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The Translations · 1:55pm Jun 4th, 2018

Here is where I post the stories I translated.


Five Score: A New Hive by bossfight1. Translated version.

Lastly were my eyes; once the most bland shade of brown you could imagine, now they were a poisonous green. My mouth trembled, and I stepped back from the mirror. I bumped into the toilet behind me and sat heavily on it. I never took my eyes off of my corrupted reflection.

Anon's Goodbye by Dustchu. Translated version.

Hey... if you're reading this, then I guess you're awake finally? I hope you slept alright, Twilight, I know how fitful you can get in your sleep after finishing reorganizing your library so many times, three times in one day?

Change by tom117z. Translated version.

Chrysalis sank to her knees, gave a sad sigh. "You are a changeling, Twilight, and you are my daughter, Princess to the Badlands hive! You are in the final stages of maturation, and you need this energy!"

Little Glimpses by Skijarama. Translated version.

Then, the younger Rainbow flew around to stand almost directly in front of Twilight, looking out to where the alicorn and unicorn had been just moments prior. She tilted her head curiously. “Who were they…?” she asked in confusion.

Jury Duty II: Jury Harder by Estee. Translated version.

"The charge was 'being an unnatural freak who needs to die,'" Luna replied. "For evidence, they offered my existence. Then they decided to end it. It was rather swift justice, especially given that the law had only been created during the previous hour."

Little Choices by Skijarama. Translated version.

Rainbow suddenly shoved Twilight off of her, her teeth bared. A furious scream ripped out of her throat before, with a powerful beat of her wings, she hurled herself at Starlight.

Make her pay.

Little Consequences by Skijarama. Translated version.

“Rainbow…” Celestia sighed, her smile slowly fading. A fly flew up out of the grass and softly landed on her cheek. Celestia’s eyes lowered, and dark rings began to fade into existence under them. “...You cannot waste time putting on a show for us. Equestria needs you…”

Switcheroo!? by Skijarama and tom117z. Translated version.

I would like for you to go in there and pluck Princess Rainbow Dash from the library, and deposit her where the Twilight Sparkle in my world is standing. At the same time, I will put buggy Twilight where Princess Rainbow Dash was, effectively just swapping their places.

Starlight Glimmer: New Queen of The Changelings by Dr Atlas. Translated version.

Seconds of silence came before the entire cave busted into laughter, Phil was the first to calm down. “Oheheh...Okay! First off, we’re not into that, and second, why would we want to eat our new queen?”

Starlight Glimmer: Subject Stealing, Undeserving, Soon To Be Destroyed, Queen of MY Changelings by Dr Atlas. Translated version.

Chrysalis stared intently at the board, looking at the many pictures of sketches that were hanging. “You made your new queen a PONY!?” She turned to the nearest bug, her eyes flashing red for a brief moment.

The Mother Of Many Faces by naturalbornderpy. Translated version.

As much as I love my Mommy to bits, having a Mom with more than one face can be confusing sometimes. Sometimes she’ll leave me at home for hours and hours and when she comes back, it’ll be as someone I’ve never seen before. I used to get really scared when Mommy would do this… until we came up with a plan. When I’d ask her if it was really her, she’d say “Would I lie to you?” and then her eyes would turn all green like and she would tip me a wink.

Altered Visage by Robo Bro. Translated version.

I lay there staring at the alien limb in front of my face. When I tried to move my arm, this black, holey appendage moved instead. My normal, hairy arm was nowhere in sight. I nudged the extremity with my muzzle. The plainly visible snout on my face likely would have furthered my confusion had I not been so preoccupied with the black, hole filled hoof in front of me.

Don't Let The Bed Bug Bite by naturalbornderpy. Translated version.

The Bed Bug had hair the same color as its eyes, with skin the same shade of black as the shadows that surrounded it. The colt couldn’t tell how many limbs it might’ve had, but saw at least two connected below its chest. Both had many holes in them, as did the sharp and jagged horn atop its head, gently scratching the bottom of the bed mattress as its head moved.

I.D. - That Indestructible Something by Chatoyance. Translated version.

Wildly twisting on the bed, raising her nightmarishly long and muscular neck, Gregoria tried to take in her utterly changed body. Everywhere golden yellow hair, except for a small patch between her rear legs, where two flat bumps rested, topped with small nipples. Her chest was flat and tall, her sides narrow. As she struggled, her flowing black tail slapped the bed, and stung the inside of her squirming legs. Her legs were equine legs, and they too ended in hooves.

Pon-E by the_emmens. Translated version.

The legality of Pon-E was very dubious since it was clear that its usage was similar to how a drug addict would use a narcotic. However, the problem was that it took a very specific person to want to use this drug: a brony.

Nopony Interrupts My FRIENDSHIP SPEECH, Starlight Glimmer!! by ThePinkedWonder. Translated version.

But Applejack, in a voice showing surprising concern for the pony that took her Cutie Mark against her will, advised, “Starlight, I’m serious. Run. Fast. Now.”

And I Would Live in Stone by Grimm. Translated version.

I’ll win in the end. I’ll always win. I’ll never break. I will not be forgotten.

Of the Hive by law abiding pony. Translated version.

“Come Twilight, you must learn what it means to be a changeling.”

For the Hive by law abiding pony. Translated version.

“I offer the gift of knowledge,” Twilight answered flatly as she prepared herself for backlash, “I have evidence pointing to distinct possibility that the Cresnox Jungle is not the birthplace of our race.”

The Hive by KrisSnow. Translated version.

Murasama Aki had been shaking with fear when he signed up to emigrate, but he burst out of his egg laughing. No stabbing ache behind his eyes, none of the voices in his head, none of the urges that'd gotten him in so much trouble.

Who Fears Ponies on Equestrian Airways Flight 9? by boardgamebrony. Translated version.

It’s finally the day of the first international flight to Equestria from the United States of America and I can’t stop thinking about how amazing an airport run by pegasi must be.

Pony Games Done Quick: The Enchanted Library by SigmasonicX. Translated version.

“Right when the Boutique is loading in, you can move Rarity before her graphics can load in. Position yourself to the left, where a cabinet will appear and push Rarity out the window.”

Flight Envy by applejackofalltrades. Translated version.

Rainbow craned her neck over to Fluttershy. "Seriously! I've had dreams where I was a pegasus soaring through the sky as fast as the wind itself!" She gestured up to the sky with a hoof and smiled. "The wind in my mane, the sun on my body and the ruffling of wings," she giggled.

Currently working on:

Winds of Change by Masterweaver. Translated version (Incomplete).

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