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Goodbyes are hardest when you see them coming and can do nothing to put them off. That doesn't stop Rainbow Dash from trying when she has to say goodbye to her very special somepony much sooner than she thought.

Applejack/Rainbow Dash. Futurefic.

I created a full cast audio drama version of this fic can be found here.

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That's okay; I didn't want to be happy today anyhow.

Also: downvotes? Dafuq? This is wonderful -- sad and painful, but wonderful.


Meh. Character death fics are always divisive. You shouldve read some of the vitriolic PMs I got over Aging Process! No writer shall kill off Trixie and live, apparently. :trixieshiftleft:

Thanks for the feedback. :twilightsmile:

2402379 Awesome man... Haven't read for a while, and once I thought I lost faith in all the stories here from the new unoriginal stories, I look at this. (Yes I know, I hate my story two, I'm a bloody editor.)

2400702 Like he said, all "Death fics" are always, ALWAYS, despised by anyone but "Grimdark" people I should say, for me, this is amazing, but "Cloppers" "Regulars" or others might find this horrible.

Applejack had cancer? damn it why didnt you kill off fluttershy! applejack is perfect in every way she didn't deserve this.:raritycry: it did sound like cancer though from the way it spread through out her body.


Why Fluttershy, why not Rarity?:rainbowhuh: :raritydespair::fluttercry:

A good sad story is always nice now and then to mix things up and this one hit the spot. Appledash is best ship and nothing is harder than when tragedy comes between them especially death. This was a sad but good story nice job :ajsmug:

Ah yes, finally found it! I've read this before I created my account.
It was one of the first ones I've read and made me tear up good. The fact that I saw and heard the final scene, didn't help keeping my liquid pride inside.:pinkiesad2:

Ah.... my feels man they be hurting bad now. It was one of the better sad story's i had read most definitely thank you for coming up with this wonderful piece of fiction!! :twilightsmile:

Dang it, you brought tears to my eyes! :fluttercry: That's actually quite impressive, since perhaps two sad fictions have gotten that much response.

As for the writing, it was absolutely well done. There was so much backstory to this fic. It felt like you only scratched the surface. I love that feeling of there being more to the world than what is shown. The characters were all true to form, as well. Rainbow and Twilight were the perfect main characters, and their argument couldn't have been done much better.

This story makes me want to write something like this, except I already have too much going on. Maybe some other time.

I think dash would act just like that the death of a loved one is never easy and lest face it applejack made dash at least 20% cooler(on that note I loved it made me cry I don't know why I always read these sadfics when I know im going to lose it in the end)

scribbler, that was beautiful. sad, but beautiful. I've always seen Treating Her Right and Til Death Do Us Part as ones that flowed together and this, sad though it may be, flows with them too.

and it confirms my theory of twilight in Til Death Do Us Part, about her being an Alicorn at the time, since she's obviously one here.

i found nothing wrong with this fic. it was sad, but i found nothing wrong. it was beautiful. i can't say that enough.

i look forward to hearing you do a reading of it.::rainbowkiss::applecry::twilightsmile:

I don't cry that often, Maybe a couple times a year. Though this fiction had me tear up through most of it, amazing work scribbler

Scribbler... is the world not depressing enough for you, or something? You had to add cute little technicolor ponies getting old and dying to the mix to make it all complete?

Stoppit already!

'Cause I gotta read your stuff! I got no choice in the matter! 'Cause whenever I miss a piece of Scribbler work, I feel the exact way I feel right now anyway. Y u hate my good moods so much?! :fluttercry:

This is pretty sad. Why would you Discodify our hearts with this sadness?



I reviewed this story!

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My heart bleeds...years later

Awww, that story really hit my heart. Amazingly well done, mate. :)

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