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Pony Games Done Quick: an event where speedrunners gather to show off their skills with the best My Little Pony games based on fanfics. Coming up next is The Enchanted Library, which is sure to make for a great show. Especially once the characters in the game start commenting on the run.

It's recommended to read The Enchanted Library all the way through before reading this. The Enchanted Kingdom isn't necessary, but suggested.

Written with Monochromatic's permission.

(To clarify, this isn't a real game)

Translated into Chinese

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Nice editing for a game that doesn’t exist

Okay, I loved the meta plot, and I can't believe how invested I got into the speedrun even though I already knew how the story went. This fic was hilarious and I'm really impressed at the detail of it, and the sheer amount of knowledge of TEL that went into this.

So when do we get to see the Injuring Eternity speedrun? Can't wait for the speedrunner to kill Rarity during the Manehattan trip to activate the ending cutscene.

Lin #3 · Nov 7th, 2020 · · 14 ·

The cover is very funny.:rainbowlaugh:
But no one is playing NDS anymore now, Nintendo Switch should be better.

Nice cover, i get the reference!

Great run! One of my fav games getting some love at PGDQ!

I considered using a more recent system, but the effort of figuring out what the classic Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow cover would look like on the Switch and getting a picture of a Switch cover with the right angle to use as the box art was too much. Plus that could obscure the meme too much.

I was just about to ask what Monochromatic thought of you using her universe. But never mind.

Comment posted by NebulaNyx deleted Nov 7th, 2020

We did a reading on this on the discord. Mono loved it.
(the ending of this made mono freak out in the best way :rainbowlaugh:)

Haha that was so great! Nice work!

I didn't realize I wanted to see a story where Rarity performs a backwards long jump until I read it.

Weird, I thought Discord of all creatures would be talking sass like us, but he isn’t doing anything.

Either he's plotting something or he appreciates the meta shenanigans. Or both.

Twilight summoned a meteor that destroyed the planet, and incidentally did a fair amount of damage to Snowy.

I thought this was Paper Mario, not Final Fantasy. :derpytongue2:

Delightful concept and execution. Thank you for a most enjoyable read.

People are still doing NES speedruns. System obsolescence is hardly an issue.

Someone should do this, make a game from TEL. I'm not even a hard-core gamer, and I'd be stoked to play it.


So what was the final time count, anyway?

Hmm, for a 100%, let's say it was around 3 hours.


Comment posted by No Crow deleted Nov 7th, 2020

If only I had written the story as fast as the speed runner played it dhhshshs

Goddammit, I was sitting on this concept for past year or two unable to find a way how to approach it, and finally you came and snagged it. Good work, sir.

This gives me ptsd for when I used to speedrun super mario 64, other than that this fic is hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

I personally wouldn’t mind a game Based on That fic

I would totally buy a game based on that story.

...huh. Maybe I read it too fast.

The speedrunner continued, “Normally you’d give Twilight an invention in the library and a cutscene would play, but she’s right here, so we can just give her inventions now. The cutscenes fail to load, and for some reason, Twilight’s eating animation plays instead.”

Rarity gave Twilight a Daring Do book and Twilight happily chewed and swallowed it. She licked her lips and said, “That was surprisingly tasty!”

The seamstress playfully sighed and rolled her eyes. “How in the world did I fall in love with somepony like this?”


Interesting idea, not sure it's my type of fanfic but I have to applaud you for originality.

I demand a glitch showcase since RariTwi27 came in under estimate.

Also he never introduced his couch!

I kinda want to make my own now...




"Alright, since we came in 10 minutes under estimate, I believe we are doing the bonus any percent run of I Against I, Me Against You?" continued the announcer.

"Yup!" replied RariTwi27. "Though it's more of a showcase than a run."

The game credits were immediately replaced with a desktop wallpaper featuring Rarity and Twilight in dramatic action poses, while a faint Pinkie Pie "See you next time, hope you get PB!" could be heard as the game closed. The desktop icons were organized in the most infuriating way, as is tradition for many, although Rarity's horn was pointing at a The Enchanted Library shortcut and Twilight's was pointing to a I Against I, Me Against You shortcut. It was the latter a mouse cursor moved to and opened.

"Alright." RariTwi27 started, as the time estimate reset to 5:00, and logos for Hasbro, 343 Industries, Microsoft, and Rooster Teeth played one after the other "This is a pretty quick run, the start and end of the game are in the same map, and we really only need to pull off two glitches and take advantage of an oversight to beat the game. The skips we're using were only found last year and cut the any percent time down from 30 minutes to a world record of just under a minute."

The main menu had finally loaded, featuring a colorful assortment of both space marines and ponies. RariTwi27 moved the cursor from "Continue" to "New Game".

"Starting in 3... 2...1... start!" The menu faded to black and was replaced with the night sky with the silhouette of a running Twilight in the corner.

"We tend to use in-game time rather than RTA due to variable load times and the short speed of the run."

The running Twilight vanished and the night sky zoomed out slightly to reveal it was being viewed through a telescope.

"Ok, first I am going to spam B here to break this cutscene and gain control."

"Hey...." Spike said off-camera.

The view almost immediately zoomed out further and moved above the telescope viewer -- Twilight Sparkle -- who backed away from the telescope. Spike is sitting next to her, and they are both on the balcony of the Golden Oaks.

"OK" RariTwi27 continued. "Got it."

Light applause and cheering from the crowd.

"Yeah?" Twilight continued, seemingly oblivious to what had happened.

"Now, in the final game this is supposed to be a cutscene, but we think the developers originally wanted this scene to have more interactivity."

“Do you ever wonder why we’re here?” Spike asked Twilight.

Someone from the crowd yelled out "No. Semper Fi, B****!" in their best Grif voice, which was barely audible on the mics. Some nervous laughter commenced. Twilight replied to Spike, musing about the nature of existence.

"Uh, heh, moving on, I could talk to Spike which restarts this conversation, or use the telescope which moves the story along, but I can't do much else. I can't even jump off of this balcony with a really low railing due to an invisible wall here." RariTwi27 showed how Twilight could not jump off the balcony. "This is a likely reason why this section was scrapped. This balcony is only used in this cutscene; every other time you can come up here it's part of the Ponyville map so you can just jump off no problem. But let's just jump over this wall anyway."

Twilight jumped on top of Spike's head, then jumped on top of the telescope, and finally jumped on top of the invisible wall over the balcony railing, finally stepping off to fall to the ground.

Spike and Twilight had been talking back and forth the whole time, and Spike continued with "I meant, 'why are we here?'" but as Twilight fell to the ground his voice line cut off and he said "Twilight, where are you going?"

RariTwi27 commented "We think the script that triggers that line was meant for the crash site scene, but ended up being unused. It can't trigger here normally so the Spike object was probably reused from that scene and they forgot to remove it. Fortunately for us, it stops the cutscene so we don't get moved to the next map."

The area outside of Golden Oaks was barren, with no signs of Ponyville and just a flat plane of grass; clearly, it was expected Twilight would remain on the balcony with a top-down camera view. The camera now settled behind Twilight's shoulder.

"OK, that was the most difficult part of the run." The crowd cheered and clapped for a bit, a few people laughing.

Raising his voice slightly to be heard, he continued. "This is the "indoor" map for Golden Oaks so we're not supposed to be out here, but this also means we can clip through the door since there's no collision on the outside.

Twilight ran around to the front and phased through the front door "Ow!" she winced, shaking her head.

"Ah, the inside still has collision, so we got a bonk animation there, it's hard to miss."

"Now, because we didn't enter the library by a door, all the objects in here didn't properly load in. So we can interact with anything that would be here from any time in the story, with the exception of Spike, who is still upstairs. But there's one particular item we're interested in."

Twilight walked up to the center table. "Aaaand... time1" The screen faded to black. The crowd clapped politely.

Fading back in was a cutscene showing Twilight staring at something invisible.

"Now Twilight is inspecting Church's sniper rifle, with the model not loaded in, and that's the end, except for the credits and after-credits teaser we never got a pay off for."

Twilight pulled an invisible note out of the barrel of the invisible sniper rifle, read it, smiled, and put both down, as the camera panned around to reveal the message on the note (or it would if it had been visible). The music swelled and the camera cut to black. Cue credits.

The announcer cut in "OK, everyone give it up for RariTwi27 for an amazing run and showcase!" The crowd cheered and clapped as the stream cut away.


The credits continued to scroll by as RariTwi27 was talking to his couch and was otherwise distracted from shutting down his PC right away. One of those small video clips that sometimes scrolls by in credits popped up, showing a small box canyon with a base at either end, and a few blue space marines sitting down on the top of one base.

"... Isn't she supposed to be here right now?" Church asked Tucker. "It's today right? The crossover stuff. We were promised good money."

"Wait, a chick, coming to visit us? Uh... don't put me on the spot like this, Church! Something cross HER over something. Bow chicka..."

"She's a tiny horse."

"Oh. Nevermind."

"... I need to have a word with my agent."

"Hello?" Someone off camera asked. "I am the Best Friend and Secret Agent Caboose! Don't tell anyone."

Church just stared at Caboose as the camera slowly panned to include him in frame.

"... It's a SECRET." Caboose continued.

"I didn't ask."

The credits finished and the video clip faded out.



Also if you like Red vs Blue and wonder what fic I am referencing here.

Hmm. The concept reminds me of this. Only mine didn't apparently count as a story.

The audience cheered as the three ponies tried to stop their brains from shaking in their skulls. Rarity moaned, and the speedrunner helpfully had her drink some coffee from her inventory.

And things like this are why Discord isn't objecting or being snarky. By connecting their timeline to a video game for gamers to exploit he is indirectly allowing their perception of reality to be turned on its head, all the while the 'chaos' caused by this isn't precisely his fault since all he's done is connect them to another world, so the royals can't be upset with him. The player is clearly fully aware that this 'game' is more than what it seems at first glance, and isn't abusing the characters overmuch for the purpose of the charity, and the in-game main characters are probably aware it's for charity too, otherwise they'd be flipping out a lot more.
Huh. Now that I've read the entire fic I see that I'm wrong. Meh, whatever. Was still entertaining to read.

Okay this is pretty hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, you inspired me. :scootangel:

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