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A Soldier Past and Future - Norwegian boy

Can Blaze Fury a soldier from the past adjust his life 400 hundre years in the future?

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Welcome a to Ponyville Blaze?

Author's Note:

This is not my best or longest chapter, just so you all know.

It’s been a few days since with Blueblood and Cadance, Blueblood wasn’t to happy waking up in the dungeon and when he heard it was Shining’s fault, he let the captain heard it. Shining knew that it was Blaze doing that he got the blame and he was not happy about it. He was about to but Blaze in the dungeon for what he did but luckily for Shining, Celestia was there to prevent him to do something stupid.

When it came to Cadance, well. She had not left her room since she had spoken to Blaze, Celestia and Shining became worried about her. Celestia asked Blaze to talk to her but refused, he didn’t want to talk to a pegasus who denied who she was, a pegasus. Celestia knew that it was pointless to convince him when he was like that. There was one thing she got him to do, buy some new clothes. He had gotten his credit card, so she send him and Flash Sentry into town to buy clothes, Blaze didn’t understand why Celestia had Flash had to go with him, then Celestia told him he need somepony to help him with the credit card. He didn’t say anything more on the topic.

When it came to where he was going to live, he had listen to Luna’s advice ad bought a house in Ponyville. He, Celestia and some guards was standing train platform, Blaze couldn’t help but stare at the train he was going ride to Ponyville.

“You want me to take ‘this train’ to Ponyville? It looks like piece of crap.” He then looked at Celestia. “How long did you say the train ride would last?”

Celestia put a hand on her cheek. “I would say an hour.”

Blaze wasn’t sure if he heard right. “Did you just say one hour?” Celestia gave him a nod. “Do you really expect me to sit still for one hour?”

He was right, he couldn’t sit still for so long. “No, I guess not.”

“I thought so, and that’s why I’m flying there. Get a guard to bring my luggage to Ponyville and will met him there.”

Before Celestia could say anything, Blaze had already taken of headed towards Ponyville, Celestia couldn’t help but shook her head of Blaze behaviour. “That pony, I know that pegasus can’t sit still very long but Blaze take’s it to another level.” She then noticed that he left his luggage, she looked at her guards to see if anyone of them could bring it to him. “You there.” She looked at Flash Sentry.

Flash looked at around. “Me your highness?” He pointed as himself.

“Yes, you help Blaze with shopping for clothes? Yes?” Flash gave Celestia a nod. “Is it possible that you can bring Blaze his luggage.”

“You want me to take his luggage to Ponyville?” He asked the princess.

“That’s correct.”

Flash thought for a minute. “Sure, I can do that, but I don’t have the money for the train ticket.”

She gave him a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry about that, the castle will pay for train ticket.” That made Flash smile, he walked over to luggage and grabbed it, he then took the train ticket from Celestia. “And take some time off, also on the castle.” That made Flash smile even ore. “And here is his address.” Celestia gave him a not.

Flash took it and read it. “Yeah, I know where this is.” He gave the note back to Celestia “What about Twilight and her friends? Are you going to call them and tell them that Blaze isn’t coming by train?” He asked Celestia.

Celestia then got a devilish smile. “Nah, let them think that Blaze are taking the train.” Flash just saluted and walked on the train, he then took a place and waited for the train to leave.

When the train had left the station, Celestia and her guards was ready to leave and head back to the castle, but they didn’t get very far. “Where is he?” Shining Armour was walking towards them.

“Where is who? Shining Armour.” Celesta knew who he was talking about, but she thought she would have a little fun with him.

“You know who I’m talking about your highness.” He said to her while walking towards her.

“I don’t how you are talking about.”

Shining was getting frustrated. “Blaze Fury, where is he?”

“Oh, last time I saw him, he had taken off to Ponyville. Is there something you want from him?”

“Yes, I want him to apologize for what he did you Cadance five days ago.”

Celestia nodded. “Just forget it Shining, he won’t do.”

“Why? Why won’t he apologize to her?”

“Let me ask you something Shining Armour, are you proud of being a unicorn?”

Shining didn’t understand why she asked him that. “What has that to do with what Blaze said to Cadance?”

“Cadance was a pegasus before she became an alicorn.” Shining eyes widen when he heard that, he didn’t know that Cadance was a peagsus before she became an alicorn. He also now understood why Blaze was so hostile towards her. “Do you understand why Blaze was hostile towards Cadence?” He gave her a nod. “Good, Blaze takes pride in being a pegasus and finding out that Cadence, that was a pegasus. Became an alicorn must be hard for him.” She sighed. “I guess I can take some responsibility for what happened, I should have told Blaze. I will talk to Cadance later today and want you not to make things worse, got it?” She told Shining with a stern voice, he just saluted, and she was happy by that.

Twilight and her friends was waiting at the train station for the train from Canterlot, Celestia had ask her and her friends to welcome Blaze to Ponyville and show him around. Even that Twilight isn’t Celestia student more, she still is willing to help the princess from time to time and this was one thing she eager to help with. She had read about Blaze Fury so many times that she also had become a fan of him, even that she is a unicorn.

“I can’t wait for Blaze to arrive, I’m going to throw him the biggest party I have thrown yet.” Said a bouncing Pinkie.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Pinkie.” Said Rarity.

Pinkie sopped bouncing and gave her friends a questionable look. “Why would you say that? Everyone likes a good party.”

“Well, he’s from four hundred years in the past. They might not throw a party like you do in his time.”

Pinkie just laugh of what Rarity said. “Oh Rarity, you are so silly.” Rarity just rolled her eyes of Pinkie behavior, Pinkie could act like a child something.

In the meanwhile, Applejack was standing next to Rainbow Dash who was leaning against the wall to the train house. “Aren’t you excited that your hero from old time is coming to Ponyville.” AJ asked her flying friend. Rainbow just shrugged her shoulders. “Not really, he is just a pegasus just like me and other pegasus. When I think about it, there’s no one like me.” Applejack couldn’t believe what she heard, Dash’s ego just went up a notched.

Then a voice came over the speaker system. “The train from Canterlot will arrive soon on platform one, I repeat, the train from Canterlot will arrive soon on platform one.” Ponyville didn’t have the biggest train station in Equestria, it only had two platforms. That was enough for this small town.

It didn’t take long before the train arrived, and the girls waited in excitement, expect Dash who tried to look bored. When the train stopped they watch as pony’s walked off the train, but they didn’t see Blaze.

“That’s weird, princess Celestia told me that this was the train.” Twilight said while scratching her head, then she saw one of Celestia’s guard step out of the train with two suitcases. She walked over to him. “Pardon me sir.” The guard looked at her. “Is Blaze Fury on this train?”

The guard shock his head. “No ma’am, he said that he would fly to Ponyville and considering how fast he is, he is probably already here already.”

“Are you telling me that he is here already?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“If that’s true, then why haven’t…” Twilight and her friends looked over to Pinkie who was just standing there, looking clueless. She then noticed her friends looking at her. “What? Why are you girls looking at me?”

Rarity decide to say the reason. “Pinkie dear, this guard says that Blaze Fury is already in Ponyville so why hasn’t your pinkie senses said something?”

Pinkie just waved her hands. “Oh Rarity.” She then giggled. “Your funny.” She looked at her friends and Flash, they didn’t laugh. “Are you girls serious?” Still no laughter. Pinkie then grabbed Flash by the armor. “Are you telling that Blaze fury is already here?” She asked him in a serious tone.

“Yes ma’am, considering how fast he is, I’m guessing that he has been her here an hour, maybe more.” He answered in somewhat scared tone.

When Pinkie heard that her eyes widen. “Why didn’t my pinkie senses notice him?” She asked Flash while shaking him, he wanted to answer but it was a little difficult when Pinkie was shaking him.

Applejack and Dash managed to pry Pinkie off Flash who feel on the ground, Rarity and Fluttershy help him up. “Are you alright dear?” Rarity asked him.

“Yeah, I’m fine. The last time somepony shook me that hard was my teacher at the academy when I did something wrong.” He told them while getting up.

Pinkie, who was struggling to get out of Applejack and Dash’s grip. She want to find him and ask him a big question. “Would you stop struggling Pinkie.” Said Dash.

“No, I have to find Blaze and ask him how he avoided my pinkie senses.” Applejack and Dash looked at each other, they knew that I was pointless to talk her out off it, they let her go and she was gone.

Flash just watch the scene unfold. “What’s just happened?” He asked Twilight.

“That’s just Pinkie begging Pinkie, try not to think about or you are might get a headache.” She shuttered when she thought back to when she tried to figure out how the pinkie sense work.

Flash just gave her a nod. “If you say so, if you girls would excuse me.” He pick up Blaze’s luggage. “I have to bring Blaze his luggage.” He started to walk towards the town.

“Wait.” He stopped and turned around. “Is it possible we can come with you? I promised princess Celestia that I would welcome him to Ponyville and my friends want to meet him.” Twilight asked him.

Flash thought about it. “Sure, I don’t see why. Follow me, I know his address.” He started to walk and the girls followed him.

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