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when are you thinking of finally showing ryan/harkness to luna?!?!

. 2352461 That will come in due time... When he gets dragged to Canterlot.
By Rarity.

I just finished reading this and the prequel and I have to say that I've enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing what happens when Ryan and Luna meet.

Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying them!

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Dude. This story is amazing. I just read this and it's prequel in just 2-3 days. I was so captured by it I could barely comment on it. You have great talent showing in this story and I hope the update comes soon. I don't know how long I can go without continuing this story! I do hope rainbow dash gets out of her hate funk. All it's doing is making Ryan hate himself more.

Thank you! I intend to get back on it today now that my difficult finals are done.

2735004 NP bro. I understand that people can't always work on their story's. people have lives of their own.

2431947 good job on the emotional parts, I may have said this already but you are able to make me feel what Ryan or any other character feels

for this you get a 5/5 :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Excellent writing!!!!

Can't wait for the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

So discord felt bad about causing this so he sends Ryan to Equestria, where he will never see his family again or speak to another human for that matter, he will most likely be seen as an oddity or freak by the ponies at best or monster / an ‘It’ at worse, not to mention the fact he will have to live with his action’s and what he’s seen... and this is all not even mentioning Luna…

Again Discord did this as an act of ‘Kindness’ because he felt bad? Oh well ‘What fun is there in making sense?’ :applejackconfused:

calling it Luna sees the picture in the paper or something... cue shitstorm.

I really love this story:heart:

“I desire no attachments to anyone here. Attachments caused me the worst kind of pain; I have no desire to experience that again.”

I feel like this quote fits the chapter.
The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy- Jim Rohn

Ryan's gonna live in the forest? Yay:yay:

So sir, finally getting back in the groove again


Yeah, been really busy with Divemaster Certification work. I will be writing a lot during the morning and day when I'm not busy, so that'll speed it up. But the next chapter will be long, and I also have another story I'm writing, so it'll unfortunately likely be a bit before the next chapter comes out for this one.

I like where this is going. Keep it up. And nice part with the star. I bet it represents Ryan. Just sayin.


Took a while to catch up to this story (Had to pull an all nighter lol) but it was worth it, I love MLP stories like this that actually fill in that DARK genere the show isn't able to have, Keep it up!

Luna took that well...

Celestia is gonna flip when she learns everything.

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All I can say is........... BUENO!
Also, still loving this story bro. KEEP. IT. UP!

"come on out little dogies, papa's got a new toy for ya." it sound like something Dempsey would say in a hell hounds round in zombies.

see your friend that died? Slap him in the face.

2352502 I'm sensing all kinds of awkwardness in that meeting.

I keep reading the happy, funny, cheerful parts, like Luna and Starsteps little battles. But then Ryan will remember his past, or see the Wraith, or contemplate suicide, and I'm just like :fluttercry:


I learned that in English class, believe it or not. It's a Shakespearian style of writing.
Darken mood, keep dark (but not too long; people lose interest), lighten mood with comedic/lighthearted scene, kill happiness with darkness, repeat. I like to randomize my pattern to stay unpredictable. Keeps it fun to write.

Lovely, I hate trolls, therefore I hate some of this chapter. BUT IT'S STILL GOOD!


It is for you though; you just lost the game.

ok, so just wondering, why was this hidden in there, in small purple text?

2865687 Yeah, I figured he would at least end up with some broken bones.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Can't wait to see the looks on their faces when he tells them that discord was HELPING him and sen him to equestria to SAVE HIS LIFE! They gon be so confuzled!

i would've punched all of them in the face and i wouldn't care if they were princesses.:twilightangry2:

Eager for the next chapter. Cant wait :pinkiehappy:

Love it, gotta feel sorry for Ryan :(

Dam rainbow. Way to be a bit of a bitch. That was almost painful to read. I am glad he didn't start screaming at here but stated the straight truth to her and shut her up. Great writing!

dam what rainbow said hit me real hard :ajbemused: shit LAME she says :ajsleepy:


I was wondering if someone would catch that! Nice work.
But who will find my other TV reference?

3005302 To be honest, I didn't even know about the show Justified, what I did when I saw the joke Ryan said: Was he a Miami Gun Thug? And I knew that was a reference to SOMETHING, so what I did was I googled: Miami Gun Thug, and the results came up with the show Justified, and what further confirmed my hunch is when the princesses said it was justified, and right after they said that, Ryan made the Miami Gun Thug joke. And I put 2 and 2 together and well, found the reference. :twilightsheepish:

And there was another TV reference? :twilightoops:


Eeyup. The other was a reference to Dexter with the Miami blood analyst thing.

Seriously Celestia WTF is your Problem Getting someone to help you take care of stuff that you and your guards should be doing :twilightangry2:

I hope he doesn't help her :facehoof:

Why would Celestia ask that of him he she even had the slightest idea of the shit he had been through the last time.

3115200 I bet he goes on a verbal killing spree by re-explaining the shit he had to go through to her and how he doesn't want to have to relive it again.

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