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The Grimm Reaper or Mar (for short) is the writer of the 'Darkness Duology', 'Immortal', 'They Come at Night... Mostly!' and 'Only Bone Deep'. Among others.

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I gotta say, when I first read the description, I wasn't sure whether or not I would like this story. However, having taken time to read the first chapter...it's actually rather entertatining. I'm curious to see where it goes.
Also, love Barb. She sounds just too precious!

Rule 34 rude version of the love life of Dusk Shine.

Were you inspired by Artemis Fowl?

Dusk is only gonna be paired with mares, correct?

I find this quite entertaining i do say this looks like it will be a graaaaaaaaaaaand doozy :D :pinkiehappy: :rainbowdetermined2:

2407500 Nope, gryphons, diamond dogs, dragons, a giant sea serpent, zebras, and ponies. Maybe a few other things as well.

Eh, not sure I'm interested, sorry. I know it's likely to come later, but you haven't really given a reason or explanation for why Dusk is so OOC to Twilight. Add in it being Anthro for no APPARENT reason, and it just doesn't hold my interest. What's the point in making it anthro?

Yeah, okay, so I'm being harsh when it's 'just beginning'. But if it doesn't capture my interest AT the beginning, then what's the point in my reading it? Sorry, this just isn't my cup of tea. (Won't dislike it, though. The writing itself isn't bad, just my opinion of characterization and lack of explanation for actions so far.)


Soldier would tear dusk a new one for the way he's acting, and then shove grenades in it for the hell of it. And before you question me on how fucked up that sounds, remember the 'meet the' video for him. Severed heads, he was talking to severed heads, have a nice day mate.

I just noticed a problem:

The lavender stallion managed to click his fingers

Since when do ponies have fingers?

2409991 Not up to me. Why? Which side do you want him to get?

I'm following this to see how it goes... But I really would like to see only Dusk shine being a guy out of the Mane 6... M/M shipping is not my thing.

its on my watchlist, i have to much to read right now

Anthro Ponies.

Seriously why?

wow this is a really good story with a lot of potential, just make It like 'The Unexpected Love Life Of Dusk Shine'. :applejackunsure:
But this is a great start :twilightsmile:


.....ugh, doesn't anyone get tired of reading that over and over? What's wrong with Anthros? Honestly now, there's no difference. As George Lopez eloquently puts it... "IT'S THE SAME THING!" so get over it peeps. :ajbemused:

Seriously though, this is a great start. Reminds me of a Anthrofied version of The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine. And seeing as how there are so few of these out there, I say well done. You've caught my interest. Especially with Gleaming Shield and Barb. That's an interesting notion I've never seen put before in writing. This is a first for me. (If there are any, I would love to see pics or fan art on these characters for more detailed visualization.) Insta Faved! :heart: :pinkiehappy:

Just don't make this a Yaoi fic please!~ :pinkiesick:


(If there are any, I would love to see pics or fan art on these characters for more detailed visualization.)

You and me both.:pinkiehappy:

yes it was me my good sir :3

and I'll get to making another one which fits the "grouchy, messy, anti social" look :3
-if ye want, tell me some details that would help me picture him

im liking this


Sounds nice, funny to see what happens as everyone in Twilight Sparkle's family (Spike included) is gender bent, as opposed to just Twilight. It'll be interesting to see what happens with the disgruntled Dusk Shine that probably plays out more darker in nature than TULLOD. In some cases, it would be more realistic portrayal as the original Twilight Sparkle doesn't like the new ponies at the beginning and even after making friends she is content to her studies all the time, which would compliment well with your Dusk Shine character as he would (regardless if he accepts having friends or not) be continuing his studies in the Library all the time as he would in Canterlot.

Overall, it'll be interesting to see how this story develops overtime. As for the artwork that is provided, it'll be a nice bonus to introduce the cast with drawings, should the artwork be constant to one artist when he/she has the time available to draw. Would be nice as well to post the artwork in the Author's Notes, rather than have it on a separate chapter, as it would give a bad impression to your readers. Just something to mind of, anyhow, keep up the good work mate:pinkiesmile:

But one question:

Dusk Shine about winning the bet with Blueblood, describing what the bet is to Celestia

“To not talk about himself for ten minutes; he didn’t last three.” Celestia tried to stifle a similar chuckle as she made a judgement call.

Would that be more of Trixie's character rather than Blueblood, as boasting towards himself/herself is more of her trait? Would Bluebood be more like the silent Trixie who expects everything to be handle him in the silver platter, as opposed to being clamorous?

Then again, it'll be interesting to see what kind of insults and remarks Dusk Shine would make towards Trixie when she gets involved.

Please continue.

reminds me of that Disgruntled Friendship Student fic. Only better. :twilightsmile:

Finally, someone who makes an MLP Dusk where he is shooting down everyone who acts egotistical. But whatever you do, DON'T MAKE DUSK HARASS FLUTTERSHY!

2430558 Oh heavens no. I couldn't be mean to Fluttershy. Unless I wanted the world to either hate me or realise I've got serious balls to be so daringly cruel. Though the former is more likely. While I like to tug at the hearts of my readers... Fluttershy is too lovable to upset.

Oh goodness. So not only is he an ass, he's also slightly sexist (given his reaction to Spitfire and Rainbow Dash)? This should be interesting. Wonder what's going to happen in this story.

2430587 This guy's turning out to be the Sheldon of Equestria. lol Only with a lot more attitude and isn't immune to basic emotions.

i suddenly got the urge to draw RD dumbstruck kneeling on the ground with her mouth agape

barb having a "...seriously dusk?" face
and dusk with a hand on his chin, and a floating scroll infront of him

i may... or may not draw that, depends on what i have to do for the coming week

awesome chapter btw \m/:trollestia:


I wonder what will be barb's reaction to rarity... this is going to be confusing :applejackconfused:

HA! Take that Rainbow Dash! Never encourage people to time you.

Do a Barb falls for Rarity. It will be a very interesting thing.

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