“Do that and I’ll shave you bald.” Spike said with a sharpness she wasn’t quite used to.

“Can we talk more? Not about work…just about things…meaningless things…anything at all?”

“Of course. You have a wonderful voice so I’d like it if I could hear more of it.” Spike chuckled as Twilight glared at him with a furious blush on her face.

“Don’t make fun of me!” Twilight sounded mad, but she was smiling against her glare.

“Request denied.” Spike sounded off and laughed.

“So you’re finally at your rebellious stage? I knew this day would come.” She pretended to wipe a tear away and stifled a giggle.

“That’s right. I’m gonna go against the man! I don’t listen to any dumb rules!” Spike was finding it hard to remember why he was worried earlier.

“Oh really? Rule one, no hugging the Princess of Friendship.” Twilight smiled and laughed at Spike held her closer without hurting her.

“I refuse.”

“Darn you. Rule number two, no nuzzling of the royal cheek.” Twilight giggled when Spike pulled her up to his face and began to nuzzle his cheek against hers.

“Take that stupid rules.” Spike and Twilight went into a fit of laughter and held each other happily.

As their laughing died out Twilight moved to sit in Spike lap, her legs on either side of his own. Spike blinked and felt his heart skip a beat. Twilight looked very…seductive with her hair slightly out of place and her shirt hanging off the side of her neck exposing one of her shoulders.

“I…have one more rule…and this one is one that mustn’t be broken…especially by a rule breaking dragon…” Twilight and Spike kept their eyes on one another and their hearts beat together.

“I…” Spike tried to talk but nothing came out. All her could do was look at Twilight…why hadn’t he ever noticed how much her eye shone.

“R-rule n-num-number t-th-three…never…I-I repeat never…” Twilight’s face flushed as Spike sat up to look at her. “N-ne-never…ever…” He placed a claw on her cheek and moved closer. “Ever…” Twilight’s voice vanished from the room altogether.

Twilight’s heart leapt from her chest and forced her into Spike’s lips. There was no delay or surprise reaction, Spike held her close and helped her melt into his lips. She had never felt so ready for something in her life before.

Spike didn’t need to think, he just did what came naturally and continued to kiss the adorable princess in his arms. His body felt like it was perfect for holding her and she was the perfect fit. He wanted to look keep looking at her, but there was wrong that needed to right.

Twilight nearly cried when Spike stopped kissing her. She looked at him and a strong blush built on her. She had kissed Spike…she just kissed her little brother and best friend…

“Twi…tell me with your own words…and I’ll know this isn’t just an impulse.” Spike looked concentrated, like he was holding back from something….

With all the emotions stirring in her mind Twilight wanted to fly away but she found her strength in Spike’s hands. She realized now that he was holding her hand in his own, and he was shaking.

“I love you Spike.” She stated rather bluntly. “As my brother…as my friend…and as Spike the dragon…” Twilight jumped on him and kissed him softly. She broke the kiss and smiled.

Spike was blushing as hard as he thought he could. “ You were right, you said some really strange things…” He chuckled. “I’m unnaturally lucky aren’t I?” Spike gave Twilight he best goofy smiled and she nodded.

“Yes you are…um Spike?” She looked away for a second and then back at him, she fidgeted and a light blush built on her face. “Do I kiss well?”

Twilight shrieked as Spike jumped on her making them fall to the floor.

Applejack and Rarity were more shocked than they expected. They heard Spike yell and ran for the door. They heard Twilight ask lots of questions, Spike gave lots of answers. And now there were sounds they never expected to hear from Spike and Twilight at the same time.

“Ah…think ah better go…” Applejack looked at Silk. “…ah gotta go see Caramel…” She ran off as fast as her legs could carry her.

Rarity waved to Applejack and looked at Silk who was holding in a laugh. Silk, or Chrysalis, had already explained that the only emotion strong enough to make a curse base on emotions grow so strong so fast…was desire and the repression of desire.

“Honesty…I expected you to be more…angry Chrysalis…” Rarity walked away from the muffled noise coming from the closed doors and over to Silk.

“I’m not at all.” Silk led Rarity back to her room. “It very common for dragons to have more than one mate. And isn’t the male to female ratio off anyway? What’s it to anypony if a stallion has two or three wives anymore?”

“I don’t know about you, but I personally would like for my ‘mate’ to be exclusive.” Rarity flicked her hair and looked back towards the door. “But…those two…how long have they been hiding those feelings?”

“Longer than any of us will ever know most likely.” Silk opened her door and they took their places back on her bed. “They still have a lot of think and talk about after tonight, but at least it’ll be easier.”

“You’re not worried about if Spike…” Rarity stopped and tried to think of a good way to say what was on her mind.

“Choose her over me? I doubt it. Spike is more than enough ‘dragon’ for the two of us.” A sly smiled crawled on Silk’s face.

“Oh…OH! Oh my…well then if you are certain…but um…for sake of conversation…” Rarity blushed and played with her mane.

“Two.” Silk said simply.

“Two? How does that…really?” Rarity put a hand over her mouth.

“Two and they are a delight. Be you wished you acted up earlier.” Silk said flashing a smirk at Rarity.

“Be quiet you! I think no such thing! …maybe a little…” She looked away as Silk laughed.

As the night continued on the world enjoyed another day of peace. But far off from the land of Equestria, in a land filled with deadly creatures a force that had been waiting for too long decided to move. After draining the life out of the land around her she decided to visit the land of the one who was banished and left for dead. Maybe she could laugh at her corpse.

Author's Note:

You guys have no idea how hard it was to write that scene! Trying to od it while keeping them in character and not going full out porn was killer!!!

Hope you guys enjoy it!!!