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Accurate Balance

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As life goes on, one sees off their loved one, in one way or another.

What you are going to read is a stallion's memories of seeing his loved ones off.

Inspired by Watching You Go by Lung Ying-tai, a Taiwanese essayist and cultural critic.

Currently rated T just to be safe.

Critiques are welcomed, as long as they are rational.

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I've been reading and reviewing a bunch of lighthearted fics recently.
To read one with so much meaning and heartfelt moments is a good break from the random.
Deep, well thought out, and a tear jerker. Excellent.

Thank you for liking it.

Love costs, we still love without looking back.

Can't believe this is from you.Great job.:raritywink:

A pleasant surprise you find this.

That was a good story.

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