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Many years ago Equestria was at war with sebra nation, the war lastet for a year and many life was lost on both sides. In the final days of the war Celestia and a pegasus by the name of Blaze Fury battle bravely against the army of the sebra nation. Then a zebra shaman managed to caputre Blaze in a time bubble for four hundre years, now his back and he realize that Equestria has change much over four hundre years. Can he adjust to this new Equestria?

Just and idea I had.

Chapters (15)
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Comments ( 32 )

Good start.
Interesting chain of events.
And humor Nice.
I Will follow.

I was drawn to this story by the short description and title, I have an odd obsession with stories such these; a powerful soldier who is loyal and strong able to equalize their surroundings with their beliefs and actions. I felt that this story, in particular, was rushed and the author did not take care to correct his or her story or reread the first chapter. I do believe this story has potential but without an editor, this story will unlikely receive much praise. The characters are exceptional but many of them are lacking personality. Some OC's names could use some work and more "pop" such as Apple Zack, it seems too common and more of a human name, perhaps name him something relating to an apple such as 'Apple Lobo' or 'Cox Pomona'. These are only suggestions of course. Keep up the work and perhaps find an editor to help you with your story friend, I am also available if you need help as well. As is, I hope to read more from your imaginative story in the near future.

Just recently spoke with the author who sent me a pm about my comment... He did not take kindly to it, he was rather insulting?

Good chapter but i noticed a few grammar errors and also it feels rushed

I am pretty interested to see where you take this story.

Er, question? The title appears to misspell "soldier". Is that a stylistic choice, or..?

Love the chapter but why is this story on hiatus?

8043153 It's on hiatus because I need to write some more Chapters.

8043056 That was misspell and it's fixed.

8043525 yes i understand you have to write more chapters, but what does that have to do with putting the story on hiatus?

8043611 That's the reason, I NEED to write more chapters.

Comment posted by TheSpiritWolf12 deleted Mar 28th, 2017

I love it! Cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy:

The next chapter will be out sometime next week, I hope.

hope you keep writing

Wow Blaze is a d*** have luna put him down a few pegs.

I love this guy he has the right attitude

great chapter but u need to do some editing work I noticed a few grammar problem here

First off I don't like what he did to Cadence in my book. Can't wait to here what Shining Armor and Twilight have to say about that.

I can only speculate what will happen when he meets Rainbow Dash. Oh bot that will be interesting.

Twilight is wrong the mane 6 are famous. Now if it was specified historical ponies then Cheerilee has a case. And Equestria doesn't have internet

They have internet, this Equestria is more like Earth.

And why I won't read this further. You give no reason for this and this seems Canon like Equestria.

Comment posted by Silent echo deleted Aug 4th, 2018

Does the events of BBLO (Blackout) happen while he's in the time bubble?

Comment posted by The Library deleted April 19th
Comment posted by The Library deleted April 20th
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