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It was too good to pass up.

Commence read.

The chapter name fits.

her sister had one for beastiality and bondage.

Isn't bestiality between a person and an animal, I think sex between two animals is just inter-species sex, like Jungle Fever is to people...

With regidar? Now this I have to read. Or get sick over. I don't know which yet.

1957455 Actually, between sapient and non-sapient, I believe. Just roll with it.

1957460 :rainbowkiss:

1957464its going to be the sick one isn't it? Dammit reg!

Tia has a human trapped in her closest which she molests daily. :trollestia:

1957472 See now that is bestiality that makes sense!:twilightsmile:
MFW this train of thought seemed normal to me :facehoof:

1957472 dang it rape. Now I have to go add that to the list
1957475Dont you raritywink me! Rape doesn't scare me but your terrifying beyond belief. What with you appearing out of nowhere everywhere.

1957495 My super spidey senses were tingling.

1957499call it whatever you will. Its still disturbing.

Oh my... I'm almost scared to know what the other 5's fetishes are...:rainbowderp:

Damn good fucking work! I can't wait too see what the other 5 are into! Although I'm not really into Watersports, I do believe that the idea is perfect for Luna. Giving all of Celestia's pupils their very own perfect wet dreams is quite an original idea. And, nice thing with the Spanish Inquisition. I'm always looking for references, even if they're a bit out of character. You never see a Spanish pony, you know?

My head is saying *oh god what did I just read?* While my other one is saying * AH FUCK YEAH!!* If Flutters fetish is piss then what are the rest of the girls crazy fetishes? :rainbowhuh:

I simply must know how squirrels or raccoons can appear violated. Does Luna go around counseling them routinely? Are their eyes all twitching when Celestia is near?

Also ew.

In my race, we consider great pain also pleasure. I'm German, the race of engineers! And, of course, complicated sophistication. LOL

Oh...I must have more, I must consume more words you have typed with my EYES! Please post more, I can't wait to see what the others' fetishes are. Especially RD's. I hope its something massively ironic like humiliation or submission or something, I don't know you're the awesome author.

So good work, keep it up.

I'll admit, it was pretty good. I did not get a boner, but it was still amusing.

Regidar, you must write a story about spike watching mares sleep at night. It must be done.


I was working on a story like this.
Oh well, next idea.

Admittedly mine involved celestia, dream bondage, luna, a therioist, and falsly drawn conclutions to do with guilt complexes.
But still, can't be a copy cat

Next story!

Oh and ps

This story was great, cant wait for more:scootangel:

This looks interesting. I gotta read this later :moustache:

1957455 I'd say beastality is between a sentient being and a non-sentient one, but hey that's just my personal outlook

King Lazaro Sol of Ziolia

Oh please have Spitfire be a chubby chaser...

Bleh. Again with the pissing fetish. Why did I not pick up on that from the chapter title? I dunno, I'm tired I guess.

Why am I reading this again? Oh right, cuz I said I would...sigh... It's not that it's bad it's just...strange.

Ok, good things. Better written than some of your other works. You can have an upvote for nothing noticeably awful. I suppose I'll be following this. I hope the other fetishes are a little more...normal, but given the authors I find that highly unlikely. Do your worst you two. We'll see how badly you can screw me up.

Very interesting. So we have Molestia AND Moluna, Equestria is screwed, literally. I wonder what the others fetishes are. Maybe Rarity, being a neat freak, could be into scat? Or Twilight could be into younger ponies (or other species), maybe Applejack could be in a relationship with Big Mac, or be REALLY into apples?

Commence read.

Well that was dark.

This left me scratching at the uncomfortable feeling in mah neck.

You know, I die in my dreams all the time, and I haven't died in real life yet. As far as I know. :unsuresweetie:

Was anyone else thinking this?
Excellent chapter by the way. A paper cutting fetish seemed something Twilight would be into considering she's always around books. Also dat biography.

1989210 Kurt Coltmane is best pone. :moustache:

Heavier than Heaven: The Biography of Kurt Coltmane

Oh Regidar.:rainbowlaugh:

Just thinking about paper cuts down my back sends massive shivers down it. Congrats both of you made a fic that made me feel uncomfortable in a weird way.

Man, are late nights a regular thing for you and Redi?

She wasn’t prepared for this.

Almost makes me want to break out in song.

So Twilight has a vampire/maschoism fetish. Whats next, Rainbow being into submission? Soarin having fetishy dreams about pie? Pinkie getting screwed by sentient licorice? Rarity being into scat? WHAT?! Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

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