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Three steps to being like me: Lock your door. Close your windows. Accept the inevitable.

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Will it be a simple story or a series with several chapters?

I was going to write a story, but I'm still working on what to write and the plot and all that stuff.

Hey Ruby! The 100th follower is near, do you planing something for the event?

Thanks for your comment on and liking of Second Chances. I'm glad you enjoy it :twilightsmile:

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A Bit About Me

Gender: That's a secret
Age: That's also a secret unless you read it that one time when I said it, then it's not
Personality: Paranoid with a side of hubbabubbly-hyperness-dork sprinkles and an anger issue cherry on top! I like videogames too, so that should also count for something. Maybe a side dish. I dunno. I'm also over-competitive. Like, ultra-over-competitive.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Dislikes: Everything lol, I don't like being forced into stuff, I'm a lazy person so I don't like being asked stuff either and I hate, hate, hate, being told I'm wrong.
Likes: Videogames (as said above, the side dish to my personality), animals, outside/nature, art(The first dessert), music (The second dessert), sleeping, um... food, because food is good and cool, the scent of grass and dirt.

I frequently change my profile picture, sometimes my username, but I give warnings and heads-ups when I do so. (The usernames, you stinkbug) I like it outside because it is very outside, and there are cute animals there. The smell of grass and dirt is like a kind of addicting drug to me. So if I ever enter a cellar/some sort of delicious smelling storage room for potato's covered in dirt, or step outside after the lawn has been mowed, I'm not coming in on my own. Trust me. I'm very passionate about music because I can make stupid and dramatic scenarios. Drawing is one of my forte's in life, runs in the family. Sleeping is the only time I am at peace so shut up and I eat food all the time. Also, I stink at writing stories.

Side note: I'm rude and obnoxious in a humorous kind of way, so don't take offense. I also like being difficult and sarcastic, but I try to refrain from doing that online, as people cannot see my face when I say this and it may sound legit.

My Little Pony (I mean, duh, kinda why I'm here:ajsmug:)
Avatar- The Last Airbender
Hollow Knight
Um... Does Canterwood Crest have a fandom?

I have a lot of quotes, that, in my opinion, are good. So if you ever need a bio quote, I'm the one you might consider asking. Or google. That's fine too.

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