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Twilight and her friends are no longer part of the elements of harmony, and have separated paths with each other. They are now part of the C.M.E (Celestial Marines of Equestria) and have intercepted a signal from the planet LV426.

As they land on the planet, they will face horrors they had never faced before. Will Twilight and her friends reunite with again? And what horror lies on the service of LV426?

P.S This story has the original unicorn Twilight, not the Alicorn Twilight.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 24 )

I like it! Very well done so far. One gripe is that some of the characters dialogue, Twilight specifically, seemed a little off. Like they were too much like the characters they were portraying from the film. Other then that i enjoyed it and i look forward to seeing the rest of it :pinkiehappy:

too many grammar mistakes, but other than that I like it.

Not bad a bit more work and it be better

Comment posted by Schroedingers_Katze deleted Aug 7th, 2014

Yepp, aa~aand I´m out. This fic is to much a nearly direct copy of Alien 2 for my taste and you should work on our grammar and spelling a bit.

Still, good luck with your story.

I hope you won't make chrysalis as alien queen because its gonna be just strange from this point.

And seriously you killed most of them already and still no chrysalis?

Same fault what rest said point to point from alien for sure first chapters because i don't remember how it was in movie.

Comment posted by Renegade Thunder deleted Apr 10th, 2015

so far this was just an adaptation of the movie script to fanfiction format and replacing names with ponies. (Okay, it's not, but it's too similar until the end and still is there.)

Cool story dude, I know it was a retell of Aliens, but it showed these characters in this setting which was an experience for me...

but seriously, was it so hard to add some bullshit twist to let Fluttershy live i mean come on, it's bad enough killing her off but BURNING HER ALIVE!!!

just no...:ajsleepy:

Holy shit about time and..
A spoiler would've been nice bro :ajbemused:


Thanks for the like :yay::yay:

sorry I did't reply sooner...I was a little busy :twilightblush:



6893468 are you sure, I just checked as its really the M-41A

6895559 I am absolutely positive it is called th m4a1 but then again it might be different in the movies but in the games it's called the M4A1

Poor AppleJack, wait til she sees pinkie still alive.

Well the queen didnt show up in the movie til just about everyone died.

While yes, I agree her death was bad, but she wouldnt last long in a situation like this.

Rainbow Dash turned to look at Renegade in his eyes, “well let’s just say the elements was broken,” she then pointed at Applejack with a smile, “because of this bitch right here was having a dream of our friendship ending. It seemed to have come true.”

So they break friendship all because of a dream...

*Sigh* Wheres the bleach at.

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