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During Spike's travels throughout Equestria, he comes across a certain starving changling queen. Against his better judgement he decides to help her, this one act of kindness will put in motion a tale of loss and gain.

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Chapter 16: Confronting Affection

At a port town far east to the Badlands called False Walkin’ a slight bustle could be heard in the normally quiet town. Griffins and ponies alike mingled here and barely ever saw travelers since they were far southeast of Canterlot. However today seemed to be a different story, a group of about twenty travelers came across the sea visiting from Saddle Arabia.

The reason for the bustle was because of the hypnotically beautiful mare that led the group. She was tall and had curves like the goddesses themselves. Her light red coat and deep scarlet man and tail drew all eyes to her. She wore a black crop top and a long black skirt that was slit so her legs were still in full view.

She strutted down the road of the port town and smiled as she saw a guard. After a quick step she stopped in front of him and smiled happily. “Excuse me sir, my friends and I are looking for my sister. Could you please help us find a place called Ponyville?”

The guard swallowed hard and dumbly nodded, losing all of his composure.

Back across Equestria it had been nearly three days since Spike and Twilight spent the night alone. They had done a lot of kissing…a lot of kissing, but stopped before things got too…far. Since then they were very shy towards each other, it seemed the change took its toll. But what was on Spike’s mind now was Silk, she hadn’t shown any visible reaction when he broke the news that he had somewhat went behind her back and realized he loved Twilight. In fact she seemed to not care at all. They had spoken briefly about getting her work but besides that Silk seemed to be acting as if everything was normal…

And it was killing him.

Spike was now sitting at a desk in his room doing some paperwork for Twilight, well Pinkie told him that Twilight wanted him to help do it. He was more than happy but still worried about how things would play out from that day on. “Tax form…complaint about Rainbow Dash… Request to purchase Sweet Apple Arce farmland for sake of new housing: Denied. Why would they do that? Just build outside of the town limits that whole area is designated for that stuff…”

A knock on his door made him look up from the piles of paper. “Yes what- BlueSky?”

The blue colored pegasus smiled at Spike and walked over. He was dressed in his usual long sleeve shirt and blue jeans, though today he had a note pinned to his chest that read ‘If found in Canterlot Castle arrest on site. Princess Luna.’

“What’s with the note?” Spike sat up in his chair and eyed the paper.

“Happens every two months or so, Nuna kicks me out of the castle for some down time since I usually work nonstop. What are you up to Spike?” Sky walked over and leaned against the wall next to Spike’s desk.

“Paperwork…” Spike instinctively sighed but tried to catch it, he paused and looked at Sky who had a brow raised.

“Something up? Normally you’re a lot more chipper. Let me guess trouble with the love bug?” Spike stood up and growled at Sky slightly, which he expected to scare him. Sky stared at him calmly, “So there is something wrong with Chrysalis. What’s going on?”

Spike blinked and face palmed, Sky could hear him mumble ‘Dang it mom’ under his breathe. “It’s not just her…its…look Sky…have you ever had…two marefriends at once? Or ever wanted to start a herd?”

“If you’re asking my feelings on it, do what you want so long no one is hurt and it’s legal. But if you’re asking if general experiences, twice.” Spike gawked at him and Sky shrugged. “The first was a young mistake, the second is well…I’ll tell you when you’re a bit older.” He smiled and Spike rolled his eyes.

“Anyway…how did you handle it? You know, did all three of you just agree or did you meet one mare and then the other? Did you talk about it for a while? Did-,” Spike’s question stopped as he saw Sky glaring at him. “W-what?”

Sky rubbed his temple and sighed. “I’m not a counselor Spike. I’m your friend, I’ll ask you to not treat me like a stranger.” Spike looked down and his wings drooped slightly. “If you’re asking about that, it means you messed up and slept with another mare before talking it over with Queeny right?” Spike nodded.

“I know you well enough that you wouldn’t do that with any mare. So she has to be someone you just realized you loved right?” Spike looked at Sky like he was psychic. “You’re not the only one who’s ever made a mistake kid. I’ve got thirty-six years under my belt and I’m not done yet.”

Spike chuckled and sighed. “Yeah…I…I didn’t mean for it all to happen so fast…but I guess we were putting it off…me and Twi.”

Sky blinked. “Twilight? You and Twilight…actually that’s not so weird with what I’ve seen…okay tell me exactly what happened.”

Spike, although reluctantly, gave Sky a full explanation of what happened three days ago. “And now I’m worried Chrysalis might be mad and that me and Twi won’t have a normal conversation ever again…”

Sky rubbed his chin and smiled. “Got it…you made out with your sister after realizing your love for each other and then after waking up realized ‘Oh right I have a marefriend’, now you’re stuck.” Spike huffed at the truth in an attempt to make it sound less bad. “I don’t see what so hard about it. Just talk to her.”


“I mean actually talk to her. Don’t just say sorry, don’t just walk up and ask her if everything is fine. Talk to her and Twilight. Things will work out if you really didn’t mean to hurt either of them.” Sky patted Spike on his shoulder and smiled.

“…thanks Sky…sometimes I wonder where you get your advice from.” Spike laughed a bit and stood up tall.

“It’s something you pick up when you have my job.” Sky smiled but suddenly looked serious. “Spike there was another reason that I came to see you, but I’ll wait till your business is done.” He waved at him, “Go on, wait any longer and you’ll go crazy. I’ll be here.”

“Alright…thanks Sky.” Spike raised his fist and Sky bumped his own against it. “I won’t mess up again.” Spike ran off and headed straight for Twilight’s room.

Sky smiled and sat in the chair Spike just left. “Yes you will…but you’ll only grow from them.”

Silk was in her room looking at a book she borrowed from the library. Her mind was somewhat blank as she skimmed the book’s words trying to find a reason to keep reading. A knock on her door made her pursuit pointless as she closed it without placing a bookmark. She cursed under her breathe and walked to the door quickly. “Coming!”

She opened the door and came face to face with Spike who looked somewhat serious. Behind him was a blushing and fidgeting Twilight, she could see how he had fallen for her.

“Can we talk Silk?” Spike’s voice sent a shiver down her spine. He was focused on something but Silk could feel the nervousness coming off of him.

“Come in.” Silk stepped to the side and waved at Twilight who did a swell Fluttershy imitation. After a moment all three of them were sitting at the table in Silk’s room. “So…”

Spike stood up, startling both Twilight and Silk, he looked at them and closed his eyes. “I’m sorry Silk. I know I told you but…I love Twilight, I love her so much it completely slipped my mind.”

Twilight blushed and was about to say something when Spike looked at her and then back to Silk. “And I…I love you too Silk. I love you both but I don’t want to give up either of you…but that’s not the point right now…I made a mistake Silk…”

Silk blinked, “Oh? What exactly did you do?”

“I went behind your back…we didn’t go far but I still kissed Twilight knowing that I was with you…I can’t say anything more than I’m sorry. But that I won’t take it back. I’m sorry that I didn’t think of your feelings but I needed to stop lying to myself…please forgive me…”

Silk looked at Twilight and smiled. “Isn’t he adorable?” Spike and Twilight gawked at her.

Silk stood up and walked over to Spike and put her hands on her hips. “Silk? W-what-,”


Spike blinked and rubbed his stinging cheek.

“That’s for cheating on me.” She walked over to Twilight and motioned for her to stand. Twilight stood up and Silk slapped her as well. “And that’s for kissing my drake.” Twilight looked down and was about to speak.

“You two are so innocent.” Spike and Twilight looked at Silk. She smiled and looked at Spike. “I wasn’t mad Spike. Or surprised, the two of you love each other and that’s fine. I was slightly miffed that you two didn’t bring it up with me first but I wasn’t bothered.”

Twilight shook her head. “B-but that’s not right! We went behind your back! Any mare would-“

“I’m not any mare am I? Is that my name?” Silk point to herself and Twilight stuttered before shaking her head ‘no’. “Exactly, I get that somepony else would be depressed, or outright mad. But I’m not, why? Because I trust Spike with my life.” She turned to Spike, strutted over to him and pulled him into a slow, meaningful kiss.

She pulled away and smiled at Spike’s embarrassed expression. “And I know that you wouldn’t do something if you thought it would hurt me. Thus coming to me in the first place.” She rubbed his cheek and kissed his snout. “You’ve been thinking about this for three days straight. And if that doesn’t say something to your character nothing will. You would never kiss any random mare on the street and go behind my back bedding some floozy.”

“B-but I still…” Spike’s word died when Silk put a finger on his lips. She simply smiled at him and kissed him again.

“You made a mistake. You tried to make up for it and I forgive you. Any other mare might not, but I’m not any other mare now am I?” She gave him a sultry smirk and Spike blushed and held her close.

“No…no you’re not…” Spike smiled as the two let go. “I’m sorry, it won’t ever happen again…”

“I know…now…” Silk turned to Twilight who was standing quietly and looking at the floor. “Twilight Sparkle?”

Twilight flinched and looked up at Silk. “Y-yes?”

“Do you love Spike? And do you regret kissing him even knowing he was with me at the time?” Spike bit back his words, he knew Chrysalis, she knew what she was doing.

“…I…I love Spike…and…no I don’t…I finally understand myself…the curse was just a punishment for always lying to myself about how I felt. I always loved Spike and I grew so bitter seeing you two together…but…I am sorry…I never meant…” Twilight started shaking as her eyes began to water.

“Spike loves me. Spike loves you. What do we do about this?” Silk walked over to Twilight and softly made Twilight look at her. “Do you want to steal him from me?”

“N-no! Never! He’s so happy with you and…you…you deserve him…but…I don’t want to…” Silk’s arms wrapped around Twilight and pulled her into a hug.

“Then its fine. We love Spike and he loves us. What comes next is easy.” Twilight looked at her and blushed at Silk’s mischievous smile. “Ever study about herding?”

Spike blinked and looked down at the table before him with a dry scowl. He was sitting between Twilight and Silk in front of the table. The two mares were looking over a sheet of paper that had many plans and dates.

“So I’ll have Spike to myself every two days.” Silk tapped the paper and looked at Twilight as she nodded. “Then you have him the next two days. One the weekend is couple time with all three of us. Any night ‘activities’ are discussed and planned between us.” Twilight blushed but nodded.

“Correct. Tomorrow we all go out to eat, Spike’s treat, to make up for what happened?” Twilight smiled at Silk and the two mares giggled at Spike’s less than pleased groan. “But…what will we do about a room? All of our beds fit at least three people so will we keep our room arrangement?”

Silk raised her brow at Twilight, “I didn’t know you want to sleep together so soon…I think I can squeeze in a little time on Tuesday for you.”

Twilight blushed and reached over Spike trying to grab at Silk. Spike smiled and wrapped his wings around both girls. “Calm down Twi, if you let her get you this time it’ll keep happening.”

Twilight pouted and looked away. She shifted when Spike stood up suddenly. “Spike?”

“Sorry I gotta go, Sky stopped by and he had something he wanted to talk about with me. I sort of left him in my room about an hour ago…”

Silk laughed and Twilight just sighed as Spike left the room leaving them alone. Twilight looked at the paper before her and then at Silk, “Are you really okay with this? I mean…the two of us haven’t really…”

Silk looked at Twilight and her ear drooped a bit. “I would be lying if I said this wasn’t… a little scary…but you and Spike grew up together. He trusts you so…I will too.” Silk scooted over to Twilight and smiled. “And besides I think now is a perfect time to talk. Don’t you?”

Twilight’s eyes seemed to shine for a moment and a big smiled grew on her face. “Yeah…yeah it is!”

Silk smirked. “Then start spilling on Spike already.”

Twilight returned the smirk. “It’d be my pleasure.”

Spike swore he felt a twitch when he finally got to his door. He ignored it and opened the door to his room. “Sky? You still here?”

Sky looked up from the book he was reading and smiled at Spike. “Took you long enough. So how did it go?”

Spike rubbed his neck and smiled a bit. “She slapped me. Slapped Twilight. Kissed me and now I have a herd.”

“See I told you everything would work out. Well since you seem to be in a good mood how about some good news?” Sky put the book down and walked over to Spike.

“What kind of good news?” Spike watched Sky walk past him and out his door.

“The kind that’ll make Queeny and you both rather happy. Also Tia wants to talk to you…personally.” Sky smiled and waved at him. “As for me I’m on vacation.”

“Didn’t you come here to tell me?” Spike scratched the back of his head.

“I did…an hour ago.” Sky gave him a cold look.

Spike cringed and rubbed his head. “Right…” Spike walked into his room and took out a piece of paper. “Well…it’s been a while since I’ve seen mom.”

She was a goddess. She was the envoy of the sun. She was one of the four leaders of Equestria. Yet here she was, listening to yet another noble flap his gums away. She wondered why this always happened when she wanted to be alone. She had barely been listening, only taking in every other word. Her eyes nearly shot open when a trail of familiar green smoke passed by her face. Instead of jumping for joy, grabbing the letter and flying off to read it, she plucked it out of the air with her magic.

The noble froze and blinked as she smiled at him. “Excuse me sir. I will be with you in a moment.” She unrolled the letter with a neutral smile on her face.

‘Dear mom,

Sky stopped by today and helped me figure some stuff out about…well…I think I better tell you face to face. It’s quite the story. Sky also said you had something to tell me? If you aren’t busy I’ll be waiting in my room at Twilight’s castle.

Your son,


P.S.: Tell Luna that I said hello.’

Celestia paused and reread the letter carefully, soaking in every word from her son. She rolled up the letter and stood up and smiled at the noble. “Pardon me esteemed sir. Something has come up that calls for my immediate attention. If you would like, you may speak to my sister with what ails you.”

The noble took a step back and shook his head, Luna carried a name for being a bit scary during the day. Mostly because she was losing out on sleep some days. “I will simply reschedule your highness.” With a quick bow and a turn on his heels, he left.

Celestia stood up from her throne and stepped to meet one of her two guards. “I have a message for my sister. Tell her something important has come up.” The guards looked at each other and gave a slight shrug before saluting. Celestia lit up her horn but paused. “Oh and tell Luna her nephew says hello.” And in a flash of light she was gone.

The guards looked at each other again and began on their way to Luna’s quarters when the princess of the night entered the room slightly miffed.

“How dare they think they can order us? I should have had that fool arrested!” Luna stormed into the throne room and looked up to see her sister missing. She looked at the guards standing at attention. “Where has my sister gone?”

“Her highness has gone to see to something important.” One of the guards said with their usual stoniness.

Luna rubbed the ridge of her nose. “Has she at least left us a message?”

“Yes. Spike said hello.” The other guard responded.

As though a new day had arisen Luna’s sour mood vanished and a pleased smile on her face made the tension hanging the air vanish. “Oh? It is good he remembers his aunt from time to time.” She giggled and walked to the throne resting next to her sister’s. “Very well, I can fill in for my sister for a few moments. Let the next matter be brought to me!”

To be continued.

Author's Note:

First let me say I'm sorry for the long wait for this chapter.

Second, I realize the last chapter was a little...awkward...I'll admit I could have done that bit better but I was working up to this chapter. Things will change, not everything is settled but it'll take a back seat to what'll be happening now.

Again I am very sorry if the way these two chapters are written bother you guys. I'm doing my best. :fluttershysad: