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[Archived] Scales and Carapaces - ProjectZerro

During Spike's travels throughout Equestria, he comes across a certain starving changling queen. Against his better judgement he decides to help her, this one act of kindness will put in motion a tale of loss and gain.

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Chapter 13: 'Bout Time

A sweet smelling scent filled the many rooms of the castle and caused Silk to stir in her bed a bit. She sleepily wrestled with her covers and yawned aloud. She rolled softly to the side and let the covers fall from her body. “…hungry…”

She stood up from her bed and walked to the clothes wrack that substituted for a closet until Twilight could make the very small closet in her room much bigger. She pulled off a simple set of lingerie and pulled them on. She wanted to walk down to the kitchen as she was. She didn’t mind being seen, never had been, but she also felt somewhat nervous of being around anypony, especially Spike, and looking so…vulnerable.

She slipped on a pair pants and a sleeveless shirt, she had asked Rarity for a few of them so casual wear, and headed to the smell of food. She was about to open the door when she heard Spike’s voice.

“I know that but talking behind her back like this isn’t fair to her Twi.” Silk blinked and put an ear to the door.

“I know that but I had to bring it to your attention, would you have me simply keep her here and have you do everything for her?” Twilight’s voice had a slight bit of angry to it.

“Why are you bringing this up now? She just started walking not too long ago remember? Besides we don’t know if there’ll be any side effects of the spell that made her cripple in the first place.” Silk could feel Spike getting angry. Silk, or rather Chrysalis, could always feel the happiness and love that came from the pair of siblings, sure they fought but…this was different. Twilight was nervous, angry and desperate for some reason, Spike was angry and confused, she couldn’t blame him either, she didn’t get it herself.

“She has way to much free time, all I’m saying is that if she can walk she can work.” Silk straightened up. She had been living off the good graces of Twilight and Spike she did admit but she hadn’t thought much of it, this was how she always lived. “And you are no worse, your back and all you two have done is play around town!”

“Play around town? Oh I get it now, it’s not about her this is about me. You’re mad because I’m not helping you clean the castle and reshelf like before I left. Are you gonna call me lazy now?”

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“Twilight. Silk is still new. She lost everypony she knew and loved and I’m doing my best to make her feel welcome. The girls have been talking to her, she’s even confident enough to stay with Rarity on her own now. I’m helping her, a job can come later. Why can’t you see this is important?”

“All I see is you getting infatuated with some mare you met and-“

“STOP!” Spike’s voice echoed harshly through the halls and made Silk cover her ears.

“…I…I don’t…I didn’t mean to…” Silk heard Twilight’s voice trail off. “Spike?”

“I’m sorry…I just…I know you mean well, you want to help her like I do, you don’t need to tell me that. But I’m not playing around, I am working. And so is she…”

“Spike…” Silk felt a soft wave of regret pass her and she shivered.

“Why did you bring this up out of nowhere?” Spike’s voice sounded calm and concerned. “I know you freak out and things get bottled, but this is a little unnatural, time wise anyway.”

“I don’t know…I really don’t, I’m sorry Spike.”

“Already forgave you.”

Silk smiled and sensed it was probably a good time to knock on the door before her stomach gave away her position. She raised her fist and knocked on the crystal door softly.

Spike was the one to answer by opening the door for her. “Oh good morning Silk! We didn’t…wake you up did we?”

“I woke up because I smelled food.” Silk walked past him a heard him sigh in relief. She smiled at Twilight and sat next to her at the small table in the kitchen. “I do like the idea of getting a job though.”

Spike and Twilight froze and stared at Silk as she giggled. “You two are just so cute together, a pair of adorable interspecies siblings.”

Twilight covered her face with her hands and Spike walked over to the food sitting on the counter, both sharing a similar red tint on their faces.

“I do mean it though…I don’t think I can use much magic just yet but I do think I think I could try and look for something that doesn’t require me to use it.” Silk said thoughtfully as Spike brought over tow plates of food.

“I…look Silk I don’t want to make you think you have to pay us for living here. I was…just thinking too much…I’m sorry you don’t need to feel pressured to find a job you know?” Twilight warmly smiled at her.

Silk smiled and nodded. “Thank you, I do want to do something when I feel I’m closer to a hundred percent though, now let’s eat.”

“Silk?” Spike knocked on her door. He had a white jacket in one hand and wore dark purple jeans and a dark green shirt. “Did you wanna go anywhere special today?”

“Come in Spike, quickly and close the door.” Spike could a slight echo in her voice and knew she had dropped her spell. He quickly entered her room and closed the door behind him.

He looked up at her and smiled. “It’s nice to see the real you…” Chrysalis was sitting on her bed smiling at him.

“It’s nice to be able to relax…but that not important. Spike come here.” Spike followed her request quickly and sat next to her.

“What’s up?” Spike almost jumped out of his scales when Chrysalis raised her hand and touched his cheek softly. “C-Chrysalis?”

“Look at my hand…my arm…” Chrysalis said quietly and Spike looked over and the soft hand touching his cheek and his eyes grew in size. “What’s happening to me Spike?”

Spike recalled taking in Chrysalis’s form she had large hole in her arms and legs. She even had a few small holes through her hands but now…

Spike carefully grabbed Chrysalis’s hand and rubbed her palm and arm. “…the holes are gone…” He looked into Chrysalis’s eyes and nearly had a heart attack. She was on the verge of tears. “W-what’s wrong!?”

“I’m scared…I know they grew when we began to starve but…they’ve never vanished before…” She held onto Spike’s hand desperately. “What’s happening? I don’t understand at all…” She laid her head on his chest and Spike wrapped his free arm around her.

“I’m sure there’s an explanation…” He felt her shiver in his arms and fought back an urge to hold her close. She had been so strong this whole time, fighting the fear he knew she still had. “Everything will be fine…”

Chrysalis looked up and Spike and into his emerald eyes. Spike looked down and blinked. “Wha…”

Chrysalis blinked, “What? What’s wrong?”

“Your eyes…they look more colorful…like I can clearly make out the colors now…” Spike reached up and brushed a tear off her face. “Now that I look at you…your body color looks brighter too…”

Chrysalis sighed and wiped her eyes clear of tears. “What’s going on?”

“…I don’t know…but I think we can find out.”

Two royal guards walk forward in front of their princesses and saluted. “We have a report from the search party. No signs of life have been found.”

Celestia internally sighed and smiled. “Thank you for the report. You may return to your duties.” The guard nodded respectfully and went on their way. “Do you think this is all a wild goose chase?”

Luna smiled at her sister. “I couldn’t say sister. I think it’s possible that they survived but…it is doubtful.”

Celestia outwardly sighed this time when she felt a familiar sensation pass her. She looked up and a trail of smoke appeared before her. Without even a moment of lag Celestia jumped from her seat and grabbed the latter carried by the magic smoke. “Oh! It’s been so long since I received one of my son’s letters! I wonder what’s so urgent though…”

“I must be about…Silk.” Luna spoke with caution. She wanted to trust in Chrysalis but better safe than sorry.

“Maybe.” Celestia walked towards the doors of the audience room with Luna following behind. She and Luna walked back to her work room as she read the letter to herself. Sky was chatting with the two guards that had just left and looked up.

“Celi?” Celestia looked up at Sky as he walked over. “Who’s the letter from?”

“It’s from Spike…it seems ‘Silk’ is having a few problems…” Celestia had told Blue Sky about Chrysalis’s situation quite some time ago, mostly because he wasn’t around when it happened so he would have an untainted view point on the situation. “It looks like there is a problem with her body…Sky could you check to royal library for everything we have on ‘her kind’?”

Sky smiled and bowed slightly. “Consider it done.” He quickly walked down the hall towards the castle’s library.

In a few moments Sky entered Celestia’s work room and locked the door behind him. Celestia and Luna were sitting quietly awaiting him. “There weren’t many, I could only find some about their physiology, and it’s only what we know now.” Sky sighed and put two books on the table.

“It seems Chrysalis’s body is changing. The holes on her arms and hands are gone now. Her eyes and skin are much brighter as well. Spike tells us that she hasn’t been feeding all too often despite what’s need to get her through the day…”

“Looks like she’s worried she might hurt somepony.” Sky said absent mindedly and smiled at Luna, "It’s an unconscious choice on the part of the kindest of royalty to protect the small people.” Luna and Celestia blinked and smiled. “She must be scared though, poor thing.”

“Yes she is. Spike stated that quite clearly.”

“By the way, I think the two of you will be happy to know that we’ve turned up a positive note in our search.” Sky walked over to Celestia and handed her a letter. “What you do with the news is up to you, I’ll keep looking for information on changelings in my information web.” He bowed to them and left the room in a single motion.

Celestia opened the letter and skimmed over it, a bright smile built on her face and she looked at Luna with a serious look in her eyes. “No geese, but we did find something more important.”

Luna smiled and nodded. “We should keep this secret from Spike for now though…no need to get his hopes up just yet.” Luna conjured up a piece of paper and a pen. “What should I tell them?”

“There is nothing wrong with her. Unless she begins to feel sick please remain calm. My sister and I are looking into it. From Luna.” Spike read aloud as the two sat on Chrysalis’s bed.

“I don’t feel very confident with that answer Spike…” Chrysalis took her guise as Silk and sighed while rubbing her arm. “My kind isn’t exactly friendly enough to be examined…”

Spike pecked Silk on her forehead and smiled at her. “You’ll be fine. You don’t feel anything wrong right?”

Silk shook her head. “I feel fine…I guess I’ll just have to trust them…my life has been so weird this past month…” Silk smiled and leaned against Spike. “I blame it all on you by the way.”

“Well sorry.” Spike chuckled and wrapped his arms around Silk. “How can I make it up to you?”

Silk looked at Spike and thought for a moment. “Take me out for dinner and to another one of those stupid romance movies. I heard Half-Light has a sequel or two.”

Spike groaned aloud. “I know we laughed the whole way through the first one but do we have to torture ourselves again?”

“I find this movie stupid enough that I need to see how it ends. Besides that stallion didn’t look too bad. Except how pale he was.” Silk shivered and gagged.

“Well he is a vampony or I think he was, the way is sparkled reminded me of a pixie from some old fairytales.” Spike and Silk laughed together as they mulled over memories of the terrible movie.

Paper after paper piled up as Twilight worked through them quickly, most of it were simple financial reports and weather notices. She didn’t get any requests or anything and didn’t have to worry about somepony asking for an audience too often. She gave herself extra work by triple checking everything to keep herself busy.

“What’s next?” She looked over and noticed she had a few more papers to go through. She laid her head on the table before her and sighed. “I thought I’d fallen behind because of yesterday…” She sat up and stretched, “I wonder what Spike is up to…”

Twilight pushed the chair back and walked down the hall to Spike’s room. While mulling over what they could do since it’ll no doubt be raining for the next few days she caught Spike walking out of the private library. “Spike?”

He jumped and turned quickly, “Oh hey Twi. Jeez don’t scare me like that.” He walked over to her and smiled. “Done with work?”

“Y-yeah…listen um…I know this morning was a little…rough but…do you think we could…hang out?” Twilight blushed for a reason beyond her own comprehension, something in her chest was making her heat up a bit.

“Yeah sure when?”


“Uhh…I guess but…Silk and me were gonna go catch a crappy movie. I could let her know we can go later if you want.” Spike didn’t look like it bothered him to stay or go all that much.

“W-well…it’s just that you know…it’ll be raining and it gets pretty cold and quiet here even with the staff moving about so I was hoping…that we could just spend the night together reading or something…but if you already made plans…”

“Twilight don’t try to guilt trip me, do you want me to tell Silk we’ll go later or not?” Twilight clicked her tongue, he always could see through her.

She thought for a moment. “What movie is it?”

“Ever heard of Half-Light: New Dawn?”

“Isn’t that the movie that…good luck.” Twilight laughed to herself and walked into their private library leaving Spike speechless. She suddenly felt much better and the heat that was bothering her so much was completely forgotten.

An hour or two later Spike and Silk came out of their rooms and Spike knocked on the library door. “Yo Twi you up?”

Twilight opened the door and smiled at Spike. “Yes?” He had to admit, her reading glasses perfected the whole ‘bookworm’ vibe she always gave off.

“We’re about to head out, just thought I’d let you know we might be back a little late if the rain gets too bad.” Silk poked out from behind Spike and waved.

“You’re still welcome to join us you know.”

“I’ll pass thanks. I’ve read the books, neither of you know what you’re getting into…” Twilight adjusted her glasses a bit and looked at Spike and Silk. “You don’t look like two people going to dinner…”

“It’s just a quick meal someplace, not a restaurant or something. Besides if it was something like that Spike better pick a better movie then what we’ll be watching.” Silk snickered behind him.

“I’ll make sure to review all movie choices beforehand madam.” Spike sarcastically spat back.

“Okay enough flirting you two. Go on. Get.” Twilight shooed them away from the door. “I’ll be in here when you get back. Stay safe.”

“You got it mom.” Spike and Silk called behind them as they walked away.

Twilight rolled her eyes and closed the doors behind her. She sat on the couch in the private library and reopened her book. “At least I can wrap myself up in a good book until they get back.”

When it rains, it pours. That was the thought on everypony in Ponyville as the rain fell hard from the skies above. Stores left and right closed a little early. Ponies that would normally hang around at the park or café until way into the night headed home. And now a very unfortunate was stuck thinking of a way home. If either could stop laughing.

“D-did you see the way his ‘glistening abs’ were so clearly greased up?” Spike leaned against the theater’s outer wall while taking shelter from the rain and let out a hearty laugh.

“Don’t even get me started! Hahaha!” Silk laughed aloud and tried to steady her breathing. “But seriously what was up with her? Whatever her name was.”

“Wasn’t it Dream Dove?”

“Yeah her! Nothing against the actress but Dream has absolutely no personality at all. Why are these two chiseled, and I use that word loosely, stallions fawning over her?” Silk shook her head and looking to the sky. “It looks like we’ll be soaked if we try to walk or run the whole way back.”

“I thought we could make it back before it got too bad…” He looked over and smiled. “Silk come this way.” He grabbed Silk’s hand quickly led them to one of the few lit up buildings.

“Spike what are you…isn’t this…”

“That’s right.” They stepped inside the building and Spike said hello to a mare at the front desk. “The place we stayed when we came to Ponyville.”

Spike got them a single room and they relaxed as the rain sounded out around them. Silk had dropped the guise again and was laying on the bed faced down. Spike locked the door and took off his soaked jack.

“Stupid drizzle. I wish Rainbow and the others would set an actual time for these things. How are you doing Chrysalis?” Spike walked over and tried to air out his wet shirt.

“I managed to save my shirt and pants, but my jacket has given up life for a noble cause. Until I dry it that is.” She felt the bed shift and turned to see Spike laying on his back. “So we’re stuck here for the night aren’t we?”

“Yet, Twi’s gonna kill me…but I don’t really mind….” He looked over at Chrysalis and smiled at her. “As long as it’s you I’m fine with it.”

Chrysalis smiled and rolled herself over to be side by side with Spike and them both facing the ceiling. “I don’t mind either…but…is it okay? For us to be alone?”

“Why do you ask?” Spike raised his arm up and Chrysalis lifted her head, he laid his arm down and Chrysalis used it as a pillow.

“Don’t beat around the bush Spike. You are very smart, you know what I mean…that I…well…” Her cheek lit up in a red blaze.

“It’s not too soon?”


“I’ve had a few relationships. Each was a different experience, none of them were ever that bad but…something always happened…maybe it was moving too fast.”

“If you think this is me paying you back then-,”

“No nothing like that! I know you’d never do that, or at least I’d hope I know you well enough…”

“Spike…are you worried that I’m just playing you?”


“That I’m just trying to keep you by my side so that I feel safe?”


“Then what’s wrong?”

“…do I really know how to make you happy?”

“…I take back what I said, you are the dumbest dragon in the history of forever.”


Before Spike could form a full sentence Chrysalis rolled on top of him and straddled his waist. His mouth clamped shut as he took in Chrysalis sexy figure and cursed at himself for having thought that in the first place. Chrysalis leaned down and poked at his scaled chest.

“You don’t need to wonder if you make me happy, I am happy.”

“B-but what if-,”

“And as we go you’ll learn more about me, then you can pick out presents, plan dates and even wonder if we’ll spend our lives together. But worrying about steps ten through twelve before one through nine will only ending one way.” She poked his snout. “You. Will. Trip.”

“I’m happy you’re thinking ahead but how do you know if I even want to be with you that long? What if I fall for some other brave but silly knight? Then all that planning and worrying goes out the window, right?”

Spike thought for a moment and nodded. “See? I know you are a very passionate drake and want the best for me. But first you have to be with me to do those things. And I’ll let you know I don’t like dating if we’re not, well, dating.” Chrysalis smiled at Spike and a red tint built on her cheeks. “So can we take step one or three or whatever step we’re on before-”

Chrysalis suddenly felt the world go silent as a pair of scaly yet soft lips met hers, and as soon as it happened it stopped. Chrysalis blushed furiously and looked at Spike.

“Forget the steps…I think we know where we are…” Spike smiled with a blush matching Chrysalis’s.

She blinked and smiled happily. “Next time warn me before you set my world on fire.”

“I’ll do more than that for you.” Spike sat up and made Silk straddle his lap. He wrapped his arms around her tenderly and planted his lips on hers again. This time Chrysalis returned the kiss with a slight hunger that made Spike shiver. He broke the kiss and smile groggily. “W-wow…you are really good at this…practice?”

“You’re no pushover yourself. And yes…but don’t worry.” She wrapped her arms around his neck. “I’m going to mean every single second of this night.”

Spike blushed as Chrysalis horn glowed its bright green and he felt something unzip. “Not even gonna try to be subtle?”

Chrysalis smirked a bit. “What’s the point, you know what I want. What about you?” Spike blinked and smile hungrily. “Then come get it big boy.”

Chrysalis squeaked happily when Spike pulled her down onto the bed. The rain outside the window of their room fell hard against the house of every pony in Ponyville. Dulling and muting the sounds of the world around them. And for a princess who was expecting her brother home, all the sound of the rain did was slowly force her to regret her choices.

Author's Note:

Yeah so I was gonna leave this from happening too soon but for what I have planned this was the best place to put this.

Don't make predictions just yet, cause I still have somethings to work out plot wise.

Anyway have I good one people, enjoy my slowest chapter. This is probably the worst...Also yes bad Twilight reference is bad.