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Why, hello there, love! I'm Wendy!


Just A Thing Or Two About Me

Pseudonym:Wendy Writes-a-lot
Age:15 (yeah, I know, I'm young)
Location:Super Secret Lair
Reason I'm Here:According to most people, I write pretty good for a 15 year old. I've even been published!
OTP's:Well, I'm a bit of a multi shipper, but I do have some ships I have sold my soul to really enjoy, which are Fluttercord, Octascratch, and Rarijack. And also Cheesiepie from time to time.
Favorite Pony:Fluttershy, partially because I can do her voice really well, thus I can feel her character a bit more; partially because she's gotten a lot of character development
Favorite Princess:Cay-Cay (Cadence)
Favorite Episode:Bride of Discord Episode 9. Wait, what do you mean "wrong show"?
Other Fandoms:(oh Celestia, here we go) Gravity Falls, Once Upon A Time, Disney, Sherlock (not Superwholock...yet), Over The Garden Wall, Steven Universe, Ouran High Host Club, etc.
Motto:Love and tolerate :D