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A Christian at heart, soon to be cartoonist, and love Ninja Turtles. I'm also known as TMNTony on Deviantart


This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls Going Digital

The Ninja Turtles, Rainbooms, and Team Shine go to Anaheim for a vacation. But when Dragonaus, the last of the Saurian overlords, is discovered hunting after a sacred relic called the Eye of Sarnoth, they must team up with the hockey playing crime fighters The Mighty Ducks! Will their teamwork be able to take down Dragonaus? Will the fire breathing tyrant conquer all with the Eye of Sarnoth? And will Leo find a working catchphrase? This is one hockey game you don't want to miss!

Also, be on the lookout for some Jawsome special guest stars!

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This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls Going Digital

Join the Rainbooms, Ninja Turtles, and Team Shine as they act out A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.


Leonardo as Bob Cratchit

Twilight Sparkle as Emily Cratchit

Shine Boy as Charles Dickens

Gamer as Himself

Karai Hamato as Herself

Zach Roberts as Nephew Fred

Donatello and April O’Neil as Charity Collectors

Keno and Flash Sentry as Bookkeepers

Raphael and Casey Jones as Grave Diggers

Night Shine Luke Bedding as Jacob Marley

Sunset Shimmer as the Ghost of Christmas Past

Michelangelo as the Ghost of Christmas Present

Shinigami as the Ghost of Christmas Future

Rarity as Isabelle

Amethyst Majesty as Young Scrooge

Pidgeon Pete as Fezziwig

Pinkie Pie as Fanny

Lancer as Peter Cratchit

Sweetheart as Belinda Cratchit

Melody Note as Patina Cratchit

Fluttershy as Martha Cratchit

And introducing….

Dr. Mallow as Ebenezer Scrooge

Special Guest Star

Steve Urkel as Beggar

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This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls Holidays Unwrapped

The Ninjas and Rainbooms reunite with their friends, The Digidestined and Team Shine, and head to the Digital World to face enemies new and old alike. But friction stirs in the team when a new team member has a Digimon that resembles an old enemy! Can they trust their new friends and save their worlds? Find out!

Based on fiction by Wildcard25

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This story is a sequel to Shining Christmas In a Half Shell

It's Christmas time in Canterlot. As the Ninja Turtles, their allies, and Rainbooms prepare, there are also problems they have to tackle to keep things Merry! Will Rainbow's plan prevail to get a snow day from school? Will Mikey and his buddies stop the Purple Nightmares from stealing the toys? Will Wallflower and Sapphire Night find the perfect gift? Will Sapphire be able to redeem herself to the school? Will Donnie, Twilight, and Chaplain outsmart the sneaky FlimFlam brothers? One way to find out!

Based on the Holidays unwrapped shorts and then some.
written by me and Jebens1.

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This story is a sequel to A Rainboom Turtle Christmas

Principal Celestia's old friend, Mr. Moochick, has invited CHS, The Ninjas, Team Shine, and Spy Racers to his lodge for the holidays. But when Leo and Shine Boy get stuck in an avalanche, will things still be holly jolly for the party? If their friends have anything to say about it! Featuring a couple shorts.

(Originally written in 2019 on Deviantart. Rewritten with help from Jebens1)

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Thanks to Anon-A-Miss, Sunset is overwhelmed with grief, believing she is destined to be alone. Even when the culprits confess, she refuses to forgive her friends after they accused her earlier. When the new substitute teacher gives her a book to help her with her grief, she is visited by characters who tell her only by these visits can she forgive her friends.

Author's Note: (PLEASE READ FIRST!) Around the time the pandemic hit us, I have been reading other fictions involving the Equestria Girls Holiday story from the comic book series, also known as the Anon-a-miss story. Long story short, it takes place between Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games, the CMCs make a MyStable account called Anon-a-miss and exposes students secrets and everyone blames Sunset. Things get resolved, of course, but people criticize it for characters being out of character. My gripe is that I feel in Equestria Girls is that every time the girls turn away from Sunset and things get resolved, they don't learn from it or show signs of regret. just one apology and everything's okay.

To me, Sunset should have just left the group, feeling betrayed when they should have been helping her understand friendship. Relax, after a bit, she would return. On Fimfiction, I've read alternate stories where Sunset doesn't forgive the Rainbooms, returns to Equestria, or dare I say it commit suicide. I had decided to do my own version and I'm using elements from one of my favorite stories, A Christmas Carol.

Those are just my words. Also, there may be some repeated dialogue.

I'm rating this T for Teen because there's a chapter with an attempt at suicide.

Enjoy my fiction and Merry Christmas!
Be safe.

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This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls Halloween Special

It's Halloween, and the Rainbooms and Turtles are telling Spooky Stories again, inviting the CMC, Flash, Sandalwood, Micro Chips, and the Rock N Beats to join them. Melody and the other Rock N Beats make fun of Sweetheart for being scared, but little do they know, is their all about to get the fright of their lives!

written by me and Jebens1. cover also by Jebens1.

Based on fiction by Wildcard25

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This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls Magical Mayhem

It's Halloween in Canterlot, and the Ninjas and Rainbooms are ready for fun! They'll have fun at a party, tell scary stories at a campfire in Camp Everfree, and partake in a thriller.

Takes place after the events of Magical Mayhem on Deviantart.

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This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls Shining Digital Alliance

It's Shine Boy's birthday and his team, plus the Ninjas and Rainbooms are throwing him a surprise party. But with the Chaos Mage out for Revenge, could this be his last birthday?

with special guests and surprises, this is gonna be one heck of a party!

Takes place in the Equestria Ninja Girls universe by Wildcard25.

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This story is a sequel to The Dream Eater

A planned day takes a u turn as Rarity's new necklace sends The Rainbooms, Along with Starlight and Chetcheki Chan Gecko, to an unknown island. Together with Team Shine, they must face villains in order to find the Guardian of the island to get back home.

Features OCs by me and BozzerKazooers, used with permission.

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