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0 comments for chapters 3 and maybe 4

“Ryan.” Harris said. He turned his head to face his friend. “Whatever happens... we need to stay together.” Harris told him. Ryan nodded. “Agreed.” The two of them sat and waited for their unknown fates.

now the complete opposite of that is going to happen
since you just said that :facehoof:

You never know... They just might stick together...

Well, you're at least making use of that Dark tag by far. Though maybe add the gore tag just to be safe, it gets kind of graphic at the later chapters.

Eagerly awaiting more of Luna's depression and the hopelessness for Ryan. (wow that sounds mean).


Comment posted by CptBrony deleted Jan 21st, 2013

epic story, but there is one major problem i have seen throughout the entire story and it is sooooo annoying. when a new character speaks a new paragraph is needed otherwise words cannot be attributed to the speaker and disrupts the flow of the story. keep on writing

Cool. I'll work on that. Thanks!:eeyup:

First for chapter 17

I wanted it to be longer, but to do so would have made it REALLY long.

Song by Arkasia
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im absolutely speechless :rainbowderp: :applejackunsure:
you sir ned millions of mustaches or this

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Thank you, good sir. And keep an eye out for anything in the future.

I like how this story is going:twilightsmile: You have done a great job so far and have written it well in my opinion. I hope the next chapters will give me the same enjoyment as I am experiencing now:twilightsmile:

Thank you. I'm also working on the next story now, and I hope that you like the rest of this one and then the next one.

Shit man this story is getting REALLY dark:twilightoops: I like It thought:twilightsmile:

I get the idea that you are part of the U.S. military and im going to take a shot in the dark and say your a navy SEAL. If you are indeed a military man I just want to take my time and give you my deepest respects and I give you a salute for having the courage and will of commitment to join the armed forces to help defend our values and way of life.:twilightsmile: From a 14 yearold Brony who has his sights set on joining the United States Marine Corps. You deserve a BROHOOF!! /)

Thank you so much, but I myself am not in the military just yet. My goal is to be a SEAL, and I'm training hard for it right now.
To you my friend, Semper Fidelis and thank you for your kind words.

Wow, I get the strangest feeling that this is how a lot of military men acquire P.T.S.D. I cant even imagine my self in a situation like this. I can only picture how it could mentally ravage another person to either making them have P.T.S.D and have random breakdowns or have no care for human life anymore and just have a cold-blooded emotionless look. These types of things is one of the main reasons I would fear military service:pinkiesad2:

Do not worry. There will always be people to help out with such trauma. And you never know where you might get help from.

Comment posted by CptBrony deleted Mar 27th, 2013

wow Ryan goes Sam Fisher on these guys well done with the detail

With my new writing skills and knowledge of structure, I am going to go back into each chapter of this story as well as its sequel to fix everything to make it properly laid out. It is not being updated.

just saying, but Australia IS FREAKIN' AWESOME!

"Why would he pass us? We’re going like 75 miles an hour."

We use Km/ph, try converting Miles into Kilometers

You should probably re-read the whole thing, quite a few spelling errors

I've only recently started reading your stories, and I must say they are pretty awesome. And whoever those 2 people are that down voted this can go fuck themselves because they probably didn't read past the 2nd chapter. Not even a chance to see this story is written amazingly. Some spelling errors but not bad enough to lose the flow of the story. Keep it up man! Plan on reading your sequel right after I finish this!

oh my god this story is so good

Wow, thanks!
I'm actually in the process of doing just that; I'm just busy with Final Exams at the moment. (*_*)

2729827 Dude, oh my god you have no idea how much I love this story, and the sequel is just as good

:fluttercry: tears of overwhelming :fluttercry: Well done sir:fluttercry:

Thank you! It took me a while to write this and its sequel, and it feels great to know that people like it.

2729967 heaps keen to see where it goes

Discords plan just backfired badly

ok you have my intrest

2728112 I don't trust the jellyfish:rainbowlaugh:

Now THIS is dark.
I like it:twilightblush:

Wow, this chapter has some powerful words:fluttercry:
Very touching:pinkiesad2:

Almost done fixing it up; just four more chapters to go.

I love haw your portraying discord as not being evil and that he actually genuinely cares about harras and ryan

It is completely fixed, as is the sequel story! Finally, got that done. So happy.


It feels good to make people feel the feels. I feel like your feels make my feels feel stronger.

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