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I cry for talents that I never had.

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This is my story. This is my story.

My name is Jiang Shuren. My name is Twilight Sparkle.

My body is running. My body is dying.

Maybe I'm still alive. Maybe I'm still alive.

But for now, we have one last story to tell.

Jiang - “江”, ancient name for Yangtze River, now refers to rivers of great volume. Also used as a common surname.

Shuren - “述人”, "to describe human" or "he who describes".

Jiangshu ren - “讲述人”, a narrator.

An entry for Science Fiction Contest II.
And apparently, it was good enough for the judges!

As you can probably tell from the protagonist's name, this story was originally written in Chinese. It is an entry of Raa's 2020 Midsummer Writing Contest, conceptualised to the four challenge elements provided by the holder:

Leaving embers. The '70s. Subjecting. A violet rain.

It was written in a time of doubt and fear, and I probably got too emotional writing this, but in the end, I'm satisfied with how it turned out to be. Some of the concerns I raised had become very real problems on the Chinese Internet. I wish it had stayed a parable.

I found it hard to translate this story. Not only are there expressions that sound cumbersome in English, but some concepts mentioned are also unique to China. It might not be easy to read this, never mind empathising, if you didn't grow up in China. Though, I hope some of the sentiment get through to you, and encourage you to help make the Internet a more forgiving space for everyone.

No matter what, may you enjoy this story.

Thanks you, TheFlint44 and Omega, for proofreading!

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Rainbow Dash flew west.

This story was originally written in Chinese by myself and was an entry in FimTale's 2022 Winter Writing Event ("In a Matter of a Day,") before being withdrawn.

Edited with the help from TheFlint44.

Criticisms are welcomed, especially on my choice of words.

Cover art adapted from Sebastian Voortman's Body of Water during Golden Hour, from Pexels.

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As life goes on, one sees off their loved one, in one way or another.

What you are going to read is a stallion's memories of seeing his loved ones off.

Inspired by Watching You Go by Lung Ying-tai, a Taiwanese essayist and cultural critic.

Currently rated T just to be safe.

Critiques are welcomed, as long as they are rational.

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