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The Grimm Reaper is the writer of the 'Darkness Duology', 'Immortal', 'They Come at Night... Mostly!' and 'Only Bone Deep'. Among others.


IMPORTANT: Not a Star Wars/ Starkiller cross-over!!!
Twilight enjoyed her foalhood learning from under Princess Celestia and she knows those lessons have paid off in the long run. Her knowledge and power attest to that greatly; however, she's about to get a rude awakening from an old friend she'd only ever seen once. Orion Starlight, a colt shrouded in mystery has found Twilight and has claimed to be the secret apprentice of Princess Celestia, suffering grievous lessons the likes of which would turn everypony's stomachs. Will Twilight believe the mysterious day-old friend, or will she remain steadfastly loyal to her Princess and fight for Equestria?

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*wakes up to ponies* Yay!

I've got to ask: Does anypony die in the story.
Please reply.

I don't won't to see somepony die that should not die.:pinkiesad2:

2196750 realistically, nopony should ever die, no matter what.

When I mean "die" I mean it as "die from unnatural causes"

2197243 Tisk tisk tisk you should know by now what the response will be

This is indeed a very interesting story. I would love to see more, I especially loved the part with Trixie. Keep it up ^-^

Like it, need more. One sugestion, I've found my readers like a longer chapter over a longer time rather than frequent short ones. Just for consideration.

I kind of hope there will be chapter where Twilight learns a spell that completely heals all of Orion's wounds, as if he was never hurt at all.

I.... can't really see this working, honestly. For show reasons mostly. Twilight is devoted to Celestia. Princess Celestia is her mentor, her friend, and her surrogate second mother. It was the moment when Twilight all but agreed to let Orion kill Celestia that this fic kinda broke down into a "Celestia Sucks" fanfic. Canonically, Twilight would do everything she could to convince Orion it wasn't worth it to try and kill Celestia and if he continued with that path, she'd stand with her teacher against him. I don't like labeling Luna or Celestia as a "Goddess", but it's already been proven, canonically, that Luna isn't as powerful as Celestia. If she was left with the Sun and Moon, she would likely embrace Darkness as Nightmare Moon once again, if only to have the power to move both celestial bodies. Or she would ask Twilight to take her place as Princess of the Moon, a new Alicornification for Twilight, and her schedule would keep her from seeing Orion anyway.

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