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During Spike's travels throughout Equestria, he comes across a certain starving changling queen. Against his better judgement he decides to help her, this one act of kindness will put in motion a tale of loss and gain.

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Chapter 11: Memories Part 1

[Quick note. I have no idea how to write lesbian or gay characters finding out they are gay or whatever, but I tried my damn best.]

A simple bustle echoed throughout Ponyville, it was midday which meant lots of ponies were on the move. Walking around, carrying on conversations or doing chores and such. School had let out about an hour ago so children and teen could be seen running around playing as well. All this happiness just made Silver Spoon’s mod worse.

As usual Diamond Tiara got into it with the Crusaders, despite having gotten cutiemarks they all stayed the best of friends. But that didn’t put a stop to Diamond’s teasing. She just looked for new angles, and there were very little. Applebloom was way into potions and stuff now so she was looking forward to a great life in medical brewing. Sweetie found her voice and was a successful singer. When Scootaloo finally was able to fly, she quickly became the second best flier in Ponyville, always right behind Rainbow Dash.

Yet despite all these accomplishments Diamond still thought she had some way to bother them. They just started outright ignoring her in high school and when they went college to Silver and Diamond’s surprise they tried to put the past behind them. Too bad Diamond’s ego spoke for her.

Diamond was laying her face into the café table and Silver was sitting up slowly drink a smoothie through a bendy straw. Diamond cursed at herself every time she opened her mouth, she could never say something nice without sounding sarcastic. But Silver knew Diamond the best and always knew what she meant but kept quiet, mostly because translation isn’t fixing. Diamond had asked her why she stuck around, Silver just responded with ‘Because you can’t do anything without me.’

“I had no idea…” Silk said after swallowing her food.

“Yeah she was pretty bad…I was too but I got better over time.” Silver munched down on her sandwich and looked up at Spike and Silk. “But she was always trying.”

“I know that, the girls knew too but Diamond kept pushing them away.” Spike sighed and leaned back into the couch he and Silk occupied. Silver sat across from them on an equal sized couch.

“That was the day Garble and I came by after training and they got into a fight.” Silver chuckled.

“Who Garble and Diamond?” Silk questioned.

“Yup.” Silver just sighed as she recalled. “You see…”

Silver slurped away and looked up noticing their two scaled friends walking over, both looking somewhat tired. “Hi Spike, Hi Grable.”

Diamond turned her head and laid the side of it on the table and looked at them. “Hello Spike, Crimson-Pain-In-My-Arse.” She growled at Garble.

“Silver Spoon, Dull Tiara.” Garble shot back and smiled as Diamond raised her head and glared at him.

“Garble! Not helping!” Spike glared at Garble and the red drake raised his hands in surrender. “Hello Diamond, let me guess another fight?”

Silver had talked to Diamond while Spike spoke to Garble and calmed her down, she had a smiled on her face until Spike spoke to her. Her smiled was replaced with a scowl. “We actually made progress. They came over, said ‘Hello’ and ‘How are you doing’!” Silver said with fake excitement.

Spike groaned and rubbed the ridge between his eyes. “Diamond you are a brand new kind of species I swear…”

Diamond released an unladylike groan and flopped her face into the table again. “I’m so stupid…”

“I’d ask Twilight to just cast a spell on you to speak your mind but I’m scared you’ll actually force yourself to think evil thoughts instead!” Spike threw his hands up in the air and sat down in a free seat.

“I wouldn’t put it past her.” Silver sighed and listened to Diamond groan again.

“Neither would I.” Garble took a seat from an empty table and sat down.

“Why do you guys even keep trying? I’m a lot cause…” Diamond looked up and the three people that she could speak only to.

“Because we’re your friends Tiara.” Silver smiled and her and Spike and Garble nodded.

“I don’t deserve friends like you three…” Diamond sat up and smiled wryly.

“No you don’t.” Garble voiced, earning a glare from Spike and Silver. “Not yet anyway, but you’re willing to change so that’s a start.” Garble smiled when Diamond’s face flushed red.

Diamond’s face scrunched up and she leaned into Silver looking away from him. “I can’t stand you…”

“That’s Diamond for ‘Take me you strong chuck of dragon.’” Silver smiled as Diamond and Garble furiously blushed. Spike almost fell to the floor laughing.

“It was pretty clear they liked each other, too bad they couldn’t stand each other for a while.” Spike chuckled to himself. “After that we all spent the day together talking and stuff.”

Silk nodded and looked at Silver. “Was that the reason you were crying?” Spike had went to Silver’s place to talk to her and Silk tagged along. Silver let them in despite the fact that she was still crying. It had been a short while later when she felt okay enough to talk to them.

“Four years ago I would’ve thought so…but I slapped myself pretty hard when I found out. I mean…you’d think you’d know everything about yourself right?” Silver sighed.

Silk nodded. “We all assume we know ourselves best…but we soon find that we know even less than we thought.” Silk smiled at Spike and a slight blush built on his face.

“Still this was a big deal…” Silver put her food down on the table in front of them and pulled her legs up to her body. She wrapped her arms around her legs and sighed. “And I knew she would hate me for it…”

Spike immediately stood up and sat next to Silver and wrapped a wing around her. “That’s not true and you know it.”

Silk wanted to keep quiet but she knew her role here was to get her to say whatever she was hiding out loud. “Why did we find you crying Silver?”

Spike looked at her with a thankful smiled and Silver Spoon sighed. “It was when we came home that day that I realized it…”

Diamond and Silver were having yet another sleep over. As per their ritual, stay over each other’s house and talk about things that Diamond couldn’t say outside.

Diamond was still living with her father at this time even if he was gone for most days. But it was much better now, Spike and Garble convinced Diamond to be open with her father about how she feels. Filthy Rich took it all very well, in fact he already knew.

Silver was in Diamond’s room in her purple and blue pajama pant and a sleeveless white top. She had taken off her glassed and was laid out on the floor. She was re-reading one of her favorite novels that Diamond gave to her. Diamond smiled at the memory of receiving a book from Diamond during Christmas. She remembered laughing at how nervous Diamond was about it and something dawned on her that she always thought about but never drew attention to. All of her favorite things had come from Diamond. Sure she had been given plenty of things and experienced plenty with Spike and Garble alongside Diamond, but all of her best memories had Diamond right by her side.

Silver closed the book and sat up with her legs lean to the side. Why hadn’t this ever bothered her? She was Diamond’s very best friend and had been with her so long she could barely remember a time they weren’t with one another. Then she drew her thoughts to current events, Garble and Spike came into their lives and they had been hanging out slightly less than usual. Diamond would hang around Garble and argue up a storm, come over for a sleepover and tear Silver’s ears off with complaints about the red dragon. Silver would hang out with Spike and talk about Diamond’s slow moving progress into making more than three friends. They share a laugh, hang out and then part ways so she could head to Diamond’s place to cool her off from Garble’s unmoving poker face and smug grin.

She vaguely remembered feeling somewhat jealous, but of who? She thought it was of Diamond. She liked Garble a bit more than Spike, he was reserved somewhat but still cracked jokes and got nervous. She enjoyed teasing him. But she never really saw him as a love interest, sure he was cute when he was nervous but that wasn’t strange, she thought Diamond was adorable…when…

Silver’s eyes bulged open as she caught her breathe in her throat.

Oh gods…

She was always next to Diamond. She took time out of her day to spend time with her. Seeing Diamond happy made her feel so happy she could burst. She hated to see her sad and even got into fights with ponies that made her cry. She put her own social life at risk to make Diamond feel like she had worth.

There had to be another answer. There had to be! She knew herself, she knew that ‘this’ wasn’t how she thought. She didn’t-

“Silver Spoon? Are you okay? You look…pale.” The sweet voice echoed through her head and Silver begged herself not to look up. Almost against her will her eyes drew up. And she wished she had never come over.

Diamond had seemingly just come out of the shower. Her pink coat matted down slightly, still just a bit wet. She was drying her tail with a towel when she walked in and Silver became painfully aware of her attire. Light blue panties held firmly to Diamond’s waist as she stood before Silver. And that was all, not even her tiara was on.

Silver’s heart began to pound erratically as she gazed at what she could only call Diamond’s heavenly figure. The two of them valued their looks less over the years but always tried to keep appearances. Silver was somewhat lacking but Diamond had filled out quite well.

Silver tried to close the space between her legs more but found herself already squeezing them closed. She moved her book in front of her chest as she felt her body heat rising. Maybe she was just in heat! Yeah that was it!

“Silvy what’s wrong! Are you sick?” Diamond dropped the towel and kneeled down in front of Silver. Her voice and eyes carried a desperately worried aura.

Silver wasn’t in heat.

“I can go get daddy’s doctor if you want, just tell me and I’ll do anything I can!” Diamond held a hand on Silver’s cheek and was going frantic the longer Silver stayed quiet.

Diamond’s voice was beautiful.

“Silvy!?” Diamond eyes started to tear up. This got Silver Spoon’s attention.

“I-I’m fine! I-I guess I was in deeper thought than I realized…I’m sorry for scaring you Diamy. I’m fine promise.” Silver hadn’t realized that her voice had lowered slightly, making it simmer softly.

“O-oh…s-so-sorry…I just…I just got so worried…but if you’re okay. D-do you want something to eat? I can go get something for you, just let me put something on.” Diamond stood up and stopped when Silver’s hand grabbed her wrist.

“N-no! I-I me-mean…don’t worry, I’ll go, I had to go to the bathroom anyway.” She stood up before Diamond could speak. “Just go ahead and lay down without me, I’ll be back in a bit…”

Silver rushed out the door and closed it quickly behind her. She made her way to bathroom and closed and locked the door behind her. She slid down on her bottom and panted heavily. She had no idea why she was tired. She looked around the large bathroom and unconsciously smelled the air. “Diamond...”

She clamped her hands over her mouth and streams of tears ran down her face. She shivered and cried silently at herself and wished to disappear right then and there.

There was no way to forget what she knew now. She couldn’t ignore it anymore…but she had to.

A few moments passed and Silver walked into Diamond’s room with two plates with a sandwich on each. “You’re still up?”

Diamond looked up at Silver and sighed, she had put on a t-shirt and was sitting on her bed. “I just got worried…you know you really freaked me out…”

Silver giggled. “Sorry Diamy.” She walked over and put a plate with a sandwich on Diamond’s bed at her side. “I knew you’d stay up though, you haven’t had your rant about Garble yet.”

“I’ll have you know that I do not think about that dolt that often! He’s no one special, he’s just a big red brute! That stupid grin he always gives me just gets on my nerves!” Diamond crossed her arms and growled.

“I think there’s a word for ponies like you in Neighponese…” Silver sighed and laid down on her makeshift bed on the floor.

Diamond blushed and looked away. “I’m just giving my opinion…”

Silver looked up and Diamond and took a bite of her sandwich. She swallowed and put a neutral look on her face. “I love you Diamond Tiara.”

Diamond dropped her sandwich mid-bite and stare blankly at Silver blushing furiously.

“What’ll you do when Garble says that to you huh?” Silver adopted a sly smirk and a pillow hit her in the face.

“You’re terrible! Don’t freak me out like that!” Diamond continued to smack Silver with her pillow.

Silver laughed and put her sandwich away and grabbed her own pillow to block. “But you’re just so precious, how can I not tease you?”

Diamond blushed and grabbed another pillow. “I’ll make you remember who holds the Pillow Wars championship belt!” Diamond smiled and jumped at Silver pillows blazing.

“Oh no I’m so scared. En garde!” Silver dodged and the two entered into a friendly battle of pillows.

After sufficiently tiring themselves out. Silver and Diamond voted on sleeping back-to-back on the floor since it would take effort for Diamond to get back on her bed.

Diamond was blissfully asleep and completely missed Silver Spoon crying herself to sleep. She had curled into a ball after Diamond fell sleep and cried to herself softly. But even then a bitter sweet smile laid splayed across her face. “I'm so stupid...”

Silk was hugging Silver Spoon as if she had found her lost child. “I am so sorry…four years of knowing…and to watch her love another…”

Silver cried quietly into Silk’s chest as Spike rubbed her arm quietly. “She told Garble about this the very next day and Garble told me a few weeks later.”

“Look at me…” Silver blubbered out. “I’m in love with another mare…and instead of trying my hand at happiness…I gave her up. I was so scare of being rejected that I gave up…I am so weak.”

“You are the strongest pony I have ever had the pleasure of meeting Silver.” Silk kissed her forehead and looked into her eyes. “You are far too young to be this way…”

“I know right?” Silver let out a hollow laugh. “But Diamond’s more important than my weird feelings. So it’s only makes sense to be selfless right? …I just wish I could have been selfish…”

Spike and Silk held onto Silver as she let the tears fall down her face.

After a long quiet minute Silver brushed off Silk and made her sit down. “Okay enough of that. I’m done feeling sorry for myself. I want you to promise to never tell Diamond. I’ll find a way to tell her on my own.”

Silk nodded and looked at Spike. “Spike? I’ve been thinking…you and Garble were Diamond and Silver’s first other friends right?” Spike looked at her and nodded, his wings place back behind him. “Well…if you were the cause of Garble’s…punishment…then how are you two friends?”

Spike blinked at the sudden change of topic but he realized it would help Silver’s mood. “Well we didn’t become friends overnight I’ll tell you. As a matter of fact I could barely look him in the eye when we met again.”

Spike stood in awe as he looked up at the majestic city of Verathe before him. He had read stories about the dragon capital but man they didn’t do it justice. Despite his simple age of seventeen and his growth spurt the tall marble and stone buildings towered over him. Dragons of all shapes, size, colors and types walked and flew around the city. Spike was completely overwhelmed by the beauty of each structure he passed. They had bakeries and cafes, clothing shops and book stores, schools and playgrounds. Spike felt ashamed of himself for everything he thought about dragons before.

“What I tell you boy? Not all dragons rough house and horde up fer all their lives. We have a wonderful culture and a rich history. Nevah been a big fan o’ books though, but ah was there for a few major events.” Altos chuckled to himself as he and Spike walked down the marble street towards the large castle in the distance. “Ah reckon you might wanna git acquainted wit yer remainin relatives. But don hope for too much, we Devarins don have a big family tree.” Spike had come to know that Altos was his grand uncle, the brother of his grandfather. Altos told him his egg was found by Celestia soon after his mother passed away from an illness and his father had been missing ever since. Spike was sad to know he didn't have parents, but he knew he had two aunts, a grandfather and a grand uncle, this was more than enough. Spike also decided that the last name Devarin didn't roll off the tongue very well.

“Now we’re gonna go see yer grandfather and yer aunt, they’ll be mighty happy to see ye.” Altos smiled at Spike and continued to walk.

Spike continued to look around until they reached the castle. Spike had no idea why but he felt compelled to not stare at the huge castle, he felt that it was rude. He and Altos had been led inside by a dragon in armor and were led to a room were two dragons were talking.

“Madam Fawn, Altos Teric Devarin is here to see you.” The dragon guard saluted and the dragoness smiled at Spike.

“Thank you guard that will be all.” The guard nodded and left the room, closing the door behind Spike. The dragoness made her way over to Spike and smiled kindly at him. She was shorter than Altos but was still much taller than him. She had four small wings on her hand and all of her features were rounded and soft looking. She was a very light violet color and a very vibrant blue on her under scales and fins that resembled Spike’s. Her eyes however let Spike know, this was family. Her emerald eyes watered slightly as she kneeled down and placed a hand on Spike’s cheek. “You are such a strong young drake…your mother would be so proud…”

Spike smiled and fidgeted a bit. He had learned lots from Altos, mostly that dragons weren't inherently mean. He was just unlucky. Most dragons was kind, knowledge able or at least honor bound. He wondered if it was appropriate to hug his aunt.

She seemed to read his mind and hugged him softly. He returned the hug and she stood up after a moment. “I am Fawn Rose Enferall. When I married I took my husband’s last name you see. And this young drake is the son of my husband and his previous wife.” She turned to the drake who had a hood covering his face. He walked over and Spike felt a strange feeling and familiarity.

He suddenly felt his stomach drop off the face of the planet.

End of Part 1.

Author's Note:

I know you all hate me now but I wanted to keep this chapter around 3000 words and it was gonna go over. I know it would be easier but I thought this would be a cool cliffhanger until next chapter.

Enjoy! :trollestia: