• Published 1st Mar 2017
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A Soldier Past and Future - Norwegian boy

Can Blaze Fury a soldier from the past adjust his life 400 hundre years in the future?

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A Walk Through Canterlot

“This is delicious.” After leaving the castle, Blaze and Celestia stopped at local Hay King shop so Blaze could try the local Hayburger, after that they were walking towards the bank. “I whish we had this four hundred years ago.” He took another bite of his hayburger.

Many nobles were staring at them as they walked through the streets of Canterlot, they were not looking at the princess but at the pegasus that was hovering behind her. Blaze were ‘sitting’ in the air with his legs crossed, his wings were spread so he could hover in the air. They all thought he was eating like a pig and he was.

“That’s good and all but can you stop eating, and how can you eat eight heyburger’s and not get any fatter?” She looked over her shoulder seeing Blaze giving her a teasing smile.

“My doctor told me that I have a high digestive system, are you jealous?” He said that last part with tease in his voice.

She gave him an angry glare, which he ignored. “I’m am no jealous, every time I eat a cake it goes to my thighs.” She looked down at them.

Blaze had finished his last hayburger. “You still eat cake, even still you know what happens.” He told her while licking his fingers

“I can’t help it, it’s so good.” She crossed her arms and stuck her nose in the air. “I don’t intend to stop eating them.”

Blaze just rolled his eyes of what she said. “Whatever you say.”

When they finally arrived at the bank Blaze stopped hovering and followed Celestia into the building, when the ponies inside saw their princess step inside they stopped what they were doing and just stared at her, they weren’t sure if they saw things right. Princess Celestia, alone in a bank. Celestia walked over to one of the bank employees who was sitting behind the counter that was protect with glass, Blaze followed her.

“Excuse me.” She asked the pony behind the glass, the pony who was a unicorn just starred at her.

“Ppppprinces Celestia, what are you doing here?” The unicorn asked her.

“I’m here to help a friend, can I talk to the bank manager?” Celestia asked in a calm voice.

It took a couple second before the mare reacted. “Of course, just give me a minute.” The mare got of her chair and ran in back of the bank to find her boss.

Celestia couldn’t help but smile of the mare as she ran to find her boss, she then looked over to Blaze who looked uncomfortable. She decided to find out why.

“Is there something wrong Blaze?” She asked her friend.

“Can we get this over with? Everypony in the bank is starring at use.”

Celestia looked around and he was right, everypony in the bank was starring at them some of them stared to whisper. Luckily for Celestia and Blaze it didn’t take long before the bank manager came to greet them, Celestia explain the situation to the bank manager, after that they were led to his office while the manager went to the archive to get the file of Blaze.

After ten minutes of waiting in the bank manager office, Blaze stared to get restless. He was walking back and forward in the office while Celestia was sitting in a chair.

“Will you relax Blaze, the only thing we can do is wait until he comes back with your file.” Celestia told him.

“I can’t, this is what my sister left for me, it’s her legacy to me. And besides, I’m am a pegasus, we can’t sit still.”

“Why is that? why can’t you pegasus sit still?” Celestia asked with curiosity.

He stopped and looked at her. “For a ruler who claims that we are her ‘little ponies,’ you know nothing about us. And also, we are not your little ponies. Last time I check, you are not my mother.”

Those words hit Celestia right in the heart, she hated to admit it, but he was right. She has always thought that the ponies in Equestria was her little ponies, but Blaze was right, they aren’t. Funny that it took her over a thousand year to figure that out and that a pony from her past to tell her that, she was then interrupted by the door opening and a unicorn walked in to the room. She managed to collect her fast.

Blaze saw the unicorn he almost threw up. As he and Celestia was lead through the bank he could only see unicorns, he can’t stand unicorns. He watched has the unicorn, who was a stallion, sat down behind his desk. “I’m sorry you have to wait your highness, I had trouble finding the file.” The stallion told Celestia.

Celestia just gave him a smile. “That’s okay, did you find it?” She asked him.

“Yes.” He put the file on his desk and opened it. “Wind Breeze, is the name of his sister. Is that correct?” He said while looking at Celestia.

She nodded. “That’s correct.”

The stallion gave her a nod. “Normally we don’t do this but since you are here with him we are going to make an exception.”

Blaze snorted when heard that. “Must be difficult for you.” Both Celestia and stallion stared at him while Blaze just ignored them.

The bank manager cleared his throat. “Let’s just find out much your sister left for you Blaze Fury.” He went to his computer. “Let me just type it all in om my computer.” He looked at the file. “Let’s see here, she left you forty bits, four hundred years ago.” He went back the computer. “Forty bits multiply that with…” He said thing that bored Blaze, so he stopped listing.

It didn’t take long before bank manager was finished. “There, all I have to is press enter and then we will see just how much your sister left you.” He did that and when he saw the sum his eyes widen. “This can’t be right.” He did a double check.

“Is everything in order?” Celestia asked the bank manager.

He looked at Celestia and then back the screen. “I think you should see this for yourself your highness.” He turned the screen, so she could look at it.

Celestia was lost for words when she saw the sum. “Oh my…” She couldn’t comprehend how he got so much money.

Blaze who was standing behind Celestia didn’t understand anything. “What? What’s wrong?” He asked them.

“Blaze, I think you should take a look just how much money you have.” Celestia moved away so Blaze could take a look.

Blaze looked at the screen. “Four hundred million bits.” He read out loud. “Is that much?”

“It extremely much Mr. Fury, I don’t think we can give you that much money right away.” The bank manager told him.

Blaze wasn’t sure if he heard right, he went over to the desk and leaned over it. “First; is that my money? And second; if you want to keep talking with your teeth intact, I suggest that you call me Blaze not Mr. Fury. Got it?” Blaze said in a threatening tone.

The bank manager stared to sweat. “Of course, Blaze and yes. It’s your money but what I’m trying to say that we can’t give you your money right away, the bank would be bankrupt.”

“And why should I care? You are a unicorn, you could just make more money of other misery.”

Now the manager wasn’t afraid anymore, he was angry. “Excuse me, what do you take me for. I would never do that to another pony.”

Blaze just snorted when he heard that. “Yeah right, and I’m the king of the world.”

This was starting to get ugly so Celestia decided to intervene. “Alright.” She got up. “That is enough.” She looked at Blaze. “Can I talk to you alone.” Both of them walked out of the office and into the hall. “What the hell is wrong with you Blaze? I know that you don’t like unicorn but that is no way to behave.” She said with anger in her voice.

“You heard him, I can’t get my money that my sister left me.”

“Yes, you can but you have to understand that you can’t just withdraw all the money at once, it’s to much. You can ask him to give you a credit card.” He just gave her a confused look when she said credit card. “You don’t know what a credit card is?” Now his expression was, ‘are you serious.’ she reached into her pocket and took out her wallet, she opened it and took out her credit card and showed it to Blaze. “This is a credit card.

He took a closer looked at it, what he saw was a bunch of numbers he didn’t understand and a picture of Celestia. “And what dose this ‘credit card’ do exactly?” He asked her.

“It let’s you take out money at the local bank in any town in Equestria, minimum ten thousand bits.”

Blaze was actually impressed by that and it’s very hard to impress him. “You don’t say, sound very handy. Here’s a question, why do you have one? You’re the princess, why do need one?”

Celestia cheek became red. “My mother said that I need one, she said that I spend my money to much.” She said in an embarrass tone. It took all the willpower Blaze had not to laugh at that and Celestia could see it. “Don’t you dare laugh at me Blaze Fury.” She put her credit card back into the wallet and but away the wallet. “I’m going back in and I suggest that you stay here and collect yourself.” She walked back into the office and once she sat down in the chair, then she and the bank manager could hear laughter in the hall, Celestia just rolled her eyes of Blaze behavior.

“Alright, everything seems to be in order. You will get your credit card in a few days.”

After Blaze was done laughing, he went back into the office, so he could get a credit card making sure that he could withdraw money in the future. He had to sign some paper and take a picture. Now, he just had to wait. Something Blaze hated to do.

The bank manager put away the paper. “I will personally make sure that these papers get handle.” He looked at Blaze and Celestia “Is there anything ells I can help you with.”

Not for Celestia but Blaze wasn’t done. “Yeah, there’s one more thing. How many orphanages is there in Equestria?” He asked the bank manager.

He blinked a couple of time. “I don’t understand…” He didn’t have time to finish that sentence.

“I asked you a question, how many orphanages is there in Equestria?” He asked again.

The manager tried to come up with an answer, but he didn’t know, luckily Celestia knew. “There’s of them four Blaze, they are in Ponyville, Manehattan, Trottingham and Las Pegasus.”

When Blaze heard that he looked over to Celestia whit a disappointing look. “So much for your perfect world Celestia.” She just gave him and angry look which he ignored, he then looked at the manager. “I want to too write out a check for five thousand bits to each of those orphanages, is that possible?” Blaze asked him.

The manager nodded. “Yes, I have to call the other banks but it’s possible.”

That pleased Blaze. “Good, I also want you to write a check to AppleZack, he lives in Trottingham with his wife Krystal. A check for five thousand bits, the ones that are going to the orphanages has to be anonymous. The last thing I want is attention, is that possible?” He asked the manager.

The manager nodded. “Yes, that is possible. Just let me make phone call.” He reached for his phone, he picketed up and dial a number. “Is this the bank in Ponyville?” He waited a little. “Good, this is the bank manager for Canterlot bank, I need you to listen to me.”

It took the manager about thirty minutes to call ever bank in the city that had an orphanage, Blaze waited impatient for him to finished calling them all.

He was on the phone at the last one, Manehattan. “Thank you so much for your help.” He hanged up the phone and place on his desk. “It’s done, the four orphanages are getting a check for five thousand bits tomorrow, so will also AppleZack and his wife.”

That made Blaze very happy. “Good, I guess you unicorns are good for something. If there’s nothing ells, I’m heading out. I need some air.” As he got up he look at Celestia. “See you outside.” And with that he left the room, leaving the Celestia with the bank manager.

“What did he mean by that I’m good for something?” The manager asked Celestia.

She just stared at the door with a disappointing look. “Don’t take this the wrong way.” She looked at the stallion. “He has a grudge against unicorns, I don’t know why. I think something happened to him when he was younger.” She stood up from her chair. “I should go after him and make sure that he doesn’t get in to trouble, I trust that you will handle the paper work for Blaze.”

He gave her a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry your highness, I will make sure that he will get his credit card and that the checks will arrived where they should.” Celestia gave him a smile and thanked him, she went after Blaze.

When Celestia arrived outside the bank she looked around to see if she could find Blaze. Luckily, she didn’t have to look far. “You took you time.” It was Blaze’s voice and it made her jump up in that air a little. She turned around and saw that he was leaning against that wall of the bank.

She gave him a disappointing look. “You could have been nicer to the bank manager, he was only trying to help you.” Blaze just rolled his eyes of what she said, that made Celestia shook her head. “Sometimes I don’t understand you Blaze.” She sighed. “Can we go back to castle now?”

He got off the wall. “Not yet, I want to check something at the local hospital.”

Before she could even react, Blaze was gone, she just stared at the place where he was standing. It took a couple of seconds before she realized that he was gone, she took off after him. When she arrived at the hospital she could see that Blaze was standing outside it, he was just staring at it.

She landed beside him and slapped him in the head, he didn’t even flinch when she hit him. “You could have given me some warning that you would fly and what are we doing here anyway?” She asked him.

He rubbed his head. “I need to find out if my sister survived all those years ago.” He said in a sad tone.

Right then Celestia wished the she hadn’t hit him in the head, she then looked at the hospital. “Why haven’t you gone inside yet?” She asked him.

“I don’t really like hospital and besides, I was waiting for you. You have confirmed that I am who I am.” He walked in the main entrance.

Celestia just smiled as he walked in, she couldn’t help but admit that she has missed Blaze. She walked after him.

When they arrived inside the hospital they got a lot of attention, mostly Celestia. All of the ponies that saw her bowed down, she told them that it was unnecessary to do that. Blaze just found it annoying, he couldn’t understand why did that. He never saw Celestia as the ruler, he saw her as a normal pony. When it came to the record of his sister, it was the same as the bank. Somepony had to find them and Blaze and Celestia had to wait.

They were waiting in the waiting area, Celestia was reading a magazine while Blaze looked at the different ponies that were sitting around the waiting area. They were just staring at Celestia in awe and it was pissing Blaze off.

“Yes, she is princess Celestia. Now stop looking her.” He said with anger in his voice hoping that they would stop looking at her, it worked. They stopped looking at her.

Celestia looked over the edge of her magazine. “Was that really necessary?” She asked him.

He crossed his arms. “I’m just so sick of ponies looking at you like this, they think you are good or something. Which you are not.” He said with irritation in his voice.

Celestia just want back to her magazine. “Just ignore it, I do that.”

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “Really? That’s what you are going to do, just ignore it?” Celestia just shrugged her shoulders. “Why don’t you say something? You know, something to make them stop looking at you.”

“I tried that before and you know it, it works for a few years and then same thing happens again. Ponies just stared at me, they bow to me. in the end I gave up, let them do what they want.” Blaze was dumbfounded, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “But then I remember those who treats me lime a normal pony and not as a royal.” Blaze smiled of that.

When a nurse came for them they were lead to one of the doctors that work at the hospital, when they enter his office they were both in for a shook.

The doctor was a griffon, he gave them both a warm smiled when he saw them. He stood up from his desk and walked towards them. “Princess Celestia, it’s an honor.” He held up his hand and she shook, he then looked at Blaze. “You must be the famous Blaze Fury, nice to meet you.” He held up his hand to Blaze, but he didn’t take it, Blaze just crossed his arms.

Then Celestia notice the tension that was building up inside Blaze, she decided to do something before something happened. “Doctor.” He looked at Celestia. “Do you have the files we asked for?” She asked him.

The griffon blinked a few times. “Yes.” He went back to his desk, Celestia and Blaze followed him. He sat down on his chair behind the desk while Celestia sat down in one of the chair in front of it, Blaze just stood there. “The files were a little difficult to find but we found them in the end.” He opened them. “Wind Breeze was the name of the patient, is that correct?” He asked the princess and the ex solider.

“Yes, that’s correct.” Celestia answered, considering Blaze was in bad mood.

The doctor smiled, he looked over the files. “It looks like she made a full recovery.”

That was all Blaze need to hear, he just turned around walked out. Leaving a disappointing Celestia and confused griffon.

“Did I do something wrong?” He asked the princess, he knew that it was somehow is fault. Considering that Blaze was angry at him.

“It’s not you doctor, it’s Blaze. He’s from a time where the relationship between out nation was not that good.” She looked at the doctor with sympathy. “I apologies for his behavior.”

The doctor just gave her a smile. “Don’t worry about your highness, I understand his anger. I wasn’t offended in any way.”

That made Celestia breath lighter. “That’s good to her. Now, if you will excuse me. I must go after him and make sure that he doesn’t say or do anything more that gets him into trouble.” She thanked the doctor and walked after Blaze.

Once outside she saw Blaze just standing in front of the hospital, she walked over to him and grabbed his shoulder and made him turn around.

“What’s wrong with you? You have been rude to a unicorn and a griffon, you have to remember that this time is not the time you were born and raised in. The Equestria you knew has chance and you need to accept it, is that understand?”

As much Blaze hate to admit it, she was right. He was four hundred years into the future and Equestria had chance and he need to chance to. He said nothing to her, he just spread his wings and flew towards the castle.

Celestia just stood there starring at Blaze as he left, she just shook her head and flew after him.

Author's Note:

The next chapter will be out when it’s finished.

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