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This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls Ducks Rock!

It's New Year's Eve and Canterlot High is having a big party. The Rainbooms and Ninja Turtles have invited many of their friends, The Digidestined, Spy Racers, Carmen Sandiego and the ACME agents, Mighty Ducks, and Street Sharks. The only one not having fun is the young Likety Split who fears that everything will end at midnight. Will someone help calm her down and help her see there's nothing wrong? Will Logan know the right time to say Happy New Year? Will Veemon wake up in time? Either way, Happy New Year!

* Based on the Sesame Street special Celebrations around the world, or Stays up Late.

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Good opening and it’s nice seeing so many familiar faces

Thanks. I'll try to make sure everyone has at least one line in this fic

Great, I was looking forward to a story about the New Year, I'm glad you did it.

That was all funny with Lickety's attempt to sabotage the party, and Steve being Steve was able to blow her cover. But now many are concerned for her behavior

Yep. So somebody had to make sure she wasn’t a second Cozy Glow [Spoiler: She’s not.

Is Lickety really that clueless? I mean, it's really strange that she's taking things so literally, in her own way.

Like I said, I was gonna put down that she’s autistic because I have token things literally myself due to my autism growing up. But like I said I bit my tongue on that

Well, you're not the only one who's autistic, pal. I feel the same.

“You heard about what I told Likety Split, didn’t you?” she deadpanned.

Serves you right though. One shouldn't go around messing with a kid's head, otherwise they'd end up believing it. Happened to me once long ago.

I'm aware that Likety Split has appeared in FiM

Really? I don't remember seeing her. There were so many ponies, they kinda blur together.

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