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Yay favorite:twilightsmile:

What no rape?
Son, I am disappoint.

So, we're getting Spitfire rape? :pinkiehappy:

Darn. I was hoping you would have included a pie scene.

Ew consensual.
(Favs regardless)

I would love to see more stories like this from you. Sex with meaning and such.



Hope this means Spitfire rape then.

romance tag
i dont like soarin
didnt read

but its prob good so tumbs up

Yay consensual!~

This might be good...
LIKE FOR NO REASON!!!:pinkiecrazy:

Why u no pie scene?:applecry:


Seem to come up a bit short on the cunnilingus scene but you made up for that in the rest of the sex. Not bad.

1954030 It' not the rape, it's the fact that Rapetrain promised us something and didn't deliver. When his rapefic comes out, I won't read it, but I'll be glad he followed up on his words.

Please write more romance.

>implying Dash was a virgin.


This. I would have loved to see it get messy.

Never enough straight stories for these two. Thanks for making this!

I love how you don't stick to one type of clop and spread it all over the area with your stories.

Me likes, let's see who...

Well, you got a favorite from me.

Commence read.

That was simple and pleasant.

*looks at title*
*looks at author name*
Definitely roofies. :rainbowwild:

I'll up vote this since its a SoarinDash:rainbowdetermined2:

What did I read?!:twilightoops: :derpyderp2:

The cover image. That's my vector right there. Makes me proud.

Great story. I'll be in my bunk.:rainbowkiss:

I was expexting it... :twilightoops: but I'd never thought it would be like this :rainbowhuh: I was suprissed but it also made me a tad bit sick :pinkiesick: but good story tho like follow fav

Bravo. Great job. :eeyup:

It seemed like RD wasn't wet enough to not experience pain. Any natural member should enter a vagina quite comfortably and the slickness should make it free of pain if very aroused. That is if we're humanizing the vagina.

Regardless, RD was cute. I enjoyed this so. :twilightsmile:

So she always did scissoring

Now if you'll excuse me, i'm gonna sleep on the couch on the couch.

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