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[Archived] Scales and Carapaces - ProjectZerro

During Spike's travels throughout Equestria, he comes across a certain starving changling queen. Against his better judgement he decides to help her, this one act of kindness will put in motion a tale of loss and gain.

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Chapter 9: Friendships

Spike, Twilight and Silk were all in Spike’s room with Twilight and Spike looking worriedly at Silk. There was a tension in the air that could have been cut with butter. It was so bad many of the staff had chosen to steer clear of the room altogether.

“Okay Silk. I’ll be right here if anything is wrong. So just try okay?” Spike said standing next to Twilight looking very worried.

“It’ll be okay Spike. It’s been a week, I think she’s ready.” Twilight patted Spike’s arm and looked over at Silk.

Silk was sitting in her wheelchair, which was a brand new one provided by Twilight, wearing a pair of light brown pants and a long sleeve white shirt. She looked at Spike and he nodded reassuringly. “Okay…”

It took a moment but Silk finally began to push herself out of the wheelchair. Her legs wobbled dangerously as she stood up straight. She straightened herself up on her hooves and began to slowly make her way to Spike. He looked ready to pop and when Silk’s leg gave out for a moment his heart nearly stopped. Silk caught herself before Spike moved and she smiled at him. “I’m okay. I’m okay.”

She stood back up straight and began slowly walking back and forth in front of Spike and Twilight. She stopped in front of them after a while and looked at Spike who was sweating beads and smiled mischievously. She kneeled down slowly and Spike watched her in terror. She bounced back up and jumped in the air landing on her hooves carefully. She looked at Spike and saw he was panting and Twilight was rubbing his back.

“Well…” Spike and Twilight looked at Silk. “I can walk again it seems.” Two strong but kind arms suddenly wrapped around her.

“Oh thank Celestia!” Spike breathed out loudly as Silk returned his hug. She looked at Twilight and she gave the princess a smile.

“I’m glad you’re back on your hooves Silk.” Twilight walked over as Spike let the mare go. “So to celebrate how about we go over to Pinkie’s for a bite to eat?”

“I don’t want to be a bother…” Silk said still adjusting to the height. “But I do want to get some exercise so let’s go!” She smiled as Twilight and Spike nodded.

Spike picked up Silk’s wheelchair and put it away in a closet as Twilight and Silk made their way to the castle’s front doors. “It feels so good to be walking again.” Silk let out a sigh of happiness.

“I bet.” Twilight had become acutely aware of just how tall Silk was. She was a least an entire half-foot taller than herself. She was clearly just a bit taller than Spike. “At least now you don’t need to be push around everywhere by Spike.”

“I must disagree Twilight. I quite enjoy having Spike wait hand and hoof on me.” She smiled deviously but then giggled a bit, “But I think being able to do things on my own feels much better. Besides now I can finally look everypony in the eyes.”

They stepped outside the castle doors and heard flapping. The girls looked up and saw Spike above them. He landed behind them and smiled, “Well then, let’s get ta chowin down!”

“So juvenile.” Twilight groaned.

“I think it’s quite charming.” Twilight looked at Silk like she was wearing another pony’s skin. “What?”

“Congradumalationsongettingyourlegsback! Welltheyweren’tgonetobeginwithbutcongratsanyway! Ihopeyouliketheparty! Ihadtothrowitlastminutesoitsonlyponiesyoualready-“

“PINKIE!” Her friends yelled at once. Pinkie then sheepishly took a drink of cider.

Upon seeing Silk walking around Pinkie gathered together the other elements, Sweetie Belle and her group, a few ponies Silk had met and a few faces she didn’t recognize at all for a party. Silk and Rarity were discussing a time she could come over for a chance to look at a few new dresses she made for her when a strong voice called out.

“Hello, you must be Silk.” She turned around to be greeted by a dragon, but not Spike. Unlike Spike, this dragon’s scales were a dark shade of red. He seemed a bit sharper than Spike as well. A few teeth stuck out over his bottom lip giving him a slight overbite. His spine was more like a long orange fin. He was just a bit taller than her and wore a peaceful smile. He had on a black sleeveless shirt and matching dress pants. He was remarkably well dressed for a dragon, or he would be if she didn't know Spike.

But what drew her attention was his back. This dragon was clearly an airborn, dragons born to have wings, seeing the spines on the back of his neck told her as much. She looked at him with pity and opened her mouth. “Garble I take it…”

The dragon smile and rolled his shoulders, “It’s a pretty big tell huh?” Silk was about to speak again but he smiled at her, “It’s fine. I made a mistake. A big one, and then I paid for it. I could have easily been killed for what I did. But this was my punishment instead.” Garble bowed slightly to her, “My name is Garble Enferall. It’s nice to meet you.”

Silk withdrew her pitying look and gave him a smile. She bowed as well, “I am Amethyst Silk, and the pleasure is mine.”

“Garble!” A voice called out behind the dragon. He looked up with a toothy grin on his face. He turned around and a pair of silver arms wrapped around him. “It’s been so long! I missed seeing you when you stopped by last time you big meanie!” Silver Spoon squealed as she hugged the red dragon.

“I’m sorry Silver. I only stopped by with Altos. I was in a rush to get back to training. I’ll make it up to you.” Garble laughed a bit and hugged Silver Spoon back.

“You mean ‘us’ don’t you?” Diamond Tiara huffed as she walked up to the embracing friends.

“Yes I do. I promise to make it up to both of you. Now can I have a hug?” Garble smiled and let go of Silver. Diamond raised a brow and a wide smile built on her face. She leaped onto Garble and hugged him tightly. “I’m gonna get addicted to these one day.” Garble laughed as he hugged Diamond tenderly.

“I can give you more than hug Garby.” Silver chirped causing Garble to turn a brighter shade of red. He let go of Diamond and looked away from Silver as she laughed at him.

“Silver! That’s not nice! And it’s just plain crude!” Diamond scolded her friend with a blush on her face as well.

“It’s just a harmless joke Diamy or are you worried I’ll take your big red pillow from you?” Diamond and Garble blushed furiously and began chasing after Silver Spoon.

“Well…they sure are energetic…” Silk blinked as Rarity tried her best to keep composed. Spike walked over with a shorter dragon. She looked quite young and had a similar color to her scales. “And you are?”

“I’m Rumble! I’m Grable’s little sister. It’s nice to meet you!” She called out happily. The little dragon had clearly just entered adolescence. The telling signs were her voice and the slight bump of a chest. She had a fin-like spine like her brother and even had an overbite like him. But unlike her brother she had tiny wings that seem to just have grown in.

Silk kneeled down and rubbed the young dragoness’s head. “Hello there Rumble I’m Silk. I hope we can be friends.”

Rumble nodded quickly and then ran off calling out to Pinkie Pie who was serving cupcakes. “She’s precious.” Silk said laughing a bit.

“You have no idea. But I feel like she’s absorbing some of Pinkie’s well…Pinkieness.”

“I can see how that would be worrisome…”

“Yeah.” Spike smiled and grabbed Silk’s hand. “Come on there’s someone I want you to meet.”

“Who would that be? And why are we headed outside?” Silk raised a brow as Spike led her out the door. “There are a lot more ponies for me…to…meet…”

Her words began to die as she looked up to meet a pair of calm icy blue eyes. “Hello there Miss. I take it you’re the one Spike saved?”

The voice belonged to yet another dragon. But this one was clearly much older. He was at least 10 hooves tall and was covered in toned muscles. His colors were much different from Spike. He seemed to have random splotches of black all over his gray body. Scars were etched into his face, arms and chest, which was covered with an open jacket and no shirt. The pants he wore were tight on his body and had rips here and there. His tail seemed to have been cut off near the halfway point a long time ago and was hanging down barely touching the ground. On his back were two powerful looking wings, even folded they looked huge. His claws looked very, very sharp. Looking at his teeth Silk felt a shiver she hadn't felt in a long time.

“I know I’m mighty intimidatin’ Spike’s friends all tol’ me as such.” The dragon before her gave a hearty laugh and rubbed the white beard hanging from his face. Silk finally snapped out her daze enough to notice something.

“You have…hair…” Silk blinked and the dragon laughed again. She had the sudden urge to hide under Spike’s wings.

“Yes ah do miss. I’m the type o’ dragon that as they grow they get hair in the strangest places. Care to take a look see?” He raised his eye brows comically making Silk choke on a laugh.

“Enough Teach. Silk this is Altos, my teacher, my friend and my grand uncle apparently.” Silk shot him a surprised look. “I did say he was like a friendly grandpa, it’s not far off.”

“HAHA s’alright Spike! Now little lady why don’ we go fin’ a place ta talk. A place more…private like?” Altos’ eyes suddenly became rather serious.

Silk was about to run for Spike when she felt his hand on her shoulder and smiled. “Come on…Chrysalis…”

She looked up and Altos and watched him smile kindly. “Okay…”

“…well…that’s a terrible tale if ah ever heard one…” Altos’ accent cracked as he took in Chrysalis’ tale. “No wonder you’re so attached to Spike…well I’m glad you wen’ on that trip boy. Wise I’d never gotten ta meet with this beautiful sight.”

Chrysalis, Spike and Altos were all sitting just a ways inside the Everfree and had been talk for some time. Chrysalis’ face lit up and she scooted a bit close to Spike, which was quite the feat since there seemed to be no more room between them. “I-I’m flattered, r-really I am…”

“Don’ mind this ol’ dragon’s spouts o’ randomness. But ah see that it makes fer a pretty embarrassin’ situation. Anyways do you truly plan on stayin’ in Ponyville wit Spike?” Altos leaned over a bit and gave her a question look. “If ya do, ya know you’re gonna have to come clean.”

“…I know…I-I’m just…not ready. I still shake at nigh t if Spike isn’t there with me. I can’t seem to hold a conversation with anypony because of how uncomfortable I get. I can’t even bear to talk to somepony I just met if I’m alone…” Chrysalis was drawn into Spike’s side more by a purple and green wing. “But I’ll make myself known one day…I have to.”

“That’s a mighty fine way o’ thinkin’. Bein’ afraid ain’ nothin’ ta be ashamed of. Spike member what I told ya?” Altos looked a Spike with a wide smiled.

“Yup. ‘You can only be brave if you’re afraid of something. Bravery isn't just standing up for what right but doing it even if you think you might fail.’ Something like that.” Spike smiled and looked at Chrysalis.

“I like it…” She smiled at him and closed her eyes. She changed back into Silk and stood up with a slight spring in her step. “It was wonderful speaking to you Altos but they are throwing a party for me so…”

“Say no more! Let’s get movin’ youngins, that means you too Garble.” Altos called to the forest.

Silk and Spike both turned to the sound of shuffling and saw Garble rubbing his head. “S-sorry master…I was just…”

“Easedroppin’? Better brake that habit.” Altos didn't sound very happy at all.

Garble visible froze but looked over at Silk. He walked over to her and smiled wryly, “I’m truly sorry…for everything you lost…”

Silk’s hand shiver slightly but she clasped them together defiantly, “You…you have nothing to feel sorry for…and I don’t mind…it feels…nice to have somepony, er…dragon know…” She shot him a blushing look and he smiled.

“I’m still sorry.” Garble felt a hard pat on his back and looked at Spike.

“No more sorrys. Right Silk?” Spike smiled brightly at her, this forced her shivering away quickly.

“That’s right.” Silk, Altos, Spike and Garble shared a smiled before heading back to Sugarcube Corner. “I feel bad for leaving like that.”

“It’s fine. I told Pinkie we were showing you the Everfree so you’d steer clear.” Garble smiled smugly.

“Smooth.” Spike lightly punched his arm and looked up to see Twilight running over to them.

“Spike! Where in the hay did you go with the guest of honor? Pinkie’s throwing a fit because she can’t tell Silk her newest-,” She paused and looked at Altos, “Altos? Oh…Oh! I’m so sorry for not greeting you when you came to town!”

“S’alright Miss Sparkle. I was just chatting with Silk here. She’s a mighty kind mare. But enough standin around I’m hankerin fer some o’ Pie’s sweets!” The old dragon laughed loudly and continued with e healthy stride to Pinkie’s place.

Twilight laughed and looked at Spike, “Come on. He’ll eat everything if we don’t hurry.” She quickly ran after Altos being followed by Garble, Spike and Silk.

Silk stirred lightly in her sleep. She and most everypony, and dragon, had all fallen asleep after hours of partying. Silk’s eyes batted open and she looked around. She quickly became a bright shade of red from ear to ear. Spike was holding onto her softly, a wing draped around her. She tried to get out, no really she did, but gave in to the feeling of Spike’s warmth. She looked around making sure nopony else was awake and snuggle into Spike’s chest happily. “Hmm…”

“Enjoying yourself dear?”

Silk slowly turned to meet Rarity’s eyes. And her still growing smirk. “…w-why yes I am…” Silk’s face was starting to catch fire. “I-is t-that wr-wrong?”

“Oh I see nothing wrong with it at all. Perish the thought. I am simply pondering something. Everypony is asleep so no one will hear us hmm?” Rarity scooted a bit closer to Silk.

“I-I suppose…” Silk looked at Spike and listened to him sleep silently. “What did you want to ask?”

“…what do you think of Spikey?” Rarity smiled at her peacefully. “He’s such a kind young drake isn't he?”

Silk looked at Spike and then at Rarity. “Yes…yes he is…he’s also brave, strong and selfless…”

“Not to mention loyal to a fault.” Rarity smiled. Silk nodded slowly, “Anything else you've noticed?”

“…he’s somewhat selfish about things…but in a good way. He wants to be the one that does the tough work, he wants to be everypony’s protector…he’s also unnecessarily stubborn.” Silk reached her arm up and poke at Spike chest a bit.

“That he is, and still quite childish. He gets into fights because they’re ‘fun’, as he puts it.” Rarity smiled at Spike sleepy expression.

“…you've noticed quite a bit about him…why is that?” Silk looked at Rarity calmly. She knew where this conversation was headed.

“I've…given him quite a bit of thought…at first it was easy…denying it. He was a child and it was a crush…but then he grew up…oh how he grew up.” Rarity’s look seem to be less of a mare looking at a stallion, or dragon in the case, and more like a child and their parent. “I watched Spike train…I watched him get hurt. I've seen him fight for his life and cry like a child should… He was always so brave. But I had to come to terms with myself…”

Silk looked at Spike and then at Rarity as a bit of moister found its way to her eyes. “He was everything I wanted…needed and more…but I wasn't that way for him.” Silk snaked her way carefully out of Spike grasp and sat next to Rarity as she spoke. Spike gave silent grunt and rolled to his side still in a deep sleep. “He was forward and ready to put up a fight. I was worried about business and caring for my craft. He loves to test his strength. I love to sit down for hours on end and chat about nonsense…”

“I don’t think he would care…” Silk said without realizing she had. Rarity gave her a known looking. Then it dawned on her. “You've already spoke to him about this…haven’t you?”

“It was easy really. He told me he had loved me for years. Not that I hadn't noticed. But he said that he wasn't being fair to me. That his affection was so forward and that he never gave me a chance to set my hooves into something. So he gave up on me, or let me go as I decided to put it.” Silk laid a hand on hers and she smiled at the gesture of kindness. “We talked for a bit and he left…then I realized how in love with him I had been…”

“Miss Rarity…” Silk’s eyes teased with tears. Rarity shook her head and smiled. “Okay…go on.”

“He came to me the next day realizing he’d never been a real date before. So I helped him, I came up with that silly little book.” Rarity laughed dryly at herself.

“Rarity’s Gentledrake Handbook?” Silk offered with a small smile.

“That’s the one. We stayed up for hours coming up with all kinds of silly rules…I just wanted to be near him. Then his first date came along, guess how utterly shocking it was for me when I saw him with Fluttershy of all ponies.” Rarity looked over to Fluttershy sleeping next to a rather bulky looking pegasus. “I watched him go on his first date…then I cried. Just a bit of course. A lady must control her emotions. But I couldn't help but feel proud of my little Spikey. He was growing up and no longer the cute little dragon that would worship the ground I walked on.”

Silk giggled with Rarity over a similar thought. “Then I saw the look on his face when they separated…” Silk’s giggles died in her throat. “He was a mess, but he didn't cry. He told me they decided it would be best to stay friends, oh the poor dear… But he never regretted his choice and the next day Fluttershy and Spike were actually closer than they were as a couple.” Rarity looked at Silk smiling. “I’ll never understand why.”

“I think I get it. It’s like…they found each other in different way and shared things with one another they haven’t shared with anypony else. So there’s no barriers between them. I imagine something similar happen with Miss Applejack?” Silk gave the snoring Applejack a sideways glace. She was curled up next to Rainbow Dash mumbling drunken slurs in her sleep.

“Yes, while it was not very happy how they became closer. It did its job swimmingly. I think it was after this that Spike told me he was going to leave Ponyville for a few months to train his fire with Sir Altos. And that’s when I told him how I felt.” Silk looked at Spike who was now on his back with his mouth hung open and tongue out the side. “I told this goofy ball of scales I had loved him longer than I realized.”

“W-what happened?” Silk looked back at Rarity and she sighed happily.

“He bounced off the wall in happiness. Then he shot me down.” Rarity chuckled happily as Silk looked at her with a wide open mouth. “I know darling it took me by surprise as well. He told me how happy he was to hear it…but that he couldn't ever think of me as anything but a close friend. Would you believe me if I told you I was so desperate that I invite him to bed?” Silk blushed furiously and shook her head ‘no’. “Well he wasn't very pleased with me. It was the first time Spike had ever truly gotten cross with me. He told me I was better than that, and that wasn't the Rarity he knew. It took weeks for me to get over him…I still don’t think I am…but…”

Rarity turned to Spike and touched the fin on the side of his head causing him to twitch a bit. “I felt so much better. Bottling up emotions like that was terrible on my skin mind you.” Rarity said with her usual haughtiness. “He truly does deserve the best I believe. But we know Spike and he would adamantly disagree.”

“He’s just that kind of dragon.” Silk added in. The two mares looked at each other and laughed together. Their laughter made Spike stir a bit and he opened his eyes groggily.

“Huh? What’s funny? Oh my head…” Spike held his head for a moment until everything cleared. He sat up and looked at Silk and Rarity who were looking at him with smiles. “What?”

The two mares began to giggle uncontrollably as Spike kept a confused look plastered on his face. “Mares are weird…”

To be continued…

Author's Note:

Well this one was sure chatty. I wanted to give Rarity a bit more growth than 'oh we just wouldn't work out so we moved on' so I added this in. Also I am expecting to get into some action scenes later on. I 'm not quite sure when though.

Last but not least, my changes in Diamond, Silver and Garble are my favorite choices! I really hope you'll like what I'm gonna do with them. :pinkiehappy: