• Published 1st Mar 2017
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A Soldier Past and Future - Norwegian boy

Can Blaze Fury a soldier from the past adjust his life 400 hundre years in the future?

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Blaze was sleeping peacefully until the sun shined through the cracks in the curtains. “Damn it Celestia, why do you have to make the sun so bright?” He tried to turn in the bed but then he felt the pain in his body, he opened his eyes and sat up in the bed. He looked around and what he saw was an unknown room.

“Where am I? This is not my room.”

He was about to get out from the bed when the door open and a stallion stepped into the room, the stallion had orange fur with blond hair.

“I see that your awake, that’s good. You been asleep for two days.” Said the stallion as he took a chair and place it beside of the bed, he sat down in the chair. “How do you fell?”

Blaze tried to move. “I have pain in my head, ribs, my right arm hurt and I think that one of my wings are broken. Beside that I’m find but I don’t remember how I got in this bed.” He looked around. “Where am I?”

“You are on a farm just outside Trottingham, my name is AppleZack and I live her with my wife Krystal and our son. My wife found you not far from our house.”

Blaze ran the name through his mind a couple of times. “I’m not familiar with the name Trottingham.”

Zack was a little shocked when he heard that. “You never heard of Trottingham?” Blaze just shook his head. “This town has been her for two hundred years.”

Blaze wasn’t sure if he heard right. “Did you say two hundred years?” Zack nodded. “What is the date?”

“Today is the May 19 and year is 1001.”

Blaze’s eyes widen when he heard the year. “Did you say that year was 1001?” Zack just smiled. ‘That’s not possible, I been gone for over four hundred years. This can’t be, I have to report back to Celestia.’

He tried to get out of the bed but Zack stopped him. “Wow, easy their partner. You aren’t going anywhere with those injuries.”

He was right, Blaze moved to fast and he felt the pain surge through him. ‘He’s right, I can barely move.’ Blaze thought for himself.

“The doctor said that you have to wait for the injuries to heal before you can fly, you can stay here until you have recovered. Now come and have breakfast with me and my wife.”

Zack got up from the chair and walked out of the room while Blaze stared down in bed. ‘Four hundred years, how is that possible? It had to be that zebra shaman, I got to get back to Canterlot and let Celestia know that I’m alive.’ Then his stomach started to growl. ‘Breakfast sounds good right now.’ He got up from the bed very carefully, he saw some clothes on a chair he assumed that was for him. After he got dressed he walked after Zack.

When he got out in the main room he saw something he had never seen before, it was a big black box. ‘What is that?’ He just shrugged it off for now and went into the dinner room and there he saw something that made his blood boiled, two unicorns. One was mare and the other was a little colt. ‘Why did it have to be unicorns.’ He kept staring at them with hate in his eyes.

They were both sitting at the dinner table, the mare was busy with feeding the colt while Zack was doing something in the kitchen. Then Krystal looked at Blaze and what she was hate in his eyes and that scared her.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

As soon she asked him that question the hatred in eyes disappeared. “I don’t know what you’re taking about.” Blaze took a seat at the table, he saw Zack standing in the kitchen.

“We never got your name.” Krystal asked him.

“it’s Blaze Fury.”

‘That’s name sounds familiar.’ Krystal thought as she took out her phone.

When Blaze saw the thing, she took out he was as confused when he saw that big black box, then Zack came into dinner room with the food. He noticed that his wife was using her mobile phone. “Really Krystal, you yell at me when I use my phone at the dinner table but it’s okay that you can use it?” He asked his wife, while taking a seat on the other side of the table of his wife.

“Shut up, I’m just checking something.”

Blaze just sat there, lost. He had never heard the word phone before. ‘Somehow I feel outdated.’ He was brought back to the real world by Zack setting a plate of food he had never seen before, the food was stacked atop each other and they were very small.

“What’s the matter, it looked like you have never seen pancakes before.” Said Zack to Blaze.

Blaze shook his head. “I have never seen or heard of ‘pancakes’ before.”

That got Zack to raise an eyebrow, he was about to ask why but the Krystal spoke.

“it’s no wonder why he has never heard of pancakes or seen a mobile phone before, they didn’t exist four hundred years ago.”

“What do you mean Krystal?” He asked his wife, she just gave him her phone. “Blaze Fury, died four hundred years ago.” He looked at the picture and then at Blaze, then back to the picture. “How is this possible? It says here that you died 400 years ago, how can you be alive?”

“I don’t know, what I remember is that I was in a battle against the zebra kingdom, then a zebra shaman threw a potion at princess Celestia so I took it and the next thing I remember that I landed on the ground in a forest.”

None of them were convinced. “Do you expect us to believe that? I learn in school that Blaze died four hundred years ago. If you are him then prove it.” Said Zack.

“Alright then.” Blaze looked around the table, he then saw his own glass. “Here.” He gave the glass to Zack. “Place this glass on the other side of the table.”

Zack question why but did it anyway, he took the glass and place it on the other side of table so Blaze couldn’t take it without getting up.

“There, I have placed it on the other side of the table.” Said Zack.

“Then where is the glass?”

“It’s right there…” Zack and Krystal looked where Zack had placed the glass but it was gone. “How the...? Where is it?”

“Here.” Blaze pointed at glass, it was back at it original place.

Both Zack and Krystal was stunned over what happened while their son just giggle.

“I read that Blaze Fury was fast but that is not right, how did you do that?”

Blaze just shrugged his shoulder and stared to eat the pancakes while the couple just stared at him, eventually they also stared to eat breakfast.

The night had arrived and Zack decide to watch some television, when Blaze saw the tv come life he tried to punch it but he only hurt his hand. Zack tried to explain how the tv work but Blaze wasn’t interested, he decided to get some air. He just stood there, looking at the moon.

‘So much has changed, I can’t believe it, four hundred years. All my friends are dead, only Celestia is left. What I’m I supposed to do now?’ Then the door open and Krystal step out.

“A bit for your thought.” She teased him.

Blaze was not amused. “Mind your own business unicorn.”

Krystal did not like that last part. “Hey I got a name and its Krystal. I saw the gaze you gave me and my son when you arrived in the kitchen, what have we done to you?”

When she said that Blaze realized that they had done nothing and that made him feel bad, very bad. He turned around and bowed.

“I would like to apologize for my actions, to you and your son.”

Krystal was surprise for what happened, one minute he was hostile and now he was friendly.

“That’s okay, you don’t have to bow. But, why do you hate unicorns?”

That question catch him of guard, it was best to be honest. “Let’s just say that I have had some bad experience when it comes to unicorn, I did not mean to take that on you and your son.”

“Oh, ok. So, what where you think?” She asked him.

“Just that has been over four hundred years, do you believe that I’m Blaze Fury?”

She leaned against a beam. “My husband doesn’t believe you but yes I believe that you are him, I learned in school that zebras had the knowledge to create potions that can trap others in time. Just what happened to.”

Blaze smiled. “Thanks.”

She smiled back. “Your welcome, so what are you going to when your healed?”

“I’m going to reported back to princess Celestia, let her know that I’m alive.”

“I’m sure she will be happy to hear that.”

“Let’s hope so, what’s your story?”

“I’m from Manhattan, grew up there most of my life. Move here to Trottingham four years ago, then I meet Zack and we feel in love, we got married one year later.”

Blaze could hear her mood dropped when she said the last part, it was sadness. “Was there something wrong with your wedding?” He asked.

She sighed. “You can say that. You see, his family the Apples have a tradition.”

“What kind of tradition?” He asked her.

“That they only can marry earth ponies.”

When Blaze heard that he was shocked, that a member of the apples could only marry earth ponies. He was disgusted by the thought.

“Something tells me that the rest of the family wasn’t very happy about your husband decision.”

“You can say that, the only one that showed up at our wedding was my parent, some off my friends and five members of his family.”

“Wait a minute, did you just say that five members of his family showed up?” She nodded. “If he broke their tradition why did five of them show up?”

“Some of his family thinks that it is a stupide tradition, four of them live Ponyville and the last one live in Appleloosa.”

“I have to agree with those five, that is stupide tradition. You cannot let others decide who you should fall in love with, you are the one who decide that.”

Krystal smiled of what he said. “Thanks, I need that.”

“You’re welcome.”

It took Blaze two week until he was fully healed and he almost went mad, all he wanted to was to fly but with a that was not happening. While he was getting better he decide to find out what has happened the time he was gone, it seems that the world has change a loot. The technology has improved a lot, they had something that called computers, video games, phones. In the end, Blaze gave up learning about that stuff.

There was one thing that caught his attention, princess Luna. When he grew up his mother told him stories about Nightmare Moon, it gave him nightmares. And now she is back, if she ever tried to go into his dreams without permission she would find out what happened when he get’s angry.

When de the day finally arrived all of them were standing outside the house, the doctor that had patch up Blaze had just left, he had just given him the okay to fly again. Blaze was standing a few meters from the house with his wings spread.

“Do you really think he is as fast as the story books says?” Zack asked his wife.

“Who knows, let’s just wait and see.” She answered him while holding their son in her arms.

Blaze started to flap his wings a few times and the family watch excitement, he flapped them again. ‘Good, nothing feels broken.’ He then took to the sky so fast that they lost track of him right away. They just looked where he was standing.

“Holy s…” His wife gave him a look that made Zack shut up. “Holy moly, that’s fast.”

Blaze flew as fast as he could up in the air, felling the wind blow through is fur. ‘I have missed this.’ He flew so high he could, then tucked in his wings and dropped down to earth. Falling faster and faster.

“What the heck is he doing?” Krystal asked her husband.

“I don’t know, it looks like his falling.” He answered her.

“Falling? Why would he do that?”

Blaze came closer and closer to the ground and the couple became worried, Zack was about to run over so he could catch Blaze. But when Blaze was a couple of meters from the ground he spread his wings and landed in something they would call a hero landing, his right leg was bent while his left was straight. He created so much wind when he landed that he knocked the couple over, when they sat up right their hair was all messy.

“Sorry about that, I should had warned you about that.” Said Blaze with and awkward tone.

They stood up. “That’s okay.” Said Zack while he brushed the dust off himself, his wife said nothing while their son just giggled. “I read that you were good but seeing it in action, that is another thing.”


Blaze went over to his armour that lying on the ground near the terrace and stared to but on himself. “I better get back to Canterlot and report back to princess Celestia, she has to know that I’m alive.”

That made the family a little sad. “Yeah, I guess so.” Said Zack, when walked over to Blaze and held out his hand. “It was honour meting you.” Blaze accepted the hand.

“Thanks for letting me stay at your home, I promise that I will repay you and your family somehow.” He put on his helmet.

“Don’t worried about it.”

“That won’t do, I always repay me debt.”

Blaze took a few steps back and spread his wing, he took of faster than Zack and his family could react to and then he headed towards Canterlot.

Author's Note:

It's on hiatus because I need to write some more chapters, until next time.

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