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I Got Married in Skyrim · 3:09pm May 19th

Please note that this is not supposed to make you feel butthurt, it's supposed to be amusing and that if you don't find it amusing, you may go pole dance on Siren Head's leg.

Yee, I got bored yesterday, because it was after five o'clock and the internet was turned off, so I turned on Skyrim and got married to Vilkas.

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2885371 Well, one can hope after all.

:D That's good! I feel like your going to net a ton of followers by Way of the Word. (Stories btw)

I really hope the cat is pregnant, I'm apparently the only one in my house who likes kittens?! Besides, the cats keep the mice population down to zero.

2885340 I've been posting and whatnot so I'm doing pretty well. Also, that's awsome.

Things are good for me, how about you?

We hatched some chicks, and one of our cats may be pregnant, but not really sure. Might just be fat.

Hi there. I wanted to check up on ya and see how you're doing. It's been awhile and I wanted to make sure things were going well:heart:.

  • Viewing 224 - 228 of 228
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