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The year is 2557. Six months following the discovery of the Forerunner Shield World "Requiem," the UNSC continues to discover more and more of the forgotten past left behind by this ancient race. With research facilities located across entire human colonies, humanity faces its next stage of evolution.

One such facility is the one designated as "Starswirl Base." Located on a backwater colony, tucked far and away from prying eyes of the public, this research base is a true Garden of Eden, a wealth of seemingly endless knowledge about humanity and its past. When this facility suddenly loses contact with the UNSC, two elite Spartans are dispatched to investigate the cause and bring Starswirl Base back online. However, nothing is as it seems in this facility... for it holds many secrets for the two supersoldiers-- and the hidden truths behind some of the UNSC's darkest projects...

This fanfiction is part of the "Nobleverse."

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2357148 Price of falling for a sick April Fools prank by the admins, I'm afraid... it's fixed, at least. Feel free to give me your feedback regardless, though!

2357696 It'll get better as the story goes on.

This is very interesting indeed.

I like to see what will the humanized Applejack (SpartanJack?/AppleSpartan?/AppleSpartanJack?) will do next.

And also, are you sure your timeline follows the Halo 4's timeline? Because as I recall, the six months after discovering Requiem is in the year 2558, not 2557.

2377990 I am terribly sorry about that factual error. Rest assured, this does follow Halo 4's timeline. I had it as 2557 because I was unsure of how Spartan Ops fit into the game's timeframe (from what I recall, all my sources say the first season takes place "six months after the campaign"). I'm currently working on a revised version that will be much more accurate. So rest assured, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

I like it need work but i like it.
keep up the work

Keep up the work cant wait for more

A shame this is on hiatus. :ajsleepy:

4353854 Indeed... I would like to get back to writing it, though. Perhaps give it more of an overhaul and re-write it like another fic I'd like to get back off the ground. Unfortunately, it's hard to find the motivation to get back to it currently. Right now, my efforts are focused on Among Gods, which is my DC crossover that I'm rather proud of. If you like this style of writing, I'd say give it a shot if you like superheroes...


I'll give it a shot.

I'm a huge AJ fan. :ajsmug:

4353891 Ah, I see! Well, you'd be happy to know that AJ is in Among Gods, as is the rest of the Mane 6! She doesn't have as big of a role as she does in this, but she does have a presence with a role fitting for her character. I'd never give my best poni the shaft! :ajsmug:

4353909 hey, i was wondering if this was ever going to be continued?

6013294 I've actually been giving some thought on that, yeah. I have a few fics I've been meaning to get back to, this one included.

With a title like that, I would i be shamed if i thought an Assassin's Creed reference would appear at some point?

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