• Published 14th Jan 2013
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Midnight City - RapeTrain-Express

Luna explores a few fetishes of the bearers of the Elements

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Commence read.

Well that was dark.

This left me scratching at the uncomfortable feeling in mah neck.

You know, I die in my dreams all the time, and I haven't died in real life yet. As far as I know. :unsuresweetie:

Was anyone else thinking this?
Excellent chapter by the way. A paper cutting fetish seemed something Twilight would be into considering she's always around books. Also dat biography.

1989210 Kurt Coltmane is best pone. :moustache:

Heavier than Heaven: The Biography of Kurt Coltmane

Oh Regidar.:rainbowlaugh:

Just thinking about paper cuts down my back sends massive shivers down it. Congrats both of you made a fic that made me feel uncomfortable in a weird way.

Man, are late nights a regular thing for you and Redi?

She wasn’t prepared for this.

Almost makes me want to break out in song.

So Twilight has a vampire/maschoism fetish. Whats next, Rainbow being into submission? Soarin having fetishy dreams about pie? Pinkie getting screwed by sentient licorice? Rarity being into scat? WHAT?! Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

“You shouldn’t feel ashamed of what you just did my young student. If it is something that arouses you, then you should embrace it...” Celestia said while under Luna’s control.

Gotta love Molestia...:trollestia:

First chap: oh hell no why would you ever?
Second chap: ME GUSTA!

wait what was spike doing :moustache::pinkiegasp::rainbowderp:

Twilight is into some wierd stuff, and Luna is an idgit. Lololololol

Needs more editing :moustache:

Needs an update.


Let me guess six chapters? Cause this can go a long way.

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