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A Soldier Past and Future - Norwegian boy

Can Blaze Fury a soldier from the past adjust his life 400 hundre years in the future?

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Blaze Meets the Elements of Harmony

Twilight and her friends with Flash walked through Ponyville, she and her friends was excited to finally meet Blaze, expected Dash who tried to remain calm.

While walking towards Blaze’s home, Twilight decided to ask the guard some question. “So, Flash was it?” Flash just nodded. “How is Blaze?”

“You have to be a little more specific ma’am.”

Twilight scratch her chin. “Well, is as fast as it says in the books?”

“I never saw him fly so I don’t know how fast he in the air but, when I first meet him he managed to steel my helmet without me realising it.” Flash smiled when he thought about when he first meet Blaze.

“What do you mean by that dear.” Rarity ask.

“Okay, my name is Flash not dear, got it?” He told Rarity while looking at her, she nodded. “When it came to him stealing my helmet, it just happened. One second I was wearing my helmet and the next he was wearing mine.” He stop so the girls did the same. “Look, I don’t expect any one of you to believe me, but it happened, he even punched prince Blueblood.”

That got the girls attention, especially Rarity and Dash. “He punched prince Blueblood? Why?” Twilight asked him.

“Well, I wasn’t there so I had to hear it from some of the other guards. Apparently, the prince was yelling at one of the maidens and Blaze didn’t like that, then the prince started to yell at Blaze and then the prince just fell to the floor, the guards didn’t see what happened, but they assumed that he had punched him. Then Blaze told two guard to put the princess in the dungeon and blame the incident on captain Shining Armor.”

Twilight wasn’t sure if she heard the last part right. “Wait a minute, did you just say, ‘blame the incident on captain Shining Armor’?” Flash nodded. “He let my brother take the blame for something Blaze did?” Flash nodded again. “Why did he do that?”

Flash just shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know, I never found out why. You can ask Blaze when you meet him.” Then Flash started to walk again.

The girls was standing there, they were shock of what they had heard, not Dash, she had trouble holding her laughter. Twilight saw that. “Don’t you dear to laugh Dash.” She then started to walk after Flash. “I’m going to have a talk with Blaze and ask why did that to my brother.” Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy walked after her while Dash couldn’t hold it any longer. She started to laugh so hard that her side started to hurt, eventually she managed to collect herself and she ran after the others, still laughing.

Eventually they arrived at the address to Blaze’s house, it wasn’t out of the ordinary, just the normal house you by in Ponyville. Flash walk to the door and knock on it, it didn’t take long before the door open and there stood a stallion that looked like male version of Spitfire. It was Blaze Fury.

“You are late soldier, I have been her over an hour.” Blaze told Flash.

Flash just saluted. “Sorry sir, I can’t control the trains speed.”

Blaze just rolled his eyes when Flash saluted. “At ease Flash, I’m not a guard or a general anymore. You don’t have to saluted to me anymore.”

Flash lowered his hand, his cheeks was red. “Sorry Blaze, I forget sometimes.” He gave Blaze his luggage. “Here’s is your luggage, princess Celestia asked me to bring them to you.”

Blaze took them. “I figure that much, thanks.”

Flash gave him a smile. “Your welcome, if you will excuse me. The princess gave me some time off.” He said with a smile as he walked off.

Blaze watch as he walked off. “Guards theses days.” He was about to walk in with his luggage when he notice five mares looking at him. “Can I help you five with something?” He asked them.

Rarity was about to say something, but Twilight beat her to it. “Yes, I want to know why you let my brother take the blame for something you did.” She said with anger in her voice.

Blaze blinked a couple of time, not effect by the mare anger. “Your brother?” She nodded. “Are you telling me that Shining Armor is your brother?” She nodded again. “That pathetic excuse for a captain?”

Twilight did not like to hear that. “Don’t you dear call my brother pathetic.” She pointed a finger at him. “He is a respected guard and earned his title.”

Blaze just stared at her, then he did something they didn’t expect, he started to laugh. “Are you serious? Earned the rank of captain?” He keep on laughing.

Twilight was not amused. “Would you stop laugh at my brother.” She said with even more anger in her voice.

Blaze managed to calm himself down, he had to lean against the door frame. “Let me tell you something, a captain should train his guard, so they would listen to the princess.” He looked Twilight straight in the eyes. “Your brother did a crappy job at that part.” Twilight was about to protests but Blaze didn’t let her. “When I first arrived at the castle the guard hesitated when Celestia gave them an order, she had to give them the order a second time for them to react, with force in her voice and let’s not forget the day the Changelings invade Canterlot.” He took a step towards Twilight and she took a step backwards. “Your brother was under the Changelings queen spell for good how long and he knew nothing, your brother doesn’t deserve the title of captain.” Twilight tried to say something, but nothing came out, she didn’t know hat to say after hearing what Blaze said.

All of Twilight friends had listen to the conversation and they did not like the way Blaze was talking to Twilight, especially Fluttershy. She couldn’t believe what she was shearing, here was the pegasus she grew up with, reading about when she was young, admiring. She did not expect that he was a jerk.

“How dear you.” All off the m look at Fluttershy as she walked to Blaze. “How can you talk about Twilight’s brother like that?” She stopped not far from him. “When I was young I read that four hundred years ago you respected by your fellow guards, then why are you so mean to Shining Armour?”

“Yes, I respected my fellows guards four hundred years ago. That was then and now is now, the guard in mine time knew how to received and order and execute that order, that did not happened with these guards. When Celestia gave them an order they hesitated and that should not be the case.” Blaze pointed a finger at Twilight “Her brother did a crappy job training them.” He then looked Fluttershy straight in the eyes and she could see a little anger in them, which made her nervous. “Me and the other guard did not hesitate when we were given an order, I wish I could show you but it’s a little difficult considering they are all DEAD.” That made the girls flinch. Blaze took a few breaths to clam himself down. “I don’t expect any of you to understand, when you weren’t there.” He looked at them all at it looked his words reached them all. “If you all will excuse me, I’m tired and I would like to rest.” He walked back into his house and slammed the door.

The girls just started at the door, not knowing what to think, they didn’t knew if he was right or not, considering they hadn’t seen what happened at the castle. They were about to leave when the door open. “And tell that pink pony that I don’t want a welcome to Ponyville party.” He slammed the door again.

Blaze leaned again the door and slide down it to the door. “A guard should obey their superior and princess, I’m the one to talk.”

Canterlot castle four hundred and six years ago, six months after Blaze became a guard.

“What do you mean that you didn’t arrest him?” Captain Titus asked Blaze while slamming his hand on his desk.

Blaze’s captain had called him to his office after an incident earlier in the day. Blaze was patrolling the street of Canterlot, which he hated. He never like the ponies in the town, they always had their nose up high and never care about other’s then them self. It almost made him puke.

He was patrolling the marked districted, here could ponies by food and other useless junk. Then he heard someone yelled. “Help, I have been robbed.” Blaze looked in the direction where the yelling came from and out from a food store came an earth stallion with bread under his arm.

Blaze couldn’t help but give of a cocky smile, this was a perfect time to show off how fast he was. He got ready as the stallion started to run down the street, when he was ready he flew towards the stallion and managed to block the path. The robber collided with Blaze’s armor making him fall down on his back, the robber looked up at Blaze with fear in his eyes. “You know that crime doesn’t pay.” The robber was shocked that he appeared right in front of him, he got up and ran in the in the other direction, he didn’t get far. Blaze block the path. “You aren’t going anywhere but jail.” Blaze told the robber.

The stallion the went down on his knees. “Please, you have to let me go.”

Blaze raised an eye brown of what the robber said. “And why should I? You just robbed a store.”

“This bread is for my family, we have no money, me and my wife have no job, we lost our house. How else am I going to feed my family?”

Blaze wasn’t sure if he believed the stallion or not, only one way to find out. “Take me to them.” The thief blinked a couple of time, clearly confused. “I said take me to your family and will decide if you are telling the truth or not.” The stallion nodded and lead Blaze to his family.

After some walking they arrived at the bad part off town, where the warehouse was, warehouse thirteen.

Blaze looked up at the building, it looked like it was falling apart. “You and your family lives here?” They stallion just gave him a nod. “Alright, let’s go inside.” The stallion opened the door and they walked in.

Once inside Blaze was shocked over what he saw, he saw up to five families. They were sleeping on rotten mattresses, they had almost no clothes on their bodies and some of the children was sick. He was lost for words. “How, how did this happen?” He finally managed to say.

“The economy, I was a baker and my wife worked in a bank, but we lost our job because they needed to save money, we didn’t manage to get another job and eventually we ended up here.” Blaze watch as he walked to one of the family, a unicorn mare and two young once, a unicorn filly and an earth colt. “What happens now?” The stallion asked Blaze.

Blaze didn’t know what to do, the law said that he should arrest the stallion, but if he did, the kids would lose their father. He looked at the other families, they looked at him eager eyes, waiting for an answer. Blaze let out a heavy sighed. “I won’t say anything.”

That shocked everpony in warehouse. “Really?” The stallion asked Blaze, Blaze just nodded. “Why? The law says that you have to arrest me.”

Blaze rubbed his face with both hands. “Yes, is does. I just can’t take away a father from a family, I just say that you got away.”

When the stallion and his family heard that, they all went over to Blaze and gave him a hug. “Thank you, sir.”

Right now, Blaze was very uncomfortable. “Just, be more careful in the future.” He told the stallion while prying himself away from the family.

“I will sire and thank you.” The stallion and his family waved at him as Blaze exit the warehouse.

Once outside he looked at the warehouse with a smile, he might have looked the other way when it came to the law he swore to uphold but this felt right. “Man, the captain is going to chew my ass off.” He said while walking away.

“He got away.” Blaze told his captain.

The captain got up and slammed both hands in his desk. “He got away? You are the fast pegasus in Solar guard, how the hell did he GET AWAY?” He shouted that last part so much that spit came out from his mouth and hit Blaze in the face.

“He was more clever then I thought, I lost him the crowds.” He was lying but he didn’t care.

The captain didn’t believe him. “You lost him in the crowed? You are a pegasus, you could have just flown over the crowed and spotted him. I think you are lying soldier,”

“I am not lying, I lost him and that was happened.”

The captain had enough, his face became red off anger. “STOP LYING, YOU WILL TELL ME WHERE THE THIEF IS, SO HE CAN BE ARRESTED FOR HIS CRIMES.”

Blaze didn’t flinch at all. “No, I will not.”

The captain had enough, he was about to leap over the desk and beat up Blaze when the door opened and Celestia step inn. “What’s the meaning with all this yelling?” She asked both stallions.

The captain saluted. “Your highness, don’t worry I am handling this.”

Celestia couldn’t help but question what he said. “Handling this? You are shouting at your fellow guard and I want to know why.”

The captain looked at Blaze with a frown. “This guard won’t tell me where the thief is, a thief that stole some bread. So, I can arrest thief.”

Celestia walked a little closer to Blaze who stood completely still, she remembered Blaze from they first meet, and he looked like an honorable stallion. “I will take it from here captain.” She said with a kind smile with Blaze didn’t like.

The captain eyes widen when he heard Celestia say those words. “What?”

“I said that I will take it from here.” She put a hand on Blaze shoulder. “Followed me.” They both watch as she walked out from the room, Blaze eventually shrugged his shoulders and followed her.

The captain just stood there in utter shock. “But, your highness, I was…”

Celestia turned around reentered room and walked straight to the captain and looked him straight into his eyes. “Are you question my judgment?” The captain started to sweat. “Well?” He shocked his head. “Good, get back to work and let me handle this.” She turned around and walk out of the room and Blaze followed her, who had a smudged smile on his face. The captain collapsed into his chair.

After some walking Celestia and Blaze finally arrived at their destination, Celestia private room. The guards at her room saluted when they saw the princess but was taken back when they saw Blaze, they didn’t understand why a rookie guard was with the princess. Blaze just ignored them.

Once inside her bedroom, Celestia walked over to her desk and took a bottle. “A drink?” She asked Blaze, he didn’t answer, he just stood there unfazed. “More for me then.” She poured herself a drink and sat down in her chair.

Blaze just watch as she took a sip from her glass, he hated how high and mighty she was, he hated that. Many guards joined the solar guard to protect Celestia, not Blaze. He joined to protect someone ells. He then crossed his arms. “Is there something you want me your highness?” He said with annoyance in his voice, she could hear him, he didn’t care.

“Yes.” She put down her glass. “I want you to tell me what happened with the stallion that you were supposed to apprehend.” She then lifted her left leg over her tight and crossed her arms, waiting for an answer.

He didn’t fear her, but he decide it was wise to tell her. “The reason I let him go was because he had lost his job and he needed to feed his family.”

“And why did he lose his job?” Celestia asked him.

Blaze wasn’t sure if he heard right. “You don’t know?” He asked the princess, she just shocked her head. “He lost his job because he got fired, the job need to save money, so he and his wife lost their job and now they are living in a warehouse living of what they can find like rats. So much for your perfect Equestria.” He just huffed and looked away from her.

Celestia just started at him and started to become a little nervous, considering she didn’t show any emotion. Then she did something that surprised Blaze, she smiled and she was happy. “Finally, a pony that isn’t afraid to what speak their mind.” She threw her arms up while standing up. “You are right Blaze, Equestria isn’t perfect, the ponies that lives here think that it is.” She walked to the balcony door and looked down on the city. “They think that I are all powerful and that I have given them the perfect world, that isn’t true. I might move the sun and moon but I bleed, I can die, I don’t live for eternity, I can die and it scare me.” Blaze just listen to her, he was in shock. “We face crises in our daily life all the time and I can’t help them all because some of them don’t come to me, if they don’t, then I can’t help them.” She then turned to Blaze. “I want to help the family that is living the warehouse. Please Blaze Fury, tell me where they are.” She said with a somber face.

Right now, Blaze wasn’t sure what to do. He thought that princess Celestia was a just like the ponies in Canterlot, oh boy he was wrong. Her was a princess that actually cared about the ponies in Equestria. He chew his lip a little. “Alright, I will take you to them.” That made Celestia smile again. “On one condition.” Celestia tilted her head to the side when he said that. “That I am the only guard, if you brought more, then you are going to have a hard time convince the family that you want to help them.”

“You are right, bring more guard would probably scare them. That’s why we are going to them now, come on.” Before Blaze could do anything or say anything, Celestia had walked over to the balcony door, opened it and flown out.

Blaze walked over to the door and watch as the princess flew towards where the warehouse where and she was laughing. Blaze wasn’t sure what just happened, he scratched his head and said: “What the hell just happened?” He never thought he see princess Celestia act like a kid, he eventually shrugged it of and flew after her. He didn’t have any trouble catching up to her.

When they landed by warehouse 13, Celestia was on shock when she saw the stated of the building. “It looks like is going to fall apart.” She said with worried in her voice.

Blaze knew that already. He look over to Celestia. “Just so you know your highness, I told them that I wouldn’t say anything so I don’t know how they will react when they see you.” Celestia nodded in understanding. With that, they walked inn.

The family’s that were living in the warehouse was completely unaware off who was outside, when the door opened all of them looked at the door and saw that the guard from before walked inn but what shocked them the most was the pony who followed him, princess Celestia.

The stallion that Blaze had caught walked over to Blaze. “What’s the meaning of this? You told me that you wouldn’t tell anypony.” He asked with anger in his voice.

“I didn’t tell anypony.” Blaze told the stallion.

“Then why is she here?” The stallion asked while pointing at Celestia, Blaze didn’t have an answer for that.

Celestia decided to help Blaze. “My dear stallion, if you will just calm down and I will explain why Blaze told me what happened.” The stallion and the rest of the ponies in the warehouse wasn’t happy that Blaze had told the princess where they were, but they were willing to give the princess a chance to explain. “The reason why Blaze told me is because I was curious why he didn’t tell his captain what really happened to a thief that stool a bread, when Blaze told me what really happened, I was shocked. Shocked that I didn’t hear about and that nopony told me, if you all had come to me and ask for help, I would have given it you.”

“We did go to the castle to ask for help seven months ago but we never got the chance thanks your guards.” The stallion told Celestia.

Celestia just gave him a confused expression. “What do you mean by that?” She asked him.

“Your guard stopped us the gates, we never got the chance to see you.” The stallion half shouted.

Celestia looked over to Blaze. “Why are you looking at me? This was before I joined.” Celestia decided to slap herself mentally for that one.

Celestia looked back at the stallion and the rest of the family. “I don’t know what happened but if you all will come with me and my guard to the castle and I promise you all, that I will help you. I give you my word as a princess.”

The ponies in the warehouse wasn’t sure if they could trust her, last time they tried it didn’t end so well for them. They were nearly imprisoned by her guards.

“Can we talk it over?” The stallion asked Celestia, she gave him nod as an answer.

While the stallion’s family talk to the rest of them, Celestia turned her attention to Blaze. “Did you know about this?” She asked him while pointing at the families.

“I heard a rumor that a family was denied access to the castle, but I didn’t pay must attention to it.” Then Blaze saw a little anger in Celestia. “I was new, remember? How could I know that the rumor was true?” He told her in a scared voice.

Celestia thought about what he said and he was right, he couldn’t have known that the rumor was true or not, he was a new. When she got back, she was going to get to the bottom of this.

Eventually the stallion came back. “What proof do we have that you won’t arrest us when we arrive at the castle?” He asked Celestia.

“If that happened, that guard will be fired and arrested.”

The stallion looked over to the rest of the ponies, they all gave him a nod. “Alright, will come with you to the castle.” That made Celestia smiled.

When they arrived back at the castle, Celestia told some of the guard that they were to escort the five families to the guest rooms while she was going to help them find new jobs for them all. Blaze just watch as Celestia walked to the throne room, he had misunderstood her the hole time. She wasn’t a princess that only cared about herself, she actually cared about the ponies in Equestria.

In the present, Blaze couldn’t help but smile of the memory. He got up and walked to living room to relax for the rest of the day.

Blaze woke up the next day by someone ringing on his door, it keep going for five minutes. “Alright already.” He told the pony while walking down the stairs, he had only a pair of pants on him. “When I find out who developed the doorbell, I am going to kick that pony in the nuts.” He said while he opened the door, on the other side stood a unicorn mare with white fur and golden hair, she also had a big smile on her face. “Really? After four hundred years you still use that disguise.”

The mare smiled dropped when he said that. “You are no fun, you know that, right?” She said with a pout on her face.

“I have been told.” He leaned against the door frame. “Is there a reason you are here so early in the morning?” He asked the mare.

“Yes, I am going to invite you out for breakfast.”

Blaze rubbed his head. “You aren’t going to take no for answer, are you?”

The mare shock her head. “Nope.”

Blaze let out a sigh.” Fine, just let me get some clothes.”

Before she could say anything, he was gone. “I hate it when it does that.” She said with irritation in her voice.

It took Blaze five minutes to get ready and was standing in door way. “I am ready, let go.” He told the mare while looking the door to his house.

“Great, I know where we can eat. Follow me.” The mare started to walk toward center of the town and Blaze followed her.

Author's Note:

I am not sure if I got year right in the flashback.

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