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i don't think anyone's done a CMC Deadspace cross over. Have they? Probably not.:pinkiehappy:

1473991nope, and this looks pretty good. :pinkiehappy:

Cool story Bro but somehow while reading this i don't get the feeling of dead space although i love the comedy and all work on adding that DEAD SPACE 2 feel to it ok? ok :ajsmug:

::Peace Out::

1481514 What'd you expect froma crossover with the CMC? Them standing on a giant pile of bodies as hordes of necros charge them at breakneck pace? I'm doing my best for a scary one.

Hey i know what you mean but they kinda go all too happy to be there i thought they would be a little bit more scared for there life you know and i didn't mean the last comment as a complaint as much as just pointing it out

::Peace Out::

am I the only one still commenting on this story?

1488921 apparently... maybe someone needs to just spread the word?:applejackunsure:

Isaac: "hold on a second." He walks over to one of the work benches and detaches it. Isaac then flips the table with incredible force.

its getting more interesting by the moment keep it up...:pinkiehappy:

::Peace Out::

well that surprised me:twilightoops:

is this mormal:rainbowhuh: i think not. hoping for more

so there's spitters, the Ubermorph and Tormentor, the puker, the tripod, the Pak, the Stalker, the Cyst, and the nest,

1497311 she's an illusion, a hallucination, not a necro

1497911 Would Scootaloo be able to eat her? Wait... i can do that if i wanted to, but i wont.

1499048 Scoots won't be able to see her, it's a form the markers took to convince Isaac to put the first one back and to draw him away from the second, you can't eat/notice what you cannot see

1499140 I'll let you in on a little secret, i'm going to make sure they'll ALL be there when Isaac get's sucked in or whatever happens to him.

1499271 I'm not entirely sure what happened in that scene either, I don't think he was sucked in, due to the transition scene, but I don't think it's his mind they're in, I think it's some sort of Abstract state that whoever's nearby ends up in when the marker enters convergence

Yeah, i want it to be a very... special ending.:pinkiecrazy:

1501781 If you all would take the time to look at King of Velrain you would know, wouldn't you.

Why does this story not have over two thousand views? I mean this story is absolute genius so far. Shadowstalker great work and keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

1504266 Your comment made my jaw drop. It actually did, good job in the utmost respect. :pinkiehappy:

1504762 Well i mean its true. Im only 2 chapters in and its epix!

would this be a good intro to a deadspace-type fic?
somewhere deep in the farthest reaches of Equus
"pain" a chained figure in the smoke held suspended above the ground in a crystal clear container whispered

"do you know what you are, my dear Celestia?" a twisted, medium pitched voice said

"agony" the smoke clears, showing a roughly humanoid figure inside, along with several slender spikes entering its body

"you are a frightened mare running headfirst into oblivion, and I?"

"my hatred burns through the cavernous deeps" the raspy and dry voice resonated through the cavernous maze holding him prisoner

"I am the only one who tried to stop you"

"The world heaves with my torment!" the crystal started cracking, the creature stirring within

"I am the messiah you turned against"

"it's wretched kingdoms quake beneath my rage!" the creature moved an arm, then a wing, them moved back into a ball and shattered his prison

"you persecuted me, hunted my children, vowed, to burn my promised land to ash"

"but at long last, the whole of Equus will break" the biped then moved towards one of many stone statues, each shape a clone of the other, but the rows were in different colors

"and now I have returned, and I know you... better than you know yourself"

"and all will burn beneath the shadow of my wings!" a low, draconic roar sounded throughout the cavern as a red marker disappeared towards canterlot, in its dungeons

"I will vanquish your fear, and commute your flesh... to dust"

oh weelllll still awsome story bro!

1530402 Not true! I was working on King of Velrain! I'm nearly done with a new chapter. Be glad you didn't see a new story in my box.:scootangel:

lol i just dident expect an update so soon

1530472 I'm about to finish the new chapter for King of Velrain. I just need to put the last sentence and then edit. It's getting wubby.

link please i havent seen that one

I might have problems if I actually saw this coming when she "died".

Arbiter? the Arbiter will Light the way on the battlefield and Guide us to the Blessed Path. You should write a story about him finding Peace on Equestria. No War. No Blood on the roads. No foe to destroy. Just Peace

1508082 Maybe? I got lost when it said Humanoid figure and then went to Celestia. Is there a human or is she there as a humanoid?

"Huh, different song this time." Isaac said listening to the new tune.

Was that elevator music?

Truly you are... I have no clue what you are but good on you for this chapter!

are we getting to the part when Isaac is headed for a unitology recruitment center and then their church? and isn't that the area Isaac tries to stab himself in the eye?

1557356 oh the sweet, sweet look on Applebloom's and Sweetie Bells faces when he tries to kill himself

1557456 yeah, and staying away from Scootaloo when she's nearly... well let's not spoil that bit, shall we? :pinkiecrazy:

1557461 and then there's the part where Stross tries to stab isaac in the eye anyway

1557467 yeah, I'm just going to let him knock Stosses block off...:applejackunsure:

1557477 wot? knock his block off? you mean let Isaac stab stross in the side of the head?

1557484 No, let him after stabbing him, knock his head off in the left over anger and adrenaline.

Yes! :rainbowdetermined2: this is FANTASTIC! :ajsmug: I love the concept of it and great action so far.

was more expecting his dementia to do it, not her, but that's just me

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