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Follow the world of My Little Pony through the eyes of two creatures unheard of. One is Stolen Royalty, the other is an unknown man of faith. Will they survive the challenges? Win or Loose? Only time and the powers above know.

Shadows moved in the dark, golden eyes follow, yet they go unseen. Why?

Chapters (33)

In many versions of Equestria, Princess Celestia is the princess of the sun, and Princess Luna is princess of the moon, and always have been.

But what if that were not the case? What if their celestial roles had been different? What would Equesria look like where Nightmare Moon was never even a possibility?

Chapters (3)

When ponies after three years still looks at Luna as Nightmare Moon and her sisters will not listen to her, she takes matters into her own hoffs. She travel to another dimension and will never come back. There, she discovers creatures she has never seen before called Pokémon. Then she decided to go on a journey herself with a help of former champion that has lost his spark.

Got the idea from this story from Cheesecake404

Mlp/Pokémon crossover, I own nothing.

Apparently, some are wondring why the sex tag is on, that’s because Luna is naked in the second chapter. Nothing major.

Chapters (76)

To better herself, Luna has studied Twilight's actions and friendship reports almost religiously. However, she never expected to find the tables turned and be under the microscope herself, nor did she realize that a pony would go so far for one they called friend.

Pre-reading/editing by auramane, Habanc, Foals Errand, Meridian Prime, and Timaeus

Cover art commissioned by me and done by Silfoe and can be found here. Thanks a bunch!

Chapters (47)

Celestia had a niece once, not an adopted niece like Cadance, an actual biological niece, the daughter of Princess Luna. Sadly when Luna became Nightmare Moon her daughter took her mothers side and led the their forces against Celestia.

Princess Twilight was killed during that battle, or so history tells us...

Featured on the 11/10/2015! Thanks so much!

Chapters (12)

Things aren’t right. Ever since the defeat of Nightmare Moon, Twilight Sparkle has been having visions of a life that is not hers. Or… that’s what she thinks. Secrets long buried are about to bite back, truths come to the light and a conspiracy unravels. After all, how is Twilight to accept that her real parents are ponies that history says are threats to the land.

Inspired by Born Treacherous.

The Dark and Horror tags are for a later chapter. Crossover tag is for certain characters.

Chapters (4)

Not long after Tirek's defeat, Twilight has begun suffering from a medical condition that shouldn't be able to affect ponies and her life depends on Luna. How will both of their lives, and their relationship, be affected during the days and nights together as Twilight searches for a way to reclaim her independence?

* This is a TwiLuna story.
** Cover art by CaptainPudgeMuffin (Commissioned for this story.)

Chapters (13)

Celestia asks Luna to teach Twilight dark magic. Twilight must pass Luna's class in order to graduate. As Luna develops feelings for her student, Twilight questions which princess she really wants to serve and protect.
(Twilight X Luna)

Chapters (15)

16-yr-old Twilight has been held in stasis for a millennia, ever since her mother was banished. Now, she must wait. Wait for her mother to return, wait for justice on Celestia and wait for a kinder world. After all, who would trust the Daughter of a Nightmare?
Inspired by Polaris501's story 'Heir of the Nightmare'
Currently going through an edit.

Chapters (7)

The Alicorn we all know and love; Twilight Sparkle is the result of a wish made a thousand years ago. Her birth was really what brought about Nightmare Moon. How will Twilight react when she finds out who her real mother is.

Prologue heavily inspired by the song Hijo de la Luna.


Chapters (8)
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