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This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninja Girls Happy New Years

Sunset is going to Equestria with the Ninjas and invited the Digidestined and Team Shine to join them. During their visit, Davis and the D-3 Digidestined learn a new way to digivolve in this new world. But when creatures of darkness appear all over Equestria, they learn of an ancient evil returning to Equestria.

Also, They'll soon learn there's more to the multiverse than they thought as they meet a dimension traveler as well as three other kids with their own Digimon.

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“Speak of the devil!” Keno said as merging from the portal were their friends the Digidestined- Davis, Yolei, Cody, TK, Kari, and Ken- along with Izzy, Mimi, Willis, and their recent member Josh who was joined by a girl his age. She had black hair with blue stripes and wore a purple sweater with a skull, blue leggings under grey striped long stockings, and a medical mask over her mouth. Following them were their Digimon partners, along with a small purple Digimon with a black mask and long arms.

Whoa, Willis? I haven't seen him since that Digimon movie. Good choice.

“No offense, Games, but maybe you should not read Pinocchio anymore.” Willis deadpanned before looking all over himself. “Though this is gonna take some getting use to.”

Good callback on the Pinocchio movie.

As they headed to the doors, Mimi walked up to Twilight. “By the way, Twilight, where’s that gecko friend of yours?”

Oooh, one of your characters. Do you happen to have a link about him and his story?

Awesome opening. I can’t wait to see how the guys enjoy Ponyville and everywhere else.

Actually, he’s Bozzerkazooers character. I put a link to his page in the notes

Looks like they got a new form of digivolution to master. But it’ll be exciting to see them in action.

The next chapter will be interesting

I would like to read in the next chapter one of the Mane 6 say: Here we go again

Wow, talk about a twist.

Wait, this is kind of like that one Digimon season, where Takado and Geomon fused to become Gallantmon. The first time they did that was epic.

Bio merge. Yep.

Speaking of which, there’s a chapter where they meet the Tamers.

Oooh, sweet. Epic crossovers. I wonder how they'll react with the Digimon cards that they use for their digimon to use.

While the 02 Digidestined will merge with their Armor Digimon (Go to Chapter 1's notes for the picture), I had decided to let the others Digivolve normally.

Because they're part of both groups, a thought came to mind on if down the road TK & Kari could get their Digimon to Digivolve normally....or if they could even merge with their angelic partners. The latter might make them a tad OP though, huh. 'XD

So spikezilla coming back?

So how are you doing

Okay sorry abou bothering you

Okay thanks and again sorry for bothering you

“I believe he was call Endigomon.” Kari guessed.


I heard it both ways, but I'll fix it

“He was looking at this old flying contraption Applejack and I used once.” Rarity recalled.

Oh yeah, I remember that, in the FIM comic series. Where applejack went to one of their relatives, but she went to the Western one instead of the Eastern one. That was quite hilarious. And that the two of them went to Whinny land, the pony version of Disney Land.


You don't wanna know. It was a horrible time for all of us.

“Because Kong is a giant gorilla and was fighting against the giant monster Godzilla.”

Aaah, good reference. Maybe I should watch that movie sometime.

great. now we got spike crazy big again. dose anyone have DK on speed diel??

Yeah, and let me just say it was the worst pandemic of all. 😖

“You know, I think I saw a hero who looked like that in a show back in Japan.” Shini recalled.

I'm gonna guess that it's Kamen rider.

Big Spike has returned and he's tougher than ever

And it’s gonna take some teamwork to save him and Davis.

“I gotta say. You and Wormmon are ok by me. Are there more of the insect type digimons in this digital world?

I believe Pharynx said that.

Comment posted by Sword21 deleted February 18th

Somebody call in donkey kong

Hilarious, especially with Discord and Yolei

“It worked for that elephant.” Mikey shrugged. The brothers however shuddered while Team Shine and Digidestined tried their best not to remember that part whenever they watched that movie.

What elephant? And what movie?

“ANSWER MY QUESTION!” Applejack was interrupted by Shine Boy’s roar.

Whoa, that was unexpected.

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