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Good day to you! I am a teenage writer who spends WAY too much time on the PC. I am a lone, nocturnal, British brony. I write and I love it!

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this has potential.....

though you might want to put a "gore" tag and, maybe, an "adventure" tag on there.....

this is an "alien" crossover after-all:twilightsmile:

Looking forward to this story. Hopefully it's much better than the story from the godawful game, "Aliens: Colonial Marines."

2168354 I actually thought the game was pretty decent. However, it was a far cry from what was promised to us.

2168275 Good point. :twilightsheepish:

2168433 Same. Me and the lads have been playing it constantly, and I have gotten pretty decent at the multiplayer (I definitely should have bought the PC version. I hear it looks a lot better). Plus, Gearbox are promising more in the DLCs so I'm still hopeful! :pinkiehappy:

2168656 Me and the lads? Are you a Brit? I was born in England myself, but now I'm a Canadian.

I have a new fan fiction coming out soon my dear friends and would love to have you look at it.

Hhhmmm... You have my attention. I love the "Alien" series and I'm interested in seeing what you do with a MLP crossover. I suggest you give this a Mature rating, this is an "Aliens" crossover after all.

Meh. Can't tell if good... I'll read it later. I just don't think anything related to Aliens will be good anymore. Not that it doesn't have potential. I'm just fucked over from Aliens: Colonial Marines. They fucked up. BIG TIME.

2173783 Thoroughly agreed. I also see the fanbase slowly falling to its knees. Hopefully, something will pull the Aliens fanbase out of hell.

2173846 I can't even fathom the quality of the game they come out with next. It may be either REALLY stupid, or REALLY good. I just really hope it's the later. I don't want anymore disappointment.

Run run for your lives ponies run toward the forest specifically the downed ship with humans who know how to kill such things and make sure you don't bring the aliens with you also don't look menacing or the humans might attack!

nnnnnnooooooooo not the doctor wwwwwwhhhhhyyyy

I’m not entirely convinced this thing actually exists.” Time Turner began. “It seems too abnormal to me.”



NOO!! DOCTOR WHY!?!?!:raritycry::raritycry:

EDIT: nice to see that "gore" tag up there now :twilightsmile:

I don't think it was that quick... it took the guy from Alien a couple hours to die, in Aliens we don't know, in Alien 3 it took a few days

Again! I was beaten to writing an aliens crossover. dang it. Still gonna write it though. Also, this is awesome! Can't wait for more. Also to all who hate A:CM, I understand. Everyone is hurting from gearbox broken promise. But that doesn't mean we should give up on the fandom. I believe one day someone will make a amazing aliens game. We just can't give up hope. That's not to say that A:CM was a terrible game, it's just not what we wanted and falls incredibly short of our expectations. It may have just been another big hunt, but our future aliens game is still out there, and I gladly await it's arrival. As for this fic, this is an infestation worth looking into. Need MOAR.

hehe, almost time for the ponies to meet the survivors, I wonder how they'll react when they say that they're going to be picked up by Weyland Yutani, which both will think the opposite side's a parody of theirs, and then they see Bishop

2280359 I of course do have the whole story planned out. I think Weyland Yutani's role in the whole fic will be very out of nowhere and unexpected. It is a rather small role, but an important one at that. (To be honest, I think the only reason I am giving Weyland the role I have planned for them so people don't hate me as much. You'll see what I mean.)

2280580 And Hudson was the ULTIMATE BADASS!!!!

And yes I know it is out of sync.

DAMNIT TWILIGHT!!!!:facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

seems no matter what world you're in, there's always some scientific boffin ready to try and capture the alien and ruin everybody's days:ajbemused:

looking forward to when the ponies meet the people, and can't wait for Hicks and the others to learn of Twilight's plan:twilightsheepish:

shit gon go down:moustache:

I must know will Twilight slip out and ever mention the Xenomorph to the survivors. :rainbowhuh:

2284452 It wouldn't be an Aliens crossover if the humans didn't know about the Xenomorphs. Don't worry, I will find ways of letting the humans know of the Xenomorph.

While I enjoyed that game when I got past its problems, but I agree. That game ruined the reputation of aliens.

2284596What, you mean one bursting from Hicks's chest cavity? Yeah, nothing yells xenomorph like one bursting from your mate's chest. Also, when will you update this?

2332930 Soon. I'm going to Italy next week, so I'll try and get a chapter out before then. No promises though. Although I do basically have the whole week ahead to myself.

I actually have something special planned before [SPOILERS!!!] happens.

Wow. You updated this the second I hit my favorites button.

this story is getting better with every chapter:pinkiehappy:

as a scientist I can understand twilights reluctance to tell them about the xenomorph, however she never witnessed what they did so she wants to study it because its completely alien and would be an amazing study. im sure if she knew exactly what they did and how dangerous they are she would be completely willing to destroy the specimen.

Pinkie, you have no idea how grateful they will be towards you telling them

It looks alright so far, however, 122, 394, 766, 991 (122 billion) light years is an incomprehensibly large distance. Bear in mind that the Milky Way is 100,000-120,000 light years across.

2471601 I suppose, but did the film ever mention if LV-426 is even in the Milky Way? If it did, then I guess we can just assume something messed itself up on re-entry and/or landing.

Hmm, an alternate sequel to Aliens, as opposed to Alien 3. I like.

However, for your information, there was only one facehugger, from one egg. It just so happened to carry dual embryos, but that was in Alien 3. :twilightsheepish:

2631416 Yea. I find it quite convenient that there was an egg that just so happened to have two facehuggers.

Please make an update soon. I love this story.

2655239 Don't worry, I'm working on it. I just decided to take a break. I couldn't really work on it in the Easter Holidays because I was in Italy and school decided to throw exams at me afterwards. But I'm working on it now.

Finally another chapter I waited so long for this

"I need to choose which story"
You best update this story regularly, or I'll mail you a copy of Aliens:Colonial Marines and all it's bugs[pun] too! :pinkiecrazy:

3692343 Aha! Your plan is foiled based upon the fact that I indeed have TWO copies of said game!

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